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Two routes exist on the Corsica continent; the route labelled X has been completed as the Circuit La Corse, while that labelled Y has become Route 11

Corsica Roads.jpg

Circuit-La-Corse's Road Network

MAP-circuit-la-corse.jpg click image for a larger version

Route 11

A wonky wooden and rough cobble stone tree lined road meandering though the continent. Rising from water level to over 100 meters high, Route 11 gives a variety of interesting views. From coastal to high mountains, from bridges to boat ramps, Route 11 has it all!

Route 11 rez zone and boat ramp

Route 11 (rez zone), Passendale.png

Though Route 11 does start a bit further South West, it has long been flooded. Here is the first rez zone and boat ramp.

Route 11 Amphibious Vehicle dunking zone

Route 11 Gorgonzola 001.png

Bring your amphibious vehicle, due to wildlife and oceanfront living, the road gets a bit wet here =D

Route 11 Down Hill Race Start

Route 11 Blacksticks.png

Top of the first rise. Ready to be raced down in either direction. =)

Route 11 Rez Zone

Route 11 Castlederg.png

Route 11 Rez Zone in Ironstorm

Route 11 Ironstorm.png

Route 11 Intersection to Magellan Pass

Route 11 Muskeg.png

Route 11 Magellan Pass

Route 11 Magellan Pass.png

A fast shortcut over the top of the mountains, discovered by our intrepid explorer himself.

Route 11 Moley's Fruit Stand and Nature Walk

Route 11 Fruit Stand.png

Moley says, Eat your fruit! While relaxing in the nature area.

Route 11 Floating Road and Drawbridge

Route 11 Bogatanta.png

Route 11 Magellan Pass (other end)

Route 11 Mordus Hall.png

The Western end of Magellan Pass

Route 11 Downhill Race Start Two

Route 11 Roclaren.png

Yet another fun hill to race down =D

Route 11 Boat Ramp and End

Route 11 Paneer.png

Though Route 11 does continue to the South, it has long been flooded and re-purposed into waterways. Launch your boat here to continue the adventure!

Old Route 11

Route 11, Vaktarin (179, 227, 61).png

A small section of Old Route 11 was discovered in late `09. Wander this raised wooden walkway from Valtarin to Kwaito for a neat surprise.

Technical Data

Road measurements for Corsica

The numbers shown here are distances in km. Maximum error is setimated at 5%. For the circuit road, measurement starts at the intersection in Lusca sim and it goes in clockwise direction. The 'shortcuts' are numbered from West to East. They are all connected with the circuit road at both ends.

Circuit Road:

Lusca (shortcut 1, North):      0.00
Wyrlsong (shortcut 2, North):   1.01
Shelton (shortcut 3, North):    2.55
Klens (shortcut 4, North):      3.90
Shempo (shortcut 4, South):     4.23
Fishers Rest (sht. 3, South):   5.58
Black Lion (shortcut 2, South): 7.87
Meewalth (shortcut 1, South):  10.82
Lusca (circuit complete):      13.53
Shortcut 1 (total length):      1.82
Shortcut 2 (total length):      2.05
Shortcut 3 (total length):      1.12
Shortcut 4 (total length):      0.89
TOTAL (Circuit + shortcuts):   19.41

Unconnected Road 11:

ROAD 11:
Paneer                          0.00
Magellan Pass intersection 1:   1.62
Wooden Bridge:                  2.65
Magellan Pass intersection 2:   3.78
Gorgonzola:                     6.40
Magellan Pass (total length):   0.48
TOTAL:                          6.88

Unconnected roads:

South Road 11 (total):          0.42
Old Road 11 (total):            0.97

Total road network: 27.68 km.

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