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Crone Dryke joined Second Life in early 2007 (3/1/2007), he started to build on his own in sandboxes, sold a couple of things as he learnt more and more, around November that year he started roleplaying in a medieval sort of roleplay named Gor. During his time roleplaying he also found more work within building and started custom building for sim owners at the same time as he opend up a shop which sold avatar accecories. He was soon assistant administrator over a Gorean roleplaying sim which he was for about eight or nine months.

At October 2008 he was for the first time suspended from second life for "using alternate accounts to grief sims", This turned out to be a mistake on LLs (Linden Lab) side which most possibly had been caused by someone using a changed Mac adress which matched his. Crone received a 2 week suspension along with a 2 week Mac Adress ban, after 2 weeks had passed Crone was still banned so he sent in a ticket to Linden Lab, after 3 days he received the response that LL wanted to identify him and required him to show a state license or a drivers license/passport, Crone denied Linden Labs request as he was never suppose to be banned in the first place.


Linden Lab kept Crone Dryke banned from this point on and stopped communicating with him. 2 days later Crone was back in second life under a special viewer known as "Shooped Life" created by the Patriotic Nigras, Crone was not associated with this group, he was referred to the viewer by a friend, while being at the site and downloading the viewer he also stumbled upon Copybot.

Crone Dryke was back in Second Life, going on with life as usual, as if nothing ever happened, he made even more money custom building (approximately 750,000L$), none of the content he ever sold was copybotted, yet he played around with copybot when he was bored, learning how to use it and how to detect it. By may-June 2009 Crone had started posting on the SLX market website for Second Life sales about Copybot, teaching content creators how to detect it and how to prevent it, a couple of weeks later he was banned yet again, this time permanently, for avoiding a ban. Linden Lab did not Terminate his account though, but mearly banned his IP adress and his Mac Adress (useless since the use of Shooped Life) yet again. This time Crone did not complain, but mearly started finding a way to get around the IP ban, after a couple of hours he found Proxifier and started playing second life through a VPN tunnel.

Everything went on as usual, sales, building, roleplaying from time to time until July 2009 when Crone was caught by LL for the last time, yet again banned for avoiding a ban, but this time LL Terminated the Account permanently, 750,000L$ worth of stuff was deleted along with the 15,000+L$ which he had on him at the time. Crone Dryke was also Harddrive serial ID banned which was LL's final ban to put on him, Crone Dryke was to be never more, or at least LL thought so.

2 weeks later Crone was back in Second Life, on an account named Ieo Badger, he had lost everything and had to start over fresh, a couple of his friends helped him get back on track, yet, he never wanted to use any money again in Second Life, knowing he would probably loose it sooner or late either how, he already knew allot about Copybot, so he looked up what was new, and got CryoLife, got himself a new look, new clothes etc., but CryoLife was soon detectable by Emerald, so he dropped it, and got a viewer named NeilLife instead, he was copybotting loads of stuff and was soon up to a number of having 1000+ copybotted objects saved on his own harddrive, he never shared the objects to anyone as his intention was not to ruin business for the creator, but to not put more money in the hands of Linden Lab.

Crone created a blog named "The Average Day Of A Copybotter" ([1]). it started off slow, but after making a couple of tutorials on how to bypass Second Life ban's and similar things the numbers quickly rose to 1000+ new hits per day.


Crone got banned again, this time for the obvious reason of being the creator of every attachment he had on him, he created another account, within a couple of minutes from the ban he was all back with his inventory filled with his things again. He wanted to use something better thou as NeilLife's copybot features was Limited, he got in contact with a man known as Server Ghost which was currently creating a viewer named HXO, he was given the viewer for free and started testing it a bit along with the creator, the viewer soon hit off and made loads of sales through advertisement on Crone's Blog and YouTube videos.

Crone had gone through about 20 different accounts in only a couple of months, but once he got HXO it could change who was the creator of the copybotted objects without having to make alts, so by this time he had gotten banned for the last time. he had copybotted around 4000+ objects + hundreds of animations, all together with a value of about 1,500,000L$, Crone started getting known around Second Life, he was spoken off on allot of Second Life blogs and forums, he also had loads more comments on his blog, he started getting recognized whenever he went to welcome areas in second life as he had posted several pictures of his avatar on his blog and started getting banned more often again.

He got tired of getting banned and being slightly SL famous for a bannable offence so he re-located his blog to a location which now requires an account log-in and all registered accounts has to be verified to be able to log in to read. The new blog lasted for a couple of months with about 50 verified members before it was shut down due to lack of intrest to keep running it.


Crone Dryke has now permanently gone below the radar, yet he still plays Second Life everyday, he has an external harddrive on his computer with over 10000 stolen objects from Second Life, his current avatar has been active for 70+ days, which is a new record for him. He is still brought up from time to time on SL blogs and forums, spoken off as the "Master Copybotter" (yes, that's actually what he was called by a couple of people), He has been spoken off in the CCA (Content Creator Association) group, and on many non LL linked websites all around the web, theres allot of false info floating around, and allot of true about Crone dryke, like that he was able to copy scripts (which is true, but he aint the only one).

Thanks for reading all this, and please, if you wish to add content to this page, make sure its correct. Brought to you by the Man who knows Crone better then anyone else.