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[13:54]  Kooky Jetaime: hey
[13:54]  Kooky Jetaime: Two questions
[13:54]  You: Hi Kooky.
[13:54]  Kooky Jetaime: 1) who is/was Malbers?
[13:54]  You: Malbers is a Linden :-)
[13:54]  Kooky Jetaime: and 2) is Meta still working there, because he seems to have abandoned his office hours
[13:55]  You: As far as I know, Meta's still here, too.
[13:55]  You: I can check to see if Meta is on vacation...
[13:55]  Kooky Jetaime: well, I asked about Malbers from all the missing signs
[13:55]  You: Oh, that's Magellan!
[13:55]  Kooky Jetaime: well his peak usage statistic is from September in his office
[13:55]  Kooky Jetaime: Magellan,
[13:55]  Kooky Jetaime: I know Malbers :P
[13:55]  Kooky Jetaime: silly me
[13:56]  You: Magellan is kind of a mythical explorer. Lemme see if I can find some of his background information.
[13:56]  You: He discovered a few of Second Life's new continents, years ago!
[13:56]  Kooky Jetaime: well, fictional linden?
[13:56]  Kooky Jetaime: I'm surprised he's not Livingston Linden
[13:57]  You: Heh. Not a bad idea :-)
[13:57]  You: Here we go:
[13:58]  You: He's also mentioned on the SL wiki here:
[13:59]  You: And I think this was related as well... I'm not sure. Magellan's last voyage was before my time as a Linden!
[13:59]  You:
[14:00]  Kooky Jetaime: btw
[14:00]  Kooky Jetaime: I missed Prospero's hour this week
[14:00]  You: Unfortunate! He's got a great public communication voice.
[14:01]  Kooky Jetaime: can you send him a quick email and slap him for putting grid status reports on the wrong blog.
[14:01]  Kooky Jetaime: I like prospero.. and Neuro
[14:02]  Jacer Shepherd: Any idea why I can't Fly up to the deck ? I click FLY at the bottom menu, and I smash into the ground :)
[14:02]  You: Are you wearing any scripted attachments that might push you down?
[14:02]  Jacer Shepherd: no,
[14:02]  You: If all else fails, just try sitting on one of these seats. They'll pull you in :-)
[14:02]  Kooky Jetaime: where is he?
[14:03]  Jacer Shepherd: Thank you , the sit worked.
[14:03]  Kooky Jetaime: I found that theres a glitch in the physics engine
[14:03]  Kooky Jetaime: hehe
[14:03]  Kooky Jetaime: I don't think Andrew liked it
[14:03]  Kooky Jetaime: he called it noise.
[14:03]  Jacer Shepherd: I was below the deck, since TP isn't working, it couldn't resolve the slurl from the blog,
[14:03]  You: Doh.
[14:03]  You: Can you fly now?
[14:03]  Jacer Shepherd: no
[14:03]  Jacer Shepherd: it is borked
[14:04]  You: How strange! I don't think it's an issue with the region here....
[14:04]  Kooky Jetaime: The magic floating box
[14:04]  You: Oh, yeah.
[14:04]  You: Sometimes we go magic floating avatars, too :-)
[14:04]  Kooky Jetaime: well
[14:05]  Kooky Jetaime: it floats up slowly, even though it should remain static
[14:05]  Kooky Jetaime: interesting
[14:05]  Kooky Jetaime: its stopping
[14:05]  Kooky Jetaime: noones grabbing it, right?
[14:05]  You: I'm not...
[14:06]  Kooky Jetaime: welll
[14:06]  Kooky Jetaime: now thats interesting
[14:08]  Kooky Jetaime: it stops
[14:08]  You: Kooky, this is interesting to me, but I must warn you I have absolutely no ties to the Havok project.
[14:09]  Jacer Shepherd: Jer, can you explain in "one sentence or less" RSS feeds? Why to they lag so much the original posting (this assumes my reader IS configured to read very often, which for this example, it is:)
[14:10]  You: Hmm... I'm not sure about the mechanics of RSS or our blog. I've wondered that myself, sometimes.
[14:10]  You: How much of a delay do you usually see?
[14:10]  Jacer Shepherd: 15 - 20 min
[14:11]  Jacer Shepherd: This afternoon, it was 20 min from the time I saw the update on the website, till it showed up on my feed.
[14:11]  Kooky Jetaime: Wordpress itself is lagged 15-20m ins
[14:11]  Kooky Jetaime: er mins
[14:11]  Kooky Jetaime: its a data replication delay I thin
[14:11]  Jacer Shepherd: I was manually refreshing my feeds every 2-3 mins
[14:11]  Kooky Jetaime: think
[14:11]  Jacer Shepherd: kk, ty :)
[14:11]  You: That would be my unprofessional guess... posts usually show up pretty quickly for me in Google Reader.
[14:11]  Kooky Jetaime: I've seen things pop up on the main blog 10-20 mins after their alleged "post" tme
[14:11]  Kooky Jetaime: time
[14:12]  Jacer Shepherd: Yes, I have other Feeds that are very fast.
[14:12]  Kooky Jetaime: oh my box was returned eh?
[14:12]  You: Looks like. Autoreturn here is only 5 minutes.
[14:12]  Kooky Jetaime: I'll have to mention that to Andres
[14:12]  Kooky Jetaime: er Andrew
[14:12]  Kooky Jetaime: why does it stop at 35m
[14:12]  Kooky Jetaime: wheres your partner in crime?
[14:13]  Jacer Shepherd: While we're on the topic, Who Was This Guy QWERTY, anyway, and why does he make little-teeny-tiny-keyboards, and GREAT BIG OVERSIZED ones ??
[14:13]  You: Ah! Right... Jon's out today.
[14:13]  You: I'm sure he's in cahoots with Dvorak.
[14:13]  Jacer Shepherd: Probably
[14:13]  Kooky Jetaime: I don't know who made my keyboard.... its just..blank
[14:13]  You: Heh! That's cool, too.
[14:13]  Jacer Shepherd: And the guy at BELL LABS that switched the 10-key upsidedown
[14:14]  You: Ok, now you're confusing me :-)
[14:14]  Jacer Shepherd: You're kidding, right?
[14:14]  Kooky Jetaime: phone keys Jeremy
[14:14]  WidgetHUD v1.1: Kooky Jetaime has pinged you.
[14:14]  Kooky Jetaime: 1-9 top to bottom
[14:14]  Kooky Jetaime: calculators are bottom to top
[14:14]  You: Oh, yeah, I get that.
[14:15]  Kooky Jetaime: but since the touch tone was second I think...
[14:15]  Kooky Jetaime: yea, he was confusing
[14:15]  Jeremy Linden is a relatively young computer geek.
[14:15]  Kooky Jetaime: Jacer - the better question is why was bell labs thinking we would dial in hex, not decemel
[14:15]  You: Web 2.0 references, I'm more likely to get :-P
[14:16]  You: So... do you guys have any burning Documentation questions for me, this week? Looks like it's going to be a quiet one.
[14:16]  Jacer Shepherd: BELL LABs provided the Ultimate User Solution .... if the operators can use your system faster than your switches work, just SLOW down the Operators by frequently changing the input device.
[14:17]  Jeremy Linden thought that was the legend behind QWERTY as well.
[14:17]  Kooky Jetaime: Actually
[14:17]  Jacer Shepherd: I just would like to re-enforce the comment that EVERY SINGLE COMMAND that appears on a menu, particularly the menus across the top, have to be in the KB.
[14:17]  Jacer Shepherd: I know you are working in that direction,
[14:17]  Kooky Jetaime: it was not to slow you down as much as to place the keys so that the more frequent ones were seperated from the pins
[14:17]  Jacer Shepherd: so just don't let that goal drop
[14:18]  Kooky Jetaime: I want to rewrite the menus into something more logical
[14:18]  You: Heh. Jacer, do you include "Advanced" in that group? There's a lot of stuff in there that's confusing even to Lindens.
[14:18]  Jacer Shepherd: not so much :)
[14:19]  You: Hi Casandra! Welcome to this week's sleepy Documentation Office Hours :-)
[14:19]  Casandra Zolnir: Hello
[14:19]  Kooky Jetaime: Jeremy - Especially the Advanced group
[14:19]  WidgetHUD v1.1: Kooky Jetaime has pinged you.
[14:19]  You: Hi Rodney. Welcome to Documentation Office Hours.
[14:19]  Kooky Jetaime: if the Lindens don't know what it does, how could we be expected to?
[14:19]  Rodney Sands: Thank you Jeremy
[14:19]  WidgetHUD v1.1: Rodney Sands has pinged you.
[14:19]  Jacer Shepherd: but everything else should have an entry, and somehow, the relavance of the search should have it appear near the top, if that is all that is typed.
[14:20]  You: Kooky-- Once upon a time, that menu wa scalled the "Debug" menu. There are definitely some useful tools in there, but I don't think it's productive for me to explain what every single rendering debug mode does.
[14:20]  You: Hi Siyanne. Welcome to Documentation Office Hours.
[14:21]  Casandra Zolnir: I agree with you Jeremy, and there is info in the Wiki
[14:21]  Jacer Shepherd: I think there is a good article about most of the debug functionality, very picturesque, so those keywords could point to that article,
[14:21]  WidgetHUD v1.1: Casandra Zolnir has pinged you.
[14:22]  You: At any rate, we're working on it... I realized this week that we're missing some rather basic ones.
[14:22]  You: "how do I fill in my profile".
[14:22]  You: Though we did import a Torley video for that one :-)
[14:22]  You: Hi Mat. Welcome to Documentation Office Hours.
[14:22]  Casandra Zolnir: Jeremy I have two questions for you if you have a moment
[14:22]  WidgetHUD v1.1: Casandra Zolnir has pinged you.
[14:22]  You: Of course!
[14:23]  Casandra Zolnir: The first one is concerning Groups
[14:23]  Casandra Zolnir: The new IM ability in Groups need to have a control for the owners of the group to enable it or disable it
[14:23]  Casandra Zolnir: Is that in the works
[14:24]  Casandra Zolnir: It Causes a lot of unwanted Spam
[14:24]  You: I'm sorry Casandra, I'm not involved in the development of new features... I just tell you how to use them once they're in :-/
[14:24]  Kooky Jetaime: Jeremy - I know about Client and Server... but everything should have an entry.. at least in the wiki, then steal from there... even if it only says advanced, etc
[14:24]  WidgetHUD v1.1: Kooky Jetaime has pinged you.
[14:24]  Casandra Zolnir: Awww ok
[14:24]  You: Heh. I'll talk to Jon about it next week when he's back in, Kooky.
[14:25]  You: Hi Smith and Arawn. Welcome to Documentation Office Hours!
[14:25]  Mat McNair: okay, I know there was a new version release today... I went to download it a few mins ago... it says file not found.
[14:25]  Jeremy Linden checks.
[14:25]  Arawn Spitteler:
[14:25]  Arawn Spitteler just taught Teddy Bear Construction, based on this page:
[14:25]  Kooky Jetaime: Jeremy do you do any wiki editing or just KB?
[14:25]  WidgetHUD v1.1: Kooky Jetaime has pinged you.
[14:26]  You: I am capable of editing the wiki, but for now it's outside my responsibilities. I've got my hands more than full just with the KB.
[14:26]  Kooky Jetaime: Well
[14:26]  You: Hi Xavier. Welcome to Documentation Office Hours.
[14:26]  Xavier Irwin: hi thanks
[14:26]  Xavier Irwin: just passing
[14:27]  Kooky Jetaime: Perhaps entries in the KB for the client/debug stuff, then point them at the Wiki. put stubs in and people can fill in the rest. for the time being
[14:27]  Mat McNair: has anyone else not been able to acess the new version?
[14:27]  Kooky Jetaime: go back in a month or two, and take from the wiki relevant stuff and backfill the KB
[14:27]  You: Mat, I don't see any announcement of a new version on the blogs.
[14:27]  Kooky Jetaime: It would practically write itself then :)
[14:27]  Mat McNair: hmmm...
[14:27]  Arawn Spitteler must fetch in groceries
[14:28]  Kooky Jetaime: talking about a RC ?
[14:28]  You: Heh. Kooky, Jon and I were working on a plan to create a new Wiki portal for exactly what you're describing. Unfortunately, we had to put it on hold for this quarter so we could actually maintain the KB's factual accuracy :-P
[14:28]  Jacer Shepherd: Ahh yes, the Auto_KB_Writing_Feature. ... Is that part of Vista ???
[14:28]  You: Hi Deryk. Welcome to Documentation Office Hours.
[14:29]  Deryk Brun: Hi
[14:29]  You: Oh man. The day that feature comes out, I'll either have a real easy job, or no job.
[14:29]  Jacer Shepherd: So we thot with Auto_Code :)
[14:29]  You: Casandra, did you have a second question?
[14:30]  Kooky Jetaime: If it comes as part of Vista, then fear not, you'll have a job as it will either hang, or crash every so often
[14:30]  Kooky Jetaime: And it will run at a snails pace anyway
[14:30]  Casandra Zolnir: I did however I relize this is all documentation talk, so You will not beable to assist me. Thank you anyway
[14:31]  You: Well, I might be able to point you at the right person, or KB articles that may help!
[14:31]  Casandra Zolnir: No worries thank you
[14:31]  You: Thanks for stopping by, anyhow. Have a good weekend.
[14:32]  Casandra Zolnir: you too, lol if I can tp out haha
[14:32]  You: Ouch. Maybe I really *should* move this time.
[14:32]  You: Everyone's getting off work on the east coast and logging into Second Life just to mess up my office hours :-)
[14:32]  Casandra Zolnir: oh well I guess im staying.
[14:32]  Jacer Shepherd: hehehe
[14:33]  Casandra Zolnir: Well I wish it was that reason, however I have the problem tp constently lol
[14:33]  Casandra Zolnir: very frustrating.
[14:34]  You: Heh. I know... Lindens don't get any special powers for making teleports work better.
[14:34]  Casandra Zolnir: haha I know...
[14:34]  Casandra Zolnir: ill keep trying. don't let me interupt...
[14:35]  You: Smith, got any input, burning questions, philosophical musings?
[14:35]  You: We usually don't have a set agenda here... most weeks we just discuss whatever comes up.
[14:35]  Smith Fanshaw: Not at the moment, thanks :)
[14:35]  You: That's cool, too.
[14:36]  You: Anyone visited any fantastic places, lately?
[14:37]  Jeremy Linden drops a pin and listens :-P
[14:38]  You: Hmm... let's see... what can I say to spark controversy....
[14:38]  You: Oh!
[14:39]  You: I spent most of this week preparing to replace all the screenshots in the KB with Dazzle screenshots.
[14:39]  You: C'mon... everyone's got an opinion on Dazzle!
[14:42]  You: Hi Tegg. Welcome back!
[14:42]  You: Got any conversation topics, KB or otherwise?
[14:42]  Tegg Bode: Hmm, not off hand
[14:43]  Tegg Bode: We lose Jon?
[14:43]  You: Jon's out today... just me flying solo.
[14:43]  You: To much snoring, apparently.
[14:43]  Tegg Bode: LOL, you've changed jumpers too :)
[14:43]  You: Yep! I gave myself a clothes makeover.
[14:43]  Kooky Jetaime: hmm
[14:44]  Kooky Jetaime: NOOO DZZZZLE
[14:44]  Kooky Jetaime: icky icky ciky
[14:44]  Kooky Jetaime spits and sputters on the floor
[14:44]  You: I guess we could spill over conversation topics to include the blog, though that's really Katt's domain.
[14:44]  Tegg Bode: Hmm you right there Kooky?
[14:44]  You: Heh. Before you arrived, I tried to stir the pot by mentioning Dazzle.
[14:44]  Kooky Jetaime: I've heard badd things about dazzle
[14:45]  Tegg Bode: Dazzle seems ok to me but many others think it's too bright so skinable would be good
[14:45]  You: I like some of the features that are coming with it, but on some levels the contrast settings and color choices hurt my eyes.
[14:45]  Kooky Jetaime: personally I wish someone would finally get a new installer going so you could have side-by-side installs of different versions and be able to uninstall them to non-default directories.
[14:45]  Kooky Jetaime: hurts a lot of peoples eyes
[14:45]  You: Hm. Well, you can already install RC and the main Viewer separately.
[14:46]  You: In fact, RC, Beta, First Look, and main viewer all have unique install locations.
[14:46]  Tegg Bode: Hmm I have side by side install of 3 versions with no problems, maybe even 4 if one of theold ones still works
[14:47]  Tegg Bode: Or have they removeed the specify directory option?
[14:47]  You: I think I only have three versions on this system, but about a year ago I had no less than seven different SL installs on my work PC.
[14:47]  You: I don't think the install process has changed...
[14:48]  Tegg Bode: I got messages on all 3 versions today saying I needed to download a new update, to login but there wasn't a file available for download, so I ignored it and got in ok
[14:49]  You: Huh. Interesting. You're the second person today to say that.
[14:49]  You: To my knowledge, we didn't release any new viewers last night...
[14:49]  Tegg Bode: Perhaps that sort of trick could be in a Knowledge base on login problems?
[14:50]  You: That might be classified as a "workaround", in which case it should probably be included in a bug report in the public issue tracker.
[14:50]  Kooky Jetaime: Jeremey - but you can't have side by side of "release" versions
[14:50]  You: Or, it sounds appropriate to the eventual Resident Advice portal.
[14:50]  Kooky Jetaime: well, you can
[14:50]  Kooky Jetaime: but you can't properly uninstall them
[14:51]  You: Hm. Interesting. Why would you want concurrent main release viewers?
[14:51]  Tegg Bode: oh the RC's yes I have 2 non working versions I need to delete, but generally I find the latest is the best anyways
[14:52]  Time Minder: You have been online for 1 hours.
[14:52]  You: My understanding is that we don't often require a new viewer download unless it includes some sort of mandatory security or functionality update.
[14:52]  Kooky Jetaime: Jermemy - slap JP please. from the blog: "-If you’ve been the victim of fraud, contact our fraud hotline at 800 860 6990. Then, talk about it. Post your experience to forums, blogs and chat. Tell others about who it was and how it happened." he should have left that last part off cuz it almost sounds like a "please spam groups to tell them how you got duped"
[14:53]  You: Viral education. Interesting.
[14:53]  Tegg Bode: "7. I've suddenly and unexpectedly turned into an ugly woman." Hmm that's a bit harsh on poor Ruth, its' on the common problems page of the knowledge base :)
[14:54]  You: Heh!
[14:54]  You: That might change, soon. One way or another :-)
[14:54]  You: Hi Saijanai. Welcome back. We're near the end of Documentation Office Hours.
[14:54]  Jeremy Linden almost typed Duckumentation.
[14:54]  Kooky Jetaime: Viral education will get people AR'ed
[14:55]  Saijanai Kuhn: yeah, had something to pass onto kate but she's not here today, eh?
[14:55]  Arawn Spitteler: That's the Quack Spelling
[14:55]  You: Fridays are actually Kate's weekend... she sometimes shows up here on her own time, though.
[14:55]  Kooky Jetaime: Ok
[14:55]  Kooky Jetaime: I've got 6" grass calling so have a good day
[14:55]  Saijanai Kuhn: ah, OK. I'll leave it on the blog. She might see it amongst all the noise
[14:55]  Arawn Spitteler's client is now being caled away: Try to catch you guys next week.
[14:55]  You: Have a good weekend, Kooky.
[14:55]  Tegg Bode: Hmm yes the wording implies it's ok to name names, have fun mowing :)
[14:56]  You: Have fun, Arawn.
[14:56]  You: Hrm. Did JP leave comments open?
[14:56]  Kooky Jetaime: heh, maybe
[14:56]  You: Some of us try to encourage all Blog-posting Lindens to pay close attention to their comments, and participate as much as possible.
[14:56]  Kooky Jetaime: Noo, no mowing.. costs $20+ to mow our yard right now
[14:56]  Kooky Jetaime: bye
[14:57]  You: I know Kate will probably catch anything helpful. As will Sidewinder, or me, on any of my posts :-)
[14:57]  Tegg Bode: Hmm nothing about what to do when logining in if it says viewer update required in KB so far
[14:57]  You: Hm. I guess I'll add "How to update your viewer software" to the list of KB articles to be written.
[14:59]  Saijanai Kuhn: I'll pass on to you guys my suggestion in case Kate misses it: there still should be a link on the startup page to the Linden Blog.
[14:59]  Tegg Bode: Well when it works it's self explainatory but maybe if the direct link doesen't work then a note saying look on the downloads page, or if all else fails try get in anyway.
[14:59]  Saijanai Kuhn: there's a grid status link, but no blog link
[15:00]  You: Saijanai, isn't there a section for "latest news" or something similar, that posts a feed of the blog?
[15:00]  Tegg Bode: Maybe also an entry on how to install multiple versions of the viewer
[15:00]  Saijanai Kuhn: I didn't notice it when I started teh viewer.
[15:00]  Saijanai Kuhn: doesn't mean its not there of course
[15:00]  You: I think it's in one of the top corners. I may be mistaken, though. I usually don't pay much attention to anything except the name and password fields.
[15:01]  You: At any rate, I think our time is up for this week. Any closing questions or remarks?
[15:01]  You: going once....
[15:02]  You: Going twice....
[15:02]  You: SOLD.
[15:02]  You: Have a good weekend, everyone!
[15:02]  Saijanai Kuhn: lars
[15:02]  Tegg Bode: lol bye :)