Dash Deal Test Program

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Dash Deal Test Program

Designed to boost visibility for our Marketplace Merchants, the “Dash Deal” test program is scheduled to launch in April 2011. Interested Marketplace Merchants are invited to apply here. Up to six Merchants will be selected to participate during the test phase, running for six weeks, starting in April.

How does the program work?

We’re looking to offer great deals on the best virtual goods on Marketplace. Starting the first week of April, a new “Dash Deal” will be featured for one day each week—at a deep discount of at least 50% off—which will be available for 24 hours. Linden Lab will promote each Dash Deal to the general Resident population, helping to promote awareness of both the Merchant and Marketplace.

Rules and Requirements

How do Merchants get selected to participate?

Current Marketplace Merchants are invited to apply here by March 28, 2011. Keep in mind that we will not consider incomplete applications. We will be considering various factors when selecting the items to feature, including popularity of the product and brand on Marketplace and the potential to appeal to a wide audience. We will be focusing on a diverse set of products for the purposes of this test.

What happens if a Merchant gets selected?

If a Merchant is selected and agrees to participate, the Merchant must agree to split revenue with Linden Lab 50/50 (the Merchant receives 50%, Linden Lab receives 50%) on the featured Dash Deal item(s), must agree to the legal fine print (see below), and must agree to follow specific listing criteria, including:

  • A new listing must be created and displayed ONLY during the period specified by Linden Lab. The Dash Deal item must be from among the Merchant’s current Marketplace inventory, but it must be re-listed at the discounted rate (at least 50% off regular price).
  • The listing must use the icon overlay provided by Linden Lab on all images associated with the product.
  • The listing must provide a short explanation of the Dash Deal in the item description to be provided by Linden Lab.
  • The listing must be completed by the Merchant in an unlisted state for review at least one week prior to the scheduled Dash Deal date. The listing must be approved by Linden Lab prior to becoming active.
  • During the period of time the Dash Deal listing is active, the same product may not be for sale on the Marketplace in a new or pre-existing listing.

When will Merchants be notified?

The Linden Lab Marketplace team will notify selected Merchants by April 4, 2011. The Marketplace team will let the Merchants know the date of their “Dash Deal” and let them know by when they must list their “new” item with the criteria listed above.

Legal Fine Print

By submitting the Dash Deal application, Merchants agree to the following terms:

  • Their Second Life Marketplace account is currently in good standing.
  • The item that they’re submitting is appropriate for all audiences (adult-oriented content will not be accepted).
  • They agree to split revenue with Linden Lab 50/50 (the Merchants receive 50%, Linden Lab receives 50%) on the featured Dash Deal item(s).
  • They agree to mark down their item by at least 50% during the Dash Deal promotional period (no longer than 24 hours).
  • They agree to allow Linden Lab the right to publicize metrics related to the sale their Dash Deal item.

By submitting the application, Merchants grant Linden Lab a royalty-free license to display and use the above-identified Marketplace items in connection with the Dash Deal program. Merchants represent and warrant that they own or have all necessary rights and permissions to use and to authorize Linden Lab to use the above-identified SL Marketplace item(s), including all textures and other components of the item, in the Dash Deal program. Merchants also represent and warrant that the above-identified SL Marketplace items comply with the Second Life Terms of Service and SL Marketplace Terms of Service.

Pursuant to being selected to participate in the Dash Deal program, Merchants will be permitted to list one Dash Deal item at a price that is not in parity with inworld sales of that same item. The price disparity will be allowed only for the duration of the active listing of the Dash Deal item. Once the SL Daily has expired, any new listing of the item must conform with SL Marketplace Terms of Service.

Merchants must acknowledge and agree that Linden Lab shall have no obligation to promote the SL Marketplace item(s) that they submit and may remove items from the Dash Deal program for any reason without notice.