Chat Bubble Test

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[LENGTH] 00:20


[OVERVIEW] The goal is to test the Chat Bubble Functionality

[SETUP] A large group of Chatting Avatars


[0010] Verify "Mute" mutes chat bubbles

[0020] Verify "Busy" silences chat bubbles

[0030] Can you see the chat of someone behind you?

[0040] Can you follow a conversation in busy areas? (ie. the welcome area or a club)

[0050] Can you easily make the connection between a speaking avatar and what they are saying?

[0060] Verify chat bubbles do not overlap

[0070] Verify long sentences are not clipped.


[0080] Make sure audible chat always shows up in your own chat bubble

[0090] Watch another user chat and make sure their audible text always shows up (chat destined for channels other than 0, for example, shouldn't show up)

[0100] Try disabling chat bubbles in Preferences.Chat/IM and check to see that chat shows up in the console only.

[0110] Chat bubbles should never overlap by more than 1 or 2 pixels.

[0120] Offscreen chat that is within the audible radius should show up at edge of screen in the direction of the source.

[0130] Starting to type and stopping typing (clearing out chat entry editor) should never trigger listen callbacks on nearby scripts.

[0140] Make sure gesture text replacement works with chat bubbles.

[0150] Test chat across sim borders (specifically the "..." for in-progress chat)

[0160] Test chat bubbles in areas with lots of avatars. Should degrade gracefully instead of filling the screen with text.

[0170] Should be easy to match chat bubble with avatar ("arrow" should appear when bubble moves away from avatar)

[0180] Test script calls to show bubble text (BUG: all scripted text is bubble text by default, should revert and add new script call for bubble text)