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[2008/02/01 13:56]  Connected
[2008/02/01 13:58]  You: Hi Becky! Welcome to Documentation Office Hours.
[2008/02/01 13:58]  Becky Pippen: Hi Jeremy, thanks! And Happy Friday :-)
[2008/02/01 13:58]  WidgetHUD v1.1: Becky Pippen has pinged you.
[2008/02/01 13:59]  You: Busy Friday, too :-)
[2008/02/01 14:00]  Becky Pippen: any chance you might have heard if the beta grid will come back up today? Or about Babbage's 3pm meeting 
scheduled on the beta grid for Mono if the beta grid is still down then?
[2008/02/01 14:00]  You: Oh dear! I didn't realize the beta grid was down... I hadn't heard about it until you mentioned it just now.
[2008/02/01 14:01]  You: I did have some fun playing with Mono the other day, though... I hope it comes back up in time for the meeting.
[2008/02/01 14:01]  Jon Linden: sorry i'm late!
[2008/02/01 14:01]  Becky Pippen: Hi Jon! Happy Almost-Weekend
[2008/02/01 14:01]  You: Heh. It is. And closer for me than for him.
[2008/02/01 14:01]  Jon Linden: ^___^
[2008/02/01 14:02]  Jon Linden: don't let me interrupt; i've got an email i need to finish and then i am 100% in here for reals
[2008/02/01 14:02]  You: Whenever I see that emoticon with the extended mouth, I always want to say, "Why the long face?"
[2008/02/01 14:02]  Becky Pippen: :-)
[2008/02/01 14:02]  Jon Linden: now you've got that joanna newsom song going in my head
[2008/02/01 14:03]  You: Hello Arawn. Welcome back to Documentation Office Hours!
[2008/02/01 14:03]  You: I guess we should get started, eh? We actually have an agenda item for this week :-)
[2008/02/01 14:03]  Arawn Spitteler: Yey
[2008/02/01 14:03]  You: It's come up before, but we'd like to chat about it in more detail-
[2008/02/01 14:04]  You: We're looking for new and better ways for Residents to make suggestions for new Knowledge Base articles, and/or 
changes to existing articles.
[2008/02/01 14:05]  You: Currently, you need to know that "Knowledgebase suggestion" is a help ticket type, which isn't very intuitive.
[2008/02/01 14:05]  Jon Linden: it's also kind of horrible in terms of its signal/noise ratio
[2008/02/01 14:05]  You: As a result, we get a whole lot of support requests, and very few suggestions that might improve the KB.
[2008/02/01 14:06]  You: One possible solution we've been discussing is to add a "Knowledge Base" component to the WEB project in public 
[2008/02/01 14:06]  Arawn Spitteler suggests covering all wikis in that
[2008/02/01 14:06]  You: While I'm sure this would result in more meaningful info, I'm worried that most Residents will be too intimidated 
by JIRA to file their requests, which means that we'll lose the folks who we need to hear the most.
[2008/02/01 14:07]  Becky Pippen: yup
[2008/02/01 14:07]  You: Arawn, there is currently a "" component under the WEB project, which is why the KB would also 
make sense there.
[2008/02/01 14:08]  Arawn Spitteler: I'd suggest making DOC a seperate project
[2008/02/01 14:08]  You: Perhaps... but it's not even a separate project internally :-)
[2008/02/01 14:08]  Arawn Spitteler: I wouldn't know WEB from SVC
[2008/02/01 14:09]  Arawn Spitteler: UI is external, rather than Internal
[2008/02/01 14:09]  You: SVC is, to my understanding, another way of saying "Second Life's servers", while WEB is our websites.
[2008/02/01 14:09]  Jon Linden: this kind of highlights why PJIRA might not be an ideal location for submitting KB improvement suggestions
[2008/02/01 14:09]  Arawn Spitteler: Internal thought is useful to know, for external access, but not always known to those accessing
[2008/02/01 14:10]  You: Heh. Sorry, don't mind my comment about internal JIRA... I was just musing.
[2008/02/01 14:11]  Arawn Spitteler: Right, but if the Projects are organized according to who's receiving them, that might not make any 
sense to those who don't know WEB from VWR
[2008/02/01 14:11]  Jon Linden: there are ways of configuring JIRA to notify specific people when certain things get filed; that's not 
really the issue
[2008/02/01 14:12]  Jon Linden: the issue mostly lies in ensuring that Residents who use PJIRA know where to file their KB suggestions
[2008/02/01 14:12]  You: Hm. Well, we do "triage" new JIRA tasks, to make sure they're properly assigned, but your point is valid-- If 
people don't know how to submit a suggestion, it might not end up in the right place at all.
[2008/02/01 14:12]  Jon Linden: exactly
[2008/02/01 14:12]  Arawn Spitteler: Yeah, and they could be confused by signs to the Dispensary or Refrectary, when they wan to get lunch
[2008/02/01 14:13]  Becky Pippen: problem is you're trying to reach out to the very group of people who are least likely to warm up to JIRA
[2008/02/01 14:13]  Jon Linden: it's definitely a concern
[2008/02/01 14:13]  You: Not entirely, Becky, but they are a *group* of people we need to reach out to.
[2008/02/01 14:13]  You: Occasionally, we've received KB suggestions through PJIRA, and they've been the most helpful and easy-to-implement 
suggestions we ever received.
[2008/02/01 14:14]  Arawn Spitteler: The other day, I might even have filed a Jira, I was trying to look up how to edit a Wiki, and the 
instructions were too advanced
[2008/02/01 14:14]  You: But... that's likely because the people who use PJIRA know exactly what they want, and how to communicate it.
[2008/02/01 14:14]  Jon Linden: one idea we're sort of kicking around is making a simple web form for people to submit KB suggestions with
[2008/02/01 14:14]  You: Ah, yes. Something as simple as a page with some posting guidelines and a text box with a "submit" buton.
[2008/02/01 14:15]  You: er, button.
[2008/02/01 14:15]  Arawn Spitteler: Does the Wiki have its own Sandbox?
[2008/02/01 14:15]  Jon Linden: the wiki's not really my area of expertise
[2008/02/01 14:15]  Jon Linden: it's relatively easy to see a preview of your proposed edits to any wiki page, though
[2008/02/01 14:16]  You: Can you explain that a little better, Arawn? You can create your own article, and play with the "preview" button :
[2008/02/01 14:16]  Tegg Bode: yes wiki in iself is even a bit intimidating for less computer savvy, also the question of why do I need to 
log in to something to look up tha answer to a question? comes to mind.
[2008/02/01 14:16]  You: Tegg, that'll be a thing of the past very soon.
[2008/02/01 14:16]  Becky Pippen: yay!
[2008/02/01 14:16]  Krise Shepherd: hi guys
[2008/02/01 14:16]  You: We're gearing up to release a bunch of major upgrades to the Support portal, and removing the login for the KB is 
one of them.
[2008/02/01 14:16]  Arawn Spitteler: Logging in to look up things, might leave people nervous about Phishing, but I understand that's in the 
[2008/02/01 14:17]  You: Hi Krise! Welcome to Documentation Office Hours!
[2008/02/01 14:17]  Becky Pippen: Hi Krise
[2008/02/01 14:17]  Tegg Bode: Yes in an analogy it's like going to a place for help and finding it locked and you need a key :)
[2008/02/01 14:17]  Arawn Spitteler: So, SVC is for Servers, rather than Service?
[2008/02/01 14:17]  Jon Linden: in that analogy, Tegg, everybody actually has a key
[2008/02/01 14:17]  You: Our agenda for today revolves around finding new and better ways for Residents to suggest improvements to the KB, 
[2008/02/01 14:17]  Becky Pippen: Are you able to get a report of the search terms people use for KB and which ones got no hits? Or would 
knowing that help in any way?
[2008/02/01 14:18]  Arawn Spitteler: Is there a channel of rMentors?
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[2008/02/01 14:18]  Jon Linden: i don't think Parature tracks search term data like that, Becky, but i might be wrong
[2008/02/01 14:19]  You: Now, there is a good metric- search terms that don't work. We may be able to twist Parature's arm and make them add 
it someday :-)
[2008/02/01 14:20]  You: Has anyone had a good experience with making knowledge base suggestions for other products? What made it a good 
[2008/02/01 14:21]  Jeremy Linden feels like a professor who needs to single out a student for an answer :-P
[2008/02/01 14:21]  Becky Pippen: lol
[2008/02/01 14:21]  Krise Shepherd ducks, dont pick me Jeremy i am still rezzing
[2008/02/01 14:21]  WidgetHUD v1.1: Krise Shepherd has pinged you.
[2008/02/01 14:22]  Jon Linden: heh
[2008/02/01 14:22]  Arawn Spitteler was just teaching a building course, and it's very similar
[2008/02/01 14:22]  Jon Linden: let's just say, by way of a for-instance, that there was a button on the splash page for the Knowledge Base 
that said "Submit a KB Suggestion"
[2008/02/01 14:22]  Tegg Bode: lol, well I haven't used KB much, and can't say it's been very useful or easy to find the info I want
[2008/02/01 14:22]  Jon Linden: let's further say that this button took you to a simple web form like Jeremy described, with posting 
instructions and a Submit button
[2008/02/01 14:22]  WidgetHUD v1.1: Jon Linden has pinged you.
[2008/02/01 14:22]  Jon Linden: would you use it?
[2008/02/01 14:23]  Arawn Spitteler: I think you'd mostly get "I'm lost, and don't know how to read."
[2008/02/01 14:23]  Becky Pippen: well, you mean like asking Customer Service to keep records of the common issues? Like, here we could ask 
Mentors/VTeam for feedback from the front lines?
[2008/02/01 14:23]  Jon Linden: that sort of noise would be easy to filter for
[2008/02/01 14:23]  You: Becky, those would be the best kind of people to submit suggestions.
[2008/02/01 14:23]  Tegg Bode: I would probably post a suggestion like make it more easy to find what I want with less branching dead ends 
[2008/02/01 14:23]  Arawn Spitteler: I'd suggest a metric, or maybe a file, of questions the Mentors couldn't look up easily.
[2008/02/01 14:23]  Jon Linden: Becky, that's actually something on my list of emails to write!
[2008/02/01 14:24]  Jon Linden: Tegg, what kind of information are you looking for that you can't find?
[2008/02/01 14:24]  Arawn Spitteler: Has Krise joined in the past week? He might be able to help
[2008/02/01 14:24]  Arawn Spitteler: Where would you go for advice, Krise?
[2008/02/01 14:24]  You: Heh. Krise looks almost a year old.
[2008/02/01 14:24]  Krise Shepherd: i would ask becky
[2008/02/01 14:24]  Becky Pippen: lol
[2008/02/01 14:24]  Jon Linden: hahaha
[2008/02/01 14:25]  Krise Shepherd: yeah i have rezz day soon
[2008/02/01 14:25]  Arawn Spitteler: Ah, over a year old, maybe and I had the day wrong
[2008/02/01 14:25]  Time Minder: You have been online for 1 hours.
[2008/02/01 14:25]  Arawn Spitteler: Month too, I'm accoostomed to 2007
[2008/02/01 14:25]  Tegg Bode: Well I just went in there now to look up how group land bonus works and ended up at
[2008/02/01 14:26]  Krise Shepherd: i would actually just write a sentence and use google
[2008/02/01 14:26]  Tegg Bode: which is how to search the knowledge base when what I wanted to do was search the knowledge base
[2008/02/01 14:26]  You: I like the idea of filtering by Mentors and other officialy Volunteer groups. They would logically have good 
insight into the questions we aren't properly answering.
[2008/02/01 14:26]  Jon Linden: Tegg, i agree that does not seem useful
[2008/02/01 14:26]  Jon Linden: how did you go about getting there?
[2008/02/01 14:27]  Arawn Spitteler: That would be a good place for a panic button
[2008/02/01 14:27]  Tegg Bode: I started at Help in the viewer, went to second life help, then worked out I needed to login
[2008/02/01 14:27]  Jon Linden: i just typed "group land bonus" into the search box and
questionID=4041 was the first result
[2008/02/01 14:27]  You: Hm. Maybe our KB front page should just say, "DON'T PANIC"
[2008/02/01 14:27]  Becky Pippen: :-)
[2008/02/01 14:27]  Krise Shepherd: gggggg
[2008/02/01 14:27]  Krise Shepherd: 42
[2008/02/01 14:28]  shawn123 Aeon: whats up
[2008/02/01 14:28]  Jon Linden: tegg, that login is definitely not ideal, and we're working on getting rid of it very soon!
[2008/02/01 14:28]  You: Hello shawn123. Welcome to Documentation Office Hours.
[2008/02/01 14:28]  Arawn Spitteler wonders if a choice of Don't Panic Button and Panic Button should go to the same place.
[2008/02/01 14:28]  shawn123 Aeon: is this a gruop
[2008/02/01 14:28]  shawn123 Aeon: group
[2008/02/01 14:29]  Arawn Spitteler: Office hors
[2008/02/01 14:29]  Tegg Bode: then at I saw the book link with knowledge base , so 
I clicked it
[2008/02/01 14:29]  shawn123 Aeon: can u plz add me
[2008/02/01 14:29]  You: We're currently discussing/brainstorming ways to improve the Knowledge Base suggestion process... the way in which 
Residents can suggest changes to the Knowledge Base.
[2008/02/01 14:29]  Tegg Bode: I didn't even see the tiny search windoe
[2008/02/01 14:29]  Tegg Bode: window
[2008/02/01 14:29]  Type 12 Shuttle (USS Ajax) whispers: Mode: Hover
[2008/02/01 14:30]  shawn123 Aeon: can u give me a tuor
[2008/02/01 14:30]  Krise Shepherd: maybe some sort of mind map navigation would be good
[2008/02/01 14:30]  shawn123 Aeon: tour
[2008/02/01 14:30]  You: Sorry shawn123, no tours leaving from here :-)
[2008/02/01 14:30]  shawn123 Aeon: a tour of your house
[2008/02/01 14:31]  shawn123 Aeon: it looks awsome good building skills
[2008/02/01 14:31]  You: The building over there is actually solid... there's no inside :-)
[2008/02/01 14:31]  shawn123 Aeon: ohhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh!!!!!!!!!!!
[2008/02/01 14:31]  Tegg Bode: lol, I never noticed :)
[2008/02/01 14:31]  shawn123 Aeon: hear do u want a huge buildind for your buisness
[2008/02/01 14:31]  Jon Linden: tegg, that navigation issue you describe is also part of something we plan on revising
[2008/02/01 14:32]  Tegg Bode: cool, yes and make the search window more obvious
[2008/02/01 14:32]  Arawn Spitteler wonders if Shawn is familiar with Igo, or Black and White Chess: Have you tried the documentation yet, 
Shawn? That's what we're focused on improving
[2008/02/01 14:32]  You: No need, shawn. We're here to discuss the Knowledge Base. If you've ever been lost and unable to find information 
about Second Life, let us know about it!
[2008/02/01 14:32]  Becky Pippen: Jon, you mean to replace the contents tree on the left with a different nav aid?
[2008/02/01 14:32]  shawn123 Aeon: does any one hear need need a buildind job i will do it for free a huge building
[2008/02/01 14:33]  shawn123 Aeon: im a builder
[2008/02/01 14:33]  Jon Linden: Becky, it's more like the main splash page for the KB will be getting a revisit from a design standpoint -- 
it should be much easier to find information by category. the contents tree on the left won't be going anywhere!
[2008/02/01 14:33]  Becky Pippen: cool :-)
[2008/02/01 14:34]  Jon Linden: although the tree itself will be getting reorganized
[2008/02/01 14:34]  You: ...but it may get rearranged, based on input for a cross-section of Residents.
[2008/02/01 14:34]  Jon Linden: yes, what Jeremy said
[2008/02/01 14:34]  WidgetHUD v1.1: Jon Linden has pinged you.
[2008/02/01 14:34]  shawn123 Aeon gave you Black Tinted Glass Mini Mall.
[2008/02/01 14:34]  Tegg Bode: lol. most of us are builders mate, but this isn't the place to be chasing work, you need to try forums or 
putting an ad in classifieds
[2008/02/01 14:34]  You: Er, I meant to say, input FROM a cross-section of Residents! ;-P
[2008/02/01 14:35]  shawn123 Aeon: i agree u need to build and suceed in your buisness
[2008/02/01 14:36]  shawn123 Aeon: do u need fast space shuttles for free they work ferfectly
[2008/02/01 14:36]  shawn123 Aeon: u can use them for dilevery
[2008/02/01 14:36]  You: Another angle we could attack the KB suggestion problem from, is "How can we encourage people to make a Knowledge 
Base Suggestion after they've failed to find the information they want?"
[2008/02/01 14:37]  You decline Hover ship seat from shawn123 Aeon.
[2008/02/01 14:37]  You decline Type 12 Shuttle (USS Ajax) from shawn123 Aeon.
[2008/02/01 14:37]  Jon Linden: Shawn123, i advise you to listen to Tegg -- this is a topic-specific Linden Office Hour, not a place for you 
to advertise indiscriminately
[2008/02/01 14:37]  Entering god mode, level 200
[2008/02/01 14:37]  Jon Linden: jeremy brings up a good question whose answer has proven somewhat elusive thus far
[2008/02/01 14:37]  WidgetHUD v1.1: Jon Linden has pinged you.
[2008/02/01 14:38]  Arawn Spitteler: Set the panic button over to help desk training
[2008/02/01 14:38]  You: Tegg, you in particular seem to have had troubles with the KB in the past-- What would motivate you to submit a 
knowledge base suggestion?
[2008/02/01 14:39]  Tegg Bode: Hmm hard to do seen most people are in a frustrated mood when they hit a dead end, they just want to rewind 
back and search another branch of the tree
[2008/02/01 14:39]  shawn123 Aeon: how old is every one here
[2008/02/01 14:39]  shawn123 Aeon: guys all sound very smart and educated
[2008/02/01 14:40]  You: shawn, you can see our Second Life ages in our profiles.
[2008/02/01 14:40]  shawn123 Aeon: can i get a job here
[2008/02/01 14:40]  You: Hmm... So Tegg, you tend to search by manually exploring the folder tree?
[2008/02/01 14:41]  You: Is there a given point where you give up?
[2008/02/01 14:41]  Tegg Bode: Well when I didn't realise there was a search window I dO :)
[2008/02/01 14:41]  Jon Linden: shawn123, this isn't really a good place to be asking for a job; please try to stay more on-topic.
[2008/02/01 14:42]  shawn123 Aeon: i bid u all adou
[2008/02/01 14:42]  Tegg Bode: bye
[2008/02/01 14:42]  Jon Linden: tegg, i've found the KB search to be pretty good at delivering the results i'm looking for, but if it's 
failing others, i'd like to know
[2008/02/01 14:43]  Tegg Bode: so now I realise the book knoledge base link is a dead end I search the side bar which looks more helpful
[2008/02/01 14:43]  Jon Linden: that side bar search is what i mean; it seems pretty useful to me!
[2008/02/01 14:43]  You: Hm. That's an interseting issue.
[2008/02/01 14:43]  You: Oh, I see what happened.
[2008/02/01 14:43]  Jon Linden: that entire splash page is getting a redesign
[2008/02/01 14:43]  Jon Linden: the new version will be much less confusing!
[2008/02/01 14:44]  You: When you click the knowledge base link from the support portal, it links to a folder with only one article in it- 
the one Tegg found.
[2008/02/01 14:44]  Tegg Bode: yes which is a biy offputting
[2008/02/01 14:44]  You: But, as Jon said, we're fixing it very soon :-)
[2008/02/01 14:45]  Tegg Bode: Ok just a little sideline one too I went into controls and looing around expecting to find keymapping for the 
viewer, with no luck either
[2008/02/01 14:46]  Jon Linden: i'm not sure we have a comprehensive article for that, actually
[2008/02/01 14:46]  Becky Pippen: oh, that's a good one that comes up now and then
[2008/02/01 14:46]  You: You mean ways to change keymapping, or just a list of contorls?
[2008/02/01 14:46]  You: er, controls?
[2008/02/01 14:47]  You: I think it may be buried in there somewhere, but that potential article would fit PERFECTLY into one of the new 
categories we'll be using when we reorganize the KB.
[2008/02/01 14:47]  Jon Linden: and if it doesn't exist yet, we can always write it!
[2008/02/01 14:47]  Tegg Bode: well a list of controls, fo example where is the jump key, I always use the movement controls window for it 
:) Or how do I use my joystic to move or cam?
[2008/02/01 14:48]  You: I use "E" to jump, but you can also use PageUp, I think.
[2008/02/01 14:48]  Jon Linden: i can tell you right now that PageUp is a good jump control
[2008/02/01 14:48]  Becky Pippen: That was cute Jon :-)
[2008/02/01 14:48]  Jon Linden: i'm all about demonstration!
[2008/02/01 14:49]  You: I was pondering creating a one-page PDF document that encapsulated all the basic controls needed for getting around 
SL- all the movement controls, how to use the camera, how to chat. I figure it should be printable, so you don't need to flip between SL and 
your browser to read it while you learn.
[2008/02/01 14:49]  Free Radar HUD v1.0 by Crystal Gadgets (Babeli 128,128,22)
[2008/02/01 14:49]  Couples MultiAnimator v2e whispers: * Abranimations Couples Animator Ready...
[2008/02/01 14:49]  Jon Linden: it's a really excellent idea
[2008/02/01 14:50]  You: Do you think that would see a lot of use, among the general population?
[2008/02/01 14:50]  Becky Pippen: great idea! A cheat sheet for common movement and camera controls!
[2008/02/01 14:50]  You: Heh. That's actually what I called it, too.
[2008/02/01 14:51]  Jon Linden: not to belabor a point, but i can definitely see the exact perfect place for that in the new KB folder 
structure ^_^
[2008/02/01 14:51]  Jeremy Linden checks JIRA to make sure it's still there.
[2008/02/01 14:51]  You: One potential problem I ran into with that- why it stalled - was that it's considerably harder to internationalize 
a PDF.
[2008/02/01 14:51]  Tegg Bode: yes it would be helpful, the cursor keys is pretty well ingrained from start but other less used keys like 
crouch/jump are a mystery
[2008/02/01 14:52]  You: Indeed.
[2008/02/01 14:52]  You: Did you know spacebar removes all kinetic energy from your avatar? You can hang in the air with it.
[2008/02/01 14:52]  You: It's also useful for taking small steps.
[2008/02/01 14:52]  Jon Linden: i like to imagine that some intrepid volunteer would step up and translate such a PDF cheat sheet on his/her 
own initiative
[2008/02/01 14:52]  You: Gotta hold it down, Jon.
[2008/02/01 14:53]  Becky Pippen giggles
[2008/02/01 14:53]  Jon Linden: i'm learning things here!
[2008/02/01 14:53]  Krise Shepherd grins
[2008/02/01 14:53]  Tegg Bode: Hmm didn't know about space bar
[2008/02/01 14:53]  Krise Shepherd: me neither
[2008/02/01 14:53]  Krise Shepherd: nice hint
[2008/02/01 14:53]  You: That one -is- in the KB, I think in on of Torley's Tips & Tricks articles.
[2008/02/01 14:53]  Arawn Spitteler: Wasn't Space Bar in a tip of the week, recently?
[2008/02/01 14:54]  Jon Linden: it might've been
[2008/02/01 14:54]  You: Maybe! I know Torley likes to use it a lot.
[2008/02/01 14:54]  Jeremy Linden revives the internal JIRA for the cheat sheet.
[2008/02/01 14:54]  Arawn Spitteler: It doesn't stop me from falling
[2008/02/01 14:55]  You: It works better in Havok 4... you can hang stationary in the air.
[2008/02/01 14:55]  You: On Havok 1, it just slows you down a lot.
[2008/02/01 14:55]  Arawn Spitteler didn't notice any slow
[2008/02/01 14:55]  You: You have to hold it down :-)
[2008/02/01 14:56]  Arawn Spitteler: I held it to the point of going splat
[2008/02/01 14:56]  Jon Linden: you have to turn off the chat bar
[2008/02/01 14:57]  Arawn Spitteler: That might be it
[2008/02/01 14:57]  Jon Linden: in any case -- this has been an interesting and productive office hour for me!
[2008/02/01 14:57]  Jon Linden is looking at the notes taken
[2008/02/01 14:57]  Becky Pippen: yay!
[2008/02/01 14:57]  Krise Shepherd: :-)
[2008/02/01 14:57]  Krise Shepherd: sorry i came late and i crashed on top
[2008/02/01 14:57]  You: Yeah, thanks for the great input, guys.
[2008/02/01 14:58]  Arawn Spitteler: Something I mentioned in passing, on the Jira, a friend was having issues with Havoc 43, on her sim, 
and tried to enter a support ticket
[2008/02/01 14:58]  Krise Shepherd: missed half of it if not more
[2008/02/01 14:58]  Jon Linden: krise, totally not a problem -- feel free to come back next week!
[2008/02/01 14:58]  You: No worries, Krise!
[2008/02/01 14:58]  Krise Shepherd: yes i would happily come back
[2008/02/01 14:58]  Krise Shepherd: i would like to contribute
[2008/02/01 14:58]  Tegg Bode: cool glad I could help by being lost in KB :)
[2008/02/01 14:58]  Arawn Spitteler: She hadn't the spending level, to receive support, and it didn't succeed in directing her someplace 
[2008/02/01 14:59]  You: Arawn, simply owning a sim makes you a concierge customer...
[2008/02/01 15:00]  Arawn Spitteler: She was renting a parcel, from a sim owner. Teh sim owner came on line, when I was there, and she was 
organizing a protest rally
[2008/02/01 15:00]  Tegg Bode: Yes but owning a 4096 makes you the same as the homeless :)
[2008/02/01 15:00]  You: Also, thanks for taking the time to share your experience, Tegg :-)
[2008/02/01 15:00]  Jon Linden: i've got to follow up on some of these items now -- everyone have a good weekend!
[2008/02/01 15:00]  Tegg Bode: cool np :)
[2008/02/01 15:00]  Becky Pippen: Bye Jon!
[2008/02/01 15:00]  You: Bye Jon!
[2008/02/01 15:00]  Arawn Spitteler: All she got was that she'd have to spend U$125/mo
[2008/02/01 15:01]  Arawn Spitteler: I don't know what was sent to her.
[2008/02/01 15:01]  You: Ouch. Did she try to ask the Region owner to submit the request?
[2008/02/01 15:01]  Tegg Bode: Hmm that's a aslap in the face being asked to pay for help
[2008/02/01 15:01]  You: Well, it depends on what sort of request she was making.
[2008/02/01 15:01]  You: Someone renting in a private Region can't request support for the Region itself.
[2008/02/01 15:01]  Tegg Bode: well it's probably easy for a new user to end up there
[2008/02/01 15:01]  Arawn Spitteler: I think the region owner did, but the next issue of Havoc is this weekend, and her roadster is still 
borked, and her house gets returned
[2008/02/01 15:02]  Arawn Spitteler: Her house warming was supposed to be last week, but Rezzers aren't supported by current Havoc 4
[2008/02/01 15:02]  Becky Pippen: the estate managers should step up and be the conduit for that kind of support
[2008/02/01 15:02]  Arawn Spitteler: She was upset
[2008/02/01 15:02]  You: If it's a Havok 4 bug, she could either report it in public JIRA, or visit Havok 4 office hours...
[2008/02/01 15:03]  Arawn Spitteler: Yes, I don't think she's any confidence that anyone could walk into office hours
[2008/02/01 15:03]  Tegg Bode: She sounds like she is new and that is like way above her understanding if that is the case
[2008/02/01 15:04]  You: Hm. Unforunately, I'm not an expert on Havok 4. There's not much more I can say about the technical side.
[2008/02/01 15:04]  Tegg Bode: And office hours don't work fo us down under, except Fridays as it is Sat morning here
[2008/02/01 15:04]  You: Ouch!
[2008/02/01 15:04]  Arawn Spitteler: This isn't for Support, of course, but what she was sent in refusal might be examined
[2008/02/01 15:05]  Arawn Spitteler: Aussie Lindens might not be a bad idea, and I happen to know someone who'd like a job in Sidney
[2008/02/01 15:05]  You: If I'm not mistaken, I believe we have at least one Australian Linden.
[2008/02/01 15:05]  Arawn Spitteler: Office Hours?
[2008/02/01 15:06]  You: Hm. I'd have to check. I can't remember who it was, at the moment.
[2008/02/01 15:06]  Tegg Bode: Cool, but us Aussies don't know in general who that is and one would soon get swamped if we annoyed the hell 
out of them in prference to others
[2008/02/01 15:06]  You: Heheh.
[2008/02/01 15:07]  You: Are you all Aussies?
[2008/02/01 15:07]  Arawn Spitteler is in Connnecticut.
[2008/02/01 15:07]  Becky Pippen is on SL time
[2008/02/01 15:07]  Arawn Spitteler: It must be early in the morning, on the other side of the world
[2008/02/01 15:07]  Tegg Bode: 9am here
[2008/02/01 15:08]  You: Ok, so we do have a diverse crowd here after all :-P
[2008/02/01 15:08]  Krise Shepherd: i am in germany
[2008/02/01 15:08]  Becky Pippen: Krise is GMT and AFK
[2008/02/01 15:08]  Becky Pippen: ooh :-)
[2008/02/01 15:08]  You: Excellent! I guess this time slot is relatively friendly, then :-)
[2008/02/01 15:09]  Tegg Bode: So Friday afternoon is good office hours for us, but I think Europeans have similar issues to to a lesser 
extend, and probably Hawaiians and others in between the other direction
[2008/02/01 15:09]  You: Though I suppose it is the middle of the afternoon for people living on the US West Coast.
[2008/02/01 15:09]  Krise Shepherd: i think this time as it was today is perfect for me
[2008/02/01 15:09]  You: Good to hear :-)
[2008/02/01 15:10]  You: Unforunately, I don't think it's possible to have one session that accomodates every time zone on the planet.
[2008/02/01 15:10]  You: But this one feels close enough!
[2008/02/01 15:10]  Krise Shepherd: well you wont believe it
[2008/02/01 15:10]  Krise Shepherd: i have to organize a bachelor party
[2008/02/01 15:10]  Krise Shepherd: for a couple here in sl
[2008/02/01 15:10]  Krise Shepherd: she is in NY and he is aussie
[2008/02/01 15:10]  Krise Shepherd: and i am right between in europe
[2008/02/01 15:10]  Krise Shepherd: lol
[2008/02/01 15:10]  Krise Shepherd: but it will work
[2008/02/01 15:11]  Tegg Bode: Yes and you need to go with the majority of customers, Aussies and Japanese are a lesser percentage
[2008/02/01 15:11]  Arawn Spitteler doesn't think a Bachelor Party would be appropriate for the Bride
[2008/02/01 15:11]  Krise Shepherd: the bride isnt invited
[2008/02/01 15:11]  Krise Shepherd: but she asked me to organize it ;-)
[2008/02/01 15:11]  Tegg Bode: Hmm SL bucks night, that could be wild
[2008/02/01 15:12]  You: Heheh. Well, thanks again everyone. This was a very good Documentation Office Hours! See you next week :-)
[2008/02/01 15:12]  Arawn Spitteler envisions a Medusa Rezzing in a cake
[2008/02/01 15:12]  Becky Pippen: Bye Jeremy!