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12:58  Torben Bailey  Hi Rand
  Rand  Howdy everyone
  draconis.neurocam  Hello Rand
  Irene Muni  Hi rand
  Adamburp Adamczyk  aloha
  Irene Muni  Rand*
12:59  Cummere Mayo  hello rand....
    hides the pitchforks

  Irene Muni  Daniel and Bronson. cats toguether XD
  Rand  heh
  Cummere Mayo  meows?
  Lisa Fossett  waves collective hello to everyone

  Rand  so our agenda is in the wiki
  Amanda Linden  hey all, looks like we can get started.
  Cummere Mayo  on second thought
  Amanda Linden  rand take it away!
  Cummere Mayo  why hide it
  Rand  ok
13:00    So I want to fill everyone in on our plans for the SL Knowledge Base
    As part of the launch of the new community platform....
    we're moving the KB from the wiki to the new platform
    Plenty of stuff will remain on the wiki
  Amanda Linden  you can read more here..btw. vogt's post yesterday.
  Rand  ah yes, thx amanda
    If you like, I can go into more detail on our plans...
  Irene Muni  please :)
  Rand  re: the KB
  Torben Bailey  can you confirm if it´s Lithium?
  Rand  OK, so ...
13:02    Amanda, do you want to field Torben's question
  Cummere Mayo  shudders at the idea of lithium

  Amanda Linden  yeah, gimme a second.
  Rand  Anyway, re the KB...
    Mos t of the articles currently in
    will be moving
    We're dealing with them in batches, tho.
  Amanda Linden  yes, it is on the lithium platform.
13:03  Cummere Mayo  oh god
    so much for any semblance of privacy
  Rand  So, initially we're moving the most popular articles
  Amanda Linden  cummere, let's hear the rest of what rand has to say...
  Torben Bailey  Ignore my feet and have a seat Blondin
  Rand  and, as time goes on, we will migrate the restof the articles
  Lord of Dee  Why are you moving the KB? It hasn't long been moved.
13:04  Irene Muni  questions now or at the end?
  Rand  Lord - the idea is to integrate it with the rest of the community tools
    forums, answers, etc.
    Lithium provides good ways to promote threads from (e.g.) forums to KB
13:05    SOME information will remain on wiki...
  Cummere Mayo  ><
  Amanda Linden  irene, let's give rand the floor and save questions for the end.
  Lord of Dee  Thanks Rand so we should improved consistency
  Irene Muni  Great Amanda :)
  Rand  Official policy and product information that is not appropriate for community contributions; these articles are kept in the “Linden Lab Official” namespace on the wiki.

Content for the Viewer 2 help system, including the comprehensive glossary. LSL documentation, including language and function references Other developer documentation such as that for APIs, advanced content creation, and the like. Information on open source projects, including Project Snowstorm. Second Life Viewer Release Notes and Server Release Notes.

  Amanda Linden  (thanks irene)
  Rand  (sorry for the big chat text)
  Jeremy Linden  Blondin, do you want me to find you a chair?
13:06  Rand  In an nutshell, KB info thatis relevant for most users will go to the new community platform
  Adamburp Adamczyk  i gav blondin a seat
  Rand  "Official" policy & pricing info plus dev. info will stay on wiki
  Nathan Adored  wow, buzy place this time
  Rand  So, with the move of the KB, the need for the Flagged Revisions extension goes away....
13:07  Torben Bailey  *YAY*
  Rand  and thus we are planning on removing it.
    It has been somewhat problematic, true...
  Irene Muni  yes LOL
  Rand  That's basically all I have at this point...
13:08  Irene Muni  Is there any plan about the translation of LL Official documents and KB documents?
  Qie  So... I hope Lithium is convenient to migrate data *from*, as well... for the next time we go through this exercise.
  Rand  Once we launch we will have more to discuss...
    Irene: yes...
  Cummere Mayo  lithium is known for being privacy invasive and for massive tracking...
  Irene Muni  GREAT!!!
  Rand  We are going to migrate some translated content initially
  Cummere Mayo  what will be done to mitigate that?
  Amanda Linden  one of the big benefits is an integrated system--integrated search.
  Rand  and we want to re-engage the community translation project on the new platform
  Irene Muni  God hears you Rand! XD
  Rand  :-)
13:09  Amanda Linden  and the ability to transfer other pieces of content generated in forums or sl answers and bring them over to kb articles.
  MarcelEdward DutchX  ah the search is gonna be fixed ?
  Torben Bailey  many localized articles are somewhat outdated
  Amanda Linden  search in lithium is a dream.
  Irene Muni  I'm not sure if I can speak about the new platform, I signed the NDA LOL But it's true, search is great
  Rand  Qie - that is a good point,but I can't speak to it at this point.
  Torben Bailey  would it make sense to try and update the outdated articles before the migration?
  Rand  Yes, federated search is a big win
13:10    Torben, we do have that on our radar....
  Cummere Mayo  I repeat my question about privacy and user tracking
  Maggie Darwin  I hadn't heard that search had suddenly become a difficult problem. Then I remebered I'm in SL.
  Rand  cummere - i can't speak to that
  Amanda Linden  well, we don't really have search at all in jive.
  Irene Muni  LOL
  Rand  i can raise the privacy concerns with our tech lead on teh project
  Maggie Darwin  Exactly.
13:11  Cummere Mayo  youre implementing a privacy invasive platform and you cannot speak to how youre going to inform / mitigate the issues?
  Amanda Linden  cummere, at this point, we cannot discuss this point.
  Cummere Mayo  ...
  Rand  no, not me personally, because i am just working on the doc part of it
    (ie. the knowledge base)
  Fine Caliber  meditates.

  Rand  ican speak to the people who DO know, tho...
  Amanda Linden  ask us about this at a later date when we have the right people here.
  Cummere Mayo  can you please bring someone that can?
    preferably before implementation
  Adamburp Adamczyk  agrees

13:12  Amanda Linden  yes, we can. we'll add this to oru to do list for next time.
  Rand  i believe we can
  Maggie Darwin  "Lithium Technologies provides Social CRM solutions for the enterprise. "....that Lithium?
  Amanda Linden  other questions?
  Cummere Mayo  yes maggie
    aka the platrom best buy got sued for using recently
  Maggie Darwin  Joy. Buzzword nirvana.
13:13  Irene Muni  Do yoyu know if the format for SL Ansers tested remains in the definitive platform?
  Amanda Linden  it's a very strong piece of technology.
  Irene Muni  Answers*
  Amanda Linden  sl answers is integrated into the new platform.
  Maggie Darwin  "On May 11, 2010, Lithium acquired social media monitoring (SMM) provider, Scout Labs, whose service allows brands to engage with their customers beyond the community and monitor, map, and measure customer conversations on the social web.[8]"
  Irene Muni  Yes Amanda, but the testers had many comoplaints about the format :)
  Rand  Yes, i dont believe the implementation has changed substantially since the preview test
  Cummere Mayo  which is what best buy got sued over
  Irene Muni  ARRHHHG!!! :(
  Cummere Mayo  and what freaks me the hell out
  Fine Caliber  [8]?
  Maggie Darwin  "the platform incorporates elaborate rating systems for contributors, with ranks, badges, and “kudos counts.”[4]"
  Fine Caliber  oh it's copy paste from wiki.
13:14  Amanda Linden  actually, a lot of the things that came through the private testers were implemented and/or will be at a later date.
    some not.
  Torben Bailey  Can you tell us something about Contribution-Based Roles?
  Amanda Linden  that's something that lexie could speak to, but she's not here.
  Cummere Mayo  alughs at the idea LL used private testers

  Amanda Linden  more on that next week.
  Irene Muni  Well, we wait, but in our opinion it's not a good format for SL Answers, but thanks for answer :)
  Rand  I can give you a high-level overview...
    but Lexie knows much more
13:15  Cummere Mayo  amanda with all due respect using fanbois and fangirls is not a legitmate test group
  Rand  basically, as you particpate more in the community you gain rights to do more on the platform
  Adamburp Adamczyk  would like answer ref last week;s question over who is g-team nowadays

  Rand  eg. after you spend so much time and respond to so many threads, you get the ability to edit KB articles, etc.
13:16  Maggie Darwin  Sounds ripe for gaming and drama. But that would never happen here. :-)
  Amanda Linden  cumit gives credit and new capabilities to folks who move up the contribution ranks.
  Rand  basically, if you are an active participant, you get granted more capabilities..
  Irene Muni  We will change this: for Kudos and Ranks XD
  Amanda Linden  part of what it gives you is the ability to give kudos to content that is valuable/helpful.
  MarcelEdward DutchX  click
13:17  Torben Bailey  that does sound helpful
    giving kudos that is
  Amanda Linden  yes, it's very good. great content gets elevated naturally.
  Irene Muni  That sounds to me as NOCommunity, Ranks??? Just my opinion :)
13:18  Qie  Is there any negative kudo / anit-karma? else... the more controversial a poster, the better.
  Amanda Linden  we will have moderators in teh system 7 days a week dealing with flagged content.
  Torben Bailey  will the be localized sections still?
  Amanda Linden  the moderation that oyu'll find in lithium--and on our side--will be much better.
    yes, localized. for sure.
13:19  Qie  (okay, yeah, active moderation should help)
  Irene Muni  Active and intelligent moderation :)
  Rand  Torben: there will be localized sections in KB and Answers
13:20  Torben Bailey  I thought more about the forums part because the german forums now are a pain to read
  Irene Muni  WOW, I can die happy, localidez sections in KB :)
  Torben Bailey  hehe Irene :)
13:21  Irene Muni  :)
  Rand  Irene - yes, though at this point the UI won't be localized, but we will provide a place for (e.g.) German content
  Amanda Linden  :)
  Rand  ...just to set expectations...
  Maggie Darwin  "My hovercraft is full of eels."
  Rand  lol
  Torben Bailey  o.O
  Irene Muni  :)
  Jeremy Linden  That sounds like an SL Answers question.
  Torben Bailey  no localized UI?
13:22  Rand  Not initially, no
  Torben Bailey  ...
  Irene Muni  What about the actual content in forums? I know that content remains but will be "closed threads"?
13:23    Lag or silent? LOL
    Silent XD
  Adamburp Adamczyk  tempted to yell "onigokko"

  Qie  oh, yeah, that reminds me: the *old* old forums content... will be preserved, I presume?
  Maggie Darwin  "It's too hard to implement achievements in SL directly, but we can buy it off the shelf to crowdsource the docs."
  Amanda Linden  qie--yes. it will be available and searchable in archives.
  Rand  Irene: I cant answer your question, but I can find out
  Irene Muni  Thanks :)
  Qie  cool. thanks. :)
13:24  Irene Muni  No Kudos for Rand XD
  Cummere Mayo  Rand, my understanding is each post, question, answer, comment will have a tweet this and share this widget... will there be a way to opt out of having those?
  Adamburp Adamczyk  wil Rod be joining any of thee meetings/?
  Maggie Darwin  "Was this answer helpful? yes[] no[]"
  Irene Muni  LOL
  Rand  Cummere - you can just not click on them, but i believe they are always displayed.
  Irene Muni  Great question Cummere
13:25  Nathan Adored  gets a goofy, lopsided smile.

  Amanda Linden  rod will not be joining these meetings. sorry.
  Rand  Also, if you are just looking, you don't have to log in if you dont want to
    ...but of course, you then cant post...
  Cummere Mayo  in that case i should let you know that yould be violating CA law in not allowing posters to opt out
  Torben Bailey  Who´s Rod?
  Amanda Linden  cummere, we are not going to discuss this beyond what we've already shared.
  Cummere Mayo  so please change that
  Amanda Linden  torben--ha
13:26  Fine Caliber  I think the opt out is just not ever logging in.
  Amanda Linden  so, on the agenda someone asked for a content creators email list.
  Jill Yedmore  and it works.
  Amanda Linden  good question.
  Talarus Luan  Will anyone be deprived of any functionality if they DON'T use any other social media?
  Amanda Linden  (if we're ready to move on)
    ah, good question talarus--nope.
  Rand  Talarus -no, afaik
    yes lets move on
  Cummere Mayo  talarus, yes because we wouldnt be able to ask questions or engage in dialogue
13:27  Talarus Luan  O.o
  Amanda Linden  content creator email...
  Lord of Dee  There's already a scripting list
  Amanda Linden  we are in the process of looking at creating a content creator user group and that would include an email list...most likely.
  Torben Bailey  now that Lexie is here...
  Irene Muni  Lexie, don't fly please LOL
  Talarus Luan  She can fly if she wants to. <.<
  Amanda Linden  so, stay tuned on that. we just need to determine which linden will lead....
  Irene Muni  Lexie is OVER all the Residents XD
  Amanda Linden  so, it's on my list.
13:28    lexie, there were some questions re: roles/ranks.
  Lexie  Hi
  Adamburp Adamczyk  did lexie get the answer for me as promised last week about who g-tem are these days? ie do they still exist?
  Irene Muni  Lexie is the CENHTER of the residents LOL
  Torben Bailey  ellow
  Irene Muni  CENTER*
  Adamburp Adamczyk  g-team*
  Lexie  Adam yes, I did
  Adamburp Adamczyk  thank you LExie :)
  draconis.neurocam  Can I ask why some of the user groups don't show up on the google calender?
  Irene Muni  For example this group :)
13:29  Lexie  Governance is still handled by Lindens. That is not something scouts do Adam
  Amanda Linden  it should be there--on the main user group page?
  draconis.neurocam  yes
  Amanda Linden  i can take a look at that.
  draconis.neurocam  its not, along with some others
  Adamburp Adamczyk  thank you Lexie, that is reassuring
  Rand  draconis - it's possible that the leads haven't added them, or there is some glitch
  Amanda Linden  probably just an oversight on my part. thanks!
  Lexie  welcome ㋡
  Amanda Linden  will make sure it's there after this meet
  Irene Muni  No Kudos for Amanda XD
  Cummere Mayo  this group is on the usergroup page
  Lexie  hehe Irene
  Cummere Mayo  communitiy tools
13:30  Amanda Linden  yes, but draconis is saying it's not on the gcal below.
  Irene Muni  But not in Google Calendar Cummere
  Amanda Linden  i can look at that....
    oops on my part. :)
    will add it
  Talarus Luan  Any word on if/when we will be getting a Land user group to replace Jack's office hour?
  Maggie Darwin  URL for the GCal please somebody?
  Lexie  We had questions on ranks/roles?
  Amanda Linden
  Rand  Gcal is embedded in
13:31  Torben Bailey  Rand jumped in for you and did well
  Maggie Darwin  Thnax
  Lexie  awesome
  Torben Bailey  there´s just some concerns about gambling the system
    like people asking stupid questions and answering on an alt
    to promote themself
13:32  Maggie Darwin  I feel like such a tool.
  Lexie  There is a formula in place that means participation is required in more than one way. It will be a lot of work to "game" the system ㋡
  Maggie Darwin  "Gaming the system" yes
  Talarus Luan  Oh, so the new system is going to have the silly rewards thing like Jive does?
13:33  Lexie  And If gaming ths sytem happens, we will see it..Im sure you will help by reporting it, and we will adjust the formula if needed ㋡
  Amanda Linden  (fyi--just put our meeting on the gcal.)
  Lexie  Rewards?
  Lord of Dee  What sort of roles are you enisaging?
  Irene Muni  Increasing Rank for Amanda
  Talarus Luan  Yeah, the points system or whatever it is.
  Rand  Thx amanda - it *was* on there before, not sure what happened..
  Lord of Dee  envisaging even
  Maggie Darwin  Talarus: read the Wikipedia article on "Lithium Technologies"
  draconis.neurocam  (yay but amanda what of the others not listed there, will the people running them have to add it?)
  Talarus Luan  I'm on their website directly atm.
13:34  Rand  draconis - we will make sure the others are added after this mtg
  draconis.neurocam  ah alright
  Amanda Linden  i can add for them. i
  Maggie Darwin  Oh, Lithum question: Is this hosted on LL servers? Or did y'all buy the SaaS dealio?
  Rand  thx for letting us know...
  Amanda Linden  it's easy
  Lexie  Talarus ranks and roles are permissions to do more in the system. I think it makes sense for those with more experience in SL to be able to do more that helps other Residents.
  Irene Muni  I disagree with Ranks, but that is a lost battle :(
13:35  Torben Bailey  will it be like visible ranks? or will it be like in JIRA?
    I´d prefer the JIRA way
  Talarus Luan  Oh? Like?
  Lord of Dee  After seeing what happened on the Jira a few days ago, this needs to be done carefully
  Rand  i believe they are visible, right lexie?
  Lexie  Stay tuned.. you will see more soon!
    Yes, they are
  Irene Muni  If it's implemented a EASY way for KB translations. I can die happy :)
  Talarus Luan  I've been heavy into SL scripting mentoring/support for almost 5 years. What does that net me in the "new" system? Or do I have to "prove" that effort all over again?
13:36  Torben Bailey  yeah, would be nice to edit localized articles without poking Lindens
  Rand  Irene, I think we will be starting a localization UG soon, so you should come to that...
  Irene Muni  Applause XD
  Amanda Linden  talarus--we're looking at this item now.
  Rand  Noelle can address your questions there....
  Amanda Linden  will have definitive answer on that next week.
13:37  Lexie  yes, we will ㋡
  Rand  (nb. its not started up yet)
  Torben Bailey  yay Noelle is back?
  Amanda Linden  yep!
    just got back.
  Irene Muni  Lexie, the format for SL Answers is the same that in the tested Jive? (please, say "no" XD)
  Maggie Darwin  "Oh, Lithum question: Is this hosted on LL servers? Or did y'all buy the SaaS dealio?"
  Torben Bailey  will we get to see baby pictures in the first UG session?`
  Amanda Linden  maggie--we can't answer that one.
13:38  Talarus Luan  Well, we'll find out eventually. :P
  Lexie  Irene, testers feedback was included in many changes we have made.
  Maggie Darwin  Sorry, must have missed first response.
  Rand  Torben :-) ... maybe!
  Amanda Linden  np--was good question. :)
  Maggie Darwin  Important security question. Interesting there's no answer.
  Irene Muni  LO, great answer, lexie :) Thanks in any case :)
  Lexie  hehe
  Amanda Linden  irene--that testing period was very valuable.
  Torben Bailey  (she could get a prim baby for privacy reasons)
13:39  Amanda Linden  they def made changes based on your collective input
  Cummere Mayo  lexie U have a question...
  Rand  Torben - lol
  Irene Muni  I know Amanda, I have not complaints about LL in the tested period :)
  Amanda Linden  :)
13:40  Cummere Mayo  how do you prevent people from making and answering thier own questions using various alts to gain powers? and how about those of us that owrk primarily in jira and wiki? will we not get pwoers because we work in other areas? if so thts kind of a punishment
  Irene Muni  Is there people answering with Alts for points????
13:41  Torben Bailey  yes!
  Irene Muni  Are there*, sorry my English
  Amanda Linden  hopefully, taht stuff will come out when folks flag it for moderation.
  Cummere Mayo  yes lots
  Amanda Linden  we'll be on the look out--closely watching
  Rand  They are speculating that some people will do that to "game" the system and achieve a higher rank
  Nathan Adored  oh boy, sockpuppets.
  Irene Muni  In Sl Answers Cummere??
  Lexie  Cummere, as mentioned there is a formula in place that will help address gaming. Wiki and Jira are not in the formula, nor were they for our current system.
  Cummere Mayo  well it happens on jive all the time already
  Amanda Linden  yes, rand. some people will.
    we will be monitoring more closely for that activity
13:42  Rand  I can't speak to the other areas, but in the KB, a Linden will have to ultimately approve the publishing of any content
  Irene Muni  It's logical Rand.
  Rand  so, in that respect, as long as the info they provide is accurate it does no harm (re the KB at least)
  Cummere Mayo  right, but can those who do allot of jira work, such as ella, jonathan, and others please be given some extra permissions because if they do take the time to contribute somethign it should likely not need lots of red tape to get it done
  Lexie  I understand your concerns on gaming. We will keep an eye out for potential issues and make changes as needed.
13:43  Cummere Mayo  ty
  Irene Muni  Easy solution: no ranks nor points!! :)
  Lord of Dee  Good solution Irene!
  Lexie  haha Irene :p
  Amanda Linden  the:)
  Cummere Mayo  I like that solution irene
  Irene Muni  Vote
    Lexie, not "hehe", it's true :)
13:44  Cummere Mayo  honestly those that give good answers will be noticed by someone anyways
  Lexie  hehe was for your passion on it. *hugs*
  Irene Muni  LOL
  Cummere Mayo  you shouldnt need popularity points or even a good gteam record
  Irene Muni  Kisses from Spain :)
  Irene Muni  Agree Cummere
  Amanda Linden  ok, any other questions for lexie?
13:45  Lexie  I think once you see the system, you will understand it better.
  Lord of Dee  Is the structure changing?
  Maggie Darwin  I'm seeing plenty at
  Talarus Luan  How big a test group was there? 10? 100? 1000?
  Amanda Linden  yes, much more organized.
  Cummere Mayo  lexie can i get with you directly next week please?
  Maggie Darwin  I guess you have to pass the bill to see what's in it.
  Amanda Linden  we took a good look at the information architecture.
13:46  Lord of Dee  any forums disappearing and can it handle the commerce forums?
  Amanda Linden  and the system is flexible enough to move things around--create areas, etc.
  Maggie Darwin  Gotta go.
  Amanda Linden  there are new ones, some going, but for the most part--same forums, just reorganized.
  Lord of Dee  That was a selling point of Jive Amanda :p
  Amanda Linden  yeah, but this is for real.
  Irene Muni  yes, question for Lexie,. is it Mr Humble an attractive man? LOL
  Lexie  lol of course he is!
  Amanda Linden  yep, he is.
  Lord of Dee  He supports the right football team, that's all that matters
  Amanda Linden  and he's super nice.
  Irene Muni  I have no problem in partner with Mr Humble, can you say his please?
  Amanda Linden  and crazy smart
  Lexie  hehe
    I think you have to ask him yourself Irene!
  Amanda Linden  ok, last 10 mins.
  Irene Muni  Well, I will try LOL
13:48  Amanda Linden  think that we covered the last item re: moderation.
    any other items that folks want to raise in our last 10 ins?
  Lord of Dee  Who are the moderators? Residents? Lindens? Scouts? Mixture?
  Cummere Mayo  wait we covered jira moderation?
  Talarus Luan  Any word on if/when we will be getting a Land user group to replace Jack's office hour?
  Cummere Mayo  didnt see it

  Amanda Linden  we don't have much jira moderation right now.
  Irene Muni  Can be helpful a box for suggestions to future meetings?
  Amanda Linden  but we will in lithium.
    they will be moderator lindens.
13:49  Nathan Adored  and what happens if someone's posts get removed when they shouldn't have been?
  Cummere Mayo  right but jira wont be there right?
  Amanda Linden  no. jira will stay in jira.
  Lexie  Jira is not moderated in the way we are discussing moderation right now.
  Rand  Irene - if you have a relevant item to add to the agenda, you can add it to
  Nathan Adored  "What happens in Jira, stays in Jira"? :D
  Amanda Linden  we will be very careful about what's deleted.
  Cummere Mayo  theres not really a good usergroup for jira stuff, can you please pass on the request to flag stuff?
  Irene Muni  (thanks, sorry for interruption, my mystake)
  Amanda Linden  jira is covered in this usergroup.
  Cummere Mayo  *to be able to flag stuff
13:50  Amanda Linden  but, the jira person isn't here today.
  Cummere Mayo  which contact would that be?
  Amanda Linden  if you have input into jira, you can email me directly.
  Torben Bailey  where´s Sue when we want to POKE!!!! her?
  Lord of Dee  Can you remove delete comment rights from non Lindens on the Jira?
  Amanda Linden  ha!
    sue is the best person for these jira questions.
    maybe we can have her come in too.
13:51    next time
  Cummere Mayo  ty
    but i will probably jsut talk to her at the server group. she shows up there allot
  Amanda Linden  good idea
  Irene Muni  The new JIRAwatched XD
    and NoVoted :(
13:52  Amanda Linden  any other items?
  Talarus Luan  Any word on if/when we will be getting a Land user group to replace Jack's office hour?
  Amanda Linden  has this been helpful? interesting?
  Lord of Dee  Any word on a land group?
  Amanda Linden  ah, no word yet.
  Rand  fyi, folks i will be out on vacation next week, so i will see you again in 2 weeks
  Amanda Linden  it's raised to the right folks. we are determining what we want to do here...
13:53    and what linden would lead. jack's role hasn' tbeen replaced.
  Torben Bailey  have a great vacation :)
  Irene Muni  Vacation? You are a Linden!!!
  Amanda Linden  so we're in a holding pattern for a bit.
  Rand  thx Torben!
  Lord of Dee  Any new groups you can give Blondin?
  Talarus Luan  k
  Amanda Linden  good quesiton tho--it's on my list.
  Lord of Dee  I like to see him kepty busy
  Amanda Linden  like blondin needs more to do? :)
  Lexie  lol
  Rand  Irene: lol....
  Blondin  ha
  Cummere Mayo  meh running bay city, zhindra, and events isnt enough
13:54  Amanda Linden  :)
  Blondin  and that only the stuff you see :)
  Amanda Linden  yeah, he's plenty busy
  Lord of Dee  Is there still a group for community groups like chilbo?
  Cummere Mayo  give him marketplace and jira, and um... the rest of mainland
  Lexie  slips more work onto Blondins desk ㋡

  Talarus Luan  Hmm.. <.<
  Amanda Linden  lord--not right now.
  Irene Muni  Great idea Cummere
  Amanda Linden  but, we're looking at some of that right now.
    blondin--think you ahve a fan club.
13:55    :)
  Blondin  <---blushes
  Irene Muni  Blondin NEEDS a explicit fan club :)
    As Lexie :)
  Jeremy Linden  Woo! Blondin!
  Amanda Linden  i
    ll sign up for the blondin fan club.
  Talarus Luan  I'll give him a club, alright. :P
  Amanda Linden  :)
13:56  Irene Muni  fan club rating Adult, of course LOL
  Amanda Linden  ok, items for next week?
    jira moderation
    what else?
  Irene Muni  next wekk? or two wekks?
  Amanda Linden  well, i'll be here---
  Cummere Mayo  meh sorry i already run ex-linden Joppas fan club and cgs fan club
  Amanda Linden  and lexie too.
  Lord of Dee  Answers to the questions you weren't allowed to comment on this week
  Cummere Mayo  lol
  Irene Muni  oh undertood, sorry
  Cummere Mayo  no room for blondins
  Rand  sorry, the UG will meet as usual next week, i just wont be here :-)
  Amanda Linden  and blondin will be here too.
  Lord of Dee  woot
  Irene Muni  Bondin, who is Blondin?
13:57  Amanda Linden  ok, so---jira, we'll invite sue.
    what else?
  Cummere Mayo  Lexie before you go can you check your im please?
  Blondin  thanks all!
  Jeremy Linden  points at Blondin.

  Rand  Thanks everybody!!
  Amanda Linden  kk, bye all.
    rand, can you grab the transcript?
  Lord of Dee  Can we see screenshots of the new setup?
  Talarus Luan  ciao
  Torben Bailey  bye bye
  Rand  amanda - yes will do
  Amanda Linden  not yet lord.
  Irene Muni  Greetings and kisses from Sopaind (and paella)!!
  Lexie  Bye for now! Have a great week/weekend ㋡
  Torben Bailey  have a great rest of the week all
  Irene Muni  Spain* LOL
  Amanda Linden  feels so weird saying not yet, lrod.
  Rand  adiios!
  Amanda Linden  lord
13:58    love to spain!
  Lord of Dee  Ok cheers guys
  Jill Yedmore  bye!
  Irene Muni  Great Amanda, kudos for you!