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Support Use Cases

This is currently a stub for at least the following kinds of use cases.

Adding a help facility to objects

Use Case: Upgrading existing sold objects

  • Creator needs to change the behavior of all instances of a particular version of a scripted object throughout SL due to discovering a bug, changes to SL, or desire to upgrade functionality.
    • Creator uses the development tools to build the updated version of the scripts and possibly linked objects.
    • Creator publishes the updates to the Grid aimed at a particular object (which probably consists of many prims).
    • Owners of the upgraded objects are notified of the offered upgrade through some trigger (object use, owner login, etc.).
    • Upgrade notification can be chosen immediately, later or never at the owner's option.
    • Upgrading objects is limited to the creator or a designated 3rd proxy.


  • DSim
    • It would be very useful to be able to test the upgrade process offline.
  • This probably requires something like a second UUID to identify the object in addition to the UUID specifying the object instance.
  • Some kind of persistent upgrade list would need to be attached dynamically to existing instances of the target object so user's could update at a later time.

Transferring support tasks for existing objects to 3rd party support organizations