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Classifieds Test

Classifieds are created in the Profile window, and browsed in the Search window.


User A

User B

Create Classifieds (User A)

Blank Classifieds

  • Give away most of your money to User B. Make sure you have less than L$250.
  • If you already have classifieds, delete them.
Section I
  1. Right click avatar and choose Profile .
  2. Select the "Classified" tab.
    • Verify that the "Delete" button is not clickable.
  3. Click the "New" button.
    • Verify that a dialog box pops up informing the user:
      • Where they may find their ad and how long it will be viewable.
      • How to add their ad to the classifieds directory.
      • That the more money paid to post the ad, the higher up the list it will appear in the directory.
  4. Click Cancel. The dialog box should go away and no classifieds ad should be created.
  5. Click the "New" button again, then click the "OK" button on the popup dialog.
    • You should have a blank unpublished classified.
    • If you have a viewer version that's 1.22.XX.XXXXX
      • Verify that the button "Publish..." is not clickable.
    • If you have a viewer versions that's 1.23.XX.XXXXX
      • The "Publish..." button is clickable
  6. Click the Auto-renew checkbox
    • If you have a viewer version that's 1.22.XX.XXXXX
      • Confirm that the Publish button is no longer grayed out.
    • If you have a viewer versions that's 1.23.XX.XXXXX
      • The Auto-renew checkbox doesn't affect whether the "Publish" button is greyed out or not.
  7. Click the "Publish..." button.
    • Verify that dialog box appears informing user that a classified ad name is required.
  8. Click "Close" on the dialog box and uncheck the Auto-renew checkbox
    • Confirm that the Publish button is once again grayed out.
  9. Change the classified ad category type from Shopping to one of the other available category types (e.g. Service).
    • Verify that the "Publish..." button is still grayed out. (currently this "Publish..." button is enabled when any category other than Shopping is selected)
  10. Set the Classified category type back to Shopping.
  11. Click "Delete...".
    • Verify that a dialog appears warning the user that there are no reimbursements for fees paid to place ad.
  12. Click "Cancel" button.
    • Verify that nothing happens.
  13. Click "Delete..." button again, then click the "OK" button on the popup dialog.
    • Verify classified ad has been removed and delete button is once again grayed out.
  14. Create a new blank unpublished classified.
  15. Close Profile window.
  16. Go back to the classifieds tab (steps 1-2)
    • Verify that no classified ads are visible.
Section II
  • Create another unpublished classified
  1. Enter text in provided fields.
    • Verify that classified title can only hold 63 characters max.
  2. Press "Publish..." button.
    • Verify that dialog box appears asking about mature content.
  3. Click No and verify that two things happen:
    1. A dialog box appears asking for "Price for Ad (L$)".
    2. "Not Mature Content" is now selected in the parent dialog.
  4. Press the Cancel button.
  5. Reset the Mature content to default setting "- Select Mature -".
  6. Bring up the Mature Content Dialog and click the Yes button this time.
    • Verify a dialog box appears asking for "Price for Ad (L$)".
    • Verify "Mature Content" is now selected in the parent dialog.
  7. Enter a value larger than the L$ your avatar currently holds.
    • Verify that a dialog appears warning you that ad fees are non refundable.
  8. Click Cancel verify that no classified has been created.
  9. Press Publish button and repeat steps 6-7.
  10. Click "Yes" and verify that Classified ad is not published
    • Verify dialog appears informing the user that they have insufficient funds.
    • The unpublished classified should still have the following text near the bottom of the ad, "Ad placed: Not yet published"
  11. Click "Map" button.
    • Verify Map window opens showing current location.
    • Note your current region name.
  12. Click "Set Location" button.
    • Verify text "(will update after publish)" and current map coordinates are inserted into ad.
  13. Minimize Profile window and fly to neighboring region.
  14. Restore Profile window and click "Teleport" button.
    • Verify that you are teleported back to region and coordinates listed in the classified.
  15. Click on gray photo area of classified.
    • Verify "Pick: Texture" window is displayed.
  16. Click "Cancel" and confirm that no changes were made.
  17. Click on Photo Area again.
  18. check the "Apply Immediately" checkbox if unchecked.
  19. Select first a photo and then a texture from the Library or your Inventory.
    • Verify changes made in the "Pick: Texture" window are reflected in the classified.
  20. Click the "Blank" button.
    • Verify that the ad photo area is white.
  21. Click on the Default button.
  22. Verify that the ad photo area is the default picture (i.e. gray box with a black X)
  23. Uncheck the "Apply Immediately" checkbox.
  24. Repeat steps 20-21 and verify that changes are made to the Texture window ONLY.
  25. Click the "Cancel" button and close the texture window.
  26. Click the "Publish..." button and enter 0 as the price for ad.
  27. Click "Set Price" button.
    • Verify that popup informs user that minimum ad price is L$50.
  28. Close Dialog, click "Publish..." and attempt to enter letters and symbols into price field.
    • Verify that you are ONLY able to enter numbers into field.
  29. Close Dialog, click "Publish..." and click "Set Price" button.
    • Verify that popup dialog appears reminding user that fees are non-refundable.
  30. Click Ok
    • Verify that L$50 was removeed from your balance.
    • Confirm that dialog appears informing you of new balance.
    • Confirm that map coordinates have been added to classified.
    • Confirm that "Publish..." button text is now "Update" and is grayed out.
    • Confirm that text below category type now reads "Ad placed: mm/dd/yyyy, Paid L$<amount> for listing."
  31. Minimize Profile window.
  32. Fly or Teleport to nearby region.
  33. Change various fields:
    • Classified category type
    • Mature/Not Mature type
    • Current location (i.e. click "Set Location" button)
  34. Click "Update" button
    • Confirm that all changes are saved.
  35. Repeat steps 11-13 of Section I

Published Classifieds

Section III
  • Have User B give User A back enough money to create plenty of classifieds.
  • We will be making some classifieds to test browsing with. We want to be able to search for just these classified, so make up a unique name to search for. Give each classified this name and append a number (e.g. "DonTestClassified 1")

  1. Create the following classified ads:
    • <Name> 1, Shopping, Price 50, Not Mature.
    • <Name> 2, Shopping, Price 55, Mature.
    • <Name> 3, Property Rental, Price 50, Mature.
    • <Name> 4, Property Rental, Price 55, Mature.
    • <Name> 5, New Product, Price 50, Not Mature.
    • <Name> 6, New Product, Price 55, Not Mature.
    • <Name> 7, Service, Price 50, Mature.
    • <Name> 8, Service, Price 55, Not Mature.
  2. Close the Profile floater.
  3. Reopen the Profile floater, and open the Classified tab.
  4. Verify that all classifieds are there, with the correct information.

Browse Classifieds (User B)

  1. Open up the Classifieds tab in the Search window.
  2. Initiate a search for "skins".
    1. Verify that all 3 filters function correctly for searching:
      • Search: <String> should limit results to case-insensitive matches of <String>
      • The Any Category combo box should limit results to only the specified category.
      • The Include mature content checkbox should work as expected.
  3. Verify that clicking on the "Name" and "Price" buttons sorts results by those columns. Repeated clicking should reverse the sort order.
  4. Search for a classified that wouldn't exist (typing random letters for Search: <String> should work).
    • Verify that "None found." is shown as the results.
  5. Click on a few of the results.
    • Verify that the Name and Price info shown on the right matches the selected result.
  6. Try to modify values in the panel on the right.
    • Verify that you can't change any values.
  7. Select a result.
  8. Click the "Map" button.
    • Verify that the location shown on the map corresponds to the location displayed in Search.
  9. Select a different result.
  10. Click the "Teleport" button.
    • Verify that you teleport and now have the correct location marked on your map.
  11. Search for User A's classifieds using the following filter, then click "Search":
    1. Search: <Name> from the previous section
      • Any Category
    2. Uncheck "Include mature content"
      • Verify that only classifieds 1, 5, 6 and 8 show up.
    3. Check "Include mature content" and click search.
      • Verify that all classifieds now show up.
    4. Search for various categories. The following results should match up:
      • Shopping --> classified 1, 2
      • Property Rental --> classified 3, 4
      • New product --> classified 5, 6
      • Service --> classified 7, 8
  12. Select a result. Click the "Profile" button.
    • Verify that a User A's Profile appears.
  13. Click the "Classified" tab for the Profile panel that just appeared.
    • Verify that you can view all of User A's classifieds.
    • Verify that you can't modify any classifieds information via the Profile window.
  14. Close the Profile window.
  15. Make sure "Include mature content" is checked.
  16. Log out, and log back in.
  17. Re-open the Classifieds in the Search window.
  18. Verify that the "Include mature content" checkbox is still checked.