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Bad link to Sei Lisa's repo?

AFAICS, Sei Lisa is not on Bitbucket any longer, and the (unparsed, text-only) list of all keywords can be obtained via the GitHub repository instead (other formats are available from there as well).

I didn't change anything, because I wonder if this page is not autogenerated in some way (?). And if it is... one wonders if any background script is still being called with the old, broken link? I'm just asking because, well, although the keyboard list is pretty recent, it is not the latest of the latest version — most notably, all of the new Key-Value Storage functions & constants are not on this list (yet) — but the corresponding pages are!

It's worthy of automating this procedure (since Sei Lisa is very thorough with her sifting from several sources and compile them in an unified file — under different formats, ready to be used elsewhere — something that happens quite frequently.

If this work is purely manual, oh... well, in that case, it requires an update! (at least at the time of writing this comment, of course).

Gwyneth Llewelyn (talk) 14:47, 13 February 2023 (PST)