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[13:58]  Ricken Flow: hey Becky
[13:58]  You: Hey Becky, Ricken, Georgette.
[13:58]  Becky Pippen: Hi Jeremy
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[13:58]  Ricken Flow: Hey Jeremy
[13:58]  WidgetHUD v1.1: Ricken Flow has pinged you.
[13:58]  Georgette Whitfield: Hi Jeremy
[13:58]  WidgetHUD v1.1: Georgette Whitfield has pinged you.
[13:59]  Georgette Whitfield: Poor chap probably has a ton of IMs lol
[13:59]  You: Welcome to Documentation Office Hours. Kate and Jon should be here shortly.
[13:59]  Georgette Whitfield: WooT WooT
[13:59]  You: Actually, I don't! I must be one of the lucky unpopular Lindens :-)
[13:59]  Georgette Whitfield: Hehhee
[13:59]  Georgette Whitfield: Well if it makes you feel more popular, I'd love a copy of your bear
[14:00]  You: Sure thing.
[14:00]  Georgette Whitfield: Yay!
[14:00]  Georgette Whitfield accepted your inventory offer.
[14:00]  Georgette Whitfield: WooT WooT
[14:00]  Ricken Flow: make sure you get knowledge bear too
[14:00]  Georgette Whitfield: Oh I got him a while ago
[14:00]  Georgette Whitfield: I've started a wee collection
[14:00]  You: Speak of the devils...
[14:00]  Georgette Whitfield: LOL
[14:00]  Jon Linden: the devils!
[14:00]  Georgette Whitfield: Hi Jon and Kate
[14:01]  Ricken Flow: I have about 20 linden bears
[14:01]  Georgette Whitfield: Jello LInden lol
[14:01]  Georgette Whitfield: Oh now that's a cool av
[14:01]  Becky Pippen: Hi Jon Hi Kate
[14:01]  Georgette Whitfield: What is it btw?
[14:01]  Kate Linden: Hi Becky
[14:01]  Georgette Whitfield: lol
[14:01]  Jon Linden: it's a giant jello mold of some sort
[14:01]  Ricken Flow: Howdy Kate, Jello Jon
[14:01]  Jon Linden: with fruit inside
[14:02]  Kate Linden: Hi Ricken
[14:02]  Georgette Whitfield: :-D
[14:02]  Jon Linden: how's it going, everybody!
[14:02]  You: And a Knowledge Bear. Because Jon absorbs knowledge.
[14:02]  Georgette Whitfield: lol
[14:02]  Georgette Whitfield: Great
[14:02]  Georgette Whitfield: Nice to meet you Kate
[14:02]  Jon Linden: there's also a Green Lantern ring embedded in there somewhere, from my previous avatar
[14:02]  Kate Linden: Hello Gerogette, nice to mee you too.
[14:02]  Georgette Whitfield: I got your bears a while ago at the I-World hunt
[14:02]  Kate Linden: *Georgette
[14:03]  You: Hi Arawn. Welcome back.
[14:03]  Kate Linden: Oh nice. How did you enjoy the hunt?
[14:03]  Georgette Whitfield: Hi Arawn
[14:03]  Georgette Whitfield: I did
[14:03]  Georgette Whitfield: Love hunts
[14:03]  Georgette Whitfield: But I nearly died when I saw the Phil bear
[14:03]  Kate Linden: Awesome
[14:03]  Georgette Whitfield: Then I realised it was no copy hahaha
[14:03]  Kate Linden: awww yes, that bear is part of the museum exhibit.
[14:03]  Georgette Whitfield: And just there to torment us
[14:03]  Georgette Whitfield: muahahaha!
[14:03]  Kate Linden: lol
[14:03]  Ricken Flow: NPC is having a weekend long scavenger hunt
[14:04]  Georgette Whitfield: Oooh
[14:04]  Ricken Flow: starts today
[14:04]  Georgette Whitfield: Yippee
[14:04]  Georgette Whitfield: What can you hunt?
[14:04]  Arawn Spitteler: Hunt for Scavengers?
[14:04]  Georgette Whitfield: lol
[14:04]  Ricken Flow: you follow clues to get information for different non-profits here in SL
[14:05]  Ricken Flow: let me find the info note
[14:05]  Ricken Flow: the grand prize is 25,000 lindens i believe
[14:05]  Georgette Whitfield: Thanks Ricken
[14:05]  Gellan Glenelg: hi
[14:05]  You: Hi Gellan. Welcome back!
[14:05]  Georgette Whitfield: Wow didn't know they had that many staff
[14:05]  Georgette Whitfield: Hi Gellan
[14:06]  Georgette Whitfield: Cheers Ricken
[14:06]  Jon Linden: so what's on everyone's mind today, documentation-wise?
[14:06]  Jon Linden: "not much" is a perfectly valid answer, btw
[14:06]  Jon Linden: ^__^
[14:06]  Ricken Flow: not much
[14:06]  Georgette Whitfield: lol
[14:07]  Georgette Whitfield: Not much
[14:07]  Becky Pippen: Mono!
[14:07]  Georgette Whitfield: Although do you know of any project to translate the KB etc into French?
[14:07]  Ricken Flow: I need to do search on advanced SLurl techniques just finished the basics of SLURL notecards
[14:07]  Georgette Whitfield: I know there's a German SL site now
[14:07]  Jon Linden: georgette, plans are afoot for localization into many languages
[14:07]  Georgette Whitfield: Yay
[14:07]  Jon Linden: it's hard to say when exactly they'll launch, but the rocket is being built
[14:07]  Georgette Whitfield: C'est bien ça
[14:08]  Georgette Whitfield: Cool
[14:08]  Jon Linden: i published two articles about mono just a couple hours ago
[14:08]  Becky Pippen: oh cool!
[14:08]  Georgette Whitfield: I read
[14:08]  Georgette Whitfield: Very exciting
[14:09]  Gellan Glenelg: I'm seeing so much misinformation:(
[14:09]  You:
[14:09]  You:
[14:09]  Ricken Flow: I am excited about learning about opensim is giving some classes
[14:09]  Gellan Glenelg: "mono uses less memory" "you need to learn a new scripting language" "mono canot cause lag" etc etc
[14:09]  Jon Linden: some of those assertions are true to an extent
[14:09]  Georgette Whitfield: The usual rumours
[14:10]  Jon Linden: the articles provide some explanation
[14:10]  Becky Pippen: that's an excellent article
[14:12]  Georgette Whitfield: A bit over my head lol
[14:12]  Jon Linden: heh
[14:12]  Jon Linden: hopefully the Mono article for non-scripters is less technical
[14:12]  Jon Linden: at least, that was the idea!
[14:12]  You: Yeah, I posted links to both... that wasn't a typo on my part :-)
[14:13]  You: Hi XLR8RRICK. Welcome to Documentation Office Hours.
[14:13]  Georgette Whitfield: Yes the first one you cited is ok on my brain
[14:13]  Georgette Whitfield: The second is scary
[14:13]  Georgette Whitfield: Hi XLR
[14:13]  XLR8RRICK Hudson: thank you Hello everyone
[14:14]  Kate Linden: Hello XLR8RRICK
[14:14]  Jon Linden: i'm glad we got our audiences right for those articles, or at least it sounds like we did ^__^
[14:14]  XLR8RRICK Hudson: Hiya Kate
[14:14]  Georgette Whitfield: Hi Coyle
[14:14]  You: Hi Coyle. Welcome to Documentation Office Hours.
[14:14]  Coyle Brenmann: hey hey, ty
[14:14]  Georgette Whitfield: :-D yes Jon
[14:14]  Jon Linden: greetings, newcomers!
[14:14]  You: Hi Igel. Welcome to Documentation Office Hours!
[14:15]  Igel Hawks: Heya @all
[14:15]  Jeremy Linden should make a sign.
[14:15]  Georgette Whitfield: Hi Igel
[14:15]  Georgette Whitfield: That squeaky bear is so cute
[14:15]  Igel Hawks: I like it :D
[14:15]  Jon Linden: heh; you know, that's a good idea. a sign!
[14:16]  Coyle Brenmann: rez rez, don't wanna sit down yet, might sit on someone :P
[14:16]  Igel Hawks: Yeps. I big sign which rezzes first
[14:16]  Arawn Spitteler: Sit on the couches, and let them get out of your way
[14:16]  XLR8RRICK Hudson: oh man
[14:16]  You: Maybe I'll make a big DOCUMENTATION OFFICE HOURS sign, with a little neon "In Session" part that we can turn on and off :-P
[14:17]  Georgette Whitfield: Do one in ArtRage lol
[14:17]  Georgette Whitfield: With a jello on it
[14:17]  Igel Hawks: and turn on and off the glow effect
[14:17]  Arawn Spitteler: Floating Text
[14:17]  Ricken Flow: got to have a crab too
[14:17]  Arawn Spitteler: Over a Megaprim Jello
[14:17]  Georgette Whitfield: Ahahaha
[14:17]  Arawn Spitteler: Aspic
[14:18]  Georgette Whitfield: Hmmm
[14:18]  Georgette Whitfield: Gee that was quick
[14:18]  You: Nah, it's not serious. I used to use that for WindLight office hours.
[14:18]  Igel Hawks: hehe. Watched Torley's tutorial during work a lot?
[14:18]  XLR8RRICK Hudson: lol
[14:19]  You: You pick up a few tricks after 3+ years in SL :-)
[14:19]  Igel Hawks: ;-)
[14:19]  Coyle Brenmann: just a few? :P
[14:19]  XLR8RRICK Hudson: how big is your INV
[14:20]  Igel Hawks: How tomake squeeky bears?
[14:20]  Arawn Spitteler: Reality, by any other name, is unreal
[14:20]  You: Heh. That's one, Igel.
[14:20]  You: My Resident self had an inventory over 16,000 at one point. I think I cleaned it awhile ago, though.
[14:20]  Jon Linden: i get the feeling it would be unwise to challenge Jeremy to a match of Primtionary
[14:20]  WidgetHUD v1.1: Jon Linden has pinged you.
[14:20]  Igel Hawks: hehe.
[14:21]  XLR8RRICK Hudson: Thats me right now my wife is at 28000
[14:21]  Georgette Whitfield: AHH!!!!
[14:21]  XLR8RRICK Hudson: I have heard of 50000
[14:21]  Igel Hawks: Mine is at 17000
[14:21]  XLR8RRICK Hudson: what is the limit
[14:21]  Jon Linden: good question
[14:21]  Georgette Whitfield: 7000
[14:21]  Arawn Spitteler: Disk Space is Cheap, but so are the desert sands, until you have to build a railroad.
[14:21]  Igel Hawks: "Thanks" to the mental mentor's boxes
[14:21]  XLR8RRICK Hudson: lets clear cache
[14:22]  Georgette Whitfield: But I'm a RL librarian so love sorting inventory hehe
[14:22]  Igel Hawks: Hehe.
[14:22]  You: I don't think we currently enforce a hard limit, but we encourage you to keep your numbers down, in order to take it easy on our inventory servers :-)
[14:22]  XLR8RRICK Hudson: ah yes
[14:22]  Becky Pippen: but each pair of shoes takes three inventory items... and that adds up!
[14:22]  XLR8RRICK Hudson: the handshake too
[14:22]  Georgette Whitfield: lol yes Becky
[14:22]  Igel Hawks: I remember how scared I was when I reached the 5000 . I have heared that the inventory will clean itself then
[14:23]  Georgette Whitfield: And man SL shoes are collectable :))
[14:23]  Georgette Whitfield: awww Igel lol
[14:23]  Multi Gadget v1.54.2 by Timeless Prototype
[14:23]  Igel Hawks: And I believed that in these days :D
[14:23]  You: A few KB tips on inventory management:
[14:23]  XLR8RRICK Hudson: lolIgel
[14:23]  Igel Hawks: That would be cool.
[14:23]  You:
[14:23]  Georgette Whitfield: WB Gellan
[14:23]  Gellan Glenelg: ty
[14:23]  You:
[14:23]  You:
[14:24]  Coyle Brenmann: Jeremy, do the economic statistics fall under relevant KB questions here?
[14:24]  WidgetHUD v1.1: Coyle Brenmann has pinged you.
[14:25]  Jon Linden: what sort of economic statistics?
[14:25]  You: I don't know much about the stats themselves, but you should at least be able to find a link to them in the KB... if not, that would be a relevant question :-)
[14:25]  You: If by "economic stats" you mean: the ones we publish.
[14:25]  You: Oh, jeez... I interrupted Torley's video tutorial in that link.
[14:25]  Coyle Brenmann: yes, the ones you publish
[14:26]  Coyle Brenmann: I'd like to make a suggestion first, then ask a follow up Q to it
[14:26]  Jon Linden: fire away
[14:26]  Igel Hawks whispers: HostHelper initialised!
[14:26]  You: Our existing article:
[14:26]  Coyle Brenmann: In RL, we have "SIC" codes, codes that identify industries by classification...
[14:27]  Georgette Whitfield: Yes
[14:27]  Coyle Brenmann: in SL, there is no way to track transactions by business classification....
[14:27]  Georgette Whitfield: Hi ryann
[14:27]  Georgette Whitfield: Would be useful
[14:27]  Arawn Spitteler: Who'd hafe to maintain the classification?
[14:27]  Coyle Brenmann: I'm very interested in these numbers, but the downloadable data is very, well, "rolled up"
[14:27]  Georgette Whitfield: But that is more the job for a market research company no?
[14:28]  Arawn Spitteler: If I sell a Waterslide, is that indesutry or entertainment
[14:28]  Jon Linden:
[14:28]  Jon Linden: interesting
[14:28]  Jon Linden: arawn asks the pertinent question here
[14:28]  Coyle Brenmann: SL has positions open for marketing and program managers, but I think without this data, it's much more "hit and miss"
[14:28]  Georgette Whitfield: Yes very subjective
[14:28]  Jon Linden: someone would have to create the registry, maintain it, and enforce it
[14:29]  Arawn Spitteler: It's a question asked at your tax office, if youre self employed, but we're international, and not everybody wants to talk to tax collectors
[14:29]  You: Coyle, are you referring to real-life companies that use Second Life, or businesses that run entirely inside Second Life?
[14:29]  Coyle Brenmann: I think the value in this data would not only be useful to SL, but to the businesses looking for statistical reference to transactions in-world. Jeremy, to both actually
[14:29]  WidgetHUD v1.1: Coyle Brenmann has pinged you.
[14:29]  Ricken Flow: it also depends if you are asking about the SIC code for Linden Lab's or for in-world businesses
[14:30]  Coyle Brenmann: in-world business
[14:30]  Coyle Brenmann: I have my assumptions as to where the breakdowns are, but I'd like to get my hands around real data
[14:30]  Georgette Whitfield: Also I think UK SIC codes differ from US ones
[14:30]  Coyle Brenmann: breakdowns, as in the categories of transactions
[14:30]  Igel Hawks: Georhette: I think, you are right.
[14:31]  Georgette Whitfield: Plus you would have to watch people didn't register under many sic codes
[14:31]  Georgette Whitfield: To game the system
[14:31]  Jon Linden: the problem comes back around to the creation, maintenance, and enforcement of the registry
[14:31]  Jon Linden: who would take on such a task? us? (LL?)
[14:31]  Igel Hawks: UK system is a bit different. But I am not very used in these Codes.
[14:31]  Ricken Flow: the way in-world businesses come and go there would not be accurate data just moderate estimations as far as data goes
[14:31]  You: Coyle, could you provide some examples of categories for different types of transactions? I'm still trying to understand the kind of information you're looking for.
[14:31]  Igel Hawks: Of course Jon *giggles+
[14:31]  Arawn Spitteler: I was helping script a door, the other day. Would that be product or service?
[14:32]  Igel Hawks: It will be a job for all of your life
[14:32]  Georgette Whitfield: Service I think
[14:32]  Georgette Whitfield: But that's why you need one entity in charge of the registry
[14:32]  Georgette Whitfield: It's like the Dewey system
[14:32]  Georgette Whitfield: It only works because OCLC are in charge of it
[14:32]  Arawn Spitteler: A qualified answer has a problem at tax time, whichis what Industry Codes are for.
[14:32]  Georgette Whitfield: If it went open source everyone would use their own version and it'd be a mess
[14:33]  Jon Linden: my personal take is that it's a nice idea, but i can't see any way for it not to be an implementation nightmare
[14:33]  Georgette Whitfield: lol
[14:33]  Igel Hawks: Yeps. That's the point I think
[14:33]  Kate Linden: Please excuse me for a few minutes. I need to go afk.
[14:34]  Igel Hawks: Hb Kate :D
[14:34]  Georgette Whitfield: I guess one stat the lab could release
[14:34]  Coyle Brenmann: Jeremy, let's say in RL, I own a residential (home) building company, and I'm interested in knowing 1. How many other companies/competition in SL are there in my category, and the number of transactions in Lindens/month that occur through my business category
[14:34]  WidgetHUD v1.1: Coyle Brenmann has pinged you.
[14:34]  Georgette Whitfield: Would be the number of classifieds in each category
[14:34]  Arawn Spitteler: Ultimately, we'd be selling descriptions of things, be they sex acts, architecture or machinery, so what's the SIC for Art?
[14:34]  Georgette Whitfield: That could give some indication
[14:34]  You: I see...
[14:35]  Coyle Brenmann: I see the comments and concerns and admittedly, it would have to be more generic than in RL
[14:35]  You: That sounds like it would require businesses to register the type of business they're in... something we do not currently require.
[14:35]  Igel Hawks: Heya Talor
[14:35]  Talor Magic: hi
[14:35]  You: Although, if you wanted to create a voluntary registry of your own, there may be business to be had just in that :-)
[14:35]  Coyle Brenmann: Jeremy: point taken
[14:35]  WidgetHUD v1.1: Coyle Brenmann has pinged you.
[14:35]  Arawn Spitteler: It would involved figuring out what kind of business you're in, before you start
[14:35]  Georgette Whitfield: Hi Talor
[14:36]  Ricken Flow: you sure could sell the info to market companies
[14:36]  Georgette Whitfield: Coyle there are some market research reports available
[14:36]  Georgette Whitfield: But they are expensive and quickly outdated
[14:36]  Coyle Brenmann: The way I see it, is since LL controls the in-world transactions, each txn would include a SIC code of sorts
[14:36]  Jon Linden: welcome to Documentation Office Hours, Talor!
[14:36]  Talor Magic: thx,,may i sit down
[14:37]  Jon Linden: looks like there's room on the wavy red couch
[14:37]  Coyle Brenmann: ok, so maybe a pipe dream
[14:37]  Georgette Whitfield: Or a project for if you get bored :)
[14:37]  Coyle Brenmann: hah
[14:37]  Igel Hawks: The short term nature of a lot of the inworld businesses is a real nightmare for someone who wants to take the responibility for registering codes.
[14:38]  Ricken Flow: how much contol does LL really have over transactions beyond recording them
[14:38]  Georgette Whitfield: Yes Igel
[14:38]  Jon Linden: i think in coyle's theoretical universe, the work would need to be done on LL's side to include SIC-like metadata in all inworld transactions
[14:38]  Igel Hawks: Awww. my typos are getting worse
[14:38]  Georgette Whitfield: Plus how many stores are there that sell everything lol
[14:38]  You: There is a technical hurdle in detecting or determining SIC codes at all... I see the value, but I do not possess the expertise to comment intelligently on whether we are or will ever implement such a system.
[14:38]  Jon Linden: what jeremy said
[14:38]  WidgetHUD v1.1: Jon Linden has pinged you.
[14:38]  You: What we know best is Documentation-- how to find the information you're looking for, rather than the information itself :-)
[14:38]  Coyle Brenmann: Jon, that's right. And while I could put together a proposal/project describing such an enhancement, I'm not so sure it would be well received
[14:39]  You: Have you put together a project in PJIRA?
[14:39]  Coyle Brenmann: No, I haven't
[14:39]  Ricken Flow: yes some folks would not like people to know SL buying habits
[14:39]  Coyle Brenmann: and based on what Jeremy just said, I think I may be taking the discussion here in the wrong direction :)
[14:39]  WidgetHUD v1.1: Coyle Brenmann has pinged you.
[14:39]  Georgette Whitfield: Maybe when the whole web becomes 3D and like SL then the tax authorities will register all SL businesses anyway so it could happen eventually
[14:40]  XLR8RRICK Hudson: shh
[14:40]  Georgette Whitfield: Oh did I say the T word?
[14:40]  Georgette Whitfield: Sorry lol
[14:40]  Igel Hawks: Dont wake up the sleeping dogs!
[14:40]  Arawn Spitteler doesn't think Minimum Wage Law would impact SL very nicely
[14:40]  Georgette Whitfield: lol
[14:40]  XLR8RRICK Hudson: we all declare income
[14:40]  You: tacks authorities... hardware professionals, of course.
[14:40]  Georgette Whitfield: :))
[14:41]  Arawn Spitteler: If we make U$20/mo in tips, we're suppposed to report them.
[14:41]  XLR8RRICK Hudson: yes add them to your RL income
[14:41]  Arawn Spitteler: I think there are about 300 people, who make meager livings, in world, and might even pay income taxes, which involves reporting.
[14:42]  Jeremy Linden cannot comment on anything resembling legal issues.
[14:42]  XLR8RRICK Hudson: and deduct the cost of doing business too
[14:42]  Coyle Brenmann: Yes, I was just looking at that data earlier
[14:42]  Jon Linden: me neither
[14:42]  Coyle Brenmann: approx 600 people make more than $2k USD/mo
[14:43]  Coyle Brenmann: and I'd really like to know what businesses they are in :)
[14:43]  Coyle Brenmann: hence, the SIC code comments
[14:43]  Georgette Whitfield: Clothes or skins or land
[14:43]  Georgette Whitfield: Or builds
[14:43]  Jon Linden: i wonder if the proprietors of those businesses might rather you not know?
[14:43]  Coyle Brenmann: But that's just best guesses
[14:44]  Georgette Whitfield: Mmm not so much a guess
[14:44]  Coyle Brenmann: Jon, that's my unspoken point :)
[14:44]  Georgette Whitfield: There's a good book out
[14:44]  Georgette Whitfield: Entrepreneurs Guide to SL
[14:44]  XLR8RRICK Hudson: look at what the top ads are worth
[14:44]  Coyle Brenmann: Jon, my guess as to what they do, may be taboo in public discussions
[14:44]  XLR8RRICK Hudson: 1000us /wk
[14:44]  Arawn Spitteler: Counselling and other consulting arts, more likely
[14:44]  Georgette Whitfield: It talks a bit about what each category of business can make
[14:44]  Coyle Brenmann: Georgette, but without relevant data, it's just the author's best guess no?
[14:45]  Georgette Whitfield: No they did a lot of research
[14:45]  Georgette Whitfield: It's written by people who run business in SL
[14:45]  XLR8RRICK Hudson: you have to know all the different ways to market yourself
[14:45]  Coyle Brenmann: ty for that resource, I will look into it
[14:46]  Coyle Brenmann: As was mentioned however, the quick turn over of SL businesses may make even a book outdated before it hits the shelf no?
[14:46]  Jon Linden: Residents helping Residents!
[14:46]  Georgette Whitfield: It's an interesting read anyhoo
[14:46]  Georgette Whitfield: Yes but still worth a look I think
[14:46]  XLR8RRICK Hudson: love that Jon
[14:46]  Georgette Whitfield: You can probably get a second-hand copy on Amazon now
[14:47]  Georgette Whitfield: Or ebay
[14:47]  Coyle Brenmann: probably ;)
[14:47]  Georgette Whitfield: Just don't buy L$ while you're there
[14:47]  Georgette Whitfield eeps.
[14:47]  Jon Linden: looks like you can get a used copy for US$5
[14:47]  Jon Linden:
[14:47]  Igel Hawks: Oh, GTeam Officehour is another day :D
[14:47]  Georgette Whitfield: Cool Jon
[14:47]  Arawn Spitteler: Is there a problem, of Ebay Linden$
[14:48]  Ricken Flow: I have been thinking of starting a SL business selling amway/quixtar just because I am unemployed
[14:48]  Georgette Whitfield: What is that Ricken?
[14:48]  Igel Hawks: Arawn: Yes.
[14:48]  XLR8RRICK Hudson: everyone in business here should be advancing and growing
[14:48]  Igel Hawks: You never know, how the L$ on Ebay are earned.
[14:48]  Georgette Whitfield: LOL
[14:48]  Coyle Brenmann: XLR: should be, but such isn't the case based on the economic figures
[14:48]  Georgette Whitfield: Ewwww
[14:48]  Arawn Spitteler: I've run into a Catch 22, and can't sell Linden$ to Lindex
[14:48]  Ricken Flow: something like avon
[14:49]  XLR8RRICK Hudson: is there any Marketing stratigies in the KB
[14:49]  Georgette Whitfield: Ah ok
[14:49]  Jon Linden: it looks like there was a blog for a while too
[14:49]  Jon Linden: XLR8RRICK: no
[14:49]  Igel Hawks: Does SLEX work for you?
[14:49]  You: Marketing is entirely too subjective a topic for the KB, at least the way we currently present it.
[14:49]  Jon Linden: the problem with trying to put information like that in the KB is that there's no one way to do it
[14:49]  Jon Linden: it's the kind of thing the wiki seems better suited for
[14:50]  You: There's not "marketing" button anywhere in the UI :-)
[14:50]  Coyle Brenmann: My marketing prof used to say, "Half of my marketing budget is wasted, I just don't know which half"
[14:50]  Igel Hawks: Yeps Jon, My point.
[14:50]  Ricken Flow: wiki wiki wiki wiki
[14:50]  Georgette Whitfield: OK this is OT but I really want to ask before the end of the hour:
[14:50]  XLR8RRICK Hudson: ah the wicked wiki
[14:50]  Georgette Whitfield: BTW do you guys know, is Elle Linden in Canada or something? I would like to talk to her but her hours are at a strange time for a Francophone
[14:50]  Arawn Spitteler: I've no on-line money, so no billing date. No Payment Info on File means we don't get to take our earnings home.
[14:50]  XLR8RRICK Hudson: wiki is tricky
[14:50]  Jon Linden: georgette, i actually have no idea
[14:50]  Jon Linden: sorry!
[14:50]  Igel Hawks: the Wiki gets better and better in general
[14:50]  Georgette Whitfield: No pb
[14:51]  You: Georgette, we can't really tell you because of our privacy policy... that would fall under "disclosure". You might try leaving her a message, though?
[14:51]  Ricken Flow: I can ask i go to her office hours
[14:51]  Georgette Whitfield: Do you know of other French-speaking Lindens
[14:51]  Ricken Flow: she is so much fun
[14:51]  Georgette Whitfield: I looked on the wiki but she was the only one I could find
[14:51]  Igel Hawks: XLR8RRICK: Just ask one of the Mentor Scribes to help you.
[14:51]  Georgette Whitfield: Yes I will Jeremy
[14:51]  WidgetHUD v1.1: Georgette Whitfield has pinged you.
[14:51]  Georgette Whitfield: Sorry didn't mean to pry lol
[14:51]  Georgette Whitfield: Ok thanks guys
[14:52]  Jon Linden: there might be other francophone Lindens, I just don't know who they are
[14:52]  Georgette Whitfield: OK thanks
[14:52]  Jon Linden: Lindens are weird that way -- they have a lot of hidden skills you'd never think of
[14:53]  Georgette Whitfield: :-D
[14:53]  Igel Hawks: As far as I know, Elle is the only "official" French speaking at LL. But you can ask her by a notecard maybe if the time is to weird for you
[14:53]  Georgette Whitfield: I will thanks Igel
[14:53]  Georgette Whitfield: Ah you are German Mentor Linguist?
[14:53]  Igel Hawks: I have done it with Lotte for the German speaking Lindens in the same way :D
[14:53]  Igel Hawks: Yes, I am
[14:53]  Georgette Whitfield: The German site is brilliant
[14:54]  Georgette Whitfield: I would like to see this for the French
[14:54]  Igel Hawks: Jean and Lotte have done a great work.
[14:54]  Georgette Whitfield: I have been trying to mentor for months but apps are still closed
[14:54]  Georgette Whitfield: Yes they have
[14:54]  Igel Hawks: I know.
[14:54]  Georgette Whitfield: Sorry straying OT again
[14:54]  XLR8RRICK Hudson:
[14:55]  Ricken Flow: there are several mentor groups
[14:55]  Georgette Whitfield: Ty SLR
[14:55]  XLR8RRICK Hudson: I copy the SLURL into open chat and Paste
[14:55]  XLR8RRICK Hudson: then go from there
[14:56]  Georgette Whitfield: *XLR
[14:56]  XLR8RRICK Hudson: we all understand typonese
[14:56]  Georgette Whitfield: :))
[14:56]  Georgette Whitfield: Da Lindens went all quiet!
[14:56]  XLR8RRICK Hudson: its true we all do
[14:57]  Arawn Spitteler: I think it's the algorythm of communications, wehre we only see what's been echoed, so it's laggy to use backspace
[14:57]  You: We were communicating amongst ourselves by using our collective consciousness.
[14:57]  Georgette Whitfield: Oooh another Linden power
[14:57]  You: Err... new feature. Shhh.
[14:57]  Georgette Whitfield: Heheh
[14:57]  Arawn Spitteler: IMS?
[14:57]  Jon Linden: heheheh
[14:57]  Kate Linden: lol
[14:57]  Igel Hawks: Shhh. TV?
[14:58]  XLR8RRICK Hudson: Olny srmat poelpe can raed tihs. 
I cdnuolt blveiee taht I cluod aulaclty uesdnatnrd waht I was rdanieg.
[14:58]  Igel Hawks: The feature for SL Viewer 1.30 maybe
[14:58]  Georgette Whitfield: Wow XLR that works!
[14:58]  Igel Hawks: (TV = Telepathic Voice)
[14:58]  You: That's a fun pyschology trick, XL.
[14:58]  XLR8RRICK Hudson: it deosn't mttaer in waht oredr the ltteers in a wrod are, the olny iprmoatnt tihng is taht the frist 

and lsat ltteer be in the rghit pclae. The rset can be a taotl mses and you can sitll raed it wouthit a porbelm.
[14:58]  Georgette Whitfield: Wow lol
[14:58]  XLR8RRICK Hudson: Tihs is bcuseae the huamn mnid deos not raed ervey lteter by istlef, but the wrod as a wlohe. Amzanig huh? yaeh and I awlyas tghuhot slpeling was ipmorantt!
[14:59]  Georgette Whitfield: I think I got an email like that round my office once
[14:59]  Jon Linden: i am going to stick to correct spelling in the KB for the future, though ^__^
[14:59]  XLR8RRICK Hudson: sorry but having fun is a rule
[14:59]  Coyle Brenmann: hah
[14:59]  Georgette Whitfield: :-D
[14:59]  Georgette Whitfield: I wonder if that works for non-native speakers?
[14:59]  You: That's one of my old favorites.
[14:59]  Georgette Whitfield: Anyone?
[14:59]  Coyle Brenmann: Well, now I can tell my kids that spelling isn't as important as the meaning behind it :)
[14:59]  Jon Linden: good question
[15:00]  XLR8RRICK Hudson: lol Coyle
[15:00]  Igel Hawks: It works Georgette
[15:00]  Ricken Flow: I think we should let Jon take over the KB before Jeremy revers to his old favorites
[15:00]  WidgetHUD v1.1: Ricken Flow has pinged you.
[15:00]  Ricken Flow: lol
[15:00]  Becky Pippen: Bye all, have a great weekend!
[15:00]  Georgette Whitfield: Geil!
[15:00]  Jon Linden: indeed!
[15:00]  Georgette Whitfield: Bye Becky
[15:00]  Coyle Brenmann: ttfn
[15:00]  You: I think if you do that enough, your spelling checker will leave you a "Dear John" letter.
[15:00]  Jon Linden: that rounds out the hour, folks
[15:00]  Igel Hawks: Bye and enjoy your weekend
[15:00]  Georgette Whitfield: Awwwww
[15:00]  Jon Linden: everyone have a great one
[15:00]  Georgette Whitfield: Bye
[15:00]  Jon Linden: feel free to stop by again next week!