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このカテゴリの中の記事には、例をつける必要があります。例をつけるには、'examples' の値として見えるままの複数行の文字列を設定してください。

例: llFrand (定義中のパラメタの順序は、表示に全く影響ありません)

 |p1_desc=Any valid float value
 |return_text=that is pseudo random number in the range [0.0,mag) or (mag, 0.0].
 |spec=returns a pseudo random number in range [0.0, mag) or (mag, 0.0], depending upon the sign of mag.
     touch_start(integer total_number)
         // When touched, say "Heads" with probability 0.5, 
         // otherwise, say "Tails."
         if ( llFrand(1.) < .5)
             llSay(0, "Heads");
             llSay(0, "Tails");
 The random number generator is not a source of entropy.
 The sequence of random numbers are shared across the entire process, and not independently seeded.
 Therefore, the pseudo random number generation is not suitable for any application which requires 
 completely predictable or completely unpredictable results.

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