Day of Remembrance Sign Notecards

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Day of Remembrance (main landing point notecard:)

"Welcome to the Second Life Day of Remembrance.

This event is one day (24 hours) for us to remember our Second Life friends who have died in Real Life.

In the city of New Orleans, Louisiana, USA, when someone dies, all their friends gather for a parade in their honor. They play loud Jazz music as they move through the streets of the old town, carrying parasols and pictures of their friend. It is a time to celebrate the life of the dearly departed, as well as to mourn their passing.

This Region, the Big Easy, is a re-creation of the city of New Orleans. and we will have such a parade four times today. Please be in the parade with us at 6am, 11am, 5pm or 11pm SLT. The starting point is Big Easy (212, 238, 26). Choose an instrument to play, a parasol to twirl or a picture to carry as we all wind down the streets. If you haven't lost any SL friends, please join the parade to support those who have!

We also have 24 hours of live music on the adjoining Region, Biloxi, and an interactive memorial garden where you can plant a flower in someone's memory.

The entire city is open for your exploration! Thank you for joining us at this meaningful community event!

The Remembrance Team"

Build the Temple notecard:

"You can help us build this temple by making a donation to Relay for Life! Before you on the ground is a pile of prim building materials. To participate, click on a prim in that pile. Once you make a donation, that prim will fly into position in the temple! Your donation will go straight to Rely for Life, to help fight cancer."

Interactive Memorial Garden notecard

"This garden is in remembrance of all our Second Life friends who have died in Real Life. If you would like to plant a flower here for someone who has died, click on one of the grey memorial signs. You will get a choice of orange poppy, red corncockle, pink daylily or purple orchid. Next you will type the friends' avatar name in chat. It will only plant a flower if the name is spelled correctly, so check you spelling!"

Interactive memorial temple

This is a place to honor your dear lost ones. Sit down on a bench, watch the flower candles fly up in the sky. If you want to light your own candle for someone, simply type: /111 NameHere A candle will be added to the pond. After a while it will float up into the sky.