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Lexie Linden: One topic I had was: Are there things about community translation and translators, that you think the general SL Community does not know..and should?
Tom32 Anatine: hi ya all
Lexie Linden: Do you think most know about what you do?
Lexie Linden: Hi Tom!
Ourasi Ferraris: hi tom
Lexie Linden: Should we blog post and talk more about certain aspects of CT?
Samia Bechir: basically , the "general SL community" doesn't have a clue Community Translators exist^^
link Kiranov: no Lexie.. and for me it's not matter
Lexie Linden: hehe..well then, we should change that
Lexie Linden: I know you do not do things for "recoginition" but..
link Kiranov: i'm not an egocentric
Ourasi Ferraris: ㋡
Lexie Linden: I think it is good and fair that more know about the great contribtions ㋡
Samia Bechir: but since the "general SL community" don't read the blog, I'm quite afraid we'll have to deal with that :p
Lexie Linden: Think on that topic. Let me know if you come up with some ideas on what is most important for the general community to know
Lexie Linden: Well, many do read it's worth a try I think. Maybe a "featured" post
link Kiranov: I prefere stay very discreet
Radioactive Rosca: first of all, that we do exist
Lexie Linden: Thats fair too link
Lexie Linden: true Radio
Lexie Linden: lol
Lexie Linden: first point
Lexie Linden: Feel free to IM me or drop cards on me as you think about this topic
Radioactive Rosca: and second, that we do need more help from other translators
Lexie Linden: Yes
Lexie Linden: Thats another topic I have..
Lexie Linden: We are thinking it would be good to include sample text to be translated in the CT application
Lexie Linden: Then have it reviewed
Lexie Linden: Im setting that up now. Once it is ready ..we can do a MOTD to bring in more translators ㋡
Lexie Linden: MOTD has pretty good results
Radioactive Rosca: :-)
Lexie Linden: So, there may also be some role for some of you in reviewing sample text
Lexie Linden: I will let you know more on that, once I have it closer to figured out
Biancaluce Robbiani: yes a sample is a great idea...
Lexie Linden: But, I you think regular text or strings..
Lexie Linden: How much text is enough to determine understanding and quality?
Lexie Linden: Opinions?
Radioactive Rosca: some text with a logic meaning... that doesn't work with a translator like google
Biancaluce Robbiani: a descriptive text of some lines (10?)
Tom32 Anatine: I'd mix it, for instance take a part of KB text and some viewer strings, the difficulty is the missing semantical connection of viewer strongs, and the sticking to glossary with KB so if you mix it, that'd be great
Samia Bechir: I'd say a text that cant be translated litteraly. One thatneeds actual translation, not a word to word one. thats the best test, I think
Lexie Linden: ok
Radioactive Rosca: that's it, Samia
Biancaluce Robbiani: yes not only strings but not only descriptions
link Kiranov: yes Samia
Lexie Linden: so maybe some glossary strings to start...and then text as well
Ambre Boram: some tilmes explressions used in a language is very differnet from others
Lexie Linden: true
Biancaluce Robbiani: i ve seen a lot without consistency.. and that is the reviewer part...
Ambre Boram: and translate correctly mayu takes times
link Kiranov: to find the really good word, yes
Samia Bechir: and, if this kind of text is used, 3 lines are enough to see how horrible bad translations can be :p
Ourasi Ferraris: yep
Ourasi Ferraris: good idea
Lexie Linden: I realize that teamwork helps make the translations the most accurate. We wouldnt want to exclude people for not being exact. I think we just want an indication that they are on the right track?
Lexie Linden: ok, so not much text is really needed as long as its the right kind of text
Lexie Linden: ?
Radioactive Rosca: you have a point
Radioactive Rosca: yes
link Kiranov: you prefer the sens of a word .. and not the exact translation word ?
Lexie Linden: One of the things I see is that many would like to help but do not really speak English well enough to understand
Ourasi Ferraris: show how the translation is a long and difficult, not as easy as automatic translators.
Samia Bechir: Lexie I think mistakes are not the issue .. the real issue is actual translation vs google-like word to word ones..
Lexie Linden: good point Samia
Biancaluce Robbiani: yeah link... but in some way there is always someone for each group that checks consistency...
Lexie Linden: right
Lexie Linden: Once we pull up some sample ideas, I will see if we can run it by all of you for feedback
Lexie Linden: Then I can add it to application if you think it is good
Lexie Linden: Then we open the doors wide with a MOTD..and see how it goes
Lexie Linden: ㋡
Lexie Linden: lol
Lexie Linden: fun
Radioactive Rosca: :-))
Lexie Linden: I also wanted to know:
Lexie Linden: Since you began helping on the CT Projects, what has been your best experience. Again, I am thinking of a blog.
Lexie Linden: You can drop notecards on me or IM me after you have a chance to think on it
Lexie Linden: What kind of impact has CT had on you, your SL experience, how does it make you feel, etc etc
link Kiranov: i like the idea of a road map .. it's easy to check
Lexie Linden: That type thing and you can give an example story
Samia Bechir: Lexie, suggestion : paste the beginning from any Dennis Lehane novel. it's both easy to understand and translate, no tricks in it, but will sound awful if word to word translated.
Biancaluce Robbiani: yes nice idea.. our ct journey...
Lexie Linden: ohh interesting Samia!
Yann Dufaux: ㋡
Lexie Linden: I like that term Bianca..The CT Journey ㋡
link Kiranov: :)
Lexie Linden: what else...oh..
Samia Bechir: why do I have a thousand ideas about worst day , and none about best ツ
Lexie Linden: LOL
Lexie Linden: think!
Lexie Linden: There has to be one haha
Lexie Linden: Also, other than the infohubs, WA, Blog, Wiki, CGs:
Lexie Linden: Where else would you think we should promote localization and the CT Projects?
Lexie Linden: I dont want to miss any good locations ㋡
Radioactive Rosca: HI's?
Lexie Linden: Possibly
Biancaluce Robbiani: the upcoming Burning Life would be a nice spot were we could have a panel too...
Lexie Linden: ohhh good one!
Biancaluce Robbiani: there are community services there
Lexie Linden: ok
Biancaluce Robbiani: i am building one there
Lexie Linden: : ))
Ourasi Ferraris: ㋡
Ourasi Ferraris: yep Hey!
Radioactive Rosca: Lexie could have there a plot of land, for a CT representation
Lexie Linden: Hmmm, interesting idea
Biancaluce Robbiani: brava Lexie.. ㋡
Samia Bechir: help groups. many are not related to CGs nor specific places, but do a terrific help job, and could be a great help for CTs
Lexie Linden: We should talk to Noelle about that
Lexie Linden: Good point Samia
Radioactive Rosca: some dispensers with notecards explaining our job, in many languages
Lexie Linden: That makes sense
Lexie Linden: Having it in the many languages is important
Tom32 Anatine: lexie, possibly you want to contact joao Mastroianni he is responsible for all the linguist stuff during BL, Linguist departments has its own area there, if you can joint-venture with the department in matters of CT providing some of the missing translations I guess it would be possible to get a little panel up there
Lexie Linden: Great Tom, thanks!
Samia Bechir: still, I think biancaluce's idea about BL is really a good one
Lexie Linden: I will follow up after I talk to Noelle
Lexie Linden: Any other spots on the grid you can think of?
link Kiranov: on the helps plances ?
link Kiranov: places
Ourasi Ferraris: ⊙▽⊙⊙Yes, Yes, Yes, Yes ⊙▽⊙⊙ Yes !
Ourasi Ferraris: help place is a good idea
Ourasi Ferraris (Q-Translator fr->en): ⊙ ▽ ⊙ ⊙ Yes, Yes, Yes, Yes ⊙ ▽ ⊙ ⊙ Yes!
Lexie Linden: for other groups you mean?
Samia Bechir: NCI.. And also the College of Scripting and Music
link Kiranov: just other help places
Lexie Linden: Thats an option. We could talk with those owners
Lexie Linden: : ))
link Kiranov: on the arrival pads for newbies by example
Lexie Linden: I'd think the more we help those who help in other ways...the better off the community is
Lexie Linden: ok
Samia Bechir: but I think addressing groups, rather than places, would have better results
link Kiranov: they are completly lost
Lexie Linden: Maybe a bit of both Samia
Lexie Linden: link, I am not sure what the plans are for the NUE but I know localization is being considered. It is important
Lexie Linden: You are right, many do get lost
Tom32 Anatine thinks about a CT panel on The Cornfield
Lexie Linden: lol Tom
Samia Bechir: lol Tom
Tom32 Anatine: hey we translated CS
Tom32 Anatine: :P
Yann Dufaux: loll, limk laisse le chat tranquille ㋡ Haha
Yann Dufaux: link*
link Kiranov: héhé
Lexie Linden: One other quick update: The CT project group logo: I am asking if we can use the "Second Life" and hand etc. I have not heard back yet. Soon as I know we can move on with that
Ambre Boram dreams of a meeting in french
Samia Bechir: that would be a great idea.. "you've been badn you won't leave the cornfield until you translated a text right"
Lexie Linden: is the jira in case you forgot
Lexie Linden: lol Samia
Biancaluce Robbiani: oki
Lexie Linden: Did anyone else have any topics they wanted to bring up today?
Tom32 Anatine: they need to translate the CS into their native lang
link Kiranov: grrr
link Kiranov: I have a big problem with the CT Jira
Yann Dufaux: i love the ct logo alpha in number 2 ㋡
Lexie Linden: ok, what is the problem link
Tom32 Anatine: what is your prolem with the ct jira link?
link Kiranov: when I'm log in
link Kiranov: in operation I have just 2 possibily :
link Kiranov: Operations

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link Kiranov: not other
Yann Dufaux: i love this logo :
Ourasi Ferraris: we don't work with you link :p
Ourasi Ferraris (Q-Translator fr->en): we do not work with you link: p
link Kiranov: tssss
Lexie Linden: hmm, ok
Lexie Linden: Let me check on it, your access etc and I will IM you later
Tom32 Anatine: link looks like you have not been added to the CT ability group on Jira yet
link Kiranov: I need to send my pictures directly to the mail of Noelle
Lexie Linden: Did you do the CT sign up link?
Lexie Linden: If not, do that and I can get you project access in pjira
link Kiranov: i think no
Lexie Linden: ok, thats the problem then
Lexie Linden: You need to do that before you have full access
link Kiranov: I need to make what ?
Lexie Linden: One minute
Samia Bechir: I'd suggest a topic for the blog.. rather than "best " experience, "funniest" experience might give a better result.
Lexie Linden: link sign up here please:
Lexie Linden: ok, could be best or funny
Ourasi Ferraris: funniest?
Ourasi Ferraris: looll
Lexie Linden: Something positive is the goal ㋡
Biancaluce Robbiani: the funniest?
Ourasi Ferraris: yep
link Kiranov: okay I try but I know this webpage
Biancaluce Robbiani: as soon as residents knew the translation was made by us they started to im with any kind of translations... even weird ones... and (talking about my experience) we had funny moments in voice on translations... very funny ones
Lexie Linden: hehe yes I can imagine on voice it could be : )
Biancaluce Robbiani: yes
Lexie Linden: Does anyone want to grab the short transcript from our little meeting?
Lexie Linden: I will need to go and get ready for another meeting now
Lexie Linden: : ))
Lexie Linden: If not I can grab it
Samia Bechir: I think that, as translators or linguists, we all had huge "I'm so lonely" times... when trying to translate something and seeing an absolutely unappropriate result... same as helping for mentors.. this would be quite fun to tell, and (well, I think) good "recruiting" blog, even if it's a paradox
Radioactive Rosca: don't forget Luna is here with us...
Tom32 Anatine: she declined my teddy!
Luna Linden: :)
Luna Linden: :(
Lexie Linden: Yes, I didnt officially welcome Luna. I was trying to when I crashed
Lexie Linden: Welcome Luna!! We are thrilled to have you ㋡
Luna Linden: We informally met
Radioactive Rosca: :-)
Lexie Linden: hehe
Tom32 Anatine laughs
Tom32 Anatine: hi luna welcome
Luna Linden: Thank you all
Radioactive Rosca: Welcome to a great Spanish Linden
Ourasi Ferraris: I had not thought about it Samia
Lexie Linden: Hoooo!
Lexie Linden: lol
Luna Linden: I has been a real pleasure meeting you all!
Lexie Linden: We have been hoping and now we have one : ))
Ourasi Ferraris: welcome to the crazy group and life loolll
Lexie Linden: Things will be even better now!
Lexie Linden: lol Ourasi
Samia Bechir: WooOOoottTT.. a new Linden to harrass :p
Radioactive Rosca: i think she needs you as a Godmother, Lexie
Lexie Linden: hehe
link Kiranov: alway the same problem.. only 2 choices :(
Lexie Linden: hahahaha
Radioactive Rosca: i think that is the term
Lexie Linden: link - I need to give you access. Once I do I will IM you, ok?
link Kiranov: yes
Lexie Linden: ok ㋡
Lexie Linden: I will post the meeting transcript a bit later on wiki and let the group know too
Radioactive Rosca: ~great
Lexie Linden: Thanks for coming today and Im sorry I crashed out earlier : (
Ourasi Ferraris: loolll
link Kiranov: no problem Lexie
Lexie Linden: : ))
Ourasi Ferraris: it's just a linden crash ^^
Ourasi Ferraris (Q-Translator fr->en): it's just a linden crash ^ ^
Biancaluce Robbiani: Ciao ◕ ‿ ◕ Ciao
Biancaluce Robbiani: Lexie :)
Samia Bechir: complain about your crash to LL.. err.. oops ^^
Luna Linden: Chao all
Lexie Linden: Have a great day/night. Thanks for all you do. Translators rock ㋡
link Kiranov: night :))
Radioactive Rosca: we all have Internet connections... and we do know how tat works... lol
Lexie Linden: See you soon!

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