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13:03  Mags Indigo  ticks things off

  Peewee Musytari  kk
  Mags Indigo  I mean on paper
  Amanda Linden  ha
  Lexie  Registration date display..
  Mags Indigo  please get rid
  DogWomble Dollinger  paper? what's that?
  Mags Indigo  it's a total naff thing
  Lexie  Registration date display is related to the fact that most accounts were moved over from the old Jive system. This may be causing a problem with turning off that display. I will review it with Raymond Linden next week.
13:04    If we can turn it off..we will!
  Qie  yay!
  Mags Indigo  cool ta for that
  Venus Petrov  or use the rez date if you need a date, perhaps?
  Peewee Musytari  noo I look old then
  Darrius Gothly  Aww .. I wanna be an oldbie. Can he put like 1-1-1978 in there for me?
  Peewee Musytari  lol
  COCOON  rez date is better ^^
  Lexie  That would be ideal Venus but might be hard to do
  Mags Indigo  yes - much more 'real' than some strange non-date
  Venus Petrov  hehe
  Veleda Lorakeet  grins

  Lexie  ohh and:
  DogWomble Dollinger  hi jeremy, i hope i didn't steal your seat
  Liisa Runo  votes for rez-date

13:05  Lexie  Also, html settings will be updated to allow user tags such as tables and headings. This will help with localizing and kb contributors.
    That you will see next week too
  Mags Indigo  smiles as though she understands that :-)

  Marianne McCann  cool
  Darrius Gothly  Heading tags too? <h1>, <h2>, etc?
  Lexie  right Darrius
13:06  Darrius Gothly  Tyvm!
  Peewee Musytari  heya jeremy
  Darrius Gothly  votes for rez date too

  Lexie  Thats the update for now!
  Jeremy Linden  Someone's been sitting in my chair, and there he is!
  Amanda Linden  thanks lexie
  Catwise Yoshikawa  rez day would be better
  Peewee Musytari  wow it will look so professional in there hehe
  Mags Indigo  that's the agenda almost torn up
  Marianne McCann  Ya, i don;t think many wil disagree on rez date
  Lexie  haha
  Venus Petrov  humm
  Amanda Linden  ha
    ok, next is venus' reqeust for adult public forum.
  Venus Petrov  yes, again....
  Amanda Linden  unfortunately, i've confirmed on this end that we jus can't do that right now.
  Venus Petrov  and the backup plan?
  Amanda Linden  not until we get age verification (not on road map)
    at the moment anyway
13:07    the best solution is the private forum for adult.
    i've asked blondin to contact u venus.
  Darrius Gothly  That'll work.
  Venus Petrov  yes, that's fine ㋡
  Mags Indigo  kk
  Amanda Linden  that's where the business owners can discuss adult business in a private setting.
    and where we can make sure that everyone in there is adult verified.
  Venus Petrov  this was for residents
  Darrius Gothly  Well .. adult contributors .. not just business owners.
  Amanda Linden  sure, just ask blondin for access.
  Venus Petrov  unless you are suggesting they be added ?
  Amanda Linden  he's the owner of the adult community (on the linden side)
  Lord of Dee  Blondin specially selected people for that forum
13:08  Venus Petrov  ok, let me understand you
  Amanda Linden  no one can own a community, I know. :)
    so, that's the best we can do for now.
  Veleda Lorakeet  imagines him coming home.. how was yer day?

  Amanda Linden  same goes for LGBT community.
  Peewee Musytari  i asked for access and was put on a waiting list :(
  DogWomble Dollinger  i know what you mean amanda :
  Venus Petrov  residents can ask Blondin to be added to the adult community subforum?
  Lord of Dee  Not according to Blondin
  bob Iwashi  unless you're gung-ho-aloha, the sun flip flop worshipper amanda, then you can
  Amanda Linden  peewee, did you talk to blondin?
  Mags Indigo  he ignores me :(
  Wilhiam Hydraconis  Marigold ^.^
  Mags Indigo  which is probably understandable
  Lord of Dee  I talked to Blondin
  Peewee Musytari  yeah u forwarded on my request amanda
  Marigold Devin  whispers belated his to Wilhiam, everyone

  Peewee Musytari  and blondin replied
13:09  Amanda Linden  i'll ping him to let you in.
  Peewee Musytari  cool ty
  Amanda Linden  if anyone has troubles there, let me know.
  Darrius Gothly  Can we do a Post about that forum in Community Feedback .. to let others now it exists and can be accessed with proper methods?
  Venus Petrov  residents can request to be added??
  Darrius Gothly  *know
  Venus Petrov  i want to be clear on this outcome please
  Lord of Dee  No Venus not really,. or that wasn't the intent of that forum anyway
  Mags Indigo  I've requested a few times
  Wilhiam Hydraconis  Better make it PG post about adults, Darrius.
  Mags Indigo  :(
  Qie  FWIW, Blondin *should* be at an Events user group right after this, unless my calendar is messed up.
  Amanda Linden  not general consumers of adult content.
    but, adult b usiness owners/merchants.
  Darrius Gothly  *nods* @ Wil
13:10  Lord of Dee  It's large landowners and business
  Darrius Gothly  Oh ... hmm .. why not?
  Venus Petrov  well, can we as residents have a forum where access is granted the same way?
    this is what I have been asking for
  Amanda Linden  no, i'm sorry venus.
  Darrius Gothly  I agree with Venus.
  Amanda Linden  i realize that the decision is unpopular.
  Venus Petrov  why not, may i ask?
    open only to residents that ask.
  Lord of Dee  You don't want to go hijacking Blondin's forum
  Amanda Linden  but, this is a g forum and we just cannot host a public adult discussion on our forums.
    public forums
  Mags Indigo  unpopular is possibly a polite way of saying it
  Amanda Linden  i know.
13:11  Venus Petrov  it would not be public
  Darrius Gothly  It won't be public, it will be by admission only.
  Amanda Linden  and, i'm sensitive to your needs.
  Catwise Yoshikawa  but you could a add a private forum for adults
  Venus Petrov  open only to residents that ask for access
  Qie  there could be a *different* private forum created, but it would take overhead in manually checking age verification, I guess
  Amanda Linden  let me discuss with blondin.
  DogWomble Dollinger  well amanda, even if it's 'unpopular' at least it's something until the age verification thing finds a solution
  Venus Petrov  this is what i have been asking for, please.
  Mags Indigo  hi Marigold
  Venus Petrov  not a public forum
    on adult topics
  Mags Indigo  and Caitlin
  Darrius Gothly  Please do. At least it gives us a backroom to take topics that are too sensitive for general eyes.
  bob Iwashi  let ll hire a "social media networking noobie sex club forum integration manager!" to deal with it
  Caitlin 'Caity' Tobias  ^^
  Amanda Linden  keep in mind, that the community guideliens still apply even in private forums.
13:12    meaning, i think that you'll all get really frustrated not being able to discuss adult things as freely as you would like.
    no nudity, etc.
  Venus Petrov  that is fine, at least the topics can be more , adult
  Mags Indigo  yes - I can be polite and avoid rude words
  COCOON  I do hope the pictures posted too ^^
  Peewee Musytari  u can`t post nekkid? :((
  Darrius Gothly  e.g. Relationships and their intracacies.
  Lord of Dee  It's not a perving forum people are asking for Amanda!
  Mags Indigo  it's 'concepts' I think we'd like freedom over
  Amanda Linden  ok, but i think the frustration factno, i'm sorry.
    sorry, two thoughts in one.
  Qie  speak for yourself, Ciaran
13:13  Venus Petrov  yes, relationship issues, etc
  Darrius Gothly  LOL @ Qie
  Wilhiam Hydraconis  heh
  Amanda Linden  venus, let me take that back.
    i realize you've been asking for a while.
  Venus Petrov  so a non-public forum where we can gain access via request to a linden
    yes, like weeks lol
  Amanda Linden  a private forum may be solution, as long as the guidelines are followed.
  Venus Petrov  that is all we are asking for
  Amanda Linden  blondin would need to manage, so i need to ask him.
    ok, gotchya.
  Venus Petrov  some privacy ...laughs
  Amanda Linden  progress, right?
  Mags Indigo  is wondering will Venus begin to tantrum etc if she doesn't get what she wants soon

13:14  Venus Petrov  laughs no
  Mags Indigo  not that I'm thinking of anyone in particular
    or anything
  Darrius Gothly  And the mods are made aware that concepts not fit for public consumption are okay to post in there.
  Venus Petrov  at least not that you would notice
  Amanda Linden  no, your request has been totally reasonable.
  Wilhiam Hydraconis  no Mags .. that'susually somebody else doing that ^.^
  Amanda Linden  venus, answer next week. promise.
  Mags Indigo  grins at Wil

  Venus Petrov  thank you, Amanda
  Amanda Linden  kk
  Dresden Ceriano  unless the answer is no
  Venus Petrov  shush Dres!
13:15  Peewee Musytari  lol
  Amanda Linden  now, interesting dconcept re: RIC.
  Venus Petrov  perish the thought
  Wilhiam Hydraconis  ah
  Venus Petrov  oh yes RIC
  Amanda Linden  i think that anyone can RIC any content on the forums/blogs.
  Lexie  yes
  Amanda Linden  not limited to those in the discussion. right lexie?
  Lexie  correct
  Venus Petrov  even ninja RIC? drive-by RIC?
  Veleda Lorakeet  wonders what RIC is

  Amanda Linden  it doesn't happen too often actuall.
  Wilhiam Hydraconis  so RIC is rife for abuse :(
  Amanda Linden  reports are really calming down.
  Darrius Gothly  Report Inappropriate Content
  Venus Petrov  that is good to hear
  Veleda Lorakeet  ah ok
13:16  Amanda Linden  yeah, no bans (assied from obvious spam) for two weeks now
  Peewee Musytari  wouldn`t u want to RIC spam without replying to it though?
  Marianne McCann  Reluctant Inner Core
  Venus Petrov  it just did not make sense to me that someone might RIC a post and not even have contributed to the topic
  Lexie  I think trying to have the system filter who has participated in a thread before they can ric, would be a drain on the overall platform. We have many residents.
  Amanda Linden  that's not how the system works...
  Dresden Ceriano  aren't there repercussions for RICing inappropriately?
  Wilhiam Hydraconis  i noticed you don't get notified if being RIC'd against..
  Venus Petrov  well, my understanding is that a mod looks at each RIC
  Darrius Gothly  And just because you don't post .. doesn't mean you find the post "acceptable"
13:17  Amanda Linden  mods do.
  Lord of Dee  Surely people should be able to report without participating
  DogWomble Dollinger  well, i think there is a bit of room for allowing randoms to RIC
  Lexie  Its also not set up to work that way. We cannot flip a switch to make it happen.
  COCOON  today there was a spam post about whatever horse ranch as favorite destination ....... would be strange to post there first ......
  Marianne McCann  Venus. Could not one see, say, a post that is clearly over the line and RIC without having to reply on the discussion? Does that not lead to posts of "Imma report you!"
  Veleda Lorakeet  And what is a forum without lurkers really, should they be void of rights?
  DogWomble Dollinger  there's the 'obvious' cases where that should happen, alerting to spam e
  Venus Petrov  neigh
  COCOON  before it can be RIC'd
  Venus Petrov  laughs
  bob Iwashi  are teh mods lindens or scouts?
  Amanda Linden  guys, i need to step away for a few mins. have a blog post to push. stay tuned. be right back
  Marigold Devin  agrees with Darrius, you can disagree with the content of a thread/post without being part of it

  Lexie  Mods are Lindens bob
    not scouts
  bob Iwashi  hallelujah
  Peewee Musytari  yeah I agree, feeding a troll before reporting it seems odd to me
13:18  COCOON  lol peewee ^^
  bob Iwashi  some sense left in the world then
  Venus Petrov  snorts

  Darrius Gothly  I don't gotta step in dog pooh to object to it on the sidewalk. (just saying...)
  Lexie  hehe peewee
  Veleda Lorakeet  Indeed
  DogWomble Dollinger  darrius i promise it's not mine
  Dresden Ceriano  lies
  Darrius Gothly  *sniff sniff* Yuo sure??? heheheh
  Veleda Lorakeet  Does it look happy?
  Venus Petrov  ewwwww
13:19  Veleda Lorakeet  Than it might be from someone i know
  Darrius Gothly  Sorry .. we derailed you Amanda .. what about RIC's again?
  bob Iwashi  where's raymond linden today please lexie or jeremy?
  Lexie  She stepped away
  Amanda Linden  sorry--i need to step away for a sec.
  Rand  raymond is out today
  Amanda Linden  brb
  Venus Petrov  she said RIC early and often
  COCOON  he was fired?
  Darrius Gothly  LOL
  bob Iwashi  oh :( he promised us an update
  Liisa Runo  (Wildcat, your AO is missing anim 'VAtalk01_SL_v01' and spamming errors)
  Rand  no no
13:20    bob, on what specifically?
  Jeremy Linden  Heh. Raymond is out today, but he will be back. :-)
  COCOON  ah ^^
  Lexie  I can respond to the aganeda item about Answers and the naming of it.
  DogWomble Dollinger  deep voice: "i'll be back"
  COCOON  AO off ...
  bob Iwashi  on whether Support Lindens will hold a one off meeting to hear residents concerns over the scouts, and their lack of knowledge
  Peewee Musytari  ooh yus lexie
13:21  bob Iwashi  and to let us know why we can no longer make complaint tickets
    to make our concerns known
  Lexie  We are thinking about it, but it is not top of the list just yet. It would require lots of updates to things as well. Right now we are looking more at UI issues.
    But, name change is still on the table and I do think it makes sense
  Peewee Musytari  kk so its on the long term list?
  Darrius Gothly  TY
  Lexie  yes
  Peewee Musytari  kewl ty
13:22  Rand  Bob: I do know that he raised the issue of UG with the support team, but I don't know what the result was..
  Lexie  Also the Answers updates:
    oh I can answer that Bob
  Peewee Musytari  we are getting all our wish list Lexie? :D
  Qie  ninja-edits the agenda

  Lexie  Re: Support User Group - There is none planned at this time. But, there are some changes happening in support so we will keep the request on the radar and let you know if we have any news.
  Marianne McCann  wonders if we're on a set agenda today

13:23  Veleda Lorakeet  oi
  Lexie  So, that is a "maybe later"
  DogWomble Dollinger  Marianne: :D
  Darrius Gothly  puts more icing on the Support UG "suggestion cake" ...

  Amanda Linden  ok, back
  Marianne McCann  smiles

    THaanks, Dog. It felt a bit scattered, so I wanted t'make sure
  DogWomble Dollinger  wb amanda
  Peewee Musytari  wb
  Veleda Lorakeet  wb
  Mags Indigo  wb
  Amanda Linden  thanks. just put up a blog post on the new sl viewer beta.
  Marianne McCann  Welcome back!
  Amanda Linden  oh, and did i mention enhanced avatar phyics?
  Darrius Gothly  Shame on you .. working during a meeting. LOL
  Amanda Linden  yes, bouncy.
13:24  Lexie  lol
  Amanda Linden
    (just an fyi.)
  Peewee Musytari  lol
  DogWomble Dollinger  you mean bouncy is coming to the main viewer?
  Amanda Linden  yep. it' is.
  Veleda Lorakeet  Ah that was the one that just downloaded Manada?
  Amanda Linden  it was updated 5 mins ago.
  Marianne McCann  I hope to one day see those. If v2.3 and above would stop, you know, lockign up on Macs.
  Veleda Lorakeet  Yes just got it
  Peewee Musytari  just don`t mention it on the forums lol
  Amanda Linden  yep, that's the new beta.
  DogWomble Dollinger  ok, i can see a new round of immature minded people having fun with that amanda :)
  Venus Petrov  lol Peewee
  Amanda Linden  well, it should be a crowd pleaser.
13:25    :)
    ok, back to our meeting sorry.
  Venus Petrov  i think 'bounce' is an acceptable word..just bleep the body bits
  Darrius Gothly  <-- member of the immature and gleefully so crowd
  Dee  which crowd?
  Amanda Linden  where were we?
  DogWomble Dollinger  touche amanda
  Lord of Dee  You really need to fix visibility for your blog posts
  Mags Indigo  hmmm not too interested in 'physics'
  Amanda Linden  lexie, i tried to make it featured...
  Wilhiam Hydraconis 
  Mags Indigo  at my age everything moves too much in rl
  Amanda Linden  oh well. technology/then featured.
  Peewee Musytari  lexie was about to make answers better :)
  Darrius Gothly  LOL @ Mags
  Amanda Linden  ok, carry on.
  Veleda Lorakeet  but we figured that you would be much more interested in avatars bouncing and jiggling :-)))
  Mags Indigo  I like things staying right where I put them here
  Marianne McCann  It's a fine feature I'll never have a use for. But I'm sure it's gonna be a hit
13:26    grins

  Lexie  Ok, Answers improvements:
  Veleda Lorakeet  Sorry about that :-)
  Lexie  I know the layout is causing frustration
  Peewee Musytari  nods

  Lexie  It seems to center around the comments portion
  Marigold Devin  It really is
  Catwise Yoshikawa  is a nice feture for machimina :p
  Darrius Gothly  *nods* @ Lexie
  Dresden Ceriano  i don't get it at all
  Liisa Runo  from the web page: "Since the physics are controlled by a wearable object, you have the ability to easily customize and personalize your settings just as if you were editing any other clothing item. So whether you want lots of movement, or only a bit, you can adjust your settings and they will apply only to your avatar’s targeted body part. "
  Peewee Musytari  very much so lexie
  Lexie  So, I think there may be 2 possible options.
13:27    One, have all comments expanded by default so it all flows better, ..
  Dee  yes
  Darrius Gothly  (blech)
  Lexie  Or 2: See if we can disable that comment feature
  Darrius Gothly  Turn it into the Forum Thread style presentation?
  Lord of Dee  There's a distinct lack of consistency with Answers
13:28  Lexie  I am checking on both options to see if either is something we can actually implement
  Peewee Musytari  there are other subforums that have the ability to mark correct answers and give kudos, but they are like normal forums...can it not just be made into one like that?
  Wilhiam Hydraconis  agrees . Make Answers like normal forum where commenting is concerned

  Lexie  I don't have the answers yet but Im with you on trying to change it!
  Darrius Gothly  TY Lexie
  Dresden Ceriano  great
  Marigold Devin  Normal - more consistent. Especially for the newer residents who come along, its so confusing currently.
13:29  Lexie  Peewee Accepted solutions is part of answers. I think we want to keep that and it ties into the Answers style pages better than in the general forum layout
  Peewee Musytari  you can`t even mark a comment as the correct answer when it is, so its defeating the purpose of that aspect too
  Venus Petrov  you could even take away the kudos if you made it more 'regular forum-like'
  Lord of Dee  and can you make view all stay open? I click view all to see further questions and then when I go back to answers it's closed again
  Lexie  hmm, I can check Lord of Dee
13:30    agreed on the comment cannot be an "answer" peewee
  Lord of Dee  Thanks Lexie
  Lexie  That is a bit confusing
  Darrius Gothly  There is some debate about what affect Kudos have on Rank. Can you confirm that Kudos do indeed figure into someone gaining (or losing) Rank?
13:31  Lexie  They do, but are just one part of the formula
  Peewee Musytari  u can lose rank? eeps
  Mags Indigo  is doomed to never be ranked

  Darrius Gothly  Can you publish that formula please?
  Marigold Devin  I don't care about rank
  Wilhiam Hydraconis  oh.. no more Kudos for me please , everyone ;P :)
  Lexie  Yes, I see some "experimenting" with that by Residents on the forum
  Venus Petrov  lol Wil
  Darrius Gothly  LOL @ experiments
  Mags Indigo  :-)
  Peewee Musytari  lol
13:32  Dee  some:)
  Marigold Devin  But I will probably kudos peewee to the hilt because she is fabulous - and how that remark will put the cat among the pigeons I am sure
  Caitlin 'Caity' Tobias  ..
  Amanda Linden  rand/jeremy do you have any updates for us re: KB?
  Peewee Musytari  Aah!
    too many koodies
  Wilhiam Hydraconis 
  Rand  Yes, some minor things re: the KB
  COCOON  lol
  Darrius Gothly  Right now, because Rank formula is so hidden .. I think folks get the wrong idea about what it means. If we know how it's calculated, it would help us understand its meaning better.
13:33  Jeremy Linden  is currently working on getting the existing KB articles up to date and into a consistent writing style. Slow but sure. :-)

  Rand  We've added the ability for KB articles edited by Resident contributors to use images from the wiki.
  Venus Petrov  yes, a bit of transparency would be helpful
  Peewee Musytari  seems to be a combo of solutions and koodies from what I`ve seen
  Lexie  Darrius, if we put the formula out there, it is more likely to be gamed. Don't you think?
  Rand  Since most of the current KB articles were migrated from wiki, the images stayed there, so this enables contributors to edit those articles without any issue
13:34  Torben  but we could game it on a way better level Lexie ;)
  Darrius Gothly  No .. people will game no matter what. They're already doing it by experimenting. The desire to anti-game just hides the truth rather than deters the gamers.
  Peewee Musytari  heya rand...didn`t see u come in
  Marigold Devin  Not at all, Lexie. If anything is going to be gamed, its going to be gamed regardless.
  Amanda Linden  rand, hold on a sec.
    guess the kudos discussion wasn't finished. :)
  Rand  And as Lexie said, we're about to get the issue with prohibited HTML tags fixed (eg. <h1> <h2> <table> etc)
    oop sorry
  Dee  we at least can all game from the same start point
  Qie  just change the formula; every other week multiply by -1
13:35  Venus Petrov  laughs
  Darrius Gothly  Evil Qie .. very very evil! LOL
  Peewee Musytari  oh my lord
  Veleda Lorakeet  coughs and slips away waving a bit with some extremity

  Peewee Musytari  can u imagine the posts
  Darrius Gothly  agrees with Dee ... puts us all on equal footing

  Lexie  I think knowing the contributing parts of the formula, as is stated on the Help info..should be enough.
  Dee  ty Darrius :)
13:36  Mags Indigo  I might have to start being 'nice'
  Lexie  Besides, you all dont care about ranks anyway right? *wink*
  Darrius Gothly  LOL
  Wilhiam Hydraconis 
  Caitlin 'Caity' Tobias  I dont, but I think that was obvious :)
  Lord of Dee  Yes Lexie, I'd rather mute them
  Mags Indigo  I'd like the rank of 'honoured crone' please
  Darrius Gothly  It's more that people not deeply immersed in Forum Culture see the Ranks as meaning "That there is a good person .. cuz they haz rank."
  Marigold Devin  Remove my rank and kudos, Lexie and watch. You'll get the same input from me, regardless, for whatever that's worth.
  Dee  kill hudo's Tshirts would they sell?
13:37    Kudos
  Wilhiam Hydraconis  well said, Marigold .. applies to me as well
  Peewee Musytari  so long as ranks don`t stop people doing what they want to do on the forums I`m not sure what diff it makes whats ranks we have tbh
  Marigold Devin  It's misleading. Some people really don't seem to deserve their rank, it takes the michael out of those who do.
  Marianne McCann  has managed to maintain her "honored whatever" rank regardless of current paeticipation, and is fine with this

13:38  Wilhiam Hydraconis  Ranking should be dropped.
  Mags Indigo  doesn't care what rank she has

  Marigold Devin  And Marianne, you have a special place on the forums as far as a lot of us are concerned.
  Lord of Dee  It's when someone turns up in a forum where they have less knowledge that it potentially becomes an issue, there are folk in the scripting and building forums who are very knowledgeable in those areas
  Wilhiam Hydraconis 
  Dee  yes Wil yes
  Darrius Gothly  I'm quite happy with my orange bowling pin too .. but I'm thinking of the perception of others new to the Forums or just not deeply involved in the community.
  Venus Petrov  doesn't care what rank Mags has either ㋡
  Amanda Linden  let's save ther est of the ranks/kudos convo for when raymond is back next week.
  Mags Indigo  considers frowning at Venus

  Marigold Devin  The poor sods who come looking for help won't even notice the ranking system. They just want help, from wherever they can get it.
  Amanda Linden  he should hear this...
  Darrius Gothly  *nods*
13:39  Dee  difference between HR and Member is you can add tags right
  Peewee Musytari  i don`t think anyone new to the forums would know which rank was higher without looking up...the titles are very vague
  Lord of Dee  I think finding their way back to their question is more of an issue for them Marigold
  Marigold Devin  Make sure Raymond reads this transcript, then please.
  Lexie  Yes Peewee
  Caitlin 'Caity' Tobias  true, ciaran
  Amanda Linden  will do. for sure.
  Marigold Devin  Yes, ciaran, quite so. Its very hard for them to find their way back. I've taken to going into world to locate people I've attempted to help.
    They all say its too complicated, the forum, as it is.
  Venus Petrov  besides many have fixed their badges so that rank does not show unless one runs the mouse over it
13:40  Marigold Devin  And that would certainly seem to be true, because there are less people returning to the threads they have started, than on the old system
  Dee  or a car Venus
  Darrius Gothly  Someone IM'd me with a question 3 weeks ago. I replied in 10 minutes. That reply is still awaiting their return. LOL
  Venus Petrov  laughs Dee
  Dee  hehe
  Venus Petrov  semi
  Marigold Devin  Exactly, Darrius, often happens
  Peewee Musytari  i get PMs instead of people replying on their posts
  Caitlin 'Caity' Tobias  yeah or IM
  Lexie  New Residents do forget to mark what answer helped them. But it doesnt mean they are not seeing it.
13:41  Marigold Devin  Yes, Peewee, I imagine you get a screenfull when you log in now.
    As I did when ghost hunting
  Peewee Musytari  yeah way more are gabbing me in world too
  Caitlin 'Caity' Tobias  /memakes note to PM Peewee with questions...
  Lord of Dee  Agreed Lexie but they could do with a hand about navigation
  Peewee Musytari  lololol
  Venus Petrov  laughs
  DogWomble Dollinger  mari, do we need to start a GhostBusters group in world? :)
  Marigold Devin  And Peewee, if you're happy with that, then great, if you can help, then wonderful, but you don't work for LL
  Dee  often Catlin
  Marigold Devin  DogWomble, no, the ghosting issue is fixed - for now. I believe
  Peewee Musytari  i know venus does too lol...some the same people
  Marianne McCann  Hmn?
  Marigold Devin  Or point me to the nearest ghosts you know of
  Marianne McCann  Oh, other Mari
13:42  DogWomble Dollinger  :)
  Caitlin 'Caity' Tobias  oh ghosts go to Mari!
  Venus Petrov  hehe yes Peewee
  Marigold Devin  You're Mari, Marianne - you're older than me ;-)))
  bob Iwashi  no it isn;t fixed
  Darrius Gothly  too mani maris
  Lord of Dee  There's only one Mari!
  bob Iwashi  beleive me
  Marianne McCann  :-PRand Linden
  bob Iwashi  none of them had a clue
  Kraptacular Kat  marigold is MGD
  bob Iwashi  i spent 45 minutes in live herlp and wound up talking to 3 diff scouts when i were ghosted recently
  Darrius Gothly  Did we draw a line around RICs Amanda? Or is that topic still open today?
  bob Iwashi  none of them had a clue
13:43  Peewee Musytari  any progress on "bumping" threads or did I miss that update lexie?
  Marigold Devin  Yes, BB :-))))
  bob Iwashi  abd all i was asking for a wasd a region restart
    th scouts has no idea what "stuck presence" even meant!
  Marigold Devin  gives bob all my sympathy - its hit and miss with the scouts for sure.

  Lexie  No progress on that one yet Peewee. It is on the list though
  Peewee Musytari  kk ty
  bob Iwashi  45 ruddy minutes!
  Amanda Linden  darrius--think we ended up that anyone (logged in) can report a RIC, but doesn't mean that it will be acted upon. will be evaluated tho.
  Marianne McCann  Bob, my fave is getitng told to contact the estate owner when it's a mainland sim that's stuck. </offtopic>
  Darrius Gothly  k .. ty
  bob Iwashi  before that dude last year cut all the lindens, you cou,ld get a region restart in 5 minutes!
13:44  Marigold Devin  But valid, Mari, because its all about the lack of communication and inconsistency in certain areas
  Venus Petrov  yes, that is what i heard
  Marigold Devin  I want consistency!
  Marianne McCann  nods

  Amanda Linden  consistency in what respect? do tell more.
  Catwise Yoshikawa  so there is no way a moderator could stay at night hours? guess lot of people are getting tired of the spammers
  Marigold Devin  In the Scouts being fully trained, ,in there being help for basic account holders
  bob Iwashi  how hard is it"hi i'm ghosted at my home on a mainladn sim, i'ver delted my cache manually tried the usual tips and trick can you restart the region please"
  Amanda Linden  cat--we're actually looking into the night owl mod.
  bob Iwashi  45 minutes and 3 scouts later
13:45  Amanda Linden  trying to get budget for the extra person.
    that's on my list.
  Marigold Devin  Oh, and the Wasted guy, it took 3 whole hours before he got removed from the forums on the morning I saw him take the mickey out of Oskar Linden's post. Oskar had to come in after I emailed him and get that sorted.
  bob Iwashi  afore soembody in concierge helped me out
  Catwise Yoshikawa  is morning time for europeans...maybe an european moderator? :p
  Darrius Gothly  Tell Rodvik we said it was okay to hire more people.
  Marigold Devin  How come we - the residents - are seeing the spammer before the moderator on the forums???
  Amanda Linden  yeah, wasted has been a real problem.
  Wilhiam Hydraconis  lol Darrius
  Marianne McCann  I can adjust my sleep schedule Amanda... and I'd work cheap....
  Mags Indigo  how about ResMods with very limited powers?
  Marianne McCann  winks

  Darrius Gothly  <-- afk for a few .. brb
13:46  Amanda Linden  let's try to get a mod at night and then we'll work otu planned b's.
  COCOON  just add 2 extra moderators and the problem is solved, no?
  Amanda Linden  plan be's
    can't type.:(
  Marigold Devin  I don't think I am the only person who sees Wasted appear, submits an AR and then waits, and nothing happens for ages? When a mod should be there, also, refreshing the new threads page and zap him before he can get a-hold again
  Catwise Yoshikawa  you are not alone Marigold :p
  Venus Petrov  no, you 're not the only one
  Amanda Linden  yep, i hear ya. very frustrating.
  Marigold Devin  But Wasted isn't so bad - amusing really - but the and other Linden Dollar spam ones are a risk to the newer residents.
    And that isn't giving out a very positive impression of LL from the start.
  Wilhiam Hydraconis  nods.

  Amanda Linden  agreed.
13:47  Venus Petrov  Wasted is a spammer...a nuisance
  Marigold Devin  And I thought I'd have nothing to say at this meeting!
  Dee  god he is persistent
  Catwise Yoshikawa  yes, I read some residents having problems using that site...
  COCOON  if they get 1 resident buying from them, they win ^^
  Amanda Linden  we're continuing to hone the span filters.but, it's tough.
  Marigold Devin  Sorry, been bottling it all up
  bob Iwashi  hears you marigold

  Wilhiam Hydraconis  the LindenDollar spam is very disturbing
  Peewee Musytari  lol marigold
  Amanda Linden  keep reporting them.
  Lexie  We have cut off many of that eingee spammers methods and are working on more
  Marigold Devin  Spam filters? Good grief!
  Catwise Yoshikawa  he is a person with lot of free time :p
  Marigold Devin  What about moderators using their eyes and commonsense now and again???
  COCOON  it is an entrepreneur I think ->they never give up really!
  Caitlin 'Caity' Tobias  he does the LL forum in the weekends and the 3rd party forums in the weekdays....
  Marigold Devin  These people, eingee and Wasted for example, have set times, set patterns, you can even almost set your watch by them
13:48  Mags Indigo  hands Marigold a cold beer

  Marigold Devin  takes the beer gratefully. Thank you Mags *slurp*

  Catwise Yoshikawa  marigold, there is not a moderatorat night...let's see what's ahppend when we have one ;--)
  Lexie  Used to Marigold. They are changing it up lately
  Mags Indigo  :-)
  Dee  oh he has a schedule cool:)
  Caitlin 'Caity' Tobias  yah...
    predictable, really
  COCOON  can u guys at LL not offer a job @Lindenlabs for WASTED?
  Marigold Devin  Night for you, is 8am for me. Wasted is Spanish, 9am for him is midnight for SL time
13:49  Wilhiam Hydraconis  Wildcat ? ... you nuts ? ;P :O
  Marigold Devin  I am sure Wasted has some very valid points. And these are getting lost in the clutter of his spammy threads.
  COCOON  haha
  Caitlin 'Caity' Tobias  I see wasted in the weekends, psamming, he is in my timezone (europe)
  Mags Indigo  most of the UK day in forums can be taken up by spam
  Marianne McCann  Wildcat - Supervisor in charge of gamping games?
  COCOON  in mine too
    lol Maianne
  Amanda Linden  ok, we're in the last 10 mins.
  Catwise Yoshikawa  nop, i'm spanish, I mean night for SL :p
  COCOON  Marianne*
  Amanda Linden  want to make srue we covered everything on the agenda.
    only thing that we didn't get to was the referral bonus question.
  Catwise Yoshikawa  I have to read all the spam when I wake up in the morning lol
  Marigold Devin  Meanwhile, the forum looks a mess and becomes even harder to navigate, and its very offputting for all, especially those who, frustrating, seeking help, on basic (but with payment on file) are unable to access any help through the "Support"
  Liisa Runo  i think offering a job to wasted is great idea, let him translate the signs to all 6000 languages
  Marianne McCann  Did we get to Qie's as well?
  Venus Petrov  yes that just came up today
  Darrius Gothly  back
  Amanda Linden  i know we have an internal referral bonus, but not sure about resi' bonus.
  Qie  Amanda, I ninja'd in another point at the end
  Amanda Linden  kk, refreshing
13:50  Venus Petrov  it's in the viewer..might want to fix that then
  Amanda Linden  don't think that we have one. but if you have a good candidate in mind, pass 'em along to us.
    we'll make sure recruiters see the resume.
  Arawn Graalrd  Referal Bonus for Users? I think got oe, jus afterthey were cancelled
  Venus Petrov  well, the viewer has something about referral bonus for residents
  Amanda Linden  ah, right.
    no, i don't think there is one.
  Caitlin 'Caity' Tobias  ow
  Amanda Linden  in fact, i know there isn't.
  Peewee Musytari  its on the email a snap window
  Marigold Devin  Used to be in 2007
13:51  Venus Petrov  oh might want to take that out then
  Amanda Linden  will look at that.
    and, land user group is the last question.
  Marigold Devin  quietly sips the beer

  Amanda Linden  no, there are no updates qie
  Qie  pouts silently

  Amanda Linden  no land user group planned for now (aside from large estate private gropu)
  Arawn Graalrd  e-mailing snapshots might refer to a referal bonus, but that would be viewer side
13:52  bob Iwashi  wishes nutbar was here to brighten up the meeting

  Marianne McCann  Definitely a do want, Qie, Marketplace is steamrollering over land, MO
  Amanda Linden  nutbar?
  bob Iwashi  adamburp
  Amanda Linden  ;)
  bob Iwashi  the "one man band"
  Amanda Linden  :)
  DogWomble Dollinger  a rebel with a cause?
13:53  Amanda Linden  kk, any last things in the remaining mins?
  Torben  Referral Bonus:
  Amanda Linden  ha, will look at that.
  Wilhiam Hydraconis  yes Amanda .. RIC notification
    why don't you get notified when posts are pulled ?
  Lord of Dee  Jack's meetings were at one stage for concierge users, can't we at least have one of those back
13:54  Amanda Linden  no, i'm sorry lord. not in the plans rightnow.
    wilhiam, you're not notified when your posts get pulled?
    you should be.
  Marigold Devin  Wilhiam, you're getting posts pulled? ^^
  Amanda Linden  referral bonus program is still in place.
    just confirmed with lead
  Darrius Gothly  Well .. there ARE times when you know it's gonna get pulled. *grin*
  Marianne McCann  Commerce is all over the marketplace, and it's getting a lot of resources and time spent on it. Land is, well... getting visually nothing, IMO.
13:55  Wilhiam Hydraconis  i wasn't , Amanda .. post was just pulled
  Amanda Linden  i'll double confirm with mods that folks should be notified when their stuff is pulled. thanks for letting me know.
  Lord of Dee  Land is getting a very raw deal considering it's the core backbone of the business model of LL
  Marianne McCann  Would be nice t'see some sorta something
  Marigold Devin  Maybe your post was pulled because it was a reply to someone else's and there's got pulled, you got caught in the fallout?
  Darrius Gothly  When we get notified though, that counts against our "three strikes" .. right?
  Wilhiam Hydraconis  ok Amanda
  Amanda Linden  depends.
    sometimes yes. sometimes no.
    depends on the content.
13:56    sometimes it's just a friendly reminder.
  Venus Petrov  Amanda, so the resident referral bonus is still 'real'? is that what I heard you say?
  Wilhiam Hydraconis  no Marigold .. not the ase
  Amanda Linden  yes, it's real.
  Wilhiam Hydraconis  case
  Darrius Gothly  The notifications sent differentiate which is which then?
  Amanda Linden  i just confirmed.
  Venus Petrov  thank you.
  Marigold Devin  Tell me later, Wilhiam ;-))
  Wilhiam Hydraconis  ok
  Amanda Linden  through the affiliate program.
  Mags Indigo  only within the first 30 days though?
  Amanda Linden  whatever is up on that wiki is up to date
  Dee  Amanda is there a life span on warnings?
  Amanda Linden  (not my program)
    we'll see. we're only a month in.
13:57    but, all warnings during the first week won't count towards your warning count.
  Darrius Gothly  suggests a life span of 30 minutes. *cheeky grin*

  Lexie  lol
  Mags Indigo  wonders if Amanda was a schoolteacher in her previous life

  Amanda Linden  i think if enough time goes by, the old ones won't count.
    not sure. we can talk about it together and make the right decision as a group. how does that sound?
  Dee  kk thats what I'm looking at
  Peewee Musytari  cos u will have so many newer ones?
  Amanda Linden  ha mags.
    in tech marketing my whole career.
  Darrius Gothly  Seriously though .. they should have a life span that's reasonable. With a large "Lifetime Max" too.
13:58  Dee  I look for one a year
  Mags Indigo  hmmm
13:59  Amanda Linden  well, let's revisit in a few months.
    i'm totally open.
  Darrius Gothly  TY
  Venus Petrov  I guess they might be considered similar to HR warnings in employee files.
  Marianne McCann  Gotta scoot.. Have fun, all!
  Torben  bye MAri
  Darrius Gothly  TC Marianne
  Amanda Linden  ok all. think that's abou tit.
  Marigold Devin  waves at Mari Number 1 ;-)

  Amanda Linden  bout it
  Dee  4 months wait was that out loud
  COCOON  tc Marianne
  Amanda Linden  thanks to everyone who attended today.
  Lexie  Thanks for coming today
  Amanda Linden  great session.
  Marianne McCann  wave at Other Mari

  Darrius Gothly  Amanda!! Watch your language! LOL
  Marianne McCann  Bye Bye!!
  Torben  bye all
  Amanda Linden  ha
  Lexie  Bye for now!
  Mags Indigo  thanks Linden people
  Venus Petrov  did i see 'tit'?
  DogWomble Dollinger  thanks lindens
  Venus Petrov  as in mouse?
  Catwise Yoshikawa  thanx
  Mags Indigo  see you all soon everyone
  Peewee Musytari  modding and censoring can be entertaining sometimes the person that asked if you can ***bleep*** someone in sl and got a load of replies saying no there is no chat censor lol
  Marigold Devin  Thanks Amanda/Lexie all for listening, and for what has already been done for us
  Amanda Linden  hey, i just posted a blog post about jiggles.
  COCOON  O.o *mew* *mew* o.O
    ☠ °•·.·´¯`·.·•✰ ◕‿◕ ✰•·.·´¯`·.·•☠
  Mags Indigo  be good or have fun
  Amanda Linden  ;)
  Mags Indigo  whichever
14:00  COCOON  bye all ^^
  Amanda Linden  bye.
  Venus Petrov  laughs
  Tsaheylu  BYE BYE
  Peewee Musytari  bye alll good meeting
  Catwise Yoshikawa  bye
  Wilhiam Hydraconis  bye bye bye bye .. and bye ..and you .. bye .
  Amanda Linden  jeremy/rand, can you grab transcript?
  Venus Petrov  bye all
  Dee  byeeee
  Dresden Ceriano  bye everybody
  Rand  yes
  Darrius Gothly  will post one too .. like last week.

  Jeremy Linden  Working on it
  Marigold Devin  waves and poofs - BB see you at Oskar's later maybe - he's got the big cheese there I think

14:01  Rand  Bye!
  Jeremy Linden  Transcript!
  Second Life  Teleport completed from