Community Translation Project/Office Hours/2009 10 20

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  • Ramzi Linden discussed the process that is needed to start work on Viewer 2.0
  • Yes, it is general public information that Viewer 2.0 is coming... but it is NOT ready for the public to see it right now, in the UNRELEASED alpha state. It is not public information what Viewer 2.0 looks like, or what are the features.
  • Therefore, the Community Translation needs to keep it a secret, while things are not quite done. Yet, the CT group has always asked for having more time to translate and to collaborate. That is why we are using this special project with a Non-Disclosure Agreement-- This allows us to give you extra time.
    • We will need to ask you, the Volunteers, to sign this extra Non Disclouse Agreement (NDA). It is important.
    • For each person--- if you do NOT want to sign this NDA, that is okay too-- but that just means you can help on CT for the normal website stuff/the Knowledge Base/ etc, like normally... but not the Viewer for now.
    • If you don't want to sign it, we will just wait a couple more months to collaborate with you on the Viewer, after the translations are done but we still need to test it.
  • If you WANT to work on the Viewer early for this special project, here is what the NDA involves:
    • If you sign the NDA, you agree to keep the strings an absolute secret.
    • You are agreeing to discuss the translations ONLY with Lindens and other CT Volunteers who are working in the NDA project.
    • You are agreeing to keep the secret screenshots ONLY for your use in translating the Viewer. You won't post them anywhere or give them to anyone else.
    • We will use a special Google Document with the screenshots that only the special volunteer translators can see.
    • And, we will use a special section of PJIRA to post the strings, that only the special volunteer translators can see. (It won't be the normal CT- jira.)

A list of "Frequently Asked Question" (FAQ) is posted on CT-535.