Commerce Office Hours/2010-05-04 10:00

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List of Attendees

  • 2WAT Michigan
  • Adam Spark
  • Aral Levitt
  • Argus Collingwood
  • Ashasekayi Ra
  • Beebo Brink
  • BryanR Rickena
  • Candace Morgwain
  • Cara Ametza
  • Carla Collazo
  • CarpeDiem Turbo
  • Chaley May
  • Cherry Blossom
  • Ciaran Laval
  • Colossus Linden
  • Couldbe Yue
  • CrashOV Uladstron
  • Cur Waydelich
  • Driftwood Miles
  • Dusky Jewell
  • Eboni Khan
  • Ericka Nemeth
  • Faust Vollmar
  • Flew Voom
  • Flight Band
  • Frasky Fizzle
  • Jessica Vaughn
  • Jonno Stromfield
  • Lady Sakai
  • Larisa Tylman
  • Mhaze Magic
  • Midnight Mania
  • Pamela Galli
  • Panacea Pangaea
  • Pine River
  • Pink Linden
  • Pixel Titanium
  • Quantum Destiny
  • Qwik Skytower
  • Rachel Darling
  • Riley Mensing
  • Rin Tae
  • Sassy Romano
  • Shade Kingsley
  • Simbelmyne Ushimawa
  • Solace Terasaur
  • TIPTOP Online
  • Talisien Llewellyn
  • Treasured Cove
  • TriloByte Zanzibar
  • Vasilisa Shilova
  • Vilandra Miles
  • Vryl Valkyrie
  • Whimsey Felwitch
  • Xoph Adamczyk
  • Yoshi Zhangsun
  • You decline
  • Ziggy21 Slade
  • Ziki Questi
  • eku Zhong
  • lazlo Spore
  • yure4u Sosa


[9:41] Pamela Galli: Hey Quantum
[9:41] yure4u Sosa: hiya ^^
[9:41] Quantum Destiny: Long time no see :D
[9:41] yure4u Sosa: yes feel like a decade
[9:41] yure4u Sosa: haha
[9:42] Quantum Destiny: heh
[9:42] yure4u Sosa: how are you?
[9:42] Quantum Destiny: Good thanks, and you?
[9:42] yure4u Sosa: doing great ^^
[9:42] eku Zhong: hey Quantum thankies for the taxi
[9:43] Quantum Destiny: yvw :)
[9:43] Pamela Galli: yes thank you Quantum :-)
[9:43] Quantum Destiny: :D
[9:43] Quantum Destiny: Did I forget to tell you all that I charge taxi fares?
[9:43] Pamela Galli: eep
[9:44] Faust Vollmar: Haha.
[9:44] Quantum Destiny: :D
[9:44] yure4u Sosa: lucky wasnt a limo
[9:44] yure4u Sosa: hahaa
[9:44] Quantum Destiny: What are you trying to say about my taxi?
[9:45] yure4u Sosa: taxi are cheap?
[9:45] Quantum Destiny: :-o
[9:45] Faust Vollmar: Haha.
[9:45] Cara Ametza: hiya 2watty one
[9:45] eku Zhong: well it smelled of pineapples
[9:45] Faust Vollmar: Hey guys/gals mind if I pick your brains for a moment?
[9:45] CarpeDiem Turbo: 2wat!!!
[9:45] 2WAT Michigan: hey
[9:45] CarpeDiem Turbo: hiya
[9:45] eku Zhong: haha
[9:45] Candace Morgwain: hey 2wat!
[9:46] Pamela Galli: anyone want a sign?
[9:46] 2WAT Michigan: hiyah, wow, informal then lol
[9:46] eku Zhong: i will .. please
[9:47] yure4u Sosa: i shared with eku
[9:47] eku Zhong: Sassy hahaha
[9:47] Sassy Romano chuckles
[9:47] Faust Vollmar: I have a bit of a curiousity as to wether or not the multiplay feature of ZHAO-II and the Custom Timer feature of the MB2 version ever get used or not.
[9:48] Pamela Galli: comfy Sassy?
[9:48] eku Zhong: /nme steelz some popcorn
[9:48] Sassy Romano: yes thanks Pamela :)
[9:48] Quantum Destiny must need sleep coz he just saw a walking armchair.
[9:48] yure4u Sosa: look a huge bird Sassy!!
[9:48] eku Zhong: hahaha
[9:48] Sassy Romano: this is all we can afford this old chair
[9:49] Pamela Galli: lol
[9:49] yure4u Sosa: at least is confy
[9:49] Sassy Romano: yes but it's the stains I worry about...
[9:49] Quantum Destiny: :-o
[9:50] Sassy Romano: welcome ziki, oh cool, you're dressed too
[9:51] Ziki Questi: always making a statement ;)
[9:51] Pamela Galli: Whoa Ziki!
[9:51] Pamela Galli: nice!
[9:51] Ziki Questi isn't moving until people rez ;)
[9:51] eku Zhong: really stunning
[9:51] eku Zhong: Sassy
[9:51] eku Zhong: lol
[9:51] yure4u Sosa: lol
[9:52] Ziki Questi: oh, i didn't make this ... it's from alpha.tribe
[9:52] Sassy Romano: not resize scripted either, bonus!
[9:53] Faust Vollmar: Heh. I even managed to get the one-script resizer to bork up.
[9:53] Faust Vollmar: Took unreasonable effort, but it borked.
[9:53] Sassy Romano: noooo not possible :)
[9:54] Faust Vollmar: Basicly involved hitting the avatar movement speed cap for long enough and resetting the thing for the read phase to get messed up.
[9:54] Faust Vollmar: Like I said, unreasonable effort.
[9:55] Faust Vollmar: Handy for making a case for someone pestering for a LOCAL_POS thing for Get(Link)PrimitiveParams though. =p
[9:55] Quantum Destiny: Hey Beeb!
[9:56] yure4u Sosa: *Yayyyyyyy* Beebo!
[9:56] eku Zhong: heya Beebs
[9:56] Beebo Brink breaks into a smile and waves at all her friends
[9:56] Pamela Galli: Hi Beebo
[9:57] CarpeDiem Turbo: hi shade
[9:57] Shade Kingsley: Howdy
[9:57] 2WAT Michigan: hi
[9:57] Shade Kingsley: who am i standing on
[9:58] Cara Ametza: ?
[9:58] Cara Ametza: hiya Argus
[9:58] 2WAT Michigan: Hi Argus
[9:58] Pamela Galli: Hi Pink!
[9:58] Pamela Galli: Oh Pink is human!
[9:59] Pamela Galli: Hi Rachel!
[9:59] Argus Collingwood: Hallooooo :) Pink
[9:59] CarpeDiem Turbo: Hello Pink
[9:59] Pink Linden: good morning all~
[9:59] Quantum Destiny: Hey Pink.
[9:59] 2WAT Michigan: Hiyah Pink
[9:59] Ziki Questi: hi pink
[9:59] Cara Ametza: ?
[9:59] Cara Ametza: morning Pink
[9:59] Sassy Romano: hi
[9:59] Jessica Vaughn: hi pink
[9:59] Pink Linden: good to see you!
[9:59] CrashOV Uladstron: morning
[9:59] BryanR Rickena: Morning Pink
[9:59] Pink Linden: we'll wait just a minute for a few other lindens and get started
[9:59] Pink Linden: we'll stay in text chat this morning
[9:59] CarpeDiem Turbo: ok, ty
[10:00] Pink Linden: so we can post the transcripts
[10:00] Cara Ametza: awesome!
[10:00] Pamela Galli: yay!
[10:00] Pink Linden: so bear with me as I try to answer Q&A . Will try to go in order.
[10:00] Cara Ametza: sounds good
[10:01] Rachel Darling: madhouse today...can't imagine why
[10:01] Pink Linden: seems like ages since we did an office hour, have missed you guys!
[10:01] Pink Linden: now you know why we've been a little quiet.
[10:01] Faust Vollmar: Oh jeez I forgot how busy these OH's get compared to Andrew and Babbage's...
[10:01] Rachel Darling: it has been ages, actually :-)
[10:01] Pink Linden: ok well it's 10:01 so I want to get started
[10:01] Pink Linden: good morning, afternoon, evening depending on where you are in the world today.
[10:02] Pink Linden: thanks for taking the time to come out to today's Commerce Office Hours
[10:02] Rachel Darling: is there voice today or just text?
[10:02] Pink Linden: topic today is the marketplace announcement made on the blog yesterday. I have no agenda other than to do Q&A.
[10:02] Pink Linden: we'll stay in text chat and post the transcripts
[10:02] CarpeDiem Turbo: ?
[10:02] CarpeDiem Turbo: just text
[10:02] Rachel Darling: ty lol
[10:02] Pink Linden: so, fire away!
[10:03] Aral Levitt: sorry
[10:03] Sassy Romano: the decision to host pictures in 5:4 is unwelcome, please rethink!
[10:03] Faust Vollmar: Why the crazy aspect ratios when the easiest format to work with inworld is 1:1
[10:03] yure4u Sosa: no voice?
[10:03] 2WAT Michigan: will we still be able to use code, and if so what kind?
[10:03] Ziggy21 Slade: yeah its th aspet ratio thing for me - WHY?
[10:03] Rachel Darling whispers might be good to read the wiki and forums for many of the questions already answered
[10:03] Pink Linden: Hi Sassy and Faust, I'm going to dig into the aspect ratio issue with the team.
[10:03] Pamela Galli: I take pics of whole rooms -- I need a Golden Triangle ratio
[10:03] Cara Ametza: Let's discuss the BB Code, for many that's used in several really good ways. Such as cross linking items, including a bit of special layout options and other things. I really think omitting BB Code is bad, can that be reconsidered, or at least allow a few HTML tags to be used.
[10:04] Beebo Brink: PDFs are not an easy replacement for Long Desc. ANy chance at higher text limits?
[10:04] Pink Linden: we did not get strong feeback on that up until now. I can't promise a shift, but we'll try to better understand that and see what our options are.
[10:04] Cherry Blossom Tree: Falling Blossoms OFF
[10:04] Pamela Galli: thank you Pink
[10:04] Pink Linden: what do the folks in this room think about aspect ratios?
[10:04] eku Zhong: bad
[10:04] Pink Linden: if you had your pick, what would you choose?
[10:04] Ziki Questi: bad
[10:04] Couldbe Yue: an increase in either the features limit or the description would be appreciated.
[10:04] Pamela Galli: bad
[10:04] Pink Linden: if there could be only 1
[10:05] Rachel Darling: Pink -- where would the feed back have come from, we've only just heard of it? Any merchant could tell you a change in photo aspect ratio will cause hundreds of man-hours of work for a large percentage of merchants
[10:05] Sassy Romano: the rsponses in the blog answer that quite well to be frank
[10:05] Beebo Brink: Terrible. I need the same as I use inworld or my work load triples
[10:05] Couldbe Yue: 1x1 or 3x2 is fine by me
[10:05] Pamela Galli: Why only one?
[10:05] Faust Vollmar: 1:1, since most vendors use this ratio.
[10:05] Flew Voom: greetings all
[10:05] Argus Collingwood: vite 1:1 and 5:4 best of both
[10:05] Rachel Darling: in every case, the aspect ratio must scale on only one side -- then it won't matter
[10:05] Beebo Brink: 1:1 by far,
[10:05] eku Zhong: there should at least be a choice.. and maybe thumbnail sys
[10:05] Argus Collingwood: vote*
[10:05] Ziki Questi: if there could be only one, 1:1, but that's silly ... different products are optimally shown at different sizes
[10:05] Pamela Galli: Ppl who sell prefabs and kitchens can't do 1:1
[10:05] Rachel Darling: as it does on XStreet now
[10:05] CrashOV Uladstron: 1:1
[10:05] Cara Ametza: Most people use either a square pic, such as 512x512 or even a 512x1024 for a pic, so using those sizing options is best I think.
[10:05] Quantum Destiny agrees with Pamela.
[10:05] Beebo Brink: YEs, keeping a set width, letting height vary, would make it work for all of us
[10:06] eku Zhong: 1.1 and 5.4 both
[10:06] Pink Linden: I'm logging this chat and will note these comments.
[10:06] Pamela Galli: those are for clothes, etc
[10:06] Yoshi Zhangsun: most of the sale are fashion, portrait you cat expect all those vendors to re-shoot
[10:06] Rachel Darling: MOST don't use a square pic, I'm sorry -- though that is the default in SL, many redo their photos for XStreet
[10:06] Yoshi Zhangsun: cant*
[10:06] Flight Band: All Go
[10:06] eku Zhong: and landscape
[10:06] Ziggy21 Slade: but even if u create a vendor image at 1: 1 it must have originally been a 4:3 or 16 : 9
[10:06] 2WAT Michigan: 1:1 or 1:2 for me
[10:06] Shade Kingsley: I havea weird size, I use 712X712
[10:06] eku Zhong: even lolcats has a size option
[10:06] Pamela Galli: I just frame the shot so it looks best
[10:06] Rachel Darling: Ziggy, that's not true. I use a screen capture program, I can get any aspect ratio I want, and then I use PS to set up the template and cut the photos in
[10:06] Sassy Romano: it's not so much about what it is going forward as much as the lunacy around expecting people to rework all their existing artwork
[10:07] Rachel Darling agrees with Sassy
[10:07] Beebo Brink: Yes, forcing everone to one ratio is a tremendous amount of rework
[10:07] Ziggy21 Slade: 4:3 is easiest - almost everything is 4:3
[10:07] CarpeDiem Turbo: I only have 2 concerns that I can think of, the bb code, and will cashing out on the new marketplace be the same, ( time wise )
[10:07] Rachel Darling: HUNDREDS of man hours each, Pink
[10:07] eku Zhong: agrees with Sassy
[10:07] Ziki Questi: yes, we would have to literally re-do hundreds of photo shoots, and it's not just resizing the images
[10:07] CrashOV Uladstron: I'd like to know about the cashing out too
[10:07] Flew Voom: I second the BB code.. it's a downgrade in my eyes
[10:07] Argus Collingwood: 800x600 or any display setting used on webpages is good and those are 5:4
[10:07] CarpeDiem Turbo: like right now I can cash out and get my money within minutes
[10:07] Pamela Galli: Consistency is not the goal -- best presentation of the merchandise it
[10:07] Rachel Darling: Again, if the images scale on only one side when they're resized, it wouldn't matter what ratio you use
[10:07] CarpeDiem Turbo: will that be the same
[10:07] Faust Vollmar: 800x600 is a 4:3 format isnt it?
[10:08] Argus Collingwood: yes
[10:08] Argus Collingwood: any 4:3
[10:08] Couldbe Yue: I'm fine with redoing them as long as this is the last rejig for a few years - it's only 6 months ago you got us to redo the ads to move away from words that were distorting search
[10:08] Rin Tae: yes.. using standard disply settings is the better solution for sure .. it is easy to adjsut to those
[10:08] Panacea Pangaea: isn't it possible for the page to allow variable sizes? ... just scale the horizontal size to fit?
[10:08] Pink Linden: Couldbe, I can say that yes, this would be the last rejig on photos. we architected this site for a long time.
[10:08] Panacea Pangaea: ratio*
[10:08] Panacea Pangaea: why forces a ration?
[10:08] Beebo Brink: Btw, YAY! on SCRUM. Just had to say that. Yay!
[10:08] Pamela Galli: Yes, why?
[10:09] Rachel Darling: when you go live
[10:09] Rachel Darling: Pink -- it's still not going to work for us. If you're rescaling both sides to fit the site is going to look TERRIBLE
[10:09] eku Zhong: you need a choice of both portait and landscape ratios
[10:09] Yoshi Zhangsun: LOL beebo!
[10:09] Cara Ametza: I do understand that you are looking to present a more "uniform" appearance for the site, but I'm not sure the aspect ratio being limited to only 1 choice is the right way to do that.
[10:09] eku Zhong: to suit all kinds of merchandise
[10:09] Pamela Galli: Ppl will not buy houses or kitchens or dining rooms from little squarish pics
[10:09] Couldbe Yue: not just the photos - If I've got to redo the ads as well to remove all the BB code and links, I don't want to have to be redoing this again in 6 months when you change your mind
[10:09] Sassy Romano: but then it's expecting people to redo artwork (huge time) and potentially have to maintain dual artwork, one for inworld vendors and one for this marginal thing called xstreet *smiles* (marginal until adult content acheives parity)
[10:10] Cara Ametza: BB code is major I think, it should be left since it helps to cross promote items and such.
[10:10] Beebo Brink: THere's no way I"m going to redo photography. I can't even see redoing photos. I would have no time left for making new product
[10:10] Pink Linden: Couldbe, just one minor clarification...can we refer to the listings as listings, not ads? it confuses me, because ads to me are banner ads.
[10:10] Argus Collingwood: not using it today
[10:10] Couldbe Yue: I already do that sassy - I have a template for the ad so the time is minimal
[10:10] CarpeDiem Turbo: I agree bb code needs to stay
[10:10] Argus Collingwood: text only today
[10:10] Yoshi Zhangsun: Pink when the items are imported over, if our text goes over the word limit or certain codes are stripped will the vendor have to find this out themselves or will they be emailed aboutit?
[10:10] Shade Kingsley: I have to agree about BB code as well..
[10:10] Vryl Valkyrie: who says text only?
[10:10] Vryl Valkyrie: Hi pink :-)
[10:10] Argus Collingwood: Pink
[10:10] Beebo Brink: Bold, italic, bullet lists -- we NEED those.
[10:10] Riley Mensing: Yeah I do not want to have to go and redo like 200 - 300 something images....
[10:10] CarpeDiem Turbo: pink did
[10:11] Vryl Valkyrie: Well, some of may need voice as opposed to text
[10:11] Pink Linden: ok so to clarify. images will be ported over
[10:11] Talisien Llewellyn: I agree with Eku, you need both portrait and landscape sizes, I personally have different products that work better with different layouts, to redo them all to have the same consistency would take hundreds of hours of valuable time. I also include text on my images, are you planning on limiting text on photos any?
[10:11] Pamela Galli: ditto
[10:11] Pink Linden: I understand that there is work to make the images look perfect in a new aspect ratio but I want to make sure that point got across
[10:11] Beebo Brink: That was recommened practice, to remove text. Not a fiat.
[10:11] Flew Voom: Is the removal of BB code written in stone already or is there a chance the planned removal can be aborted?
[10:11] Quantum Destiny: Pink will there be some kind of formatting to replace BBcode, or will we only be able to create basic unfortmatted text in our listings?
[10:11] Whimsey Felwitch: Pink said in the forum that the text thing was a suggestion
[10:11] Pink Linden: before I move on to BB code discussion, any more feedback on the aspect ratio?
[10:11] Sassy Romano: Pink, precisely WHO of the merchant community asked for this change?
[10:12] Sassy Romano: (the aspect ratio)
[10:12] Pamela Galli: Let the aspect suit the merchandise
[10:12] Rachel Darling: Here's the thing -- you want to address usability as a first priority, for customers...but your biggest customers are the merchants. We are the ones who spend the most money. It really needs to be rethought, what the first release priorities are, Pink. The site is gorgeous, huge gains...but if you don't have the migration working correctly the site will be a mess for weeks, months even...and if we're spending hundreds of hours redoing our images and listings due to truncation, we will not be spending money on the site during that time.
[10:12] Yoshi Zhangsun: With T linden suggesting avatar accessories are the biggest mrket i was urprised you opted for a very square look, many of those vendors arent using square ads
[10:12] Panacea Pangaea: strongly suggest scaling for longest size and centering
[10:12] Yoshi Zhangsun: ack typos lag ;/
[10:12] Whimsey Felwitch: Pink, could you restate what you think our feedback on aspect ration is please
[10:12] Vryl Valkyrie: Pink, with all due respect, I think this new format will hurt SL merchants as a whole.
[10:12] Pink Linden: Whimsey I'm just taking notes on aspect ratio right now
[10:12] Whimsey Felwitch: sorry ration* (freudian slip)
[10:12] Vryl Valkyrie: I have posted my feelings on the subject.
[10:12] Jonno Stromfield: The new rules seem to penalise complex feature-rich products - limited description size, poor formatting to make it easier for customers to pick out the headings and the lists.
[10:13] Pamela Galli: It will kill my big ticket items
[10:13] Pamela Galli: Yes Jonno
[10:13] Vryl Valkyrie: Not sure if you have had time to read it yet or not Pink but I can send it to you on a notecard also.
[10:13] Beebo Brink: The system as a whole -- looks very very promising. Some of the details, though, are killers.
[10:13] Cara Ametza: I agree the system as a whole looks really nice and very interesting.
[10:13] Pink Linden: sorry folks, a lot of questions, bear with me as I scroll back to make sure we're in order
[10:13] Pink Linden: ok, moving on to BB code.
[10:13] Vryl Valkyrie: The system does not look promising unless one is dealing with tangible goods.
[10:14] Whimsey Felwitch: Pink, could you restate what you think our feedback on aspect ratio is please
[10:14] Beebo Brink: Don't take away my bullet lists!!
[10:14] Quantum Destiny agrees with Beeb.
[10:14] Vryl Valkyrie: A system similar to Amazon will not work in this social economy.
[10:14] Pink Linden: first on linking, I want to point out that you will be able to link up to 8 items together at beta launch
[10:14] Whimsey Felwitch: what does this mean
[10:14] Pink Linden: so for example, if you're selling a chair, you can point to its table
[10:14] Vryl Valkyrie: I am totally against it.
[10:14] Vryl Valkyrie: I feel disgusted even.
[10:14] Cara Ametza: That's nice, but can they be arranged in an order and format that we choose?
[10:14] Pamela Galli: deprssed
[10:14] Yoshi Zhangsun: before you move from pics, i wasnt happy withthe 8 pic max, people who sell prefabs need a lot of images
[10:14] Cara Ametza: Or just in a simple list that is already pre-determined?
[10:14] Pamela Galli: yes yoshi!
[10:15] Pink Linden: Yoshi, how many photos would be ideal?
[10:15] Pamela Galli: prefabs are different from clothes for example
[10:15] Rin Tae: linking of color options .. best in one listing is more important I think .. however linking of items might be good too for the start
[10:15] Whimsey Felwitch: Actually, that could drive people inworld Yoshi
[10:15] Pamela Galli: Why must there be a standard?
[10:15] Cara Ametza: I do think some limits on pics is necessary though, it helps to keep fees down
[10:15] Argus Collingwood: as an aside isn't there a video link feature in the new cart?
[10:15] Beebo Brink: Yes, you can do one photo for clothes. You might need 15 for a large build
[10:15] Pink Linden: why 15? help me understand
[10:15] Cara Ametza: cause those pics take server space, which costs money and those costs are passed along to us as merchants
[10:15] Yoshi Zhangsun: hahah ot sur id say 15 maybe/? some are bigger than others a furnished half-sim sized building will need to be shown off
[10:15] Faust Vollmar: When you get into buildings of any kind you need to allow a fair deal of large images.
[10:15] Vryl Valkyrie: I feel like LL is just trying to suck us dry to the very bare bone until nothing is left due to their own greed. Makes me sick. That's how I feel and I have always been supportive up until now but at some point, residents needs to say enough is enough.. one day, another platform will come alone and SL will become a ghost town.
[10:15] Faust Vollmar: Simply cause the sheer detail cannot be shown any other way.
[10:15] Riley Mensing: I just don't understand the need for the limited ratio, I agree on limits for pictures though cause too many can make higher costs
[10:15] Beebo Brink: 5, 10, 15 -- there's not set numer, it depends on teh features of the build
[10:15] Yoshi Zhangsun: though i haev to say the video links mentioned do sound promising
[10:15] Pink Linden: so question on the large builds, wouldn't you just want the buyer to go in world to see it?
[10:16] Panacea Pangaea: are we allowing for the case of several variations of an item in one listing here? ... that was supposed to be a feature of the new XStreet
[10:16] eku Zhong: sorry crashed.. wanted to say about the text limit .. ppl like me who need to inclusde a EULA wont have any space left for product discription
[10:16] Jonno Stromfield: Pink - go shopping for a house. You'll understand.
[10:16] Whimsey Felwitch: larger images is good .... a choice of sizes ... but then I'm being ignored
[10:16] Rin Tae: any detailed build needs more pictures .. no one will buy anything complex without the possibiltiy to look at it form all sides.
[10:16] Pamela Galli: but they are buying them on Xstreet Pink
[10:16] Yoshi Zhangsun: not all lrge bulds are rezzed in world, thats whyso many are for sale on slx
[10:16] Faust Vollmar: Pink: Land use the creator might not have to keep said build out all the time.
[10:16] Panacea Pangaea: In which case one might very well need more than 8 pictures
[10:16] Sassy Romano: the argument about limits of pictures would be negated if external links to pictures were available
[10:16] Pink Linden nods. ok. I'm taking notes.
[10:16] Ziggy21 Slade: i have some listings with 15 - 20 pics altho to be honest i have never looked at more than about 5 when i am shopping
[10:16] Talisien Llewellyn: It's Simple Pink, some of us simply do not have the land to rez every large building we make to set up a display
[10:16] eku Zhong: agree Sassy
[10:16] yure4u Sosa: why not using JPG for the pictures take less space
[10:16] Cara Ametza: Very true Sassy, through the usage of BB code or HTML
[10:17] Vryl Valkyrie: No reasonto even have these meetings when it was all decided for us.. yet is me and others who continue to pay for item enhancements and inworld ads and LL seems to want a bigger and bigger piece of the pie.. it is never enough.
[10:17] Ziki Questi: if i'm purchasing a large item like a house or building, and there 20 photos available, i find that i examine all of them, even if i later view the product inworld ... it's the best way to get a sense of the entire structure and to see whether or not it's quality work
[10:17] Cherry Blossom Tree: Falling Blossoms ON
[10:17] CrashOV Uladstron: i rarely go inworld to look at prducts if i am soping for them on xstreet, so yes for a house many photos are nexessary
[10:17] CarpeDiem Turbo: i like and use the bb code to make my template look good, it attracks attention. Without bbcode or another format ( html ) ect. this would take away from the look of my items
[10:17] Pink Linden: ok, need to move on from images now.
[10:17] Cherry Blossom Tree: Falling Blossoms OFF
[10:17] Pink Linden: let's go to bb code
[10:17] Yoshi Zhangsun: ok
[10:17] Vryl Valkyrie: Pink, are you even reading my text?
[10:17] 2WAT Michigan: great ty :-)
[10:18] eku Zhong: in a word.. WANT
[10:18] Pink Linden: Vryl, I am but I'm answering questions in order
[10:18] Sassy Romano: wait please Pink, you still haven't clarified your understanding of our feedback on ratio
[10:18] Beebo Brink: We need bold, we need italic, we need lists
[10:18] Yoshi Zhangsun: if thee isntgoing to be B code will there be a wysiwig editor for lists, bolding colours etc?
[10:18] Pink Linden: Sassy, this is one group of merchants. we'll take notes at all office hours
[10:18] Whimsey Felwitch: you never answered mine asked twice that Sassy just emphasised
[10:18] Cara Ametza: BB code is very important I think, it should be kept, or at least allow HTML even with limited tags permited.
[10:18] Pink Linden: and we'll do further research to see what's happening across xstreet now.
[10:18] Pamela Galli: ty
[10:18] Sassy Romano: right but what's the understanding from *this* group? quickly...
[10:18] Rachel Darling: BBCode: I agree actually with a more clean, formatted, templated look on listings. But we need certain features -- imbedded links, bulleted lists, bold/italic. Will be be able to do this with a text editing toolbar, at least?
[10:18] Lady Sakai: Vryl, those platforms are out there and they are evolving, they might not be as sophisticated (yet) as SL but they are there and gaining in usernumkbers also slowly growing and learning from all the faults Ll is making. LL should be carefull as you say
[10:19] Vryl Valkyrie: Why not speak to the only merchant swho actually spend a lot in item enhancements each month?
[10:19] Argus Collingwood: if video is linkable the photos can be video-ized'
[10:19] Vryl Valkyrie: I feel like I want to vomit.
[10:19] Vryl Valkyrie: I feel sucked dry by LL
[10:19] Frasky Fizzle: @Vryl if all these "improvements" would slow down, the need for more & more pie for LL would decrease
[10:19] Shade Kingsley: Vryl you are not the only perosn here who spens alot on enchancement listings.
[10:19] Beebo Brink edges away from Vryl in case he hurls on her shoes
[10:19] eku Zhong: Vryl we all do but lets discuss rationally
[10:19] Frasky Fizzle: just leave half this stuff alone and save us all time and money
[10:19] Rachel Darling: I think the site will be a huge improvement overall, if a few of the big gotchas can be addressed at launch, rather than later
[10:19] Riley Mensing: Yes no need to be melodramatic vryl
[10:20] Dusky Jewell: lol@Beebo
[10:20] Riley Mensing: otherwise we wont get taken serious
[10:20] Quantum Destiny never got sucked dry by LL. Favouritism!
[10:20] Pink Linden: LOL Quantum I just had to laugh
[10:20] Frasky Fizzle: lol Q
[10:20] Cara Ametza: Why are only those who spend on item enhancements important? Why not those who DON'T use them to see why, and what coudl be done to get them interested in using them. ;)
[10:20] Vryl Valkyrie: it's not about being dramatic , it's about being fed up
[10:20] Yoshi Zhangsun: most merchant sites on the net do allow for some kind of fun formtting, if BB code is removed i hope merchants can still format their items in fun, interesting ways
[10:20] Vryl Valkyrie: All I can see is that LL is destroying the last of the marketplace
[10:20] Lady Sakai: Quantum I dont know if thats a good thing or a bad one O.o
[10:20] Flew Voom: Without BB code all listings will look the same, nothing we can customize anymore. I thikn a llot if not most popular items on xstreet uses BBcode.
[10:20] Vryl Valkyrie: this concept is bad for a social economy
[10:20] Pink Linden: ok. I have the notes on BB code. I think what we're hearing is that the real issue is needing some basic formatting in the long description.
[10:20] CarpeDiem Turbo: flew i agree
[10:20] Whimsey Felwitch: Pink ... will you be publishing the Commerce team's understanding of the feedback BEFORE you say this is what the merchant's said at office hours?
[10:20] Yoshi Zhangsun: yes
[10:20] Ciaran Laval: Can we just take a wee step back and give time some room to think here, this is a brand new development, it's going to have teething problems
[10:21] Vryl Valkyrie: I never come to these meetings but I came this to make my voice heard
[10:21] Pink Linden: BB code may or may not be the solve. But we'll look into it.
[10:21] Rachel Darling agrees with Pink's statement
[10:21] Ziki Questi: yes, some ability to format the long description is important
[10:21] Vryl Valkyrie: This won't work Pink
[10:21] Pink Linden: got it. we'll investigate.
[10:21] eku Zhong: just to make sure.. saying once again BBcode WANT
[10:21] Vryl Valkyrie: click and buy, keep it simple
[10:21] Beebo Brink: Yes, ty, Pink, Plain text is NOT enough.
[10:21] Cara Ametza: Overall this new marketplace sounds very promising with a few tweaks.
[10:21] Vryl Valkyrie: shopping cart idea sucks
[10:21] Cara Ametza: I like a lot of the ideas.
[10:21] Talisien Llewellyn: If you're dead set on removing BBcode, we need at least to be able to embed links, and use bullet points and italics with whatever you do decide to go with
[10:21] Vryl Valkyrie: we are not dealing with tangible goods here
[10:21] Pink Linden: ok. we covered aspect ratio and BB Code. what was next?
[10:21] Riley Mensing: now I know your nuts vryl
[10:21] Beebo Brink: THank you for allowing links to free demos.
[10:21] Cara Ametza: The shopping cart really does not suck, would help a lot i Think.
[10:21] CarpeDiem Turbo: like I said I only have 2 concerns, the bb Code, and cashingout Will it be the same as it is now? timewise ect. Cause like now I can cash out and get my money in minutes
[10:21] CrashOV Uladstron: shoping cart willbring down transaction costs for pay pal buyers
[10:22] Couldbe Yue: I think the shopping cart is a good idea
[10:22] Frasky Fizzle: i agree Vryl, keep it simple but programmers need to justify their existence with all the "improvements"
[10:22] Shade Kingsley: Pink I think you were going to move to images.
[10:22] Faust Vollmar: Shopping cart combined with the delivery issues makes me laugh I must admit.
[10:22] Rachel Darling: color options at launch, Pink
[10:22] Vryl Valkyrie: people in SL want to exp a feeling.. it's not like buying on amazon
[10:22] Driftwood Miles: of topic, do I make the chat font bigger in v2 my eyes are killing :)
[10:22] Dusky Jewell: I like the shopping cart.
[10:22] Jonno Stromfield: and talking of "long" descriptions, can we discuss the 2000 char limit?
[10:22] Sassy Romano: parity of adult content in search...
[10:22] Riley Mensing: I really like the shopping cart idea too, i kept hoping for a long time LL would import that feature
[10:22] Whimsey Felwitch: I for one never shop for lots of items as thesam time on xstreet, so using a shopping cart won't enhance my user experience
[10:22] 2WAT Michigan: i think the concerns raised over gaving to relist items to change aspect ratios should be raised over having to relist with the BB code removed, its very labor intensive
[10:22] Pink Linden: yes, rachel thanks. color options. we really wanted to have this at launch, and in fact you can see we designed for it.
[10:22] Ciaran Laval: Vision Express drift ;)
[10:22] Rin Tae: What actualy interests me .. aside form the technical set up of the new site .. is, if the fees will be implemented on the new site and how the status of this plan is .. I have not heared much about it and many merchants who I spoke with are still in daubt about what will happen and how they should plan
[10:22] Rachel Darling: This is crazy not to include color options at launch; you're going to port over hundreds of thousands of extraneous listings
[10:22] Beebo Brink: Drifwood, IM if you have v2.0 questions
[10:22] eku Zhong: yes text limit is not good for me because i have to include a EULA with some of my products
[10:22] Vryl Valkyrie: you won't like the shopping cart when your sales drop due to people having time to rethink their virtual purchases
[10:22] Larisa Tylman: I dont buy more than one thing either
[10:22] Vryl Valkyrie: when real life dollar signs next to them
[10:22] Jonno Stromfield: agree about colour options
[10:23] Frasky Fizzle: shopping cart gives them a chance to drop the itme at checkout BAD BAD IDEA
[10:23] Yoshi Zhangsun: yes i expect adut will still be behind closed doors but can we get some cookies to save preferences?
[10:23] Riley Mensing: I make more sales in world so doesnt bother me Vryl
[10:23] Beebo Brink: Color options are one of THE biggest ommi8sions on the current system
[10:23] Vryl Valkyrie: speak to Zynga, one of the largest gaming companies on facebook about economical physocholy
[10:23] Pamela Galli: Why text limit anyway?
[10:23] Vryl Valkyrie: mispeel
[10:23] Rachel Darling: sorry, didn't mean to say crazy, but I feel really strongly about it
[10:23] eku Zhong: I agree Beebo
[10:23] Dusky Jewell: my customers see my stuff on Xstreet and buy inworld. I sell huge multipassenger vehicles.
[10:23] Vryl Valkyrie: I think I know what I'm talking about here
[10:23] Pink Linden: hear you loud and clear Beebo. that's why we want color variations too.
[10:23] Cara Ametza: So if all you rely on is impoulse purchases then perhaps your not doing something right?
[10:23] Cara Ametza: impulse*
[10:23] Couldbe Yue agrees with Cara
[10:23] Beebo Brink: IT would make such a difference in content migratoin if we get that right away, rather than later
[10:23] Cara Ametza: Impulse is part of sales yes, but it shouldn't be all of it.
[10:23] Riley Mensing: caras got a point there
[10:23] Shade Kingsley: *claps*
[10:24] Vryl Valkyrie: cara, it's not all about impulse but mostly it is in a virtual digital environment
[10:24] Pamela Galli: Text doesn't take up much memory
[10:24] CarpeDiem Turbo: agreed
[10:24] Pink Linden: I'd say color variations are at the top of our list, I'd loke for them 45 days out after launch.
[10:24] Rachel Darling: well...impulse shopping IS sl, as nothing is really necessary. everything is a luxury item
[10:24] Vryl Valkyrie: I know what I am speaking about it firsthand
[10:24] Jonno Stromfield: why just colour? Variations on a theme - so it's the same basic product with a tweak, needs to be catered for
[10:24] Pamela Galli: Feature rich items need lots of text
[10:24] Riley Mensing: Id rather someone took the time to think of a purchase with my stuff then get an impulse shopper iming me complaining they changed their mind
[10:24] Frasky Fizzle: oh please impulse purchases, they pushed the button and bought it, why screw this up ???
[10:24] Pink Linden: hold up forlks, I want to communicate something to all before we move forward.
[10:24] Jonno Stromfield: for example copy/mo and trans mod options
[10:24] Rachel Darling: 45 days is a long time, Pink -- and in the meantime we have to edit hundreds of listings on the new site
[10:24] Whimsey Felwitch: listening
[10:24] Vryl Valkyrie: we're dealing with a gaming environment, much like wow players buying stuff for their charactors
[10:24] Yoshi Zhangsun: sounds good, will it be a set list of basic colours or something we can choose?
[10:24] Rachel Darling: and photos too
[10:24] Couldbe Yue: Have you got any idea how the colour options are going to be migrate? I assume that's going to have to be a manual job by the retailer
[10:24] CrashOV Uladstron: i for one love the shoping cart idea, i add to favourites all week and buy them all before i cash out, the idea is welcomed
[10:24] Midnight Mania owned by Tvera Magnifico gave you 'TVM-Strawberries' ( ).
[10:24] eku Zhong: listens to Pink
[10:24] Vryl Valkyrie: nothing you buy here you can touch, feel or eat
[10:24] Pamela Galli: wait up
[10:25] Ziki Questi: i agree crash, the benefit of the 'shopping cart' concept is that you can have a 'buy later' bunch of items, and i think that's a handy feature
[10:25] CarpeDiem Turbo: i love the cart idea, adding a fav sellers section would be nice as well
[10:25] Vryl Valkyrie: it is not tangible goods
[10:25] Rachel Darling: so we have to edit those color listings when we port, then redo them AGAIN in 45 days
[10:25] Ziggy21 Slade: Pink - can u explain what the merchant voucher thing is plz
[10:25] Riley Mensing: This isnt even remotely close to wow vryl lol least most things
[10:25] Cara Ametza: ohhhh yes!! Pink fav sellers options!!!
[10:25] Rachel Darling: another several hundred hours of work
[10:25] Whimsey Felwitch: uses favorites as a shopping cart ... goes back and usually doesn't buy them
[10:25] Pink Linden: We are investing a significant amount of money and development into this v.1.
[10:25] Vryl Valkyrie: no it is not riley
[10:25] Vryl Valkyrie: that's not the point
[10:25] Cara Ametza: so shoppers can select merchants that they like, and quickly see on one page what the newest products are from those merchants
[10:25] CrashOV Uladstron: yes@ fav sellers
[10:25] Whimsey Felwitch: Pink, isn't that why you have a job?
[10:25] Vryl Valkyrie: the concept of shopping and non tangible goods is though
[10:25] Shade Kingsley: That would be awesome.
[10:25] Riley Mensing: oooo i like that fave sellers option
[10:25] Panacea Pangaea: I'm sure the income LL gets from XStreet will help pay for it lol
[10:25] Pink Linden: The lab is doing this because it believes in the future of commerce in Second Life, not just on the web. This is simply a first version.
[10:25] Rin Tae: quantity of money does not equal quality of the work ^_^
[10:25] Frasky Fizzle: exactly Whimsey
[10:26] eku Zhong: Pink .. not to be disrespectful but merchants also invest in this and pay for the service with commission and soon more fees
[10:26] Vryl Valkyrie: people want a feeling, those roses, that dress they cannot wear in RL, etc.. the enternal fountain of youth
[10:26] Vryl Valkyrie: the sex, the everything
[10:26] eku Zhong: without the merchants there is nothing to invest in
[10:26] Pink Linden: we looked at the list of features wanted, and bsed on our previous platform we were looking at years.
[10:26] Whimsey Felwitch: xstreet was developed by inworld residents, not Linden Labs ...
[10:26] Shade Kingsley: Perhaps make it so slx could send an email to a shopper when one of their favorite merchants posts a new item.
[10:26] Adam Spark: CrashOV makes a great point.. we already have favorites lists, a shopping cart doesn't change much when it comes to impulse VS thoughtful purchasing
[10:26] Talisien Llewellyn: That is a good idea, favorite sellers would certainly save some time when I'm looking for new releases by certain people
[10:26] CarpeDiem Turbo: You have to spend money to make money
[10:26] Rachel Darling: in fact, merchants probably spend more money than anyone, both in purchases and land use, advertising, commissions.
[10:26] Pink Linden: so by doing this we are opening the door to faster response=more features, more quickly
[10:26] CarpeDiem Turbo: keep in mind that this costs LL millions a year
[10:26] Vryl Valkyrie: the SL Xchange, as it was called worked because it was community driven
[10:26] Frasky Fizzle: I wish it stayed that way Whimsey
[10:26] Cara Ametza: I wouldn't want an e-mail each time one of my fav merchants posted o.o that would flood my e-mail rofl maybe a weekly list would be better or something I know ebay does that currently now
[10:26] Vryl Valkyrie: take it away, all of it now.. you have a sterile environement that will flop
[10:27] Larisa Tylman: me too, once LL gets their hands on anything they screw it up
[10:27] Vryl Valkyrie: and make room for a true competitor
[10:27] Yoshi Zhangsun: faster response is something we could do can be slow!
[10:27] Pink Linden: that's why we want it live as soon as possible, even if it doesn't have all the features we all want. because once our teams are entirely cut over, we'll be able to get more things out the door.
[10:27] CarpeDiem Turbo: latisa keep in mind it is cause of ll you even have a business
[10:27] Beebo Brink: Pink, I like enough of what you're doing to be very very optimistic about the Marketplace
[10:27] Couldbe Yue: Pink, I don't think you should have mentioned a faster response lol
[10:27] Flew Voom: Vryl It's about moneyof course
[10:27] eku Zhong: you should also pay more attention to support .. even though youre busy with the new thing
[10:27] CrashOV Uladstron: will the listing items system remain the same? as far as xstreet boxes
[10:27] Pink Linden: so now that I've said that.....let's open the door again.
[10:27] Vryl Valkyrie: anyway, I'm wasting my breath, it has been decided so I better prepare myself for the worst
[10:27] Whimsey Felwitch: Pink, it makes no business sense to implement a partial application when a full one is in place
[10:28] Riley Mensing: aside from the ratio thing I am actually looking forward to this new market place
[10:28] eku Zhong: faster response as a topic anyone lol
[10:28] Pamela Galli: Support is badly broken
[10:28] CarpeDiem Turbo: Pink- what about cashing out. will that be the same as it is now on xstreet sl
[10:28] Larisa Tylman: they did with the new veiwer, who the hell wants that
[10:28] Ciaran Laval: Any plans to change payment options in the future Pink? Like set fee and no commission option?
[10:28] Pink Linden: CarpeDiem, yes, no change there.
[10:28] Vryl Valkyrie: everything is broken pam
[10:28] Yoshi Zhangsun: if you push customers to an unfinished product you will really split the market, but i do understand that you want it up and running fast, its good youre building somehing more solid and visually appealing
[10:28] Whimsey Felwitch: there is not xstreet support Pamela
[10:28] CarpeDiem Turbo: ty pink
[10:28] eku Zhong: Agree Support is almost non existant
[10:28] Ziggy21 Slade: QFT
[10:28] Beebo Brink: We can't have all the bells and whistles out of the gate, but images, text formatting, color options -- would love to see those.
[10:28] Ziggy21 Slade: aside from the ratio thing I am actually looking forward to this new market place
[10:28] Vryl Valkyrie: the pie will never be big enough for LL
[10:28] Pink Linden: part of this first release are new tools for support
[10:28] Quantum Destiny: About support - Pink I have dropped you a notecard with more details, but I wonder if you are aware of how poor support is? I created a support ticket nearly a month ago, have chased it up half a dozen times, and I still have no reply.
[10:28] Rachel Darling: Pink -- again, the concept is great. But please do not underestimate the value of a few of these features for the transition of items to the new site. You'll be undermining your purpose here if you do. You will cost us a lot of time and effort, hamper sales on the site, and undermine it's usefulness if you import a lot of dirty data and bad photos from the old site when you go live. The user experience will be terrible for many, many months. Why not spend the extra 45-days before you go live and get it right the first time?
[10:28] Dusky Jewell: Pink - Will merchants will be able to preview their ads before making them live?
[10:28] Vryl Valkyrie: you hear me Mr M ? I hope so
[10:28] Whimsey Felwitch: took 3 weeks for me to get a simple yes or no answer
[10:28] Pink Linden: they aren't getting all they need eiether but we'll keep at it.
[10:28] Frasky Fizzle: new viewer is an utter catastrophe, if i was a noob i'd leave over that viewer
[10:29] Riley Mensing: lol ziggy
[10:29] Couldbe Yue: I've got to agree - thanks to the tardiness of XSL support I now have a very unpleasant review on one of my items.. no fault of mine but LLs for being so slow to redeliver.
[10:29] Beebo Brink: Lack of Customer SUpport is getting a lot of attention on teh forums. You have a black eye on that score.
[10:29] Vryl Valkyrie: Rosedale.. hope you wake up before it's too late and your baby SL is a ghost town
[10:29] Pink Linden: hear you loud and clear Beebo.
[10:29] Jonno Stromfield: Pink, you still haven't mentioned to 2000 char limit and how it hurts complex products
[10:29] CarpeDiem Turbo: Instead of complaing about everything LL touches, why not make solutions???? they have to work and please Thousands of merchants and shoppers alike. and like with any business you cant make everyone happy
[10:29] Couldbe Yue: well try listening pink
[10:29] Ziggy21 Slade: I did do a QFT Riley but it got lost
[10:29] Simbelmyne Ushimawa: yes support in xstreet was better before LL take it
[10:29] Vryl Valkyrie: I can promise you that most people in SL share my feelings
[10:29] Cara Ametza: the character limits could be a potential problem
[10:29] Riley Mensing: huh?
[10:29] Shade Kingsley: Pink, forgive me if I am missing something here, but I remember a while back that SLX was going to start charging merchants for listing things that are Free. I have an item up that costs shoppers 1L but have not seen any 3L deductions each time it is purchased. Was that idea scrapped or is ig going into effect with SLX Beta?
[10:29] CarpeDiem Turbo: i dont
[10:30] Whimsey Felwitch: Rosedale has been castrated in sl by corporate money grubbers
[10:30] Sassy Romano: xstreet should offer customer triggered redelivery for copyable items
[10:30] Frasky Fizzle: SOLUTION? Leave it alone !
[10:30] Yoshi Zhangsun: one part of xstreet which isnt so good for me is time spent listing, will there be any improvements o the actual listing process, more pic uploads? shared payments made easier etc?
[10:30] Jonno Stromfield: Can I say thanks for not implementing freebie roadmap
[10:30] Whimsey Felwitch: he has no say
[10:30] Treasured Cove Sculpts* MM Board: Treasured Cove Sculpts Midnight Mania Exclusive! *~* *Treasured Cove* Unique Table Pack 4 Sculpt Map Package [8/100] *~*
[10:30] Pamela Galli: [10:29] Jonno Stromfield: Pink, you still haven't mentioned to 2000 char limit and how it hurts complex products
[10:30] Faust Vollmar: The 2000 char limit is a pain in the you know what for me. =
[10:30] Pink Linden: Shade the freebie roadmap is not part of this release and i have no information on timing right now.
[10:30] Vryl Valkyrie: well I feel ripped off by LL at this point
[10:30] Shade Kingsley: Okay thank you.
[10:30] Cara Ametza: glad to hear that's pushed off for now Pink, it is a major relief for a lot of merchants.
[10:30] Vryl Valkyrie: no respect for us as merchants or as their customers who pay their salaries
[10:30] Shade Kingsley: I know it is for me.
[10:30] Ziggy21 Slade: how about the reporting tools are there any improvements there
[10:30] Beebo Brink: Is there a technical limitation on Long Desc?
[10:30] Faust Vollmar: I actually spent a good amount of time trying to condense down something to 2k. It was nuts.
[10:30] Pink Linden: on the character limits. You will have the ability to attach instructions to the item.
[10:30] Argus Collingwood: over 2000 charatures will truncate or be dropped
[10:31] Dusky Jewell: Since Pink doesn't know the answer --- For the record to the Lindens scripting this thing, add a listing preview ...please.
[10:31] Faust Vollmar: Pink: In what format.
[10:31] CarpeDiem Turbo: and you think your being respectful>
[10:31] Pink Linden: and store policies will now live as a store policies page linked form your seller profile.
[10:31] CarpeDiem Turbo: ?
[10:31] Whimsey Felwitch: okay, i see that Pink is probably overwhelmed and is responding selectively ... I hope because of missing some text ....
[10:31] Pamela Galli: [10:30] Yoshi Zhangsun: one part of xstreet which isnt so good for me is time spent listing, will there be any improvements o the actual listing process, more pic uploads? shared payments made easier etc?
[10:31] Vryl Valkyrie: not you pink, you're just a messenger and I like you and respect you but I think this new marketplace concept sucks, sorry
[10:31] Flew Voom: While we are talking about support. is there a way you can make it clear to shoppers that they need to open a ticket when they accidently make a double purchase of the same item. So far I have been refunding double purchases myself while XSL keeps the commission of it.
[10:31] Cur Waydelich: I got a concrete proposition regarding the 2000 character descriptin. Why not implent more support on the "manuals" documentation handling? Why not have .txt file support and external .html files along with .PDF? That would solve a lot of the problems created with the nerfed description.
[10:31] Pink Linden: Vryl, I'm not just a messenger. you can point your finger squarely at me.
[10:31] eku Zhong: EULA need more text to include product discription.. for my products
[10:31] Solace Terasaur: Pink - What about being able to upload a CSV file containing the data fields used in the Marketplace format so we can quickly change product data using a database format?
[10:31] Whimsey Felwitch: [10:30] Yoshi Zhangsun: one part of xstreet which isnt so good for me is time spent listing, will there be any improvements o the actual listing process, more pic uploads? shared payments made easier etc? dito
[10:32] CrashOV Uladstron: deleting items has to be made easier
[10:32] Vryl Valkyrie: but I have to say I am not happy
[10:32] Pink Linden: Solace, absolutely, we would like to have that shortly after beta launch. after fixing search it's the #1 most requested feature.
[10:32] Vryl Valkyrie: Pink, it's hard for me to point my finger at you when I actually like you
[10:32] Vryl Valkyrie: I'm pissed
[10:32] Vryl Valkyrie: very pissed
[10:32] Beebo Brink: The Wiki mentions improved tools for listing,
[10:32] Pink Linden: I'm sorry you're unhappy Vryle, let's get together and do ome time together after this meeting?
[10:32] Cara Ametza: ok speaking of store policies, what is the expected lenght of that? Some products have different polies for example, a Nooooooo! transfer item might have one set of policies, while a full perm item has another etc
[10:32] CarpeDiem Turbo: but your right every one is intilted to thier own opion
[10:32] Talisien Llewellyn: Will there be a link to the Store Policies page on the items themselves?
[10:32] CrashOV Uladstron: at the omentit's apain in the ass
[10:32] Pink Linden: then I can hear you clearly.
[10:32] Vryl Valkyrie: ads, enhancements, tier
[10:32] Vryl Valkyrie: etc
[10:32] CarpeDiem Turbo: understandable vryl
[10:32] Vryl Valkyrie: I spend a small fortune each month
[10:32] Cur Waydelich: That¥s another suggestion. Why not have license functionss? If the creator has a EULA then the user has to check tha tbefore purchasing.
[10:32] Vryl Valkyrie: LL just wants more and more
[10:32] Quantum Destiny: I have a question kind of related to character limits: will we still be able to create extra versions of our listings in several languages? And if so, will we have 200 words in search for EACH language, 80 words in the feature list for EACH language, etc?
[10:32] Vryl Valkyrie: so Im' pissed
[10:32] Solace Terasaur: Great!
[10:32] Shade Kingsley: Vryl you've been saying you aren't happy from the moment you walked in here. We know. Now can we finish listening to Pink before the next session starts?
[10:32] Vryl Valkyrie: I'll speak if i want shade
[10:32] Vryl Valkyrie: so stfu
[10:33] Pink Linden: sorry, folks, chat is going by very fast.
[10:33] eku Zhong: Jpanese takes up 2 bits per character.. how will that be counted?
[10:33] Qwik Skytower: Vryl if LL bothers you so much and you are so disapionted with s/l on the whole turn it off and leave
[10:33] Argus Collingwood: Aah!
[10:33] Yoshi Zhangsun: now now be polite
[10:33] Pine River RP Meter (v1.1) shouts: Qwik Skytower has removed their meter!
[10:33] Pink Linden: what questions have I missed?
[10:33] Shade Kingsley: there is that respect thing again *rools eyes*
[10:33] Whimsey Felwitch: wow ... i guess you have to spend a lot of money and bitch loudly before Lindens pay attention to you or even answer a question asked several times
[10:33] Ciaran Laval: That's a fair point Eku
[10:33] Vryl Valkyrie: quik that' the easy solution isn't it?
[10:33] Vryl Valkyrie: to just walk away
[10:33] Whimsey Felwitch: [10:30] Yoshi Zhangsun: one part of xstreet which isnt so good for me is time spent listing, will there be any improvements o the actual listing process, more pic uploads? shared payments made easier etc?
[10:33] Rachel Darling: That's uncalled for Vryl.
[10:33] Vryl Valkyrie: learn english or learn to listen
[10:33] Argus Collingwood: migration of description
[10:33] Qwik Skytower: if it is such a thorn in your side
[10:33] Qwik Skytower: yes
[10:33] Argus Collingwood: will over 2000 charatures be dropped
[10:33] Beebo Brink: Whimsey, that's been answered at least twice
[10:33] Vryl Valkyrie: I have a right to express my feelings so if you don't like it , mute me
[10:33] Pamela Galli: [10:30] Yoshi Zhangsun: one part of xstreet which isnt so good for me is time spent listing, will there be any improvements o the actual listing process, more pic uploads? shared payments made easier etc?
[10:33] Jonno Stromfield: Why the 2000 char limit
[10:33] Riley Mensing: vryl perhaps you might wanna learn there is a time to talk and a time to listen as well
[10:34] CrashOV Uladstron: can we please have deleting of multiple items made easier
[10:34] Riley Mensing: your making this area somewhat hostile now
[10:34] Quantum Destiny: Vryl I am pissed too. I have been waiting for 25 days for LL to answer a customer support ticket - but there is more than just us here, and there are many things that many poeple want to talk about.
[10:34] Qwik Skytower: expressing your feelings then bitching about everything are 2 differnet things
[10:34] Pink Linden: Whimsey, adding bulk editing and listing for merchants is really way too long. it's at the top of the list of merchant features with color variations and will be in the early releases post beta.
[10:34] Eboni Khan: 2000 characters is almost 2 pages in Word, that is a lot of text
[10:34] Vryl Valkyrie: how many linden alts here wow
[10:34] Jessica Vaughn: guys there are 58 people on this sim and only one Linden (Pink)
[10:34] Riley Mensing: Yes can we just let Pink finish :(
[10:34] Ciaran Laval: Colossus is here too, or he was!
[10:34] Cur Waydelich: Pink: missed question: [10:31] Cur Waydelich: I got a concrete proposition regarding the 2000 character descriptin. Why not implent more support on the "manuals" documentation handling? Why not have .txt file support and external .html files along with .PDF? That would solve a lot of the problems created with the nerfed description.
[10:34] Ericka Nemeth: wo actually.. colossus is a linden
[10:34] Whimsey Felwitch: on behalf of Pamela and Yoshi ... thank you for your answer
[10:34] Yoshi Zhangsun: he's quietly giggling to himself ;D
[10:34] CarpeDiem Turbo: my concerns have been adressed for the moment, So I am just watching chat
[10:34] Dusky Jewell: Good news...I Am really optimistic about this new marketplace.. :D
[10:34] Pink Linden: thanks Wimsey, not trying to ignore you guys.
[10:34] Colossus Linden: Folks, let's please keep the conversation civil and keep to the topic of this new marketplace launch
[10:35] Beebo Brink: Pink, is there a technical limit on Long Desc? Or was that a judgment call?
[10:35] Vryl Valkyrie: yeah I want my issues addressed is all, the issues in my post
[10:35] Cara Ametza: 2.000 characters is actually closer to 400 words give or take, which is a decent amount, but for some stuff not quite enough room
[10:35] Jonno Stromfield: 2000 chars is nothing like two pages in word
[10:35] Shade Kingsley: Pink, there have been quite a few places online that have linked up to places like Twitter and Facebook, with the new beta be doing something like that as well?
[10:35] Pink Linden: Beebo, it's a judgement call. we also looked at the average length of listings and the majority of them fell below 2000 characters.
[10:35] Faust Vollmar: I break 2k chars in 35 lines without even trying.
[10:35] eku Zhong: not enough for a EULA plus discription
[10:35] Beebo Brink: Ty, Pink
[10:35] Cara Ametza: some listings may need nowhere near 2,000 characters, while others will likely need more
[10:35] Quantum Destiny: I have a question kind of related to character limits: will we still be able to create extra versions of our listings in several languages? And if so, will we have 200 words in search for EACH language, 80 words in the feature list for EACH language, etc? (reposted in case it was missed)
[10:35] Whimsey Felwitch: isn't xstreet on facebook already?
[10:35] Qwik Skytower: beebo lets be honest the char limit is to decrease the misuse of search terms
[10:35] Pink Linden: Yes Quantium to all your questions.
[10:35] Faust Vollmar: Even if I rewrite my listing I will still break 4k
[10:35] Quantum Destiny: Thanks Pink.
[10:35] Yoshi Zhangsun: you mentioned yesterday in the group chat that ratings will affect search, at present people already game xstreet with alts and friends purchasing to boost ratings. a policy like that would make ratings worthless. did you have any other ideas for making the search more 'effective' ?
[10:36] lazlo Spore: share links and wishlist on facebook already
[10:36] Vryl Valkyrie: sorry im not here to play cheerleader, there are enough of those already and fb is not gonna help xstreet lmao
[10:36] Whimsey Felwitch: good question quantum
[10:36] Ericka Nemeth: No! Keep facebook and anything SL seperate!
[10:36] Whimsey Felwitch: too late ericka
[10:36] Pink Linden: yoshi let me be clear on the chat ratings. chat will NOT impact search results
[10:36] Simbelmyne Ushimawa: I'm interested in language options...
[10:36] Ericka Nemeth: I can dream...
[10:36] Rin Tae: however many items that have more then 2000 often need more then 2000 and people features described there, are the features, people are lookgin for. So such a limit will be a hinderance for those building thigns with lots of functions
[10:36] CarpeDiem Turbo: i agree Vryl, facebook wont help it, but it can't hurt it ither
[10:36] Pink Linden: buyers will be able to filter results based on feedback
[10:36] Solace Terasaur: Honestly I can't wait for this release. I think LL is do a great service to all merchants and we should be happy with the new enhancements they are trying to build so our lives can be easier ;)
[10:36] Pamela Galli: My stuff is not average -- it is super feature rich
[10:36] Yoshi Zhangsun: but people buying and rating 5 star will?
[10:36] Talisien Llewellyn: Will there be a link to the Store Policies page on the items themselves? There is simply not enough space for a EULA on top of a description with the 2000 character limit and having the policy linked from the profile simply will not work due to ease of access before purchase
[10:36] Ziki Questi: pink, what will happen to all the current product ratings on xstreet?
[10:36] Couldbe Yue: I probably have around 100 items that break the 2k char :(
[10:36] Pink Linden: ratings will be ported over Ziki
[10:37] CarpeDiem Turbo: good question ziki
[10:37] Shade Kingsley: Talisien I think she said that there would be something like that.
[10:37] CarpeDiem Turbo: i have alot of peak ratings, I would not want to loose that
[10:37] Shade Kingsley: I've scrolled back but it's lost in my chat however. Sorry =(
[10:37] Pink Linden: ok other questions I missed?
[10:37] 2WAT Michigan: yeah but what about listing that at the moment have bb code in them, what happens when they get ported?
[10:37] Cara Ametza: omg please,please don't take away ratings and stars when stuff is ported over!
[10:37] Pink Linden: we won't cara.
[10:37] Cara Ametza: ty!!!
[10:37] CarpeDiem Turbo: o/
[10:37] CarpeDiem Turbo: | Yay!!
[10:37] CarpeDiem Turbo: /
[10:37] CarpeDiem Turbo: ty
[10:37] Pink Linden: ?
[10:37] Solace Terasaur: Merchants need to keep product descriptions short for the one has the time nor wants to read a novel about your product. Short 'n sweet...remember?
[10:37] Chaley May: i didnt catch why they need a 2000 character limit?
[10:37] Pink Linden: solace nailed it
[10:38] Faust Vollmar: Chaley: They dont, its artificial.
[10:38] Whimsey Felwitch: Pink, there was a thread on feedback for merchant items which showed that most people do not give feedback .... and on the same issue, people who buy inworld don't have the option of giving feedback ... this is a serious oversight
[10:38] Riley Mensing: Pink I have a question, in this new market place will merchants be better protected from griefers who go around posting negative remarks on the merchant and their items on things they didn't even buy just to stir up trouble
[10:38] eku Zhong: Solace what about products that need a EULA
[10:38] eku Zhong: that needs to be upfront before purchase
[10:38] Pink Linden: Riley, at beta the feedback mechanism will be the same, but we recognize it needs work. it is on the roadmap to work on feedback 2.0
[10:38] Chaley May: I disagree with Solace.. there is so many different kinds of items and some need very short listings
[10:38] Rin Tae: it depends on the product .. when I am lookgin for feature rich products, then I read all the descriptions to see if the product has the features I am lookgin for .. I am not goign to buy thigns, that mght have it, I want to know if they have the features before spending money on it
[10:38] Flew Voom: good point Riley
[10:38] Pink Linden: but again, getting a new architecture out was critical to doing big projects like feedback 2.0
[10:38] CrashOV Uladstron: what about the actuallink to the marketplace, how will you make that known to all curent shopers? will xstreet link have a re-direct link for a while?
[10:38] Cara Ametza: [10:38] Riley Mensing: Pink I have a question, in this new market place will merchants be better protected from griefers who go around posting negative remarks on the merchant and their items on things they didn't even buy just to stir up trouble <----- how can you be protected from that? It's a problem but I don't know of any viable solutions sadly
[10:38] Chaley May: but scripted things like HUDs can have big listings
[10:39] Flew Voom: lose the discussion page atleast
[10:39] Cur Waydelich: Pink, simple solution on the feedback problem. Let the merchant decide if a product should have the feedback or not.
[10:39] Pamela Galli: I don't care about the average buyer, but MY buyers, who want to read ab out ALL the stuff my things do
[10:39] Vilandra Miles: SLURL: will this still be put in every item directly or is there a way a merchant can write it on it's profile or so ever and it just gets linked in every product? moving your store isn't funny. it's even less funny if you have to change the SLURL in 600 products on Xstreet which isn't the fastest.
[10:39] Eboni Khan: Pink, Will people be able to create weblink in discriptions? Will the interface to create descriptions be like posting on the blogs/forums?
[10:39] Yoshi Zhangsun: i didnt see any comment on the adult items, will more be done to give adult items more exposure? right now theyre pretty hidden and its pointless buying featured ads for them..traffic remains the same
[10:39] Pink Linden: Cur, we'll have discussions on feedback when we're closer to that project.
[10:39] Beebo Brink: Not even Amazaon can do that, it gets griefed too
[10:39] 2WAT Michigan: Pink, i have a question please - what about listing that at the moment have bb code in them, what happens when they get ported?
[10:39] Cur Waydelich: good good
[10:39] Riley Mensing: Cara, no prolly not but they could make it harder for people to grief, I am tired of being ared on xstreet for something I didn't do
[10:39] Simbelmyne Ushimawa: I'm with vilandra in url thing ^^
[10:39] Pamela Galli: ich products, then I read all the descriptions to see if the product has the features I am lookgin for .. I am not goign to buy thigns, that mght have it, I want to know if they have the features before spending money on it
[10:39] CarpeDiem Turbo: i agree Riley
[10:39] Candace Morgwain: as merchants we should care about all buyers, because those buyers could become your buyers
[10:39] Qwik Skytower: then use common sense pamela list the top features of your item and a link to your in-world store with all infos available lmao i commend you lindens for putting up with ppl who have no common sense or respect for others vyrl thinks this whole meeting is about her and her issues ,why doesn't just one person ask a question then wait for an answer or form some sort of cue text spam doesnt get questoins answerd lol
[10:40] CarpeDiem Turbo: yes Candace
[10:40] Beebo Brink: Wish list: Sticky for Adult ratings -- why do I have to choose that every single damn time I go to XStreet?
[10:40] CrashOV Uladstron: what about the actuallink to the marketplace, how will you make that known to all curent shopers? will xstreet link have a re-direct link for a while?
[10:40] yure4u Sosa: the 2000 character limit is only for the description of the item right what about the discussion and the buyers review?
[10:40] Shade Kingsley: Pink, what about dicerning what is and is not an adult listing? I had a belt set be taken down until I fixed the word "unisex" in it. That was a bit silly in my opinion.
[10:40] Whimsey Felwitch: sorry Yoshi, but all you have to do is enable Mature and you're innudated with f**K toys and tiddies
[10:40] Pamela Galli: [10:38] Rin Tae: it depends on the product .. when I am lookgin for feature rich products, then I read all the descriptions to see if the product has the features I am lookgin for .. I am not goign to buy thigns, that mght have it, I want to know if they have the features before spending money on it
[10:40] Rachel Darling: I don't understand the character limit myself, since descriptions will no longer be indexed
[10:40] Colossus Linden: Pink may have already answered this, but comments are coming in so fast, I can't follow everything. In regards to reviews in the new platform, a customer will only be able to review items he/she has purchased.
[10:40] Jonno Stromfield: So is there no chance of getting a rethink of the 2000 char limit?
[10:40] Simbelmyne Ushimawa: yes, I also hope that adult thing could be changed in the new xstreet ^^'
[10:40] eku Zhong: can i say again i NEED to include a EULA with my products.. ppl NEED to read before purchase and ther 2000 limit will mean not much product duscrition
[10:40] Beebo Brink: My shapes are ALL PG in images, but I get stuck behind the Adult wall. Makes no sense.
[10:40] Riley Mensing: TY colossus
[10:41] Dusky Jewell: Yay Colossus!
[10:41] eku Zhong: Pink?
[10:41] Pamela Galli: What is the purpose of the limit?
[10:41] Riley Mensing: Does this mean you will also eventually get the keyword spam issues under control?
[10:41] 2WAT Michigan: Pink, i have a question please - what about listing that at the moment have bb code in them, what happens when they get ported?
[10:41] Whimsey Felwitch: reviews in the new platform, a customer will only be able to review items he/she has purchased. - this completely bypasses customers who support inworld shopping
[10:41] Solace Terasaur: Place your EULA is a notecard or inworld. Send your buyer to your produc inworld for more information - a 3D version is better than a photo any day.
[10:41] Qwik Skytower: the limit is to stop misuse of search words in item decriptions use your loaf ppl
[10:41] eku Zhong: I would like Pink to answer
[10:41] CarpeDiem Turbo: 2wat I think ( hope ) they are reconcidering the bbcode
[10:41] Pink Linden: I can't read as fast as you all can type
[10:42] Beebo Brink: No Qwik -- Desc is no longer searched
[10:42] Cara Ametza: she's probably trying to find where she is in the chat lol
[10:42] Whimsey Felwitch: item descriptions will not be used in search Qwik
[10:42] Jonno Stromfield: Qwik, the description is not used in the search
[10:42] Pamela Galli: shhhh
[10:42] CarpeDiem Turbo: /silence
[10:42] Qwik Skytower: if i type skins i get items with the word skin in
[10:42] Qwik Skytower: ;)
[10:42] Chaley May: The whole point of XStreet is so people dont need to go in world.. inworld solutions for what xstreet should be providing is ridiculous
[10:42] Vilandra Miles: SLURL: will this still be put in every item directly or is there a way a merchant can write it on it's profile or so ever and it just gets linked in every product? moving your store isn't funny. it's even less funny if you have to change the SLURL in 600 products on Xstreet which isn't the fastest.
[10:42] eku Zhong: can i say again i NEED to include a EULA with my products.. ppl NEED to read before purchase and ther 2000 limit will mean not much product discrition
[10:42] Whimsey Felwitch: regarding ratings and reviews reviews in the new platform, a customer will only be able to review items he/she has purchased. - this completely bypasses customers who support inworld shopping
[10:42] Solace Terasaur: Good one Vilandra...Pink?
[10:42] Vilandra Miles: praise the lord for c/p ;)
[10:42] eku Zhong: yus
[10:43] Chaley May: i am struggling to read fast enough to keep up with chat too :)
[10:43] CarpeDiem Turbo: isame here
[10:43] Cara Ametza: Vilandra brings up a really big point, perhaps a way to have several SLURL choices, that could be maintained in one central place and then in the listing, the SLURL used is selected?
[10:43] Whimsey Felwitch: *grins* just open the history across the screen
[10:43] CrashOV Uladstron: the system is the same on xstreet now whimsey, they can post reviews if they buy and discuss in item discutions if they id not or if the bough inworld, are they taking out item discutions?
[10:43] Cara Ametza: So that merchants with different stores/product lines in different places have a solution as well
[10:43] TIPTOP Online Status Board: Message from Ricardo Avalira (Viana Paradise):

i'm interested in part of a sim, can u help

[10:44] yure4u Sosa: items discussion will still be there?
[10:44] Riley Mensing: I agree with Cara and Vilandra as well that would really help with the posting and listing of items
[10:44] Pink Linden: slurls are allowed, and we are still finalizing where they live on the product details page.
[10:44] Adam Spark: Not necessarily Chaley, a lot of people view things in world before buying that they found on xstreet. web searching for items can be a starting point as much as the entire shopping experience
[10:44] Cara Ametza: what about the inclusion of SLURLS? currently they have to be added to each listing, which for a bunch is a pain
[10:44] Cara Ametza: and an even bigger pain if you move -.-
[10:44] Cara Ametza: or even remodel your sim lol
[10:44] Riley Mensing: Yeah >.< same here Cara lol
[10:44] Beebo Brink: Except that I have two different SLURLs that I use, Cara
[10:44] Flew Voom: I get more trolls on the discussion pages then potential customers... would love to see it gone... saves a lot of time writing tickets everytime to get comments removed
[10:44] Whimsey Felwitch: agrees with Adam and that is why discuss/reviews of items purchased in world should be addressed
[10:44] Simbelmyne Ushimawa: we all had that problem Cara ^^' hard time changing urls
[10:44] TriloByte Zanzibar: Can you also allow the SLURL field to support the addresses?
[10:45] Qwik Skytower: pink wouldnt making a sig which attaches to each of your listing which merchants can put there slurl in then it would change on all items at once theres a solution for ya
[10:45] Cara Ametza: so again, a choice of a few slurls that could be maintained in one location, and then choose the correct one in the listing itself
[10:45] Vilandra Miles: not on detailed page. we'd need a main-spot where we can put the SLURL that gets intregated in the products description
[10:45] lazlo Spore: can we have a slurl on our profile page and item page we set once?
[10:45] Yoshi Zhangsun: i think the suggestion was, a merchant 'profile' template where slurl can be standard across products, rather than having to go back and edit every product when a store is moved. slapt has this feature, its great!
[10:45] Ciaran Laval: I've created a Jira about that Trilo
[10:45] TriloByte Zanzibar: and can we set a main store SLURL in our templates?
[10:45] Chaley May: Adam I know its not necessarily the same for all but its the same for most.. Xstreet is for convenience only forcing people to need to log in world to get a notecard is not convenient
[10:45] Beebo Brink: SLURL default, with the option to customize for a particualr product though.
[10:45] TriloByte Zanzibar: Excellent, thank you Ciaran
[10:45] Vilandra Miles: so, changing one SLURL gets all product descriptions updated
[10:45] Pink Linden: Yoshi, that's our goal too, but listings also need specific slurls to tp people to the item to view.
[10:45] Qwik Skytower: lazlo if the make you sig attach to each item you can add your alurl in there
[10:46] Vilandra Miles: thanks Beebo... lost in translation here. that's what I try to say ^^
[10:46] Cur Waydelich: Linden, taht¥s overestimated. Ppl usually have all the items at one parcel/store.
[10:46] Adam Spark: items typically come with notecards any things anyway
[10:46] Beebo Brink: Some stores are larege enough that you need difrent landing points to products
[10:46] Cur Waydelich: The gains would be higher then the losses on one general slurl in mho.
[10:46] CarpeDiem Turbo: yess beebo I agree
[10:46] Beebo Brink: DIsagree, Cur
[10:46] Whimsey Felwitch: As for Eulas and other legal doc ... could this not be addressed by a link to the merchant's web page or profle ... LL really needs to support the merchants' attempts to protect their rights and stay legal
[10:46] Pamela Galli: agree Cur
[10:46] Chaley May: we are talking about notecards before people spend their money
[10:46] Talisien Llewellyn: Will there be a link to the Store Policies page on the items themselves? There is simply not enough space for a EULA on top of a description with the 2000 character limit and having the policy linked from the profile simply will not work due to ease of access before purchase (Reposting since it may not have been seen)
[10:47] Jonno Stromfield: if we keep bb, we can add product specific slurls
[10:47] Yoshi Zhangsun: Pink you seem to have missed questions about Adult content on Xstreet, will they be presented any better with the new site? will there be more enhancement options for them? will cookies be enabled so mature can be set on every visit?
[10:47] Adam Spark: true
[10:47] TriloByte Zanzibar: indeed, there should be flexibility to put in something item-specific if you like. I'd just like the ability to put that into my template
[10:47] Cur Waydelich: If it is totally different products and different stores.. why not set up multiple store fronts with different slurls?
[10:47] Beebo Brink: Ty, what Yoshi said about Adult items
[10:47] Couldbe Yue: I would love to see a separate licencing page and a separate store policy page..
[10:47] Simbelmyne Ushimawa: Read to Yshi about adult content ^^
[10:47] Riley Mensing: a policy page would be nice
[10:47] Chaley May: I am pretty sure ebay uses a lot more than 2000 characters... Isnt that where your from Pink.. ebay?
[10:47] Pink Linden: Yoshi, at beta release we have not changed adult content presenatation, other than that look and feel difference you see in the pictures. we have work to do to improe adult merchandising and shopping but again without a new platform the work would have taken far longer.
[10:47] Cur Waydelich: Couldbe, agrees
[10:48] TriloByte Zanzibar: yes.. we don't make adult items, but I wish they were more integrated. That is, if I choose in prefs to see it, it should be there for every session I log in to.
[10:48] Rin Tae: Yes.. a 'always display adult content' checkbox in ever users profile owuld be beneficial
[10:48] Yoshi Zhangsun: ok, thanks for being open there
[10:48] Beebo Brink: Please please please consider adding cookies for Adult pref
[10:48] Pamela Galli: Agree Trilo
[10:48] Whimsey Felwitch: personally doesn't like having adult items pushed on her homepage
[10:48] CarpeDiem Turbo: nor do i Whimsey
[10:48] Whimsey Felwitch: which happens even without adult checked
[10:48] Sassy Romano: Whimsey, the point is "YOU make a choice" and it should be persistent
[10:48] Pink Linden: we want to have a positive experience for those who do want adult items as well as for those who don't.
[10:48] Pamela Galli: agree Sassy
[10:48] Beebo Brink: But if it's my choice to see Adult, I want that to persist
[10:49] Couldbe Yue: I'd prefer to see them completely separate so if you go looking for smut you don't see things like wings or books or things.. you know what I mean
[10:49] Shade Kingsley: I just don't wish to be hassled for using the word unisex
[10:49] Pink Linden: again, new platform makes things possible in a lot fster time frame.
[10:49] Couldbe Yue: ie separate them from the general melee
[10:49] Cara Ametza: I think it's about choice though some do want it and they should be free to see it, I personally have kids at home who should NOT have to see it, so Ishould be able to set it so I don't get it, while others can set it so that they do get it if that's their choice
[10:49] Yoshi Zhangsun: yes thats understandable, but if its set as a preference, let the people see it on every log in :)
[10:49] Pink Linden: ok, what other questions have I missed?
[10:49] Qwik Skytower: not clearing yourweb browser cahce will leave the adult items shown if you have adult enabled
[10:49] TriloByte Zanzibar: what Sassy said. The site needs to respect your personal preference
[10:49] Flew Voom: Adult items with pgpics is not a problem for me
[10:49] Whimsey Felwitch: but it's not happening .... its my choice not to see it but i still get it
[10:49] TriloByte Zanzibar: yeah, excited about ruby on rails, that'll be helpful for you guys
[10:49] Flew Voom: better then slut clothes advert pics :)
[10:49] Ashasekayi Ra: Just having adult checked doesn't mean you don't want to non-adult items
[10:49] Whimsey Felwitch: needs more seperation not less
[10:49] Beebo Brink: If shapes are considered Adult, and segregated, I'm totally blown out of the market
[10:49] Pink Linden: the insturctions are linked from the detail page.
[10:49] Pink Linden: you can include your eula in that as well
[10:49] Sassy Romano: Whimsey, then report those items *shrugs*
[10:49] CarpeDiem Turbo: when us the eta of launch other then this summer
[10:50] Vilandra Miles: personal preference and should let us stay logged in if we want to. I hate to have to login in every time again I go to the site. *sighs
[10:50] Beebo Brink: There is nothing inherently Adult about a shape!
[10:50] eku Zhong: need a user preference console
[10:50] Argus Collingwood: will you be putting up more and larger Screen shots of the cart pages, Pink?
[10:50] Whimsey Felwitch: Was the Eula issue even addressed?
[10:50] Ashasekayi Ra: agrees with Beebo
[10:50] Ciaran Laval: Long term though people are going to want a Eula that people click to agree with prior to purchase
[10:50] Whimsey Felwitch: I do sassy
[10:50] Pink Linden: Whimsey, you can include the eula in the instructions which are linked on each view item page.
[10:50] Cara Ametza: ohhh yes bigger pics, cause those are are tiny and make me strain and I have good eyes lol
[10:50] eku Zhong: and i would like to bring up something (yes EULA answered) contoversial.. the ability to block ppl from purchasing from you
[10:50] Cara Ametza: bigger pics to see the preview would be awesome
[10:50] Yoshi Zhangsun: Pink in the comments on the blog you pushed the fact that people can shop whilst not in-world and log in to their purchases. Often this means purchases are lost/missed and right now customers are unsure whether to chase the merchant or file a ticket.... will clarity on that be easily found with the new site? for people buying with paypal especially its normal to charge back if a payment doesnt arrive, i know this must cause more work and difficulties for you guys
[10:51] Pink Linden: Cara, on larger pics, sure, but it may be a bit while I'm in OH today.
[10:51] Whimsey Felwitch: followup Pink ... that has to be a pdf file? what about those who don't use pdf for security
[10:51] CarpeDiem Turbo: O My God!!
[10:51] CarpeDiem Turbo: eku
[10:51] CarpeDiem Turbo: good idea
[10:51] Cara Ametza: ohhhhhhhhh, good one Eku
[10:51] CarpeDiem Turbo: id love that
[10:51] eku Zhong: sorry lol
[10:51] Mhaze Magic: agrees with Beebo. I make cute little fairy shapes - and they are put in adult category
[10:51] Cara Ametza: cause yes, there are times that some people should be blocked
[10:51] Vilandra Miles: good point eku... esp. with all this copycats
[10:51] eku Zhong: i would really really LOVE that ability
[10:51] Faust Vollmar: PDF seems a little absurd especially since we cant even use those in world. Thats not even getting into the massive issues with Acrobat.
[10:51] Pamela Galli: Redeliveries are taking a week
[10:51] CarpeDiem Turbo: me to
[10:51] Sassy Romano: Whimsey then you've done all you can, it's the listers fault incorrectly listing, NOT the fact that the site isn't filtering it
[10:51] eku Zhong: at least an age limit
[10:51] Cara Ametza: especially if you sell FP stuff, and have a person who continuously buys stuff just to resell it, that's a problem
[10:51] CarpeDiem Turbo: abilty to block ppl from buying
[10:51] Vasilisa Shilova: great idea, Eku
[10:51] Pamela Galli: A week is too long for redelivery
[10:51] Whimsey Felwitch: followup Pink ... that has to be a pdf file? what about those who don't use pdf for security
[10:51] CrashOV Uladstron: +1 at blocking buyers
[10:51] CarpeDiem Turbo: stupid fools ban list
[10:52] Cara Ametza: why is xstreet redelivering something? if you have a record of the purchase, why not redeliver yourself?
[10:52] CarpeDiem Turbo: lol
[10:52] Qwik Skytower: wouldnt a redilvery button be easier on copy items
[10:52] Pamela Galli: Two of my listings vanished
[10:52] Pamela Galli: no clue why
[10:52] Qwik Skytower: that way if you purchase it
[10:52] Chaley May: who would people want to block from buying their stuff?
[10:52] Solace Terasaur: Exactly Cara
[10:52] Pamela Galli: Support is broken
[10:52] Quantum Destiny: has had listings vanish, too.
[10:52] Qwik Skytower: you can get auto redilvery
[10:52] eku Zhong: for FP being able to block is very important capre
[10:52] Qwik Skytower: like hippos terminals
[10:52] Frasky Fizzle: all someone has to do that is blocked is use an alt to buy it, so thats useless
[10:52] Beebo Brink: Why does an attachment need to be format specific? Can't be Word or text or PDF?
[10:52] CarpeDiem Turbo: i would
[10:52] Quantum Destiny: That's the nature of my 25 day old support ticket ;)
[10:52] CarpeDiem Turbo: id add about 10 ppl now if I could
[10:52] Pink Linden: ah good questions Yoshi. Our delivery rate is very high, but it can get better. we're working on that, but it will be a few months before we get there. We spent a great deal of time, rewriting emails and reworking the cart flows to help with this problem. WE are also adding a shopping quick start guide to the viewer (date TBD) that will help. You can also now see in the drafts for the receipt page that we link the shopper to instructions on how to get the item.
[10:52] Pamela Galli: agree -- want ppl blocked
[10:52] Jonno Stromfield: I like the auto redelivery on copy items
[10:52] Rachel Darling: I think you need to support Eulas in a way that they're part of the product listing, not an attached file. It shouldn't be to customers to download a pdf to discover hidden terms of use. Why not make it a tab? and again, why a 2000 character limit anyway, since keywords in descriptions won't be indexed now in any case?
[10:52] Vilandra Miles: there is already a way for customers to redeliver things they bought from xstreet to themselves by themselves... they just don't know
[10:52] Carla Collazo: me too had listings vanish
[10:52] Simbelmyne Ushimawa: there are more people with items being inactive...some problem with that in xstreet
[10:52] Solace Terasaur: Your the merchant and you should be aware of these things to make your store profitable
[10:52] Chaley May: I wonder the reasons people would want to block buyers? any examples?
[10:53] Vilandra Miles: thievery
[10:53] Couldbe Yue: trollery
[10:53] eku Zhong: with FP stuff theres the usual suspects buying and reselling
[10:53] Frasky Fizzle: all they need to do is use an alt anyway Chaley of they are blocked
[10:53] Vilandra Miles: I can ban them from my store, but my hands are bound on Xstreet
[10:53] CarpeDiem Turbo: yes
[10:53] Yoshi Zhangsun: quick start guide is cool! i still see a lot of newbies who are unfamiliar with xstreet :)
[10:53] CrashOV Uladstron: chaley , if you sell fp items and smeone e-sells them as fp then yes you'd want themblocked
[10:53] Jonno Stromfield: competitor malicious reviewing
[10:53] eku Zhong: age block or PIOF only
[10:53] CarpeDiem Turbo: I sell FP and have already caught someone doing it
[10:53] eku Zhong: it should be the merchants choice
[10:53] CarpeDiem Turbo: agreed eku
[10:53] Chaley May: yeah that makes sense
[10:54] Faust Vollmar: Pink can we get a clarification on the allowed formats for the "instructions" attachment? pdf-only would be a very bad decision.
[10:54] CrashOV Uladstron: yes@eku
[10:54] Pamela Galli: Rachel, the only explanation for the text limit is that the "average" customers doesn't like to read stuff and the "average" ad is shorter than 2000
[10:54] Frasky Fizzle: xstreet used to be so simple i didnt need a guide, i just used it (as a noob)
[10:54] Qwik Skytower: times they are a changin frasky
[10:54] Rin Tae: oh well .. it is bad for people who look for not average stuff with this limit then I think
[10:54] Rachel Darling: that seems to me a merchant issue, Pam -- if a merchant loses customers because their listing is too long, that's for them to figure out and correct. There really isn't any need for XStreet to protect us from ourselves in that regard
[10:54] Cara Ametza: anything has to evolve in order to survive, shoppers change, if you don't change to keep up with them, your going to quickly be left behind.
[10:54] Pink Linden: folks, about 5 mins left. I'm sure I'll see some of you again at 4, but just in case, any questions I didn't get to?
[10:54] Whimsey Felwitch: what Faust said!!!!!! PDF is not a good choice
[10:55] eku Zhong: buyer block WANT
[10:55] Chaley May: i hate PDF's :)
[10:55] CarpeDiem Turbo: yes Buyer block wanted
[10:55] Pink Linden: got it eku.
[10:55] Beebo Brink: Shapes should be PG!!
[10:55] eku Zhong: thankies muchly Pink
[10:55] Pamela Galli: We will send you a notecard summary Pink :-)
[10:55] CarpeDiem Turbo: as well as a fav sellers section
[10:55] Rachel Darling: heh, Pink -- we're hoping you've documented the questions and will answer them by adding to the Wiki
[10:55] CrashOV Uladstron: buyer block !
[10:55] Yoshi Zhangsun: will we be able to share new xstreet item listing easily on your newly aquired avatars united?
[10:55] Ericka Nemeth: did you eve think some people CAN'T OPEN PDF ON THEIR COMPUTER?
[10:55] Cara Ametza: I want free commissions for a year! o/ :D
[10:55] yure4u Sosa: buyers block!!!!
[10:55] Pink Linden: Rachel, yes that is the plan and I hope folks will bear with me while we do that.
[10:55] CarpeDiem Turbo: lol good luck cara
[10:55] Mhaze Magic: shapes should be pg - nude shapes should be adult
[10:55] 2WAT Michigan: fave sellers with update notifications is brilliant
[10:55] Qwik Skytower: buyer block woul only work by ip
[10:55] Cara Ametza hides from Pink
[10:55] Frasky Fizzle: How about support is 100% fixed before any changes are made
[10:55] Qwik Skytower: then you can spoof it
[10:55] Pamela Galli: a frill
[10:55] Quantum Destiny: Pink I know you're going to be busy today, but could you please, please, please, take a look at the notecard I dropped you today when you get a moment?
[10:55] eku Zhong: and free roast chickens
[10:55] Qwik Skytower: its just not feesable
[10:55] Beebo Brink: Pink, I love SCRUM. Pass on to your team. Yay!!
[10:56] Simbelmyne Ushimawa: yes, shapes shouls be PG with clothes...
[10:56] CarpeDiem Turbo: fine by me qwik
[10:56] CarpeDiem Turbo: stop the alts to
[10:56] Carla Collazo: true- i hate opening pdfs
[10:56] Pink Linden: we love scrum too Beebo
[10:56] Ziki Questi: i would also favor the ability to block certain buyers, same as we might ban people from our inworld store
[10:56] Flew Voom: if the buyer block includes blocking writing comments, i'm all for it
[10:56] Jessica Vaughn: ty pink for your patience and insight regarding the new release
[10:56] Faust Vollmar: And the instructions format question got buried again, yay.
[10:56] CarpeDiem Turbo: ty for your time Pink
[10:56] Vilandra Miles: open? just open? how about creating PDF's in the first place?
[10:56] Pixel Titanium: what would work better than a PDF?
[10:56] eku Zhong: Thank you Pink and Colossus
[10:56] Rachel Darling: btw...thank you for the new site. Overall, it's going to be EXCELLENT, if we can just get a few issues resolved before release
[10:56] Faust Vollmar: I'd sooner use a .txt than a .pdf
[10:56] Carla Collazo: hates creating them too
[10:56] Solace Terasaur: Thanks Pink! I wait impatiently for the beta release ;)
[10:56] Cara Ametza: there are several PDF creators that are actally free of very cheap, doesn't have to be only Adobe Acrobat that creates them
[10:56] Quantum Destiny: You can create pdfs in Word or Open Office Vilandra.
[10:56] Beebo Brink: My first session with Lindens. *tingle*
[10:56] Vilandra Miles: 2nd Faust
[10:56] Ciaran Laval: There are free PDF exporters available
[10:56] Pink Linden: Rachel, we may not resolve all issues before release, but what matters is that we know what they are, plan for them and keep moving. :D
[10:56] eku Zhong: open office will save to PDF
[10:57] Whimsey Felwitch: more trash to load
[10:57] Carla Collazo: i can, but I hate them
[10:57] Ericka Nemeth: oh I don't know.. a notecard in SL works... or not having to do an extra step just to read something
[10:57] Rin Tae: open office is free and can create PDFs
[10:57] Frasky Fizzle: Thanks for listening Lindens
[10:57] Cur Waydelich: There¥s a lot o fopensrc PDF librabries out there.
[10:57] Qwik Skytower: thats what they said about the titanic pink
[10:57] CarpeDiem Turbo: ? Thank Youuuuuuuuuu!! ?
[10:57] Qwik Skytower: an look what happend there
[10:57] CarpeDiem Turbo: off to the RL for a few
[10:57] Pink Linden: Thank you for coming today and sharing ideas and feedback. We are really happy to hear what you think!
[10:57] eku Zhong: oh can i have a last wheeze?
[10:57] Ericka Nemeth: oooo >.<
[10:57] Jonno Stromfield: Bye and thanks for the chat
[10:57] eku Zhong: transaction history
[10:57] Shade Kingsley: thank you pink
[10:57] Whimsey Felwitch: Would like to repeat that it makes no business sense to implement a partial application when a full one is in place
[10:57] Rachel Darling: Pink -- I understand you can't resolve all of them, but again, please do not underestimate the needs of the merchants and the roll-on effect. Happy to speak to you privately about it if/when you get the time
[10:57] Beebo Brink: I can create a PDF from a simple print software
[10:57] eku Zhong: hahaha
[10:57] TriloByte Zanzibar: thanks for the session, I'll try to make it on time to one of the other meetings
[10:57] Yoshi Zhangsun: Thanks Pink and...interesting avatar! ;)
[10:57] Ziki Questi: thanks pink
[10:57] Frasky Fizzle: lol wheeze
[10:57] eku Zhong: ugh be at the next one for that
[10:57] Vilandra Miles: yeah, I know that, Ciaran. but we should think out of the box and I think LL would want new people step up and become creators as well.
[10:57] eku Zhong: wnna xcel ver
[10:58] Frasky Fizzle: i second that Whimsey
[10:58] Ziki Questi: yeah, what is that, a human? ;-)
[10:58] 2WAT Michigan: thanks for the session & your time
[10:58] Pamela Galli: Better reporting tools!
[10:58] Faust Vollmar: Lets not even get into the rise of PDF reader exploits... Anyway, I need to catch Andrew's OH. Peace.
[10:58] eku Zhong: better support
[10:58] Pamela Galli: I will bring that up next OH
[10:58] Pink Linden: Pamela I think you'll be excited with what's coming in beta, but there's more after that.
[10:58] Jonno Stromfield: and thanks for not using voice so that others can read the transcripts
[10:58] Cur Waydelich: oh yeah... what about traffic reports lol.. the one in place sucks big time :)
[10:58] Pamela Galli: :-)
[10:58] Simbelmyne Ushimawa: and reporting tools that works...
[10:58] Carla Collazo: yes, reporting tools
[10:59] Carla Collazo: agrees
[10:59] Cur Waydelich: I¥m counting it manually every month *shrugs*
[10:59] Frasky Fizzle: back end stuff like reporting tools being improved wouldbe great
[10:59] Simbelmyne Ushimawa: last time I try to report an copyboted item that tjhing din't wwork...
[10:59] Pink Linden: there's some sweetness out of the box in beta, but what's great is what it enables us to do in fture, stuff that would have taken months on xstreet will now take weeks.
[10:59] Yoshi Zhangsun: hahah we will hold you to that !
[10:59] Cherry Blossom Tree : Falling Blossoms OFF
[11:00] Pink Linden: I expect nothing less Yoshi!
[11:00] Carla Collazo: I appreciate the new platform, but not the 4:5 ratio
[11:00] Beebo Brink: What's in the next sprint? Can you tell?
[11:00] Whimsey Felwitch: but implementing a partially complete product makes no sense
[11:00] Ciaran Laval: Weeks in LL time are not the same as weeks to everyone else!
[11:00] Carla Collazo: and the lack of BB code
[11:00] eku Zhong: time will fly while we all redo our pictures.. dont worry
[11:00] Whimsey Felwitch: why not push it back and work on the complaints, bugs and issues before they are a problem
[11:00] Carla Collazo: true
[11:00] Frasky Fizzle: should be all done by today then Ciaran lol
[11:00] Beebo Brink laughs at eku
[11:00] Flew Voom: Ok thanks for listening Pink
[11:00] Argus Collingwood: lol
[11:00] Flew Voom waves goodbye
[11:01] Pink Linden: ok, folks, see you at 4pm and if not thank you again for your time.
[11:01] Argus Collingwood: ? Thank Youuuuuuuuuu!! ?
[11:01] Cara Ametza: Thank you for your time Pink, I think this has been quite productive and helpful.
[11:01] eku Zhong: byeeeee
[11:01] Beebo Brink: Thanks, Pink!
[11:01] Sassy Romano: why force things on us that we haven't asked for such as the picture ratio is just bizarre
[11:01] Cur Waydelich: BB code -- yes.. we need at least support for links in the description... at the very least.
[11:01] Jonno Stromfield waves
[11:01] Frasky Fizzle: thanks again for your time Pink
[11:01] Vilandra Miles: thank you and babay
[11:01] Quantum Destiny: Thanks Pink.
[11:01] Ziggy21 Slade: Thanks Pink
[11:01] Yoshi Zhangsun: Thanks lindens, good luck with th release, i look forward to it
[11:01] eku Zhong: going to Beebses to listen to music
[11:01] eku Zhong: hehe
[11:01] Carla Collazo: byebye lindens and everybody
[11:01] Jessica Vaughn: wow she poofed quick ?
[11:01] Frasky Fizzle: *waves buh bye*
[11:01] Sassy Romano: as quick as "next topic..."
[11:01] Qwik Skytower: do you blame her poofin quick qith all this spam
[11:01] Jessica Vaughn: bye all

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