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Transcript for Thursday September 29, 2011

[12:57] Lisa Fossett and Jeremy
[12:57] Rand Linden Howdy!
[12:58] Jeremy Linden Hello!
[12:58] Jeremy Linden Jeremy Linden waits for his chair to rez.
[12:58] Lisa Fossett my sculpts have been rezzing slowly the last few days
[12:59] Lisa Fossett Still waiting for 1 cushion on this couch to rez....
[12:59] Reed (reed.steamroller) hi guys
[12:59] Jeremy Linden I see everything now, but I'm on a Project Viewer :-)
[12:59] Lisa Fossett Hi, Reed :)
[13:00] Reed (reed.steamroller) Reed just wants group chat to work :(
[13:01] Lisa Fossett Lisa Fossett don't want much, do you?
[13:01] Jeremy Linden Does it not? I thought we'd made significant improvements to that in recent months.
[13:01] Lisa Fossett Mine has been behaving lately
[13:01] Reed (reed.steamroller) i can't get the user list to come up in Autodesk Maya for SL
[13:02] Reed (reed.steamroller) err... the resident list
[13:02] Reed (reed.steamroller) or whatever you want to call it
[13:02] Reed (reed.steamroller) ok
[13:02] Reed (reed.steamroller) why isn't anybody else here.
[13:02] Lisa Fossett member list?
[13:02] Reed (reed.steamroller) time to do something about that
[13:02] Jeremy Linden It's a bit early yet, but feel free to draw more of a crowd if you like :-)
[13:03] Lisa Fossett Lisa Fossett checks her fullest group and the member list won't load
[13:03] Lisa Fossett but, I imagine that Maya group is not 1000s of members.
[13:03] Reed (reed.steamroller) its close to a thousand
[13:03] Reed (reed.steamroller) not sure how many
[13:03] Lisa Fossett This group has 91 thousand
[13:03] Jeremy Linden Whoa.
[13:04] Reed (reed.steamroller) holy smokes
[13:04] Lisa Fossett I'm amazed anything gets through
[13:04] Reed (reed.steamroller) what group is it?
[13:04] Lisa Fossett OpenCollar
[13:05] Reed (reed.steamroller) maya now has 912 members
[13:05] Reed (reed.steamroller) seen a lot more since mesh came about
[13:05] Lisa Fossett not surprising
[13:05] Gfresh Botha hi Lisa
[13:05] Lisa Fossett I watched the presentation on Google's product from SLCC
[13:05] Reed (reed.steamroller) mesh dev has around the same amount
[13:06] Gfresh Botha Hallo Reed
[13:06] Gfresh Botha and others
[13:06] Lisa Fossett Hi, G :))
[13:06] Reed (reed.steamroller) hi there
[13:06] Lisa Fossett One day I'll tackle mesh...or start
[13:06] Gfresh Botha sorry to interrupt, but do you guys know what happened to CG Linden?
[13:06] Jeremy Linden Ah. The mesh team actually tells me that SketchUp isn't very efficient for creating meshes. Apparently it creates a bunch of different mesh objects due to the way you build in it.
[13:07] Reed (reed.steamroller) yeah
[13:07] Jeremy Linden A different mesh for each surface, as it were.
[13:07] Reed (reed.steamroller) don't use sketchup
[13:07] Lisa Fossett Thanks for the heads up on that, Jeremy
[13:07] Lisa Fossett and Reed
[13:07] Lisa Fossett oh, that could be very complex and as a result very confusing
[13:07] Jeremy Linden Officially, I can recommend Wings 3D to start, and Blender if you're feeling complicated :-)
[13:07] Reed (reed.steamroller) my advice: blender, jump in head first
[13:08] Lisa Fossett nods
[13:08] Rand Linden CG is no longer with Linden Lab
[13:08] Gfresh Botha Thanks, I've been trying to find out for the last couple of weeks
[13:08] Gfresh Botha he was a bit old so, you know
[13:08] Gfresh Botha just checking the worst hadn't happened
[13:09] Second Life Entering god mode, level 200
[13:09] Gfresh Botha hey rand, I used to wear that skin, then I found a better "chrome" looking one, if you want the LM for it
[13:09] Gfresh Botha this skin
[13:09] Gfresh Botha I'm not dissing yours btw
[13:09] Gfresh Botha lol
[13:10] Rand Linden Thx Gfresh... no worries
[13:10] Jeremy Linden Heh! Rand, you've been recognized as the Silver... Gunslinger :-P
[13:10] Rand Linden I think it's ok for me....
[13:10] Rand Linden ha ha
[13:10] Rand Linden So, we don' thave much on the agenda today
[13:10] Gfresh Botha this one has a slight tinge of blue though
[13:10] Rand Linden lexie should be back for the next meeting
[13:10] Lisa Fossett Good
[13:10] Lisa Fossett I have nothing today; just been away a while myself and came to catch up a bit
[13:11] Rand Linden Jeremy created
[13:11] Rand Linden which documents some of the new(ish) profiles features
[13:12] Gfresh Botha whispers: can I ask a question about mesh?
[13:12] Rand Linden ...well since we don't seem to have much else on the agenda, i dont see why not...
[13:12] Gfresh Botha okay..
[13:13] Gfresh Botha is there any tips on reducing the uploading cost? I'm REALLY new to mesh
[13:13] Reed (reed.steamroller) use less verts
[13:13] Reed (reed.steamroller) and a VERY simple physics shape (like a cube)
[13:14] Jeremy Linden There are a few in the docs I've written. Lemme grab the article on uploading a model.
[13:14] Gfresh Botha which is best, cube or sphere? Because in sculpts I always start with a sphere
[13:14] Gfresh Botha okay
[13:14] Jeremy Linden But basically, it's got a base cost of L$10 plus L$10 for each inlcuded texture, and an additional amount based on its streaming, server, and physics weights.
[13:15] Adamburp Adamczyk yoohoo
[13:15] Reed (reed.steamroller) good idea is to upload on beta grid first
[13:15] Lisa Fossett hey, AA
[13:15] Reed (reed.steamroller) that way you only really pay for it once
[13:15] Jeremy Linden
[13:15] Jeremy Linden Also:
[13:15] Adamburp Adamczyk Adamburp Adamczyk looks around "jeremy rand dod you guys use deodorant today?"
[13:15] Gfresh Botha Hi
[13:15] Rand Linden Adamburp - lol
[13:15] Reed (reed.steamroller)
[13:15] Jeremy Linden However, please note that the term "prim equivalence" is changing to "land impact". I've made the changes to those docs but not published them yet, since the terms haven't gone into the main viewer yet.
[13:15] Reed (reed.steamroller) we did a podcast with charlar
[13:16] Gfresh Botha I used it to season my meat
[13:16] Reed (reed.steamroller) he explained it pretty well
[13:16] Lisa Fossett Lisa Fossett suspects it's me. I'm a bit...hungry...
[13:16] Reed (reed.steamroller) land impact
[13:16] Reed (reed.steamroller) lol
[13:16] Adamburp Adamczyk smeg, brb
[13:16] Reed (reed.steamroller) yes
[13:16] Jeremy Linden And yes, it's a good idea to test on the beta grid before uploading on the main grid.
[13:16] Reed (reed.steamroller) everyone hates "prim equivelent"
[13:16] Gfresh Botha heh
[13:17] Jeremy Linden As an added bonus, your upload window *should* keep your settings when uploading a second time, regardless of grid.
[13:17] Jeremy Linden (but make sure to double-check!)
[13:17] Lisa Fossett hmmm...pleasant to know
[13:17] Gfresh Botha Are you guys familiar with Claudia's work?
[13:18] Gfresh Botha Claudia222
[13:18] Lisa Fossett not I...
[13:18] Gfresh Botha I should slap you all
[13:18] Gfresh Botha but
[13:18] Gfresh Botha I won't
[13:19] Gfresh Botha There's only one way to experience it really and that's to go see her last sculpted work before it's gone. She's about to take over mesh.
[13:19] Gfresh Botha And I mean take over
[13:20] Gfresh Botha I know you don't know me but take my word for it, it's the standard to which all of SL should be created. Her last piece is currently at Hobo's
[13:21] Jeremy Linden What sort of work does she do? Art?
[13:21] Gfresh Botha The bes
[13:21] Gfresh Botha t
[13:21] Gfresh Botha immersive art
[13:21] Gfresh Botha worlds
[13:21] Jeremy Linden I may take a look after this meeting. It's always really cool to see what people do when we give them new features.
[13:21] Gfresh Botha she's one lots of awards
[13:23] Gfresh Botha gah
[13:23] Gfresh Botha won*
[13:23] Jeremy Linden 'sok I think we understood :-)
[13:23] Gfresh Botha heh
[13:24] Gfresh Botha brb
[13:24] Rand Linden Gfresh, got a SLurl?
[13:24] Lisa Fossett was gonna ask the same...
[13:24] Rand Linden Perhaps you should submit it for the Destination guide
[13:24] Lisa Fossett Change of subject...since he poofed..
[13:24] Rand Linden doh!
[13:24] Lisa Fossett have Recommendations been disabled?
[13:24] Lisa Fossett (and I not hear about it)
[13:24] Rand Linden Recommendations?
[13:25] Time Minder You have been online for 3 hours.
[13:25] Lisa Fossett Recommendations for friends in your
[13:25] Rand Linden ah...
[13:25] Lisa Fossett I filed a JIRA bitching about a function of them...and that's been posted fixed
[13:26] Lisa Fossett but I can't get any recs back on my profile to test it
[13:26] Rand Linden hm, not sure... will have to look into it
[13:26] Lisa Fossett and believe me, I've added LOTS of interests while trying
[13:26] Jeremy Linden I haven't heard anything about them being broken, but I haven't filled out any interested in my profile, either. I've been assuming that's why I had none!
[13:26] Jeremy Linden er, interests.
[13:27] Lisa Fossett I don't like the recs anyway, but it's now an issue that I can't test the JIRA, lol
[13:27] Lisa Fossett and a puzzle since at first I got LOTS and now I have none
[13:27] Rand Linden Lisa, what's the jira?
[13:28] Lisa Fossett I'll have to dig in my mail
[13:28] Lisa Fossett it's "can't dismiss recommendations...."
[13:28] Lisa Fossett one moment and I'll get it
[13:28] Rand Linden I don't seem to have any on my profile either, and I *do* have a number of "interests"
[13:29] Lisa Fossett
[13:30] Rand Linden I am told that recommendations are still enabled
[13:30] Jeremy Linden Heh. According to profiles, only 5 people are interested in "scotch"
[13:30] Lisa Fossett OK...well...they seem to not be working.
[13:30] Lisa Fossett laughs
[13:30] Lisa Fossett not that it bothers me
[13:30] Lisa Fossett personally
[13:30] Rand Linden Lisa, if youcan confirm that, please file a jira
[13:30] Lisa Fossett I will
[13:30] Lisa Fossett lol
[13:30] Rand Linden ty!
[13:30] Lisa Fossett it's been low on my priorites
[13:31] Lisa Fossett but I added things like vampire
[13:31] Lisa Fossett and sex
[13:31] Lisa Fossett and gosh knows
[13:31] Lisa Fossett and got NO recs
[13:32] Rand Linden i am told "they are only calculated every other day though, so if they "run out" they have to wait a day or two before they get new ones"
[13:32] Lisa Fossett KK
[13:32] Lisa Fossett I left them for several days
[13:32] Lisa Fossett and the RHN ones have been there forever...and photography
[13:33] Lisa Fossett At first I got tons of matches with thos
[13:33] Rand Linden well its entirely possible something is borked
[13:33] Lisa Fossett Lisa Fossett giggles
[13:34] Lisa Fossett I'd rather your programmers spent time on other things
[13:34] Rand Linden ha
[13:34] Jeremy Linden Disregard that... Second Life is always bug-and-drama free. >.>
[13:34] Lisa Fossett of course...pass the Kool-Aid
[13:35] Jeremy Linden Nah, Rand's profile says he prefers Scotch!
[13:35] Rand Linden the thing is, there are engineers who ONLY work on the profiles, and have nothing to do with, e.g., lag or Viewer it's not like an EITHER-OR thing....
[13:35] Lisa Fossett nods
[13:35] Lisa Fossett I'll send em something to make them feel wanted
[13:35] Rand Linden anyway, i just added a bunch of interests that should have lots of associated reccos, but got nada...
[13:35] Rand Linden th lisa
[13:36] Jeremy Linden Mesh fruit basket? That would actually be pretty awesome.
[13:37] Reed (reed.steamroller) didn't hey already do that with sculpties?
[13:37] Jeremy Linden Well, there was sculpty fruit. But with mesh you can intentionally make it "land impact" efficient.
[13:39] Reed (reed.steamroller) ya
[13:39] Lisa Fossett Lisa Fossett offers a plate of danish
[13:39] Lisa Fossett and some coffee
[13:40] Lisa Fossett we're dragging
[13:40] Rand Linden yeah, ok well it looks like we've run out of steam today...
[13:40] Lisa Fossett no worries :)
[13:40] Rand Linden shall we call it? Sorry we didn't have much to share this time... s/be better next time!
[13:41] Lisa Fossett hey...less work for my brain.
[13:41] Jeremy Linden In other news: Hey, I didn't know my boat was here!
[13:41] Rand Linden Thanks you all!
[13:41] Reed (reed.steamroller) see you all later
[13:41] Lisa Fossett have a good afternoon...and weekend :)
[13:41] Rand Linden you too!
[13:41] Rand Linden bye
[13:41] Lisa Fossett bye!
[13:42] Jeremy Linden aaand cut for chat transcript!