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Online business tools

  • – A self-service advertising system owned by Linden Lab, which allows the purchase of targeted display ads on Linden Lab web properties such as the Marketplace. Watch a video tutorial and learn more.
  • - GroupCast Marketplace: SL group ads marketplace, tool to buy and sell messages in groups (chat IMs, notices)
  • SL Arbeitsamt - A German resource for offering jobs, freelance work and services within SL.
  • SL Business Directory - Online free listing of Second Life business, includes a lot of advertising services.
  • Virtual Worlds Consulting - Customized business and collaboration tools, virtual learning solutions. Developers of V-Learning, the first solution integrating web e-learning with SL.
  • Yellow Lanes SL - German/English yellow pages, offering a range of free and paid services, including in-world kiosks and voting-stations.

Web-to-Second Life linking services

These services allow you to teleport web visitors to your Second Life location:

  • SLurl - The Second Life Viewer's built-in location linking system.
  • SLPano Location linking for business owners which allows you to specify the business details, upload screenshot, and 3D panorama view (a commercial service).

Business tools available inworld

  • Viewer classifieds - Classified ads offer a fast and easy way to boost awareness, drive traffic and increase sales for your inworld business. For as little as L$50/week, you can secure a valuable presence in the Classifieds section of the Viewer search, in addition to a presence in the search results.