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[14:34]  You: Hey guys.
[14:34]  Becky Pippen: Hi Jeremy :-)
[14:34]  WidgetHUD v1.1: Becky Pippen has pinged you.
[14:34]  Kooky Jetaime: Hi Jeremy
[14:34]  WidgetHUD v1.1: Kooky Jetaime has pinged you.
[14:35]  Kooky Jetaime: tried commingt o your meeting but
[14:35]  Kooky Jetaime: grid griefers are being a pita
[14:35]  You: It looks like Beaumont is down for the count right now... I was just chatting with Periapse, and it looks like it doesn't want to come back up via normal means.
[14:35]  Becky Pippen: ut oh
[14:35]  Kooky Jetaime: I was in it when she went
[14:36]  Kooky Jetaime: She didn't just d/c
[14:36]  Kooky Jetaime: I started walking into infinity
[14:36]  You: I don't usuall work on the backend side of things, so I can't really convey more info about that. Wanna just set up and chat on this sandbar here?
[14:37]  Becky Pippen: sure
[14:37]  Kooky Jetaime: sure
[14:37]  Kooky Jetaime: had to
[14:37]  Kooky Jetaime: I've been bounced 4 times
[14:37]  Kooky Jetaime: and logins are a total nightmare
[14:37]  You: Me too... I'd have been here sooner, but login kept bouncing me to places like Korea.
[14:37]  Kooky Jetaime: I think, IMNSO, that this was a well concerted grief.
[14:37]  Kooky Jetaime: so
[14:38]  Kooky Jetaime: if LL wants to pass it off as "Just network difficulties." I'm goin be very.. dissatisified
[14:38]  Jeremy Linden sighs.
[14:38]  You: Hopefully it'll be explained in adequate detail on the blog soon.
[14:39]  Kooky Jetaime: oh
[14:39]  Kooky Jetaime: and
[14:39]  Kooky Jetaime: pick a blog
[14:39]  Kooky Jetaime: theres nothing on the main blgo
[14:39]  Kooky Jetaime: blog
[14:39]  Becky Pippen: It was DISSENT, it might have been random, or not. I doubt anyone will just "pass it off" :-)
[14:39]  Kooky Jetaime: its all on the "new" blog right now
[14:39]  Kooky Jetaime: well, robin flat out talked out her butt Tuesday when I asked about a griefing event a week later
[14:39]  Kooky Jetaime: she said "There was no grief"
[14:40]  Kooky Jetaime: She's not a Jedi.
[14:40]  You: She might not have remembered the specific incident. Not everything that goes wrong with Second Life is the direct result of a griefer conspiracy :-)
[14:41]  You: Hi Teagan!
[14:41]  Teagan Linden: Heya :)
[14:41]  You: These are the determined survivors of what would normally be my office hour :-)
[14:41]  Teagan Linden: Hi all :)
[14:41]  Becky Pippen: :-)
[14:42]  Teagan Linden: This looks like a nice place for discussion though :)
[14:42]  Sandor Jacobus: hi :)
[14:42]  You: Yeah, but it's not as comfy as our normal couches!
[14:42]  Teagan Linden: The sand looks pretty soft
[14:42]  Kooky Jetaime: No.. not every time.. but...
[14:42]  Teagan Linden: Yep, its nice.
[14:43]  Kooky Jetaime: Lets see if I slide
[14:43]  You: Heh. I think I have a few leftover couches in my inventory from when Jon and I went shopping.
[14:43]  Kooky Jetaime: I'm fine
[14:44]  You: Heh. Fair enough.
[14:44]  You: So... did any of you guys have any documentation concerns this week?
[14:45]  Sandor Jacobus: maybe hermione
[14:45]  Sandor Jacobus: lol
[14:45]  Kooky Jetaime: well
[14:45]  Kooky Jetaime: I have to say this
[14:45]  Kooky Jetaime: I think dividing the blog into two blogs is adding to the confusion over what second life is.
[14:45]  Kooky Jetaime: because
[14:46]  Kooky Jetaime: Unless that blog will cover every setup using SLG(tm) tech, then??/
[14:46]  You: I'm not sure I follow.
[14:46]  Kooky Jetaime: ok
[14:46]  Kooky Jetaime: you know about the new SLG service blog?
[14:46]  You: Yes, that's very new.
[14:46]  Kooky Jetaime: well
[14:47]  Kooky Jetaime: the thing is, The Grid is the tech under Second Life Proper.
[14:47]  Kooky Jetaime: Why is the tech have a status report?
[14:47]  You: Hm.
[14:47]  You: Well, the underlying thinking was this:
[14:47]  Kooky Jetaime: Its not the tech, its This Individual Grid Implimentation, known commonly as Second Life.
[14:47]  Kooky Jetaime: SLG doesn't exist as an active thing...
[14:48]  Kooky Jetaime: (I'm still in the group saying that naming it second life grid was a bad idea)
[14:48]  You: The status updates on the main blog tended to generate an awful lot of overflow feedback on totally unrelated posts. We thought that by separating the status updates from the more conventional news, we'd get much more relevant feedback.
[14:49]  You: Now, whether we call the status updates "SL Grid Updates" or not wasn't my call, but I can see where you're coming from.
[14:49]  Kooky Jetaime: Right, but I think it was bad placement.
[14:49]  Kooky Jetaime: yea
[14:49]  Kooky Jetaime: I think the grid tech needs to be renamed.
[14:49]  Kooky Jetaime: or SL renamed, since noone can yet define Second Life
[14:50]  Kooky Jetaime: Is it a community, service, product, world, environment, access method?
[14:50]  Kooky Jetaime: its like everything is clumped under "SL"
[14:50]  You: Heh. The definitely sounds like something to bring up at Robin's office hours, since it sounds like you already attend :-)
[14:50]  Kooky Jetaime: and then you call it Second Life Grid tech below it.
[14:50]  You: Or maybe Catherine? Hmm...
[14:50]  Kooky Jetaime: Catherine even have hours anymore?
[14:50]  Teagan Linden: Good to meet you all - I have to get going :)
[14:50]  You: Be well, Teagan.
[14:50]  Teagan Linden: You too :)
[14:50]  Becky Pippen: bye Teagan
[14:51]  Sandor Jacobus: seeya
[14:51]  Sandor Jacobus: Tegan
[14:51]  Teagan Linden grumbles.... failed tp....
[14:51]  Teagan Linden: :P
[14:51]  Teagan Linden: Later :)
[14:52]  You: Hm. Catherine's office hours aren't listed on the wiki. My guess is that Robin is probably you best choice, then.
[14:53]  Kooky Jetaime: ok, hate to spew and run, but foods on the table.. I'll think about it, just came up with a great analogy for her too
[14:53]  Kooky Jetaime: see ya later (Gonna squat and log so I can read what y'all say after dinner)
[14:53]  You: Can't wait to hear it! Have some good food :-)
[14:53]  You: Oh, I actually post office hours logs. Lemme find the link...
[14:54]  You:
[14:56]  You: In other news, it turns out that our experimental HTML tutorial (if you're on the RC Client, see Help > Tutorial) didn't test very well, so I'll be taking an active role in helping to make it better.
[14:57]  You: We're going to try to align it closely with the PDF quick start guide I'm working on, in an effort to send a clear, unified message to new folks.
[14:57]  Becky Pippen: cool
[14:58]  You: In fact, Jon's talking to that team right now, which is part of the reason why he's not here.
[14:58]  You: The other part being that he couldn't log in :-)
[14:58]  Becky Pippen: is there any connection between the HTML tutorial, the quick start guide, and the HUD they give out on OI?
[14:59]  You: Only in philosophy... the HTML tutorial is intended to eventually replace the OI HUD.
[14:59]  Becky Pippen: oh I see
[14:59]  You: The PDF guide is going to be sort of an expanded version of the HTML guide... Something that could potentially get handed out at conferences or could sit on your desk.
[15:00]  Becky Pippen: ooo that will be nice
[15:00]  You: I hope so!
[15:01]  You: Anyway, I'm just about out of time for this week. I'm sorry we got started so late! Does anyone have any closing questions or remarks?
[15:02]  Becky Pippen: nothing else
[15:02]  Becky Pippen: thanks for making the best of the situation :-)
[15:02]  You: Always!
[15:02]  You: I hope to see you all next week. Hopefully we'll get to have our usual spot back :-)
[15:02]  Becky Pippen: yes :-)
[15:03]  Becky Pippen: Have a wonderful weekend!
[15:03]  You: You, too!