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Out of Date

The volunteer information on this page is now out of date and will be kept for historical purposes. Please do not update information on this page.

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What we do

The Community Translation Project is the primary way You can contribute to the translations which are used in the Second Life software, the wiki and the knowledge base. We need your enthusiasm to provide localized help and improve existing translations.
Community translators:

  • provide viewer translations and help localize new features.
  • track down and document localization bugs and help fixing them.
  • translate knowledge base and help articles.
  • help spreading important messages in their language.

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We need You!

Do you remember your first days in Second Life?

Every day new residents try to find a start in the world. They need You! They need your help to find places worth seeing, to learn how to get rid of the box they wear instead of hair, to not feel lost in the huge world that expects them, or they just need someone to explain them what Second Life is about.

Have you ever tried to build something and got stuck?

Scripts, prims, sculpts, textures, shapes and skins... There is so much to play with, so many cool things you can build and so much that can go wrong. Wouldn´t it be cool if there was someone to ask for help? This is where you step in! You can help residents to develop their skills by providing localized Knowledge Base and Help articles.

Do you have a hard time reading english words?

Some people do. Many residents can´t access help resources because they don´t speak english. Your help can make a difference. By translating the wiki, the viewer, blog posts and more you can help those residents find the information needed.

Still not convinced?

Volunteering is fun and makes a difference in the world. You can make new friends and share your skills with others. It´s something different and you help develop skills. You develop your communication skills and can work in a team. Helping others builds your self-esteem and self-confidence. You will feel needed and appreciated.

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Join us!

You have a passion for your language

If you want to help improve localized content, hunt down translation bugs or are curious about what we do just come by during one of the regular user group meetings. You can find the next meeting, the agenda and the location on the Community Translation User Group page. Please send an instant message to Noelle Linden if you can´t access the meeting location during the user group meeting.

You are comfortable in speaking english and your native language

1. If you want to provide translations, please read the project information and sign up on this form.

  • Please note: We suggest when asked for a contact email, that you use one that is not real life information or name. Example: Using your avatar name@some would be an option.

2. Agree to the Terms and Conditions that govern your participation in the Community Translation Project.

3. Become familiar with some of the Tools we Use.

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Knowledge Base

  • The knowledge base has moved from the wiki to the new community platform. Currently it is available in French, German, Spanish and Portuguese. Starting soon, we will make sure that the localized articles are up to date and provide new translations. More information can be found on this page.

Viewer Strings

  • While Viewer 2.x is localized, quality assurance and bug hunting is an ongoing progress. If you find any bugs you can file an issue in JIRA. Please make sure to mark Internationalization as component and label the issue with l10n.


  • Even if organized volunteering isn´t yours, you can help other residents with your knowledge. Check out Answers on the community platform. Answers is available in english, french, german, spanish and portuguese.