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15:03  Geenz Spad  welcome everyone to today's meeting, we're going to have condense things a bit today since we have a number of big agenda items today
    as always, you can find the agenda here:
    we'll get started with JIRA discussion
15:04    anyone have any content related JIRAs to pass around today?
    yes? no? maybe? :P
15:05  Elie Spot  did you have any geenz?
  Geenz Spad  I wouldn't mind discussing that cloth one personally
15:06    and if no one has anything else they'd like to bring up from the JIRA, then we can just discuss that until it's time for more morph target discussion
  Elie Spot  sounds good to me!
  Typhaon Nishi  cool
15:07  Geenz Spad  we can also just skip to morph targets if everyone wants, it's up to you guys!
  Nal  What is the cloth JIRA?
15:08  Maxwell Graf  isnt that for cloth movement?
  Geenz Spad  so anyways, regarding cloth; I've put a bit of thought into that, haven't had any official discussions *yet* with anyone at LL, but it'd generally be doable with a few workflow tweaks
    and yes Maxwell
    I'll find the JIRA
  Elie Spot  thanks!
  sachi Vixen  What would be doable?
  Geenz Spad
15:09    doable in this context would refer to making cloth move realistically
    think, things like flowing dresses, capes, maybe even hair to some extent
  sachi Vixen  Oh you mean like cloth simulation?
  Eboni  We are talking about Havok Cloth?
  Nal  Would that be a handoff to Havok? Or purely viewer side?
  Geenz Spad  not necessarily Havok Cloth
  Typhaon Nishi  interesting
  Maxwell Graf  instead of like flexi only.
15:10  Elie Spot  i dont like flexi :( (dont shoot!)
    cloth sim would be amazing
  Geenz Spad  would *probably* be viewer-side only, I hate to think of the server over-head for something like that
  Typhaon Nishi  I wonder how something like that would work in tandem with something like the deformer
  sachi Vixen  I'l with you Elie, I think flexi has had its day
  Elie Spot  yeah, now that we have rigging, people won't tolerate movement through the body anymore
  Nal  How is the viewer going to do it?
  sachi Vixen  How would that be possible/work?
  Geenz Spad  that's where things get interesting
15:11  Crash Uladstron  yes,how would it work?
  Elie Spot  would materials be part of it?
  Geenz Spad  typically, how it works is, you define a region that's supposed to be simulated as cloth in your 3D application
  Geenz Spad  workflow possibilities could involve "painting" this region effectively
15:12  Nal  Does Collada allow for that info?
  Geenz Spad  it does
  Nal  neat
15:13  Geenz Spad  now, viewer-side, that's where things would get even more interesting; we'd need some kind of way of checking if the clothing is about to go through the avatar

[15:13] Braydon RandtBraydon Randt nods all interested like

    I think this is something that'd require a fair bit of discussion on everyone's part, so how about we talk about it at length at next week's meeting?
15:14  Elie Spot  do we have time to get into it now?
  Nal  All SL collision is Havok...
  Elie Spot  since there aer no other jiras?
  Crash Uladstron  Also dif fabrics move in dif ways
  Elie Spot  thats why i was wondering about materials
  Anouk Spot  true
  sachi Vixen  Perhaps put it ont he agenda for next time?
  Geenz Spad  I'll answer the materials question, then we'll move on to morph targets, alright?
  Braydon Randt  yup
  Anouk Spot  i would hate for say, jeans to move like a flowy skirt or something
15:15  Typhaon Nishi  well im sure that there would be different strength of painting if certain fabrics move in different ways
  dahlia1337 resident  oops sorry :)
  Elie Spot  sounds good geenz!
  Geenz Spad  it's possible that some materials-like functionality could be introduced to it if/when we have a working material system in place, but that's something we should discuss once that's on the horizon
  Elie Spot  awesome
15:16    getting excited
  Geenz Spad  I figure it'd be pretty cool to have a normal map that fades in the more the cloth flaps about :P
  Typhaon Nishi  maybe there would be options similar to those found in flexi atm, and there could be presets such as denim etc.
  Geenz Spad  could do something like that, but anyways, got a few important things to discuss with regards to morph targets today
  Braydon Randt  hat would be an interesting prospect
15:17  Geenz Spad  Nalates, if you don't mind, I'll be covering your agenda items along with this
  Nal  np
15:18  Geenz Spad  so, I've been talking to a couple people at the lab, and right now a few things need to be made clear to LL with regards to the morph target discussion
    first off, where Qarl's deformer stands in all of this
15:19    I've established that Qarl's deformer needs to come first, as it's the closest thing that to being finished as it stands
  Elie Spot  nice
15:20  Geenz Spad  morph targets would take a while to implement, and work out all of the little technical hurdles here and there; and mesh has been out on the grid for about a year now with no official solution for fixing how clothing fits people
  Al Supercharge  sorry to be late is there an agenda webpage ?
  Crash Uladstron  it could be the default option for clothing deformation and morph targets could be an option for people who prefer to do it that way,imo
  Geenz Spad
  Typhaon Nishi
  Elie Spot  ^ agree w/ crash
  Geenz Spad  now, the next point is, LL needs *in writing* what benefits morph targets would bring, and why we need these benefits
15:21    for this, I have a document to share with all of you!
  Al Supercharge  what's a MORPH TARGET ?
  Elie Spot  the doc will help you Al
  dahlia1337 resident  could the deformer interfere with future morph targets, or other morphs such as lip sync?
  Geenz Spad  that's to be defined dahlia
  dahlia1337 resident  if it's not defined, could the deformer present an opsticle?
15:22  Typhaon Nishi  it would probably be separate
  dahlia1337 resident  *obsticle
  sachi Vixen  I would have thought that with a deformer and morph targets in place it would be an either or decision at upload?
  Geenz Spad  this gets into the technical aspects of morph targets, and technically they shouldn't really interfere with one another too much
  Typhaon Nishi  like you have a custom option for custom deformations and if you dont want/ can't use morph tagrets you would use the default qarls deformer
15:23  Geenz Spad  personally, I think it should be an upload option, yes
  dahlia1337 resident  does the deformor not affect head and finger vertices?
  Crash Uladstron  yes,sort ot,to make a parallel ,de generated lod's or uploding your own
  Geenz Spad  dhalia, it effects everything
  Elie Spot  agreed (upload option)
  Typhaon Nishi  yeah like a tick box
  Geenz Spad  I'd like for people to save technical discussion for when we get that; today's meeting, I need people to focus on the document I've posted
15:24    so, LL needs clear reasons why we need morph targets, in this document you'll find I've listed some advantages, and why we need these advantages
  Al Supercharge  why is it that I think LL will find a bunch of higher priorities than Morph Targets ( esp when they add to lag)
  Geenz Spad  what I'd like for the next 10 minutes or so, is for us to discuss them, and come to some general consensus that this represents the advantages of morph targets, and the overall need for them
15:25    so, let's get started
15:26    let's begin with the first section, "Advantages to morph targets for clothing and avatar designers"
    does anyone have any questions or comments with regards to this section? or does everyone feel that this is good?
15:27  Elie Spot  looks good to me!
  Typhaon Nishi  yeah its pretty good
  dahlia1337 resident  can you repost uri for document please?
  Geenz Spad
  dahlia1337 resident  ty :)
  Crash Uladstron  yes,if it will be an alternative option on upload how does point 3 fall into this
15:28    or does in conjunction mean in paralel? Sorry if I'm not understanding right
  Geenz Spad  the thing about morph targets, is they could be an optimization in the future for Qarl's deformer
    more or less that
15:29  Crash Uladstron  right, okay,thank you
  Geenz Spad  they could be used in parallel with the deformer, they could be used in parallel to RedPoly's solution, we could have a tick box that only allows one or other other, there's plenty of possibilities here
  Braydon Randt  too many options one might say
  Elie Spot  Should we put something in there about how people might want certain parts of an object to deform, but not others? LIke the strap of a purse but not necessarily the bag itself? I feel like this is a really appealing aspect to me personally
  Crash Uladstron  understood
  sachi Vixen  The more options we have the better the advantage for SL when moving forward
15:30  Asha  Very good point Elie
  Geenz Spad  sure, we can further define how the functionality will work, but for the sake of getting through today's agenda, how about we discuss that after our initial time limit?
  Elie Spot  maybe just take a note
  Geenz Spad  sure
  Elie Spot  to add that in
  Typhaon Nishi  are you forwarding this document to LL for them to decide whether to implement the morph target function
  Geenz Spad  I'll put that in then
15:31    I'm forwarding this document to a few people at LL for feedback
  Typhaon Nishi  ok cool
  Geenz Spad  they just need to know the specifics as to why we need this
  Elie Spot  so do you think if anyone has some major good reasons to point out, that were maybe left out, we should make note of them and add?
15:32  Geenz Spad  so, section #2, "Advantages to general users"
    yes, please
  Elie Spot  great
  Drongle McMahon  I think morph targets are one approach that can deal with the widely held view that mesh creation is elitist and doesn'y help non-modellers. Moph targets could provide mesh components that are highly adjustable and thus provide a new range of versatile components usable by non-expert people.
  Geenz Spad  that's a very good point Drongle!
  Drongle McMahon  That is not to say they are the most efficient way to do that but...
15:33  Geenz Spad  so anyways, any comments on section 2?
  Elie Spot  general users meaning creators & shoppers alike?
    or just creators
    people who will be actually doing the morph targets
  Geenz Spad  think of it from an "end user" standpoint
15:34  Braydon Randt  general public want one thing " will it fit" ... how it fits they dont give a toss
  Geenz Spad  how it'd effect the people who buy your content
  Elie Spot  ok, yeah fit
  Anouk Spot  def fit
  Typhaon Nishi  could put residents alongside users
  Elie Spot  fit and quality/realism
  Braydon Randt  fit first .... realism, eventually
15:35  Elie Spot  because the average user won't really care whether the garment they're wearing utilizes the deformer or the morph targets, they'll just notice a quality/fit difference
  Crash Uladstron  exactly
  Braydon Randt  thats all they care about
  Elie Spot  especially people who are left out, like fantasy avatars, extreme shape avatars, etc
  Braydon Randt  we as creators ... want to give them that .. with the MINIMUM work
  Typhaon Nishi  greater fit accuracy
  Geenz Spad  I've added a third item to that section
  Elie Spot  looks good geenz
  Typhaon Nishi  yeah that sound sgood
15:36  Maxwell Graf  naw man, get yew summa them morphin jeans, not just them deformer ones!
  Geenz Spad  :P
  Typhaon Nishi  might morphin power jeans
  Elie Spot  the day a customer IMs and uses the words "morph target" i'll give you 5 billion lindens max xD
  Geenz Spad  so is that all for section 2?
  Anouk Spot  i think so
  Elie Spot  looks good to me
15:37    does number 1 fit in
    being as we're talking baout end users
  sachi Vixen  I saw that Elie!
  Crash Uladstron  Well I shpped at Mon tissu so start paying Max
  Geenz Spad  it's performance related
  Elie Spot  ah ok
    makes sense
  Geenz Spad  so I figure that something that runs a bit faster would always be a huge plus to the end user
    so anyways, section 3 is a bit of an iffy one
15:38    this one is largely a "what if" and "nice to have" kind of section
  Elie Spot  right
  Geenz Spad  but at the same time it sets the tone for what people's overall eventual expectations should be "in the future"
  Elie Spot  number 2 would rely on us being able to do our own skeletons wouldnt it?
15:39  Asha  If it is a "nice to have", could you mention making the morphs accessible through scripting?
  Geenz Spad  #2 depends; you can actually do some pretty complex things with morph targets
    of course Asha
  Asha  Awesome :)
15:40  Geenz Spad  is that good Asha?
  dahlia1337 resident  via scripts? add in syncronization and timing problems, aka LAG
  Geenz Spad  that's one of those technical hurdles people have to work on how to mitigate, dahlia
15:41  Drongle McMahon  I think morphs should be accessible through sliders in the UI, not just scripts.
  dahlia1337 resident  often people in other continents have > 1 second ping times, I'd say thats a pretty big techincal hurdle
  Geenz Spad  anything we want that woudl be nice to have one could argue would cause "lag", you could even say that materials would cause "lag", or that mesh causes"lag" due to the additional data they send
15:42    right then, I added your point Drongle
  sachi Vixen  Would sliders in the UI affect the security of content at all?
  Asha  What sort of sliders in the viewer UI?
  Geenz Spad  that's entirely dependent on how morph targets are actually implemented
15:43  Drongle McMahon  Could make UI accessibility selectable byb the originator of the morphable mesh.
  Geenz Spad  there's different ways to do morph targets, each of them have their own unique benefits and disadvantages
    it's possible we could extend the floater for shape editing
15:44    anything else?
    or shall we move on to the next section?
  Drongle McMahon  In an implementation of morphable components for non-expert creators, the resource cost would obviously be high for the morphable mesh. So there could be an option that would "crystallise" the current morphed mesh and turn it intop a normally costed mesh.
  Geenz Spad  potentially
15:45  Drongle McMahon  Sorry b... I'm getting ahead of you. I will shut up now.
  Geenz Spad  how about we get into something like that during our next meeting?

[15:45] Braydon RandtBraydon Randt suspects " next meeting" will be 4 hours long

    anyways, if there's nothing further on this section, we'll move on to the next one
  Al Supercharge  do all major video games use morph targets --? is that where this comes from?
  Geenz Spad  at this rate, we may as well extend the meeting to two hours :p
15:46  Elie Spot  almost done w/ the doc! :D
  Nal  No.... 2 hrs is too long
  Geenz Spad  most major videos games do, they're typically used to solve problems that would otherwise be very difficult with regular bone-based animation
15:47    the viewer technically already uses morph targets for shapes; everyone around you us using some variant of a morph target to define the overall shape of their avatar
  Al Supercharge  and how does this work with face anim?
  Geenz Spad  it basically moves the face vertices, but regardless, we need to move on now
    Foreseeable Disadvantages
15:48    this one I added the most obvious disadvantages, and I think this is one that'd be better suited for a separate discussion
    so shall we move on to the final section? or do people feel that there's other disadvantages that should be listed?
15:49  Elie Spot  sounds good to me
  Al Supercharge  sounds complicated -- dont we just need as 1st priority the 8 language speech emotes for lips+tongue+teeth?

[15:49] Braydon RandtBraydon Randt considers this whole meeting would have been better as a forum sticky ... or a poll

  Geenz Spad  we'll discuss that another time Al
15:50    I actually did a post on the opensource-dev mailing list, but not many have responded
  Elie Spot  i think its good to throw this around in a meeting
    where we can add points together
    and approve points together
    as a group
    last section?
  Geenz Spad  last, but most definitely not least: “Needs” as such for morph targets
15:51    does anyone have anything to add here?
  Elie Spot  i dont see a hard strong point about quality and fit accuracy
  dahlia1337 resident  you have bandwidth and processing cost, which are pretty high on LL's list. Would be nice to add examples how the costs can be mitigated
15:52  Typhaon Nishi  so this section is why we all see morph targeting as a need?
  Elie Spot  yes
  Geenz Spad  added Elie
  Typhaon Nishi  I think it entails the advantages pretty nicely
  Drongle McMahon  I guess my "crystallisation" would be a mitigation.
  Elie Spot  in my mind, why this is needed and not just a deformer.. although I'm unsure what improvements are being made to the deformer currently
15:53    last I checked there were quality and accuracy issues
  sachi Vixen  I think any emphasis on small costs to LL to implement might go down well?
  Geenz Spad  if anyone has anything else to bring up, now is the time; some people's topics may have to spill over to the next meeting
  sachi Vixen  small costs as in time effort & finance
  Drongle McMahon  Need to keep up with competition? Does cloud party have morph targets?
  dahlia1337 resident  I thought the "cost" was processing cost in the viewer
15:54  Elie Spot  i dont think cloud party lets you modify your avatar shape yet
  Geenz Spad  the good news on morph targets, is a lot of the server side work would probably be getting it to accept mesh format additions
    and the processing cost shouldn't be any more than what we already have with the mesh deformer
    but again, let's stay on topic
  Al Supercharge  is that really going to happen " clothing makers define how it fits" ? isn't it going to be automatic ?
  Typhaon Nishi  maybe that it gives creators an advanced option to use rather than just the default deformer which adds further customisation/control over creations
15:55  Elie Spot  Al, the deformer will be the automatic option
    and will come first, before morph targets
  Geenz Spad  what Elie said
  Elie Spot  what we're doing is just proposing this advancanced option to LL
  dahlia1337 resident  yes the deformer adds cost which may be one reason LL may not like it
  Elie Spot  because of all the benefits outlined in the doc
  Geenz Spad  so, I guess I'll emphasize more points here and there then
15:56  Braydon Randt  if it saves bandwidth .. thats a cost saver for LL , if it reduces LAG ... same again
  Geenz Spad  so we don't have too much overflow at the next meeting, what I'd like everyone to do is talk to me directly about the document over the week
  Braydon Randt  if it generates cost in lag , bandwidth and money .. you are gonna have a hard sell
  Elie Spot  i think the benefits would outweigh the cost here
15:57  Geenz Spad  I'll put together a group for the UG, where we can have discussions (provided group chat doesn't choke)
  Elie Spot  thats my hope!
    thanks geenz!
  Nal  Morphs avoid the problem of having to have the alternate weight paint needed for cBones.
  Typhaon Nishi  yeah was goinhg to say that, thats a good idea to have a group
  Geenz Spad  so, let's move on with what time we have here to the next agenda item
  Typhaon Nishi  Mesh Content Creation Improvement Group or something
  Elie Spot  3 minutes teehee
  dahlia1337 resident  adding processing cost to rendering avatars reduces the number of avatars that can be rendered while maintaining FPS
  Geenz Spad  the meeting ends at 4:15, so that gives us 15 minutes
15:58  Elie Spot  3 minutes + 15 teehee
  Geenz Spad  Has there been any news on whether LL is leaning towards Qarl's deformer or Redpoly's cbone solution? Ashasekayi Ra 14:56, 10 July 2012 (PDT)
    to my knowledge, Qarl's
  sachi Vixen  Would this expose mesh morphs the same way that sculpty maps are exposed via UUID?
  Elie Spot  no combination possible?
  sachi Vixen  Because that could be a serious security issue if it would
  Geenz Spad  using unused bones will work with Qarl's deformer as is
15:59  Elie Spot  what about adding the bones where they are missing? i thought this was the reason they were considering redpoly's solution in the first place
  Geenz Spad  but as an "official" solution, LL is leaning more towards Qarl's from what I've been able to gather thus far; but don't take that as an official endorsement on their part
    I can't really comment on that Elie, sorry
  Elie Spot  ok
    we should probably find that out
16:00  dahlia1337 resident  Qarl's deformer is more or less an automatic morph target maker anyway
  Al Supercharge  way higher in priority is rigged objects -- is this a step away from Morph Targeting ?
  Geenz Spad  Maxwell also had an idea he wanted brought up
    Would like to have short review/discussion of New Features concept (will provide display that can be clicked to give out image to attendees) Maxwell Graf
  sachi Vixen  Is there a way to a way to lock down the UUID to ONLY be used on the mesh it's designed for, so it can't be applied like a sculpt map to any other prim
  Maxwell Graf  This was in response to a call for new feature ideas
16:01    if you cant read it, click to get a copy of the image
  Geenz Spad  how about we talk about the technical aspects next time, or in a group chat sachi?
  Typhaon Nishi  I like it
  Geenz Spad  I apologize for trying to push things along here, but we we're already going to go over our time allotment
  Typhaon Nishi  saves time when creating basic gradients etc.
  Maxwell Graf  this would basically allow thumbnail sets to be used for textures and colors, based on folders in a new inventory folder type, or by selecting just a folder of textures.
16:02    very helpful if you are doing a build where you need things over and over, similar to an organizer, but built into the UI tools.
  sachi Vixen  Can you put that on the agenda for next time because i think its an important issue for creators, I'm pretty sure everyone is sick of all the ripping that goes on
  Maxwell Graf  the gradient idea may take a bit more doing
16:03  sachi Vixen  We don't want to invite them in
  Geenz Spad  yes sachi
  sachi Vixen  Thank you :)
  Geenz Spad  I do understand your concern, and I feel it's an important one as well
    and regarding the gradient idea, only problem I can foresee is that may have to be moved into its own floater
    and with an upload button stuck somewhere on it
16:04    that's mainly due to how SL's asset system works though
    though this does actually raise an interesting topic as well, how can we improve the build floater?
  Maxwell Graf  the layout of this as I have it here is very much just concept. The stuff below it could easily be re-organized to get more room also, like if we need material maps also later.
  Geenz Spad  as it stands, the build floater's getting fairly cramped I think
16:05  Elie Spot  agreed
  Nal  Translate it to German and look at it...
16:06  Maxwell Graf  any suggestions or ideas re. these concepts?
  Elie Spot  what would gradients be used for?
  Maxwell Graf  well, lets say you wanted to add a shaded border on a square wall
  Typhaon Nishi  I think if it were to be implemented there could be a tab which extends the UI space
    so that it doesnt cramp it up
  Nal  The texture thumbnails are really small.
  Maxwell Graf  gradients would be applied over texture just like color.
  Typhaon Nishi  sort of like an advanced options tab
  dahlia1337 resident  I dont understand the gradient. are you mixing textures or just colors?
16:07  Maxwell Graf  colors
  Elie Spot  so layering
    pretty much
  Maxwell Graf  it would be applied just like color is
    over a texture
    or rather, as a tint.
  Geenz Spad  I do like the the idea behind the thumbnails, even if they're a bit cramped
  Typhaon Nishi  then you could have these options in a separate part of the window, like have a "+" or "advanced" pull out tab
  Eboni  wouldn't people just bake/render textures? And if people aren't advanced enough to bake/render, or make their own textures in PS, they are going to be purchasing textures. What do you think the actual usage for a feature like this would be?
  Nal  I can see several uses for gradients. Especially if we can mix a color and transparency.
16:08  Elie Spot  i think having build tools for people without advancaed programs is good though
  Maxwell Graf  the idea is that you wouldnt need to have multiple textures.
    you could apply a new gradient and save the effort and uploads.
  Geenz Spad  maybe it could be made into something like a texture compositor?
  Elie Spot  so if you wanted a very thin shadow, you could control that w/ the gradient settings, then apply it to your wall?
  Maxwell Graf  myes
16:09  Elie Spot  i think yes for this concept, but i agree w/ geenz it should have a sep floater
  Geenz Spad  though then, we get into replicating the functionality of photoshop
  Braydon Randt  could work hand in hand with a materials system ...... as thats ultimately the same
  dahlia1337 resident  thumbnails++. gradient idea is cool but may have some compatability issues
  Typhaon Nishi  could give newer residents who dont have the knowledge/accessibilty to graphics programs these options the ability to do these with SL. Could end up improving the look of their textures/ builds etc.
  Drongle McMahon  Overlaying a tiled texture with an untiled low-res shadow map could be very efficient compared with baked textures.
  Maxwell Graf  the small triangle mix sliders would control how the mix is, and when one is highlighted, you can then make that color transparent also
  Geenz Spad  and generally speaking, if people want a texture editor, they'll just use photoshop or something along those lines
  Elie Spot  yeah, being able to build a decent bit within SL without having to upload anything is good
  Typhaon Nishi  mmm
16:10    woulkd save time
  Eboni  it seems like a poor allocation of resources. So the viewer would combine these resources, and render them out to the client?
  Geenz Spad  hm
  Maxwell Graf  the other aspect is here saving the sets once you have them. These could be traded among people.
  Geenz Spad  not entirely sure how well that'd go down at LL
    the gradient part at least
  Maxwell Graf  color palettes, gradient sets, etc.
    not the textures, of course.
  Geenz Spad  the texture sets, color pallets, and so on though
16:11  Elie Spot  gradient is a cool idea, but i agree that advanced creators/etc wouldnt make use of it
  Maxwell Graf  I would definately use it.
  Geenz Spad  we're running really short on time here, so looks like I've got some homework for you all!
    and I do apologize for cutting off the conversation for your feature Maxwell
16:12  Maxwell Graf  no worries, its a concept.
  Crash Uladstron  I think it's a nice way to give back some creativity to the average user when so much is being taken away with more advanced skills needed for things like mesh
  Geenz Spad  but I just want to say, that it's very much worth giving some thought
  Maxwell Graf  feel free to use the image as you like.
  dahlia1337 resident  gradient might be easier if it didnt have the center point, then it could be more easily done with vertex colors. Problem is there's no room in the current protocol to add something like that
  Maxwell Graf  id love to have me some thumbnail sets in here.
16:13  Geenz Spad  and with how the asset system works, we'd have to store a gradient as a texture, which means paying for an upload
  Maxwell Graf  i dont like organizers.
  Geenz Spad  so anyways, homework! hurray for homework :P
    a couple things we don't really have time to get into a whole lot of meaningful conversation today, that I'd like everyone to think about:
    first off, how can we improve the build floater
16:14    things are getting cramped, and adding anything new to it seems like a nightmarish process
16:15    this would have implications for many things that could come out of these meetings, and the best thing is it's something we can do something about in the immediate future
    since that's just a viewer-side change
  dahlia1337 resident  the build floater is pretty large now, I have UI scaled up (bad eyes) and it often wont fit in the SL™ viewer window
  Geenz Spad  so, let's think about how we can make it better
  Eboni  we need multi monitor support!
16:16  Geenz Spad  :P
  Braydon Randt  need tob e able to detach off the viewer
  dahlia1337 resident  <3 the thumbnail idea but maybe better in a separate floater
  Braydon Randt  now that WOULD be a good feature
  Maxwell Graf  I would really love the ability to float them off the main window, also, like onto another monitor.
    yes, what braydon said.
  Geenz Spad  next up, something interesting was brought up at the Mesh Import UG yesterday, that I think requires a bit of thought since it'll effect many of you who come to these meetings
  Braydon Randt  so you could have your floaters off your main viewer ...... as I as a builder ... hate having to keep opening those little piggies up
16:17  Geenz Spad  "Extended" skeleton for rigged meshes proposal discussion (continued from the Mesh Import UG) Geenz Spad 14:28, 16 July 2012 (PDT)
    this is one I really wish we had more time to discuss, but here's the gist of what was brought up:
16:18  Typhaon Nishi  thanks Geenz :)
  Geenz Spad  basically, the conversation generally went into what additional bones could we add for content creators to rig against and animate
    maybe not necessarily add them to the default avatar mesh
16:19    but make them available as pre-existing bones that you can rig against; some examples brought up were fingers, toes, even tails and similar
  dahlia1337 resident  face, hair, more limbs, tail, ...
  Geenz Spad  think of it as an "extended" skeleton
  Braydon Randt  ok ... i need to get back to work , so thank you for keeping me upto scratch on morph targets .. ( again) and elts hope we get some movment on it
  Geenz Spad  we're over our time limit
    but I do ask that everyone think about that
16:20  Asha  Thanks for the meeting Geenz.
  Geenz Spad  but anyways, thank you everyone for coming out