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A lot of the documentation below is geared toward developers. However, many aspects of the system don't require a deep technical background to learn. Much of this is still a work in progress, but since this is a wiki, you can help fill in the blanks!

  • Features - An overview of the major components of the system as seen from an end user's perspective. Links to specifications, test plans and other documentation can be found here.
  • Glossary - System terminology
  • Viewer architecture - Overview of the viewer from a developer's perspective.
  • Protocol - In-depth documentation of the protocol.
  • Third Party Libraries - The third party libraries used by the viewer.
    • KDU Implementation - Starting with Viewer 2.5, the proprietary library llkdu.dll has been phased out. The libkdu.a and kdu.lib are still not redistributable but can be built from the toolkit provided by Kakadu under a license. The KDU Implementation document describes how to build a viewer with such a library.
  • llimage_libtest - A test application to exercise the llimage viewer code. Can be used to perform simple image conversion and image compression/decompression analysis.
  • Server architecture - Brief description of server processes with which the viewer communicates.
  • Autobuild - A tool for building libraries.
  • Toolbar documentation - developer documentation for the configurable Viewer toolbars.