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Psyra Extraordinaire: G'mo... err, afternoon. :>
Jeremy Linden: Almost evening for me ;-)
Psyra Extraordinaire: Getting there, but not yet here.
Jeremy Linden: You're here for Documentation Office Hours?
Psyra Extraordinaire: Yeps. No questions, just felt like sitting in on things more often.
Psyra Extraordinaire: haven't hung around them since there used to be a Stage Four in Dore.
Jeremy Linden: That's cool, too! Up until last week, this particular office hours sessions was pretty sparsely attended.
Jeremy Linden: er. imagine that last statement had proper grammar :-)
Psyra Extraordinaire: Understandable. Wiki's moderately thoughrough but everyone's got their Q's.
Psyra Extraordinaire: Eventually.
Jeremy Linden: Well, my hope is that these sessions will help me to improve the Knowledge Base in unforseen ways-- Someone may suggest a new idea for how we organize our articles, or they may suggest an article I would never have thought to include.
Jeremy Linden: Or better yet, I might find a whole new medium for imparting tutorial knowledge :-)
Psyra Extraordinaire: True. Will be a lot easier when we got web-on-prims.
Psyra Extraordinaire: Dynamic content update inworld without needing XML knowledge. :D
Psyra Extraordinaire: Well, texture that is, more than 'content'.
Jeremy Linden: I've been considering that, too. I briefly toyed with the idea of using inworld prim books for some basic tutorials, but the work involved wound up outweighing the gains.
Psyra Extraordinaire: Hmmm... might want to peek at the ... *checks inv*
Psyra Extraordinaire: A system someone made up... very nice.... hmm.
Psyra Extraordinaire: THiNC press system.
Jeremy Linden: Well, I managed to create a prototype book on my own. The problem is condensing a lot of knowledge into small textures.
Psyra Extraordinaire: Ahhh.
Psyra Extraordinaire: True.
Psyra Extraordinaire: Ot at least readable textures.
Psyra Extraordinaire: Without focing yourself to uploading everything in 1024x1024 and taking 2-3 minutes a page to fully load. :(
Psyra Extraordinaire: *forcing
Jeremy Linden: Yeah. That's not optimal, for a number of reasons.
Psyra Extraordinaire: Well, so far, the turnout for the meetin's a bit less then stellar. :D
Jeremy Linden: Another initiative I'm fighting for is to use SL's web browser to display the Knowledge Base. It's possible, I just need the right developers to devote time to it!
Psyra Extraordinaire: Guess it depends if there's any content in the KB that can't be displayed by the inworld browser, and I'm assuming the answer is "nothing in it can't"
Psyra Extraordinaire: People have already poked through the client to get F1 to display things outside of the standard help.
Jeremy Linden: My understanding is that it has trouble with things like javascript- You won't be able to file support tickets easily, for example. The KB portion seems to do ok, though.
Psyra Extraordinaire: or at least, before they made it open in a new browser window.
Psyra Extraordinaire: Mmmm, true. I don't think it handles cookies very well at all.
Psyra Extraordinaire: it seems to have a hardcoded "check and delete on every visit to the page" attitude.
Psyra Extraordinaire: or at least it never caches the pages, they always get fully reloaded and don't seem to get cached.
Jeremy Linden: I'm not an expert on HTTP or other browser-related topics, but I imagine the aim is to bulletproof the security as much as possible.
Psyra Extraordinaire: True.
Jeremy Linden looks around for attendees.
Jeremy Linden: Maybe I should have pimped these office hours at WindLight again :-)
Psyra Extraordinaire: There we go.
Shady Fox: Oh noes! A stalker!
Psyra Extraordinaire: Come on up.
Psyra Extraordinaire: Come help make Jeremy feel useful.
WidgetHUD v1.1: Psyra Extraordinaire has pinged you.
Jeremy Linden: Hello Shady!
Shady Fox: Curse you inital Lag!
Psyra Extraordinaire: Welcome to the ... uh.. Documentation Office Hours!
Shady Fox: Wot, no one visits you during your office hourse? :D
Psyra Extraordinaire: We're ALL so glad you could come!
Jeremy Linden: I think I get outclassed by Torley's office hours.
Shady Fox: I think so.
Jeremy Linden: But you have your choice of couches!
Psyra Extraordinaire: I could be at Torley's now, but I decided to be merciful!
Jeremy Linden: I appreciate it, Psyra!
Jeremy Linden: And Shady, too :-)
Shady Fox: \o/
Psyra Extraordinaire: (And I was at Torleys this morning. Oops, there goes my guilt) :D
Shady Fox: I had to take bro to the airport this morning.
Psyra Extraordinaire: Hmm ... Perhaps having it at the same time AS Torley's meeting is the problem.
Jeremy Linden: So, I don't suppose either of you has any questions/comments/concerns/suggestions regarding Second Life's Knowledge Base/wiki/help?
Psyra Extraordinaire: Unfortunately (may be good or not) I have no problem with it. :>
Shady Fox: lol. Durn couch has money as the default click action. :D
Jeremy Linden: Heh. That's what I meant, Psyra. I think Jon and I may be moving this office hour to a non-conflicting time next week.
Psyra Extraordinaire: other than "not enough users post examples of the script functions" but that's not LL's fault. :>
Jeremy Linden: Ooh... I'll have to fix that if it's moddable.
Jeremy Linden: Oh, you mean for the LSL wiki?
Shady Fox: Yeah, they should be defaulted to sit.
Entering god mode, level 200
Shady Fox: Or something.
Jeremy Linden: Sigh. Not moddable.
Shady Fox: My sitting sucks.
Psyra Extraordinaire: maybe it's just hinting that it's a very valuable family heirloom?
Shady Fox: I found some change in the couch. Can I have it?
Jeremy Linden: Knock yourself out.
Psyra Extraordinaire: Of course, being made of sculpties gives away its age.
Shady Fox: Uh... won't your talons scratch the cushions?
Jeremy Linden: It's ok, I think they're still set to "wood" as a material.
Psyra Extraordinaire: Phoenixes don't have large talons.
Shady Fox: Don't make Jeremy put plastic on the sofas.
WidgetHUD v1.1: Shady Fox has pinged you.
Psyra Extraordinaire: Chickens on the other hand...
Psyra Extraordinaire: A few corks'll fix that right up anyways.
Shady Fox: Heh.
Shady Fox: QuickPerch!
Psyra Extraordinaire: Now now, I have my own perch. :>
Shady Fox: Heh. You have all these fancy sofas and you sit on a simple chair?
Psyra Extraordinaire: I can't just sit on objects, I've yet to line my feet up with perches, and it's.. unprofessional for my feet to sink into stuff when I sit. :D
Psyra Extraordinaire: It's not that simple.
Jeremy Linden: Yeah... I liked the pose. Plus it separates me a little so people can find me easily.
Shady Fox: Fine. I'll use it. :P
Jeremy Linden: Heheh. Sounds like a job for llSitTarget, Psyra :-)
Shady Fox: A pole?
Jeremy Linden: A Festivus pole!
Psyra Extraordinaire: my normal perch does that. Drat, no object entry. :D
Shady Fox: Heh.
Psyra Extraordinaire: It's just missing its light.
Jeremy Linden: Ashlei Linden wanted a Festivus pole today... I figured it wouldn't be too hard to build a pole in SL :-)
Shady Fox: Yay! Now I have a festivus pole of my very own!
Jeremy Linden: Hello Spacey!
Psyra Extraordinaire: Bird-on-a-stick.
Spacey Maa: hi
Jeremy Linden: Are you here for Documentation Office Hours?
Shady Fox: Put a food processor on it with hooks on the top and you'll have the quisinart's hat rack!
Psyra Extraordinaire: Alloo!
Psyra Extraordinaire: better late than never!
Shady Fox: (bad dune pun)
Spacey Maa: i thought maybe i would talk to u
Jeremy Linden: Takeya, please don't ram people :-O
Takeya Yokosuka: sorry
Shady Fox: Not a Mosh Pit.
Jeremy Linden: Sure Spacey, have a seat!
Shady Fox: Hey, it's a pick-a-nick Table... any pick-a-nick baskets?
Psyra Extraordinaire: Sorry Yogi, all outta pic-a-nic baskets.
Jeremy Linden didn't get around to building pick-a-nick baskets.
Jeremy Linden: So, Spacey, what's up?
Spacey Maa: can anyone read a ticket or only the person who sarted it and lindens?
Spacey Maa: started
Jeremy Linden: Ooh, that's a good question. If you're talking about a Support ticket, I believe only the person who submitted the ticket and the Lindens can read it. I'm not 100% sure about that, but I'll see if I can ask around quickly.
Shady Fox: Durn mouse has been double clicking the right button a lot lately... maybe time for a new one. :P
Jeremy Linden: If you're talking about a JIRA issue (public issue tracker), everyone can see your ticket- but they need to, in order to vote for it :-)
Psyra Extraordinaire: JIRA tickets seem universal, people keep referencing them
Shady Fox: Oh, true. :D
Spacey Maa: no not a jira i don't think let me look
Psyra Extraordinaire: JIRA took the place of the old feature voting system.
Jeremy Linden: JIRA is also used for bug reporting now... it's a very powerful system, but it can be rather intimidating at first glance.
Psyra Extraordinaire: We used that for a while as well, before realizing after a few months it was overkill for us. :D
Spacey Maa: ok i'm looking at it and there is no jira in the web address
Psyra Extraordinaire: Nonprofit agency stuff.
Jeremy Linden: We use it internally as well, and I've grown to like it quite a bit.
Jeremy Linden: Spacey, if you were logged into Support when you submitted the ticket, there is no chance anyone other than you or the Lindens can see it.
Spacey Maa: its
Jeremy Linden: Right. If you were logged in at the time, you're safe. If you were logged in as a guest, there is a very small chance that a determined hacker could access it.
Jeremy Linden: He would need to know your email address, and he'd need to be very smart.
Psyra Extraordinaire: May be time to update 'Second Life Info > Solution Finder > Inworld Issue > Another Resident interfered with the operation of some vending or casino scripts and took my Linden Dollars.' :>
Psyra Extraordinaire: Casino scripts? Gasp! :D
Spacey Maa: i was logged in although it has me as spacey_maa maa
Jeremy Linden: Heh! Well, the vendor part is still valid :-)
Psyra Extraordinaire: True.
Jeremy Linden: You should be safe then, Spacey.
Psyra Extraordinaire: As an administrator of a network it's well known that people will twist the wording of ANYTHING in order to make what they do sound like it's "honest" :D
Psyra Extraordinaire: "We don't break the rules, we just bend them juuuust shy of breaking point".
Spacey Maa: ok because what i was writing about noone but a linden should see and i didn't want to let the cat out of the bag so to speak
Jeremy Linden: Noted. Glad I could help!
Jeremy Linden: While you're here, do you have any questions or suggestions for the Knowledge Base?
Psyra Extraordinaire: just so long as it was an issue that a Linden could handle. There's always that little gap, like "Not getting involved in resident disputes" and such.,
Jeremy Linden scribbles down "Can other people see my support tickets?" as a possible new article.
Spacey Maa: well i didn't put everything in because i wasn't sure and now noone has responded in over a month so do i start over?
Psyra Extraordinaire: Ii think if it's been a month -no one- will say "ANOTHER post? Why doesn't this person shut up?" :D
Jeremy Linden: You can submit another ticket, if you have more information now. It may have been directed to the wrong queue, or the Linden who took it may have decided there wasn't enough information to act on.
Jeremy Linden: Hello Kendall!
Psyra Extraordinaire: I can uderstand that for posting the same thing once or twice a day. :>
Kendall Dagger: Hi Jeremy
WidgetHUD v1.1: Kendall Dagger has pinged you.
Jeremy Linden: Welcome to Documentation Office Hours! Do you have any questions/comments/concerns/suggestions for the knowledge base or other SL documentation?
Kendall Dagger: I came across this looking 'round. I just wanted to listen in.
Kendall Dagger: But, everyone seems quiet now =0
Psyra Extraordinaire: Unfortunately, everyone wants to just listen in. :D
Shady Fox: Heh.
Jeremy Linden: Hehe. I think we have a 50/50 split between "people who want to listen in" and people who want to participate :-)
Kendall Dagger laughs
Psyra Extraordinaire: Perhaps we could switch to you talking about things you wanna do with the system and we can comment? :D
Kendall Dagger: Oh..ya..well trust me. Participation isnt generally an issue for me. I just wasnt sure what was adressed here.
Psyra Extraordinaire: Suddenly I feeel like the host of 60 Minutes.
Jeremy Linden: Ah. Well, I could start asking questions... I don't have anything prepared, but I'm sure I can remember a few stock ideas.
Jeremy Linden: For instance- If you could name one thing that bothers you the most about the Knowledge Base, what is it?
Kendall Dagger: Sorry..was thinking about online help. Trying to switch gears.
Jeremy Linden: Ooh... I'm not even sure we have online help anymore, except for non-English viewers.
Jeremy Linden: Unless you mean the little "?" buttons in the client. I'm starting to get involved in editing those.
Psyra Extraordinaire: Normally I'd complain that I use Opera browser and it doesn't work with it. The problem with that protest is.... that it does indeed work fine with Opera. So it's a rare case I can't complain about browser compatibility.
Kendall Dagger: ahh..ya. =) Thats what I was thinking.
Shady Fox: Uh oh... random people bugging me for monies.
Jeremy Linden: Well, I can field questions about online help as well, but I'm not nearly as well-versed on that subject. I started to get involved with the WindLight client.
Psyra Extraordinaire: The price of fame.
Jeremy Linden: Hrm... How about another question-
Psyra Extraordinaire: I'd have to load that up to see if there's any differences.
Kendall Dagger: The only issue I've had with Windlight..with limited the invisible AV at altitude.
Jeremy Linden: Do you feel that the material in the Knowledge Base is too technical? Not technical enough?
Shady Fox: Off topic: Are they also planning on adding the volumetric clouds as well? :D
Shady Fox: Oops.
Psyra Extraordinaire: I usually find it understandable, they don't talk greek most of the time.
Jeremy Linden: Eventually, Shady. That's a questions better saved for WindLight office hours, though :-)
Shady Fox: Oooo. Wind Light hours... are those the ones at the same time as Torley's?
Psyra Extraordinaire: Windlight + Nimbus... soooooomeday. :D
Jeremy Linden: that'll be "Nimble", Psyra :-)
Jeremy Linden: Lemme check their times-
Psyra Extraordinaire: oh, oops, that's named Nimble. Keep getting those mixed up.
Jeremy Linden: Tuesdays at 8am, and Thursdays at 1pm. I usually attend those as well.
Shady Fox: Heh. I thought it was Nimbus... :D
Psyra Extraordinaire: .. nopes, Nimble. (Sorry, back on topic) :D
Jeremy Linden: Anyway, the reason I asked about the technical nature of the KB is that we've had a small number of requests for much more technical topics, like best scripting practices for lag reduction.
Time Minder: You have been online for 1 hours.
Jeremy Linden: On the opposite side of the coin, we've had a few Residents complain that some of the articles in there -are- like Greek. I've been trying to make it a point to ask everyone their own opinion.
Kendall Dagger: This is where I'm good to listen. I rarely use the knowledge base. I'll make an effort to check it out more.
Jeremy Linden: Hello Bright!
Psyra Extraordinaire: Alloo
Bright Messmer: hi
Jeremy Linden: Welcome to Documentation Office Hours! Have a seat :-)
Bright Messmer: thank you
Shady Fox: Well, once in a blue moon I play with trying to script or modify a script and as long as there is some useful help entry that the editor can point to at the keyword selected, I'm happy to futz through it.
Jeremy Linden: Today, I'm mostly trying to field questions and/or suggestions regarding the Knowledge Base. Got any questions or concerns?
Shady Fox: Ok. KB, not 'help docs' got it.
Psyra Extraordinaire: ('trying' cuz he's finding it's harder than a root canal to get a q out of this bunch) :D
Bright Messmer: sorry--no--i've not really used it
Shady Fox: Do the KB entries get marked as obsolete when SL gets updated?
Kendall Dagger: I dont use it often simply because it's difficult to find the answers I'm looking for. I'm sorry I dont have any examples
Jeremy Linden: Hm. That's something I'll keep in mind, Kendall.
Shady Fox: That is, still left in as archival reference, but tagged at the beginning that it may no longer apply?
Jeremy Linden: As for marking entries as obsolete, we don't currently have a good way of tracking which entries become obsolete... aside from combing through and testing them all by hand.
Shady Fox: Yeah, that would be a big chore.
Jeremy Linden: We've recently instituted an "affects knowledge base" tag in our internal JIRA that I hope will help.
Shady Fox: Oh, cool.
Jeremy Linden: Of course, that may not help much for marking obsolete articles. It would require everyone at the company to be intimately familiar with every article :-)
Bright Messmer: ok--i'm in the kb now--i have a little text at the bottem of my screen that says' velocity' but a search of 'velocity' in the kb only returns "Next-owner permissions FAQ:"
Bright Messmer: (i put my velocvity hud on in the client menu
Bright Messmer: but if i did that by mistake--i would have trouble figuring out how to get rid of it
Jeremy Linden: Bright, I can see what you mean. I wonder if there's a good way to cover the entire Client menu without including an article on every single line of HUD text?
Jeremy Linden: Hello, Erwann!
Erwann Zerbino: Hi jeremy. Sorry to disturb you
WidgetHUD v1.1: Erwann Zerbino has pinged you.
Jeremy Linden: Not a disturbance at all! This is the Documentation Office Hours.
Bright Messmer: yes--i am trying to think of a keyboard shourtcut--that ppl may hit by accident that didplays info on hteir screen htat they don't want to see
Jeremy Linden: If you've got any questions, comments, concerns or suggestions for the Knowledge Base, have a seat!
Psyra Extraordinaire: I got one I hit all the time that I can't stand: alt-enter. :D
Psyra Extraordinaire: Fullscreening likes to cause client crashes. :D
Jeremy Linden: Bright, we do have a few articles on the Client menu, and at least one on how to disable the console, or as the article calls it "black box with white text"
Erwann Zerbino: No thanks. Bye Bye.
Jeremy Linden: Bye!
Bright Messmer: oh--blk box with white text is GOOD!
Psyra Extraordinaire: I have the console all the time without the window. The pitfalls of having a G15 keyboard.
Psyra Extraordinaire: it always pulls up the debug console on the display.
Jeremy Linden: Luckily, most folks shouldn't be able to accidentally activate Client menu functions, since even the keyboard shortcuts don't work unless the Client menu is visible.
Psyra Extraordinaire: Everyone looks so damned relaxed it feels guilty to say things and interrupt the silence..... :>
Shady Fox: Ah, but Torley likes to direct people to the Wild Side of SL.
Jeremy Linden: Hm. Since we seem to have come to a standstill on the KB, does anyone have thoughts on the Second Life wiki?
Psyra Extraordinaire: Perhaps replacing the sofas with mechanical bulls will fix that.
Jeremy Linden: Heheh.
Jeremy Linden: Ooh, there's a thought.
Shady Fox: Bouncy couch!
Shady Fox: [14:32] HotTamale McLaglen: Shady can u give me 500L pleaz? [14:33] HotTamale McLaglen: can u? [14:35] HotTamale McLaglen is offline.
Shady Fox: I'm so mean.
Jeremy Linden: Whoa.
Spacey Maa: sorry i've been distracted :)
Psyra Extraordinaire: Temporary launch... back in a sec. *Deruths*
Psyra Extraordinaire: Whee, jetlag.
Kendall Dagger: The one I've seen lately. And been approached with Shady, is "Pssst..its (whoever). I cant get in with my main account and had to make an Alt. I hate looking like a noob. Can you loan me some $?
Spacey Maa: have given up on using the knowledge base because i could never find anything
Jeremy Linden: Spacey, was it that you had trouble navigating, trouble searching, or the information just wasn't there?
Psyra Extraordinaire: I just use my alt to test permissions now... I've noticed some Blotter entries that sound like it's now illegal to give L$ to your alts. :(
Shady Fox: Maybe you can't get in your main account is because you were banned. :D
Kendall Dagger: The issue I had as well Spacey.
Spacey Maa: all of them i think
Kendall Dagger:'s not really someone you know Shady. The look for friends on your profile. Just a scam.
Kendall Dagger: *They
Jeremy Linden: The reason Jon isn't here this week is because he's doing some RL research with residents to see if we can find a better way to organize our articles :-)
Spacey Maa: just could never come up with anything helpful
Jeremy Linden: When you went in, were you looking for a specific answer to a question, or were you just browsing?
Spacey Maa: looking for something but it was so long ago i don't remember what
Jeremy Linden: We have a system in place for suggesting new articles when you can't find what you're looking for, but I think maybe we need to advertise it better.
Spacey Maa: i guess i found it easier to ask questions in one of my groups
Kendall Dagger: Yes Jeremy. The site in general can be difficult to navigate.
Flight ring: All Go
WidgetHUD v1.1: Kendall Dagger has pinged you.
Flight ring (left hand): All Go
Bright Messmer: hee hee--ok-p-i tried hitting ctrl D and enter (when my focus was in SL) and my monitors flickered, the screenr esolutions changed to like 800x 600
Bright Messmer: i ended up restarting my PC
Psyra Extraordinaire: The only one that confused me is ones that lead to broken parts of the support web. :(
Jeremy Linden: Doh.
Bright Messmer: now in the KB--i don't see any relevant info after serching for "ctrl D enter"
Psyra Extraordinaire: Ahh phone. afk
Jeremy Linden: We're actually working on a shiny new first page for the KB, which will hopefully be much easier to understand and navigate.
Spacey Maa: would be nice if it worked instead of bothering people with questions they get over and over in groups
Spacey Maa: maybe u could get the groups to give u a list of questions people ask over and over and make articles on them
Bright Messmer: so--what is this ctrl+d enter thing? is it SL specific? or windows?
Jeremy Linden: One of our ongoing goals is to make the KB more accessible and easier/more fun to use. We're very close to getting it out from behind the Support login, for instance.
Jeremy Linden: Bright, Ctrl+D is the "duplicate" function. It only works if you're editing an object.
Psyra Extraordinaire: Raa. Where was I. Like, last month I moved, and I went to cash out, and due to my change of address I put down my new address for where to send the cheque. Got emailed from Del Linden that the addresses didn't match and I'd have to update my CC info. IE 'e noted that your check request was being sent to a name and/or address other than the name and address you currently have on file with us' .... Which kinda stinks, cuz when my rent is low at the time I used to literally have the cheque sent directly to my landlord. :D
Bright Messmer: ok--and when not editing--if monkey's up my screen resloution??
Jeremy Linden: Ooh, more people!
Psyra Extraordinaire: But that's a billing issue so I'll shaddap. :D
Lil Whetmore: lol
Bright Messmer: it* monkeys up my screen resolution?
Bright Messmer: .
Jeadeen Niles: Hello.
Psyra Extraordinaire: Alloo!
Jeremy Linden: Bright, it shouldn't.
Jeremy Linden: Hello, Jaedeen!
Spacey Maa: bye
Jeremy Linden: Bye Spacey.
Bright Messmer: well--it's an annoying ATI AIW video card--i'll blame ATI!
Jeadeen Niles: Sorry about that.
Jeadeen Niles: Lag go me.
Jeadeen Niles: go=got.
Jeremy Linden: Jaedeen and Lil, we're on the tail end of Documentation Office Hours. Feel free to have a seat!
Psyra Extraordinaire: All-in-Wonder cards have always behaved badly for me... ALWAYS.
Psyra Extraordinaire: I've never kept one more than a month.
Lil Whetmore: thanks Jeremy im just here to listen and observe
WidgetHUD v1.1: Lil Whetmore has pinged you.
Bright Messmer: yes--nxt upgrade will be a better vidoe card for sure!
Jeremy Linden: Heh. Quote of the day :-)
Lil Whetmore: lol
Psyra Extraordinaire: Poor guy. :D
Jeadeen Niles: I am just exploring around, thanks for the invite.
Shady Fox: I can't get a better vidcard for my AGP motherboard.
Jeremy Linden: We've actually covered some very good ground today. I'm pretty happy with the conversation we've all had.
Kendall Dagger: Where is the schedule for these kinds of discussions?
Bright Messmer: ok--i'll start tracking my KB searches and see which ones are helpful and not--maybe i'll come back with a lot of good suggestions!?
Jeremy Linden: One moment, Kendall-- I'll find it in the wiki.
Kendall Dagger: Thank you
Lil Whetmore: darn i will have to do an out look reminder for next time
Jeremy Linden: Awesome! I'll love you for that, Bright :-)
Shady Fox: Pumped up Owl. :P
Bright Messmer: well--i'll come as an alt! i gotta read up on giving lindens to my alts first! eek!
Jeremy Linden: Documentation Office Hours are usually on Fridays at 2pm PST. We may or may not change times, because we're competing with Torley. Also, Jon Linden is usually here, too.
Kendall Dagger: read up? You can just pay them if that's what you mean.
Psyra Extraordinaire: I'd be careful aboutthat.
Jeremy Linden: I don't think there's anything wrong with giving L$ to your own alts...
Bright Messmer: oh good! i thought i read some chat that got me a bit concerned!
Kendall Dagger: And other discussions? Is there a master schedule of some kind?
Lil Whetmore: well i stopped by to see if this was just masochisim on ur part but it seems as if productive
Jeremy Linden: Here we go... a somewhat complete list of office hours, sorted by Linden:
Bright Messmer:
Bright Messmer: haha--ok have a good weekend bye
Psyra Extraordinaire: Something was in the blotter a few days ago I noticed, but it's scrolled off now. Something about "Risk API regarding payment and alt account abuse" ... made me wonder if LL flags you as API risk if you pay L$ to your alts. c.c
Kendall Dagger: TY =)
Jeremy Linden: It probably had something to do with laundering money through alts. I can't speak professionally on that, though.
Psyra Extraordinaire: So I'm holding off on that till i figure out if it's still safe for us to transfer L$ to our alts. :D
Lil Whetmore: the whole alt thing baffles me i have hard enough time dealing w/ Lils inv and issues
Shady Fox: There are no Beta Grid office hours with Joe? :D
Jeremy Linden: There may be, but office hours by project don't seem to be listed on that page.
Shady Fox: Yeah. that sucks.
Jeremy Linden: You might be able to find something about it on the blog?
Psyra Extraordinaire: I only need my alt mostly to verify permissions on items that I create and sell, since theres no way to guarantee them yourself.
Shady Fox: HAve to search page for projects.
Jeadeen Niles: I hardly have any time to get on SL, let alone build an alt.
Jeremy Linden: Heh.
Psyra Extraordinaire: I wish I had more time. :D
Lil Whetmore: that makes sence Psyra
Psyra Extraordinaire: But even if I did, I'm burning out enough as is. :D
Jeremy Linden: I hear you, Psyra.
Shady Fox: Heh, I use my alt for spending money. gotta love old characters with big stipends. :D
Jeremy Linden: Not about my Linden self, though ;-)
Jeadeen Niles: I am normally on only late at night. I SL instead of sleep.
Lil Whetmore: SLEEP?
Jeadeen Niles: What is that?
Psyra Extraordinaire: Almost four years soon, and running out of ideas.
Lil Whetmore: indeed
Shady Fox: Silly burd brain. :D
Jeremy Linden: Simultared bird intelligence? :-)
Lil Whetmore: Psyra what is ur business do u have LM
Shady Fox: Hint: look at Psyra's group title.
Lil Whetmore: im just an devote SL consumer
Psyra Extraordinaire: I've tried that on several occassions, but I'm just not the C++ type of person, I was from the BASIC generation. :D
Psyra Extraordinaire: just check my Picks/Classified listing. :D
Psyra Extraordinaire: Easiest way. :D
Shady Fox: Visual Basic is NOT 'BASIC'. :P
Jeremy Linden: Sadly, LSL is my strongest computer language.
Lil Whetmore: ok
Jeremy Linden: Luckily, I'm not a dev :-)
Shady Fox: At least I still have "FreeBASIC" to play with.
Jeremy Linden: At any rate, it looks like we've run over our timeslot for this week. Does anyone have any final questions befor we all wander off?
Psyra Extraordinaire: Not even VIsual Basic. I mean REAL basic. Like Commodore 64 Basic. Applie IIe Basic. :D
Psyra Extraordinaire: *Apple
Shady Fox: Ehh... What's up Doc? :D
Jeadeen Niles: Wow, Apple IIe.
Jeadeen Niles: Used to love those.
Lil Whetmore: jeremy TY for being here really
WidgetHUD v1.1: Lil Whetmore has pinged you.
Jeadeen Niles: Had a Vic20 as well.
Psyra Extraordinaire: Yes, it was informative. :D
Jeremy Linden: Heheh. Thank you all so much for coming. Even if you say you're just here to listen in, I appreciate your input.
Shady Fox: Most Lindens ROCK when they aren't overwhelmed with whiney people.
Jeremy Linden: See you all next week! :-)
Lil Whetmore: Psyra i will stop by ur business looks very interesting
Jeremy Linden tries to ROCK anyway.
Psyra Extraordinaire: Take care, I need to scoot too :D
Shady Fox: \o/
Shady Fox: \o/
Jeremy Linden waves
Psyra Extraordinaire: Caw! ^_^
Jeadeen Niles: I just followed an link you had on the blog. Didn't know what I would find.
Psyra Extraordinaire: See you. :>
Shady Fox: Caw?