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[14:03]  Jon Linden: this is an avatar of quality, for sure
[14:03]  Tegg Bode: OMG, The Gelatinous cube is after the teddy bear! :)
[14:03]  McCabe Maxsted: haha
[14:03]  Jon Linden: you can see that the fruit within remains safely undigested
[14:03]  McCabe Maxsted: oh woah!
[14:04]  McCabe Maxsted: that's awesome, ricken XD
[14:04]  Jon Linden: should the bear happen to be absorbed, i can vouch for its continued physical integrity
[14:04]  Jon Linden: ricken, that is quite the av
[14:04]  McCabe Maxsted: where'd you get it?
[14:04]  You: Hi all... I am experiencing something that can only be described as "slower than 56k connection speed", so I shall return after a system reboot. I'm sure Jon can keep you entertained until I get back! :-)
[14:04]  Tegg Bode: lol hmm geletine as a preservative, what isn't it good for? :)
[14:04]  Ricken Flow: I can go and write all over SL now
[14:04]  Lars Donardson: I can vouch for a hefty kick against the jelly, Jon
[14:04]  McCabe Maxsted: ooh, ouch
[14:04]  Lars Donardson: :p
[14:04]  earring with emoter: Could not find animation 'zunge'
[14:09]  Jon Linden: this isn't quiiiite the right office hour to come to with feature suggestions, but it's still interesting
[14:09]  Celina Kamachi: it must be possible to recognize if theres a bot logging on or a customer
[14:09]  McCabe Maxsted: I don't think there's a technical way to do it, so I wouldn't get your hopes up
[14:09]  Celina Kamachi: bots have another login time i know
[14:10]  Celina Kamachi: its just a suggestion
[14:10]  Lars Donardson: we all are Celina *looks for mall or club owners and finds none)
[14:10]  McCabe Maxsted: there's no way to tell if a user is a resident and a bot, or two residents logged in from the same internet connection
[14:10]  Tegg Bode: I don't think there's much point distinguishing bots inworld unless we got XP for shootiing them :) The need to ID them by account first, only way they can do that is to verify all accounts somehow.
[14:11]  Connecting to in-world Voice Chat...
[14:11]  Tegg Bode: Bot's aren't bad, but they are overused in excessive numbers by some
[14:11]  Connected
[14:11]  Celina Kamachi: i talked to o lot of newbies visiting highly frequented sims meeting dead people thats a problem
[14:11]  Celina Kamachi: definelty
[14:12]  Becky Pippen: Yup.
[14:12]  Tegg Bode: True, Hi Jeremy!
[14:12]  WidgetHUD v1.1: Tegg Bode has pinged you.
[14:12]  Louise Later: Hi, Jeremy!
[14:12]  WidgetHUD v1.1: Louise Later has pinged you.
[14:13]  You: Hi Tegg. I think I can keep up with text chat for now, but Verizon DSL can look forward to a sternly-worded phone call later.
[14:13]  Ricken Flow: true and like someone said it would also cause havock if you use two avies from the same IP address
[14:13]  Lars Donardson thinks *as if they'd care*
[14:13]  You: Hi Louise!
[14:13]  Ricken Flow: Hey Jeremy
[14:13]  WidgetHUD v1.1: Ricken Flow has pinged you.
[14:13]  McCabe Maxsted waves to jeremy
[14:13]  WidgetHUD v1.1: McCabe Maxsted has pinged you.
[14:13]  Jeremy Linden waves to all.
[14:14]  Celina Kamachi: @jon: even its a guess, its worth to think about that case
[14:14]  McCabe Maxsted: nice bag :)
[14:14]  Jon Linden: it's certainly something to think about, but i think (and again, i'm just guessing) that the effort needed to address this question is more than we have to spare
[14:15]  Jon Linden: of course ^__^
[14:15]  McCabe Maxsted: thanks ricken
[14:15]  Lars Donardson pokes his statement/question up again
[14:15]  Ricken Flow: they have 5 or 6 different styles
[14:15]  Jon Linden: what was your question?
[14:16]  Jon Linden: sorry -- lars, what was your question?
[14:16]  Ricken Flow: YW
[14:16]  Lars Donardson: the age verification thing should be more easily accesible
[14:16]  Lars Donardson: I have to walk users towards it or most people don't find it by themselves
[14:16]  Celina Kamachi: sorry my friend cayenne is late
[14:16]  Jon Linden: which "age verification thing"?
[14:17]  Lars Donardson: how many "age verification" thinggies are
[14:17]  Lars Donardson: to get age verified you have to hit the KB and look for it
[14:17]  Tegg Bode: Hmm didn't know ther were any other than the one I saw at a SL™ expo thing 6 months back
[14:17]  Lars Donardson: why isn't that on the account/or at the bottom of the page
[14:17]  Lars Donardson: direct link
[14:18]  Jon Linden: that's a good question whose answer i don't know
[14:18]  Louise Later: So to verify age, you go to a link in the knowledge base?
[14:18]  You: We could bring it up with the appropriate teams here. It does seem that Age Verification is something we'd want to make more prominent.
[14:18]  McCabe Maxsted suspects it's because age verification was created to appease lawyers, and angry senators who want to ban SL, not to fill any user need
[14:19]  Lars Donardson: I suspected that as well
[14:19]  Jon Linden: i've writen it down for further followup
[14:19]  Louise Later: Yeah, but I am a teacher. I want to show my students that I care about the rules that are here to keep them safe and everyone happier
[14:20]  You: There are instructions in the Knowledge Base about how to use the Age Verification Beta program, yes.
[14:20]  You: I'll find the link for you, just a moment...
[14:20]  Jon Linden: lars is wondering why the link isn't more prominent, i think
[14:20]  Celina Kamachi: i am verified since last winter from beta phase, i sent a copy of my driving liccense, a bank receipt AND my passport
[14:21]  Ricken Flow: there is also a link if you go to your myaccount to get age verified
[14:21]  Jon Linden: there must be a reason, i just don't know what it is
[14:21]  Celina Kamachi: took 24 hours to be accepted
[14:21]  Tegg Bode: Your students are too young perhaps to be in here unless it is under your direct guidence in a controlled setting I suspect :)
[14:21]  Lars Donardson:
[14:21]  Lars Donardson: uggh
[14:22]  Lars Donardson: 4568
[14:22]  Lars Donardson: that didn't get there
[14:22]  Lars Donardson: lol
[14:22]  Ricken Flow: Age Verification is also still in beta once it comes out there will be a charge
[14:22]  Lars Donardson: replace the xxxx
[14:22]  Tegg Bode: I think I verified, I haven't ever hit any barriers yet, but then neither has one of my alts who I don't think is verified
[14:22]  McCabe Maxsted: there should be a questionID XXX for age verification
[14:22]  McCabe Maxsted: oh the irony!
[14:22]  Lars Donardson: case of fast finger and misclick
[14:22]  Lars Donardson: lol
[14:22]  You:
[14:22]  You: Yeah, Lars got it.
[14:23]  Louise Later: I am here with a suggestion. I am really impressed by the Linden office hours. Is there a place where you can look up the issue and see which Linden handles it? LIke I am interested in Accessibility. There doesn't seem to be a Linden in charge of that.
[14:23]  You: Glad to see you using today's KBAotW, though!
[14:23]  Jon Linden: i'm going to do some poking around and see who's running with the Age Verification ball
[14:23]  You: Hmm.... Well, there's a list of Linden office hours.
[14:23]  Lars Donardson: Oh...I hit one during the "bear hunt" on I-island..the age verification gate didn't like
[14:23]  Jon Linden:
[14:23]  You: That's the one.
[14:24]  Louise Later: Yes, but the hours are listed aphabetically by Linden, not by issue
[14:24]  Jon Linden: you can search in the page for keywords related to issues you might be interested in
[14:24]  You: Hm. It does list issues with each Linden, at least as far as they posted. I don't see accessability there, though.
[14:24]  Jon Linden: i will note that there doesn't seem to be one focused on "accessibility"
[14:24]  Tegg Bode: Yes even though I was verified the Iworld one kicked me too, it seems the whole project is in cobwebs and mothballs for a while, now the authorities have lost interest :)
[14:25]  Jon Linden: we have hired a number of new interface people, though, and i bet accessibility's on their list somewhere
[14:25]  Ricken Flow: there is a difference between being age verified and having payment info on file most landowners that I have seen do not use age verification.
[14:25]  Jon Linden: you might want to try Benjamin's office hour
[14:25]  McCabe Maxsted: accessibility in the user interface, or in the general systems of sl, louise?
[14:25]  Louise Later: Each Linden's name gives the issues that Linden handles, but if I want to track down which Linden handles something, I end up having to look at each name
[14:25]  You: Hmm... Louise, are you more interested in Usability or Accessibility? They're not quite the same.
[14:26]  Louise Later: For peoplel with disabilities
[14:26]  Jon Linden: i hit Ctrl-F to look for "user experience"
[14:26]  Louise Later: people
[14:26]  Lars Donardson: lol...given he has switched from RC13 or changed his hardware Jon
[14:26]  Lars Donardson: :D
[14:26]  You: Ah, definitely accessibility.
[14:26]  Jon Linden: benjamin's office hour is the closest thing i can think of
[14:26]  Jon Linden: i think it's at least worth stopping by and bringing up there
[14:26]  Louise Later: Linden keeps saying they are going to have someone specific to handle it, but they have not appointed anyone.
[14:26]  McCabe Maxsted: that's the user experience mailing list
[14:27]  Ricken Flow: that would probably be pathfinder but he is hard to catch he doesnt have regulary office hours
[14:27]  Jon Linden: we have kind of a lot of hiring needs ^__^
[14:27]  Louise Later: They said that they would last year at the convention in Chicago
[14:27]  McCabe Maxsted: it sounds like an appropriate post, and emails are good for forwarding to people
[14:27]  Jon Linden: hiring people can take a long time if you're focused on trying to find the right person
[14:27]  Louise Later: Linden Lab's best PR is what it does to help people with disabilities
[14:28]  Tegg Bode: Pathfinder does seem to have some interest in learning in the medical field too
[14:28]  Ricken Flow: but there is an orientation island opening soon specifically for people with disablities
[14:28]  McCabe Maxsted: plus, linden labs tends to make a lot of false starts
[14:28]  Jon Linden: such as, mccabe?
[14:29]  You: Shall we attempt to steer this conversation back toward documentation?
[14:29]  McCabe Maxsted: puppeteering code, lots of unfinished options in the source, half implemented features like the tools menu autohiding, not synching the pjira with their internal one, etc
[14:29]  Louise Later: But since a disability directly impacts the UI, Linden really needs to recognize that it needs to be top-down working with the users
[14:30]  Jon Linden: louise, this is something better addressed at Benjamin's office hour
[14:30]  Louise Later: Okay! Torley suggested stating with you
[14:30]  Legionnaire Flight Ring: All Go
[14:30]  McCabe Maxsted: benjamin and malbers are fun :)
[14:30]  Tegg Bode: Full rudder to starboard it tis Capt n
[14:31]  You: Louise, I find this conversation very interesting, but I think we can't do much for you beyond pointing you at Benjamin. However, if you think there's something we can do to improve your documentation for people with disabilities, we'd love to hear your ideas!
[14:31]  Tegg Bode: Torleys fault :)
[14:31]  Jon Linden wonders who the member of the Legion of Superheroes is
[14:31]  Louise Later: I would love to help work on it!
[14:31]  McCabe Maxsted: hehe
[14:31]  Louise Later: I am very well connected to the disability community and people who program
[14:31]  Louise Later: and write documentation
[14:32]  You: Have you run across any practices or features that you think work particularly well? Ones we might think about integrating into our own documentation?
[14:32]  Jon Linden: mccabe, all i can tell you is that if you've ever worked in a software development environment, you know that projects can sometimes reveal themselves to be more complicated and effortful than they initially seemed, and other more urgent projects may come along to take their place in the priority queue; it's not ideal, but it happens.
[14:33]  Jon Linden: jeremy's asked a good question
[14:34]  Louise Later: My sister wrote the original subroutine for email and my brouther in low worked withthe original Bell Labs group. I have been connected to the computing environment since the 60s
[14:34]  McCabe Maxsted: (yeah, I know. There wasn't any judgment in that, just saying it's part of why some things tend to get set out upon but just don't happen). Anyway
[14:34]  Louise Later: I want to help because I think SL is great!
[14:34]  McCabe Maxsted: that's pretty cool, louise
[14:34]  You: That's fantastic!
[14:35]  You: I think what I'm trying to ask, for right now, is, "If you could make one upgrade to the Knowledge Base to help people with disabilities, what would you do?"
[14:35]  Louise Later: gather all the info in one place
[14:35]  Louise Later: So that if can be found much more easily.
[14:36]  Jon Linden: does the Knowledge Base not count as "one place"?
[14:36]  Lars Donardson: That is exactly the point I'd like to mention
[14:36]  Jon Linden: because i doubt you're asking us to put ALL the info that's in the KB into one single HTML page
[14:36]  Louise Later: No, because it is very hard to search through
[14:37]  Louise Later: Nope. Just create a separate section for disabilities
[14:37]  Lars Donardson: I know it's hard to do but try to put yourself in the shoes of a newb
[14:37]  You: Would it be fair to say that what you're looking for is better labeling of articles and better search functions to find them?
[14:37]  Ricken Flow: I think that would be more of a Wiki page than in the KB
[14:37]  Lars Donardson: good point
[14:38]  Tegg Bode: It's not easy for people who have no disabilities too at times but it has improved a lot over last 112months, due to inpput here a lot too :)
[14:38]  Louise Later: The social Security Administration states that in 2010, every day 10,000 Americans will be turning 70. People with money and time and good citizens for SL
[14:38]  McCabe Maxsted: wow, long time to be around :)
[14:38]  Cayenne Republic: old isn't a disability, though
[14:39]  McCabe Maxsted: what do people with disabilities have trouble with, in browsing the kb?
[14:39]  Jon Linden: as people age, visual acuity and manual dexterity decline
[14:39]  Louise Later: But with age comes increased disabilities
[14:39]  Jon Linden: these are valid concerns from an interface standpoint
[14:39]  You: Heh. Interestingly, I came back from an STC summit with the suggestion that we make our KB text larger, so older folks can read it more easily.
[14:39]  Jon Linden: that can be done easily on the browser end, though, can't it?
[14:39]  Louise Later: It is more that they are an important group of users SL could prepared for
[14:39]  Tegg Bode: No but theeyes and other functions don't tend to be of GTA4 quality by 790 :)
[14:39]  Cayenne Republic: people can increase text size in their browsers
[14:39]  Tegg Bode: 70*
[14:39]  McCabe Maxsted: yeah, cntrl mouse wheel
[14:40]  Celina Kamachi: exactly
[14:40]  McCabe Maxsted: or some similar implementation
[14:40]  You: True enough, though I'm starting to see text sizing options on websites as well. It's an interesting consideration that people hadn't thought to include before.
[14:40]  Louise Later: Control mouse will is great!
[14:40]  Louise Later: wheel
[14:40]  Celina Kamachi: it depends to the different screen resolutions i think too, nt only because of disabilities
[14:41]  Ricken Flow: There could be a KB article to cross reference with advanced settings to make type bigger in IM's etc.
[14:41]  You: I imagine running at 1600x1200 didn't help my text size any ;-)
[14:41]  McCabe Maxsted: hehe
[14:41]  Cayenne Republic: my father had difficulty with his vision, cataracts, diabetes - he had no trouble adjusting his end-user settings to meet his needs
[14:41]  Celina Kamachi: agrees
[14:41]  You: Ricken, I think there is actually an option for that...
[14:41]  Louise Later: But any imporvements that help those with disabilities help everyone in the long run. A rising tide lifts all boats
[14:41]  McCabe Maxsted: what about a support portal page for disabilities? Going through that main page would increase all the text in the rest of the portal
[14:41]  Tegg Bode: Hmm yep The text size on the left menu tree sems a little small even on largest setting, I amagine some people theis could be hard to read and co-ordinate hitting the smaller targets to click
[14:41]  You: Preferences > Text Chat > Chat Font Size
[14:42]  Celina Kamachi: that would fit it
[14:42]  Cayenne Republic: small, medium and large
[14:42]  Jon Linden: it might be worth it to have an article that collects all of these settings in one spot
[14:42]  Celina Kamachi: gui has to adjust automatically
[14:42]  Jon Linden: im' putting that in the bucket
[14:43]  You: Or a group of related, concise articles.
[14:43]  Lars Donardson: may I get a bit more general here again - touching the newb side again?
[14:43]  Louise Later: The typewriter/computer keyboard itself was original invented for a member of the Briitish royal family could do his own correspondence. He was blind.
[14:43]  You: Whoa, that's some interesting trivia.
[14:43]  You: Lars, go ahead! We're here to listen.
[14:43]  Lars Donardson: as a new player if I am stuck I'd look for something like "beginners guide" or similar on the second life main page that would lead me to the appropriate parts of the knowledge base..or even a walk through (in a logical manner) to get started
[14:44]  Lars Donardson: I had it twice today with new players that did lookfor exactly that
[14:44]  Celina Kamachi: in germany we have several welcome areas and sims to welcome new people and help em
[14:44]  McCabe Maxsted: btw
[14:44]  Jon Linden: lars, jeremy's been working on a "quick start guide" that might do some (or most) of what you're hoping for
[14:44]  McCabe Maxsted: preferences panel to control the size and style of the viewer font
[14:44]  Lars Donardson: great
[14:44]  McCabe Maxsted: also links to some other font related issues
[14:44]  Tegg Bode: Maybe a "I knew what I was doing, I thought, now I'm stuck!" page :)
[14:45]  You: I want to finish it in the next few months... fingers crossed.
[14:45]  Lars Donardson: don't cross 'em behind your back Jeremy
[14:45]  WidgetHUD v1.1: Lars Donardson has pinged you.
[14:45]  Lars Donardson giggles
[14:45]  You: Heh. Nope, crossed for luck, not to lie.
[14:45]  Celina Kamachi: we never lie.
[14:46]  You: It's ok, we don't have hand animations for finger-crossing anyhow :-)
[14:46]  Lars Donardson: *coughs*..the phrase "release candidate" is such
[14:46]  McCabe Maxsted resists House quote :)
[14:46]  Louise Later: :)
[14:46]  AngeNoir Blackadder: Jeremy, if you need any help, I'd volunteer. I can read and write. ;-)
[14:46]  WidgetHUD v1.1: AngeNoir Blackadder has pinged you.
[14:47]  You: Rest assured, the Documentation team did not name the Release Candidate, so we can't say much about it here :-)
[14:47]  Tegg Bode: Yes working fingers would be nice then we can all make gang signs at each other :)
[14:47]  McCabe Maxsted: how are you thinking of introducing the quick start guide?
[14:47]  Celina Kamachi: lool
[14:47]  Celina Kamachi: giggles
[14:47]  Jon Linden: tegg, don't give the lawmakers heart attacks
[14:48]  You: McCabe, I got the idea from a Resident summit a few months ago... they handed out their own version of a PDF quick start guide that I thought made a fantastic introduction to Second Life.
[14:48]  You: I'm checking now to see if that file is still available for download.
[14:48]  Tegg Bode: Think of the Gestures! It goes way beond HOWLS, WOOOT! and YIFFY! :)
[14:49]  McCabe Maxsted: oh, cool :)
[14:49]  You:
[14:49]  Louise Later: everyone, please welcome SL's newest user ! He joined today. I am mentoring him
[14:49]  You: Hello! Welcome to Second Life!
[14:50]  Jon Linden: welcome aboard!
[14:50]  Ricken Flow: Welcome Welcome !!!!
[14:50]  Tegg Bode: Hi
[14:50]  Tegg Bode: Gday Mate!
[14:50]  Lars Donardson: welcome :)
[14:50]  Lars Donardson rembers to file a jira to get rid of those flipflops
[14:50]  Lars Donardson giggles
[14:50]  Louise Later: This is office hours for Jeremy Linden who is in charge of helping users with documentation issues only
[14:50]  Lars Donardson: *remembers
[14:50]  WidgetHUD v1.1: Louise Later has pinged you.
[14:51]  You: Jon, too!
[14:51]  McCabe Maxsted: that's really handy
[14:51]  Louise Later: Sorry! Jon, too!
[14:51]  Denizwheel Footman: theres a button release keys
[14:51]  Denizwheel Footman: whats that?
[14:51]  Jon Linden: heheh; no problem
[14:51]  Lars Donardson: how about linking those articles with some of Torley's vidtuts Jeremy
[14:51]  WidgetHUD v1.1: Lars Donardson has pinged you.
[14:51]  Louise Later: great idea!
[14:52]  Jon Linden: there are so many of those
[14:52]  Lars Donardson: lolol
[14:52]  You: Lars, I often do. When I find a vidtut and an article that go well together, I embed the vidtut directly into the article.
[14:52]  McCabe Maxsted: looks like something that'd fit nicely into new user registration
[14:52]  Jon Linden:
[14:52]  McCabe Maxsted: (can't remember hwo that goes, maybe our newbie friend can give insight?)
[14:52]  Lars Donardson: yeah...he's kinda un-lindish...very productive *runs and hides from Jon*
[14:52]  You: Exactly, McCabe. And it might make some handy Conference swag.
[14:52]  McCabe Maxsted: hehe hells yeah
[14:53]  Louise Later: I loved the Knowledge Bear!
[14:53]  You: Heh! I'm glad he's helping everyone find what they need!
[14:54]  Jon Linden: torley is, quite frankly, an amazing guy -- if it were possible for there to be a Most Valuable Linden, he'd be in the running basically constantly
[14:54]  Louise Later: :))
[14:54]  You: MVL
[14:54]  Lars Donardson: the wiki sometimes just slow loading for me or is it for others as well
[14:54]  McCabe Maxsted: is he the same in person as he is on sl?
[14:54]  Lars Donardson: a melon dragon McC?
[14:54]  Lars Donardson: I hope not
[14:55]  McCabe Maxsted: haha
[14:55]  Jon Linden: i wish i could tell you, mccabe -- i've never met him IRL! torley works remotely
[14:55]  You: Heh. When my alt first met Torley, before either of us were Lindens, he claimed to know nothing of RL. He just "woke up under a tree here one day."
[14:55]  McCabe Maxsted: he msut be, then!
[14:55]  Lars Donardson: lol
[14:55]  Lars Donardson: RL is a myth anyhow
[14:55]  Lars Donardson: I hybernated it
[14:55]  Louise Later: You're kidding! Wow! That is a great example of SL doing business right
[14:56]  McCabe Maxsted has heard tale of this mythical land of Arr'L..
[14:56]  You: I actually work from home most of the time, too. For many Lindens, Second Life *is* the work world.
[14:56]  Jon Linden: this is truth
[14:56]  Lars Donardson: hehe...just when you start looking for the posebals when going to bed that's when you should take a break Jeremy
[14:57]  WidgetHUD v1.1: Lars Donardson has pinged you.
[14:57]  Tegg Bode: Yep it can be a balance between work and fun, hard to have fun at work :)
[14:57]  You: We make a special point of holding all our business meetings here, because we're so distributed :-)
[14:57]  Jon Linden: folks, we're rapidly nearing the end of the hour -- does anyone have a quick question or concern to share?
[14:58]  McCabe Maxsted: aside from a button under "email this" for "copy this url"? not me
[14:58]  Jon Linden: hello Trinity -- welcome to the end of Documentation Office Hours!
[14:58]  Trinity Coulter: yay!
[14:58]  Lars Donardson: nope..just when you want some help on the newb guide...just shout
[14:58]  Trinity Coulter: its not the end forever... just for now
[14:58]  Becky Pippen: Best of luck to McCabe or anyone else here nominated for Hippos :-)
[14:58]  Celina Kamachi: hi trinity, youre late
[14:58]  Tegg Bode: Umm, nothing to do with you of course but I lost a whole sentence in chat :)
[14:58]  Jon Linden: we'll be here next week at the same time, though
[14:58]  McCabe Maxsted: hehe thanks becky
[14:58]  Louise Later: Ditto here with organizing the documentation concerning Accessibility
[14:58]  Jon Linden: so feel free to stop by again!
[14:58]  Trinity Coulter: did you get documentation into a RSS feed yet?
[14:59]  Trinity Coulter: or some other nice inworld accessible format?
[14:59]  Louise Later: THank you! you guys are great!
[14:59]  Jon Linden: trinity, this sounds like an excellent question for next week
[14:59]  Trinity Coulter: I want to make a search help cube
[14:59]  You: We're constantly trying to get our documentation more accessible inworld, but we're not as close as we'd like to be yet...
[15:00]  Trinity Coulter: do you know any way to log into the documention that is non-strandard?
[15:00]  Trinity Coulter: *standard
[15:00]  Jon Linden: there's another team working on trying to get the KB indexed by the appliance that populates the Search window in the SL viewer
[15:00]  Tegg Bode: cool
[15:00]  You: Trinity, can you clarify that? Are you trying to log into Support?
[15:01]  Trinity Coulter: well, what i mean is if there is another way in... it might be accessible to llHTTPRequest
[15:01]  Trinity Coulter: instead of all the cookie blah blah etc stuff that you have to have now
[15:02]  Trinity Coulter: i like super technical jargon :)
[15:02]  You: Sadly, I'm not sure that's possible for non-administrators just yet. We do know that Parature is working on some improvements to the system that will possibly allow what you're trying to do, though!
[15:02]  Trinity Coulter: kk :)
[15:02]  Trinity Coulter: it should be easy for them, one would think
[15:02]  You: For the time being, you can take Knowledge Bear's approach and feed users the correct URL format to open the article in their web browser.
[15:03]  Trinity Coulter hugs the knowledge bear!
[15:03]  You: Actually, I think Knowledge Bear doesn't even do that... I may have a script that does...
[15:03]  Lars Donardson wonders if Jeremy squeeks like his bear when being poked
[15:03]  WidgetHUD v1.1: Lars Donardson has pinged you.
[15:03]  AngeNoir Blackadder: Thank you, Jon! Thank you, Jeremy! A pleasure to meet you both. I appreciate your time. Well handled! Buh bye!
[15:03]  WidgetHUD v1.1: AngeNoir Blackadder has pinged you.
[15:03]  Parrot: Squawk!
[15:03]  Lars Donardson pokes Jeremy
[15:03]  WidgetHUD v1.1: Lars Donardson has pinged you.
[15:03]  Celina Kamachi: thank you for the discussion, i gotta go now.
[15:03]  Celina Kamachi: have a nice weekend all
[15:03]  Jon Linden: people, it's been excellent -- feel free to stop by again!
[15:03]  Parrot: *snaps at Lars's finger*
[15:03]  Louise Later: I agree!
[15:03]  McCabe Maxsted: take care
[15:04]  Becky Pippen: Happy Weekend all
[15:04]  Tegg Bode: Bye :)
[15:04]  Lars Donardson: lol....back with more buggering next week
[15:04]  Ricken Flow: see you all next week
[15:04]  McCabe Maxsted: O.o
[15:04]  McCabe Maxsted hopes you mean bugging
[15:04]  Lars Donardson: have a crash and "asset trouble free" weekend
[15:04]  You: Heh! Thanks for coming, all! We had some good conversation this time.
[15:04]  Louise Later: Bye all!
[15:04]  McCabe Maxsted: as that would make for an intereting office hour...
[15:05]  Trinity Coulter: i like that bear
[15:05]  You: Heheh.
[15:05]  Ricken Flow: Linden Bears are great
[15:05]  Tegg Bode: It os cool
[15:05]  Lars Donardson: who doesn't
[15:05]  Trinity Coulter accepted your inventory offer.
[15:05]  Ricken Flow: I started collecting them
[15:05]  Trinity Coulter: oh what's that, J?
[15:06]  You: It *should* create proper links to the KB. I tried to make it work with PJIRA too, but I ran out of time.
[15:06]  You: So...
[15:06]  Lars Donardson: woooot....did you get a bear and I didn't Trinity?
[15:06]  You: KB-5042
[15:06]  WidgetHUD v1.1:
[15:06]  Trinity Coulter gave you M Linden Bear.
[15:06]  Lars Donardson considers ARing Jeremy for child abuse
[15:06]  WidgetHUD v1.1: Lars Donardson has pinged you.
[15:06]  Lars Donardson: lol
[15:06]  Trinity Coulter: no, but i gave a bear
[15:06]  You: I didn't give out any bear...
[15:06]  You: Want one?
[15:06]  Lars Donardson accepted your inventory offer.
[15:07]  You: Great avatar, Ricken!
[15:07]  Lars Donardson beams..thanks a lot
[15:07]  AngeNoir Blackadder: Oh, a Jeremy Linden Bear? Please?
[15:07]  WidgetHUD v1.1: AngeNoir Blackadder has pinged you.
[15:07]  Ricken Flow: thanks
[15:07]  Tegg Bode: Cyas all :)
[15:07]  Ricken Flow: I want a bear
[15:07]  AngeNoir Blackadder accepted your inventory offer.
[15:07]  Trinity Coulter: KB-Test
[15:07]  WidgetHUD v1.1:
[15:07]  Object:
[15:07]  Ricken Flow accepted your inventory offer.
[15:07]  AngeNoir Blackadder: Merci beaucoup, Jeremy!
[15:07]  Trinity Coulter: hmm
[15:07]  WidgetHUD v1.1: AngeNoir Blackadder has pinged you.
[15:07]  Trinity Coulter: what is that Jeremy
[15:07]  WidgetHUD v1.1: Trinity Coulter has pinged you.
[15:07]  Lars Donardson: oh dang..the dreaded dumb heap is about to hit again
[15:07]  AngeNoir Blackadder: Buh bye, y'all!
[15:08]  You: It's not very smart. It just listend for "kb-" and adds whatever you put after it
[15:08]  You: So if you put an article ID, like this week's Knowledge Base Article of the Week... (4051-5042)
[15:08]  You: kb-5042
[15:08]  Object:
[15:08]  WidgetHUD v1.1:
[15:08]  Trinity Coulter: oh ok :)
[15:08]  You: Whoops.
[15:08]  You: Wrong number
[15:09]  You: I meant 5402
[15:09]  You: KB-5402
[15:09]  Object:
[15:09]  WidgetHUD v1.1:
[15:09]  You: Tada!
[15:09]  Lars Donardson: llKickServer
[15:09]  Lars Donardson: llFeedHamster
[15:09]  McCabe Maxsted just discovered you can google search for too, cool
[15:09]  Time Minder: You have been online for 1 hours.
[15:09]  Legionnaire Flight Ring: All Go
[15:10]  Ricken Flow: see everyone next week i am off for fish fridays :-)
[15:10]  Becky Pippen: Bye Ricken
[15:10]  You: Have fun!
[15:10]  McCabe Maxsted: seeya rick
[15:10]  Lars Donardson: byeeeeee
[15:10]  McCabe Maxsted: ah I just thought of a good documentation question
[15:10]  Becky Pippen: lol
[15:11]  McCabe Maxsted: is there a kb article for skin switching yet I can lnk to?
[15:11]  You: For Dazzle? Not yet.
[15:11]  Lars Donardson: to incorporate a thought-reader or a spell-checker?
[15:11]  You: I think skins are just a new tab in Preferences now, correct?
[15:12]  You: I saw it for the first time myself yesterday :-)
[15:12]  McCabe Maxsted: yup
[15:12]  Object: Hello, Avatar!
[15:12]  Christos Atlantis: yes they are
[15:12]  You: Hello, Object!