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The following table lists libraries and other third party dependencies used in constructing the Second Life Viewer.

Most of these (all the open source ones) should be available as prebuilds packaged by and for use with Autobuild.

Anywhere that the following disagrees with the autobuild.xml file in the viewer source, that file is correct.

The license information here is incomplete... I am still verifying and updating the license information.
--- Oz Linden

To see how we manage changes made for our builds, see Mercurial Vendor Branching.

Library Repository License Upstream Home Description
apr_suite 3p-apr Apache License "A set of C functions which provide a portable and consistent interface into operating system - or simply widely useful - functionality. We primarily use it for threading and socket i/o. This is actually three packages, apr, apr-util and apr-iconv."
ares 3p-ares MIT License Performs DNS requests and name resolves asynchronously. Used with libcurl to keep all HTTP operations async.
boost 3p-boost Boost License A set of portable C++ libraries which provide a wide set of functionality. Used primarily for tokenization.
db 3p-dbus-glib Academic Free License version 2.1M Berkeley DB library linked to linux viewer.
curl 3p-curl BSD-styleB Handles moving data across the net in many different protocols. Used to GET/POST/PUT/DELETE web resources.
dbusglib 3p-dbus-glib linux only dbus-glib headers
elfio (cruft) 3p-elfio Open Enhanced stacktrace information on the Linux client.
expat 3p-expat Open XML parser.
fmod 3p-fmod-privateLL CommercialM Audio engine and mp3 stream decoder
fontconfig 3p-fontconfig Open
freeglut 3p-freeglut Open
freetype 3p-freetype Open Font engine.
gl 3p-gl
glh_linear 3p-glh_linear nVidia NVParse SDK: platform-independent C++ Apple OpenGL helper library
glib 3p-glib Open
glui 3p-glui
google_breakpad 3p-google-breakpad Open
google_mock 3p-google-mock Open Google C++ Mocking Framework (or Google Mock for short) is a library for writing and using C++ mock classes.
google_perftools 3p-google-perftools Open "Heap performance and validity checking tools from google. Includes TCMalloc, heap-checker, heap-profiler and cpu-profiler."
gstreamer 3p-gstreamer Open
gtk_atk_pango_glib 3p-gtk-atk-pango-glib Open Libraries associated with GTK for gui features. atk: interfaces for accessibility; glib: low-level core functionality for using GTK+ and GNOME; pango: layout/rendering of text w/ emphasis on internationalization.
havok Commercial
jpeglib 3p-jpeglib Open JPEG decoder library.
jsoncpp 3p-jsoncpp Open an implementation of a JSON ( reader and writer in C++.
kdu 3p-kdu-privateLL Commercial Kakadu (KDU) JPEG-2000 decoder library.
libmono 3p-libmono Open talk to kelly An open source implementation of the ECMA/ISO ECMA-334 Common Language Infrstructure (CLI) international standard
libpng 3p-libpng Open PNG image library.
libuuid 3p-libuuid Open Generates UUIDs under Linux. Originally a part of the ext2fs filesystem. Also see lluuid.cpp for all platforms.
libxml 3p-libxml
llmozlib n/a Open llMozLib handles rendering HTML in the viewer via an embedded Gecko ( Mozilla) engine.
llqtwebkit (llqtwebkit named branch) 3p-qt (llqtwebkit named branch) Open
mesa 3p-mesa ? Provides the required OpenGL headers under Linux.
mysql 3p-mysql Open
mysqlclient 3p-mysqlclient Open
ndofdev 3p-libndofdev Open Provides joystick driver support (mac and win) for the 3DConnexion SpaceNavigator.

This is not , but probably should be.

ogg_vorbis 3p-ogvorbis Open Audio control.
openal 3p-openal Open
openjpeg 3p-openjpeg Open An open-source JPEG-2000 library; a slower alternative to Kadaku. Used in the open source release
openssl 3p-openssl Open Provides encryption for sensitive actions such as user login
pth 3p-pth Provides 10.4 support for the boost::coroutine library
quicktime 3p-quicktime Used to play in-world video clips on a prim. See Movie_System
sdl 3p-SDL The Simple DirectMedia Layer libraries are used for handling input and basic window/GL setup on the Linux client.
slvoice Commercial This is the Vivox provided executable (renamed SLVoice)
tut 3p-tut Open Unit test framework based on the use of c++ meta template programming. Used to test LL libraries.
unistd 3p-unistd
xmlrpc_epi 3p-xmlrpc-epi Open Controls the XML-RPC protocol.
zlib 3p-zlib Open zlib is a lossless data-compression library which is used for a variety of network i/o and file compression.

This repository is internal to Linden Lab.
This library is available under multiple licenses; the license shown is the one under which the Second Life Viewer Project is using it. See sources for details of alternatives.
This library is available under a license substantially similar to the traditional BSD license. See sources for details.


Some files in the SL installation can't be freely redistributed. This means it's not possible to simply package and offer for download a modified viewer: some files must not be redistributed.

This page documents the licenses and redistribution requirements of various files used by the viewer.


These are the files that need to be shipped with the Windows version


Microsoft components. It's not yet known whether they're redistributable.

  • dbghelp.dll: Redistributable
  • msvcp71.dll: C++ Runtime Library, redistributable -viewer now using msvcp80.dll when compiled with VC2005
  • msvcr71.dll: C Runtime Library, Redistributable -viewer now using msvcr80.dll when compiled with VC2005


Meta font software files

From the Readme.txt

The Meta font software files contained in this folder are the
copyrighted property of FSI FontShop International ("FSI") and are
licensed by FSI solely for use by Linden Research, Inc. and by
residents or users of Second Life in the Second Life environment,
subject to the Second Life Terms of Service.  These Meta font software
files may not be copied by residents or developers of Second Life or
used by them for any other purpose whatsoever.
  • MtBkLfRg.ttf
  • MtBdLfRg.ttf

NOTE: These files must be replaced for an true opensource build


FMOD sound library. Free for non-commercial projects. A commercial license will be needed for a commercial viewer.

From the README in the package:

The fmod.dll file may be redistributed without the authors prior permission, 
and must remain unmodified.  The use of dll 'static linking' tools that aim
to hide the fmod library are forbidden.


The Gecko engine is MPL/GPL/LGPL licensed, which makes it redistributable.

  • app_settings/mozilla
  • freebl3.dll
  • gksvggdiplus.dll
  • js3250.dll
  • nspr4.dll
  • nss3.dll
  • nssckbi.dll
  • plc4.dll,
  • plds4.dll
  • smime3.dll
  • softokn3.dll
  • ssl3.dll
  • xpcom.dll
  • xul.dll


JPEG2000 library. Not redistributable. OpenJPEG is an alternative library that is redistributable

  • llkdu.dll

Starting with Viewer 2.5, llkdu.dll has been phased out. The libkdu.a and kdu.lib are still not redistributable but can be built from the toolkit provided by Kakadu under a license. How to build a viewer with such a library is documented in KDU Implementation.


SSL library. Redistributable.

  • libeay32.dll
  • ssleay32.dll


Vivox is the component that provides the voice functionality.

  • SLVoice.exe: Voice daemon. Not redistributable
  • SLVoiceAgent: Exact purpose unknown. Not redistributable
  • alut.dll: OpenAL, by Creative Labs. Redistributable.
  • ortp.dll: oRTP project, LGPL. Redistributable.
  • srtp.dll: Secure RTP?
  • vivoxsdk.dll: Vivox Communications API. Not redistributable
  • wrap_oal.dll: OpenAL32 by Creative Labs. Redistributable.

Unknown Libraries

The purpose and licensing of these files is not known:

  • tntk.dll: Probably Vivox related -see Voice/Technical for other info on ViVox files