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Length: 00:15

Goal: This script will test the Clear Cache button in the preferences

Requirements: 1 account

Created 07-12-05, James Linden

Full Test:

  1. Run Second Life normally, login, wander around in two regions.
  2. Quit Second Life
  3. Open the cache directory, now in Documents and Settings/<user>/Application Data/SecondLife/cache
  4. You should see at least two .inv files (inventory cache for my inventory and library), at least two .slc files (object caches, one per region), one name.cache file, one data.db2.x.### file, and one index.db2.x.### file.
  5. Leave the explorer window open
  6. Launch Second Life again, but don't log in
  7. From the login screen, open Preferences -> Advanced
  8. Click "Clear Cache"
  9. You should see a dialog saying "Cache will be cleared after you restart Second Life"
  10. Quit Second Life
  11. Launch Second Life again, don't log in
  12. Look in the cache directory. All files should be gone, except for data.db2.x.### and index.db2.x.### and 2 folders. The files should have modification dates close to the current time (they should have been created on viewer startup). The objectcache folder should be ~3KB and the texturecache folder should be about 8 bytes.
  13. Log in.
  14. You should see slow texture loads, as all textures should have to re-download.
  15. You should see your inventory download (incrementing count at top of inventory window).

Quick Test:

  1. After using SL for other QA tasks, open Preferences -> Advanced
  2. Click Clear Cache
  3. Click OK
  4. Quit SL
  5. Restart SL
  6. Texture loads should be slow - not cached
  7. Inventory should re-download