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Filing Feature Requests

We're always looking for new ideas. Please let us know what you would like to see done.

The best place for your feature requests to get noticed is in feedback.secondlife.com.

Implementing Feature Requests

If you are a developer looking for ways to contribute, you can find ideas on Second Life's Github Issues which is intended to collect issues that lend themselves to be solved through open source contributions.

Whenever you are planning to work on a feature, make sure you bring it up on the SLDev mailing list. By engaging with the community, you'll get a better idea about whether your feature implementation will be accepted into the main codebase, you'll get ideas about how to make it more likely that your code will be accepted, and you might find developers willing to collaborate with you on the implementation.

See Submitting code for much more detail on this topic.

Refining Feature Requests

Features are more likely to get implemented if the description of the feature is clear. For a complicated feature, a link to a specification on Github is a great way to help flesh out the idea. Articles in this category should be well developed and should be a secondary resource for feature requests already in Github Issues or feedback.secondlife.com.

More info

See also: Submitting code, Category:Design Discussions, Category:Bounties , LSL_Useful_Function_WishList .