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[14:01]  You: Heh. Jon, are you force-Ruthed?
[14:01]  Jon Linden: i am a being of pure energy
[14:01]  Jon Linden: (someone made this and we're passing it around)
[14:01]  You: It may surprise you to hear this, but I think I know at least three of those in Second Life, who predate the new Ruth.
[14:01]  Jon Linden: heheh
[14:02]  Jon Linden: anyone want a copy? it's a hairpiece
[14:02]  You: Sure.
[14:02]  Kate Linden: brb... voice connection is scrolling in chat.
[14:02]  You: Also, hi Becky. Welcome back!
[14:02]  Jon Linden gave you Vampire Cloud.
[14:02]  Becky Pippen: Hi guys!
[14:03]  Becky Pippen: Happy Friday!
[14:03]  Jon Linden: happy indeed!
[14:03]  Jon Linden: we're all sort of wondering what the attendance on today's office hour will be
[14:03]  Jon Linden: or at least i am, heh
[14:04]  You: I am, too. I'm guessing "some subset of people who have been here before."
[14:04]  You: Unless Torley's been pushing Doc Team on his blog :-)
[14:04]  Jon Linden: heh
[14:05]  Jon Linden: the pulsating of this cloud is kind of soothing to watch
[14:05]  Jon Linden: i wonder how that one study about using SL for relaxation is going
[14:05]  You: Heh. That's funny, I was just thinking to myself, "Do not look directly into the cloud."
[14:05]  Kate Linden: I just adjusted my graphics setting because you are still a cloud lol
[14:05]  You: Oh! Jon, I just signed up for that, in Boston.
[14:06]  You: Most of the Boston Lab is in :-)
[14:06]  Jon Linden: kate, it's a hairpiece
[14:06]  Kate Linden: Oh cool
[14:06]  Jon Linden: would you like a copy?
[14:06]  Kate Linden: I'd love a copy, thank you : )
[14:06]  Kate Linden: Thanks Jon
[14:06]  Jon Linden: becky, how about you? we can have an all-cloud office hour
[14:07]  Becky Pippen: hehe, sure I'll take one too
[14:07]  Becky Pippen: thanks
[14:08]  Jon Linden: it appears to be fully-permissive
[14:08]  Jon Linden: how would one go about altering the color of this thing?
[14:08]  Chav Paderborn: is this an event?
[14:08]  Jon Linden: hello, Chav -- you've stumbled upon the Documentation Team's office hour
[14:09]  Chav Paderborn: is that a good thing?
[14:09]  Jon Linden: it could be!
[14:09]  You: Heh. If you like talking about Second Life's knowledge base or other help documentation, then it's a very good thing!
[14:09]  Chav Paderborn: oooh
[14:09]  Jon Linden: or if you would like a copy of this cloud avatar
[14:10]  Chav Paderborn: ooh someone finally made a cloud av!
[14:10]  Jon Linden: someone gave it to me and i've been passing it around because it's kind of awesome
[14:10]  Chav Paderborn: does anytone have a linden bear i could have pls?
[14:10]  You: Sure!
[14:10]  Jon Linden: stand by
[14:10]  Chav Paderborn: thanks
[14:11]  Chav Paderborn accepted your inventory offer.
[14:11]  Chav Paderborn: ty
[14:11]  Chav Paderborn accepted your inventory offer.
[14:11]  Jon Linden: hello, Stacy, and welcome to Documentation Office Hours
[14:11]  Chav Paderborn: a knowledge bear!
[14:11]  Chav Paderborn: ty for bears
[14:11]  Stacy Wombat: Hello Jon thank you
[14:12]  You: So? What shall we discuss today? Does anyone have pressing documentation-related concerns, comments, questions, donations?
[14:13]  Jon Linden: especially donations
[14:13]  Jon Linden: i meant questions
[14:13]  Jon Linden: questions!
[14:13]  You: Non-pressing discussion topics?
[14:14]  You: Off-topics?
[14:14]  Chav Paderborn: erm
[14:14]  Chav Paderborn: does anyone read the documentatuin?
[14:14]  Jon Linden: they oughta
[14:14]  Stacy Wombat: I do
[14:14]  Stacy Wombat: lol
[14:14]  Jon Linden: if they have questions about how to do things
[14:14]  Chav Paderborn: good!
[14:14]  You: I can say with some confidence that at least one person reads the documentation.
[14:14]  Jon Linden: what jeremy said
[14:14]  WidgetHUD v1.1: Jon Linden has pinged you.
[14:15]  You: In all seriousness, we do get feedback on the knowledge base pretty often. That would seem to be a good indicator :-)
[14:15]  Stacy Wombat: Well if it wasn't for the sl wiki etc... I would have never figured out how to script
[14:15]  Chav Paderborn: yeah the wiki is nice
[14:15]  Chav Paderborn: sometimes i can understand it
[14:15]  Jon Linden: that's the trouble with wikis
[14:16]  You: Our wiki in particular tends to cover topics that are more technical than what the KB covers.
[14:16]  Jon Linden: great for breadth of topics, but the quality of the information or its presentation is totally up for grabs
[14:16]  Chav Paderborn: can i have a cloud pls?
[14:17]  Chav Paderborn: ty
[14:17]  Jon Linden: it's weird because it's just a hairpiece, but it totally works
[14:18]  Kate Linden: Oh if it's hair, I wonder if you can fit a smaller KB bear in it. It takes up less room than jellotar.
[14:18]  Jeremy Linden wonders if there's a place for solid objects in a nebulous cloud.
[14:18]  Jon Linden: it seems to override basically everything else the wearer has on
[14:18]  Jeremy Linden shakes his head, tries to get back on topic.
[14:18]  Chav Paderborn: a grenius made it
[14:19]  You: Chav, Stacy, do you often make use of the Knowledge Base?
[14:19]  Jon Linden: i'd be interested in your KB activity vs wiki activity
[14:19]  You: (and reasons why)
[14:20]  Chav Paderborn: i dont use it much i dont like going outside skl to find things
[14:20]  Chav Paderborn: sl*
[14:20]  You: If the KB was integrated into the Second Life viewer better, do you think you would use it more?
[14:20]  Jon Linden: what do you do when you run across something you don't know how to do? or, if that doesn't happen anymore, what did you used to do?
[14:20]  Chav Paderborn: yah
[14:21]  Chav Paderborn: i go proper outside for info i have to
[14:21]  Chav Paderborn: like log out and wiki stuff
[14:21]  Chav Paderborn: and there's like inworkd tutoriuals for stuff
[14:21]  Stacy Wombat: Usually use it to look up detailed information about things... I think the last time I used it was to find what the naming restrictions are for sims...
[14:21]  Chav Paderborn: that people made
[14:21]  Jon Linden: tell us about these inworld tutorials
[14:21]  Jon Linden: i am intrigued
[14:22]  Chav Paderborn: theres scripting onea and i saw one about using textures
[14:22]  You: Heh. Jon, there are groups like NCI that hold classes all the time :-)
[14:22]  Chav Paderborn: yah classes are good for learning
[14:22]  Jon Linden: i was picturing something standalone that somehow taught you how to make itself
[14:22]  Jon Linden: (if that makes any sense)
[14:22]  You: That sounds kind of like The Ivory Tower, actually.
[14:23]  Kate Linden: Yes or the Particle Lab
[14:23]  Jon Linden: i see
[14:24]  Chav Paderborn: you can do a lot with notecards and textures
[14:24]  Chav Paderborn: to teach things
[14:24]  Kate Linden: Have you ever used your profile to load KB articles via the web tab?
[14:24]  Chav Paderborn: you can do that?
[14:24]  You: Indeed you can!
[14:24]  Chav Paderborn: do i put it in as my homepage or something?
[14:25]  You: And with media on a parcel, you should be able to load KB articles on properly-textued objects.
[14:25]  Jeremy Linden tries.
[14:25]  Kate Linden: You can keep whichever URL you want in your profile or change when you want to load a different page.
[14:25]  Entering god mode, level 200
[14:25]  Chav Paderborn: html on a prim!
[14:25]  Kate Linden: I did try to load articles on a prim Jeremy, but I was only able to get part of the article.
[14:25]  WidgetHUD v1.1: Kate Linden has pinged you.
[14:26]  You: Oh, true. No working scrollbars yet.
[14:26]  Chav Paderborn: do you have an inworld knowledge base location?
[14:26]  Chav Paderborn: to encourage opeople to visit?
[14:26]  Kate Linden: You can JING the article and upload it as a texture though : )
[14:26]  Jon Linden: that's something we've been talking about amongst ourselves, actually
[14:27]  Jon Linden: we're looking into putting an inworld location somewhere that will be full of knowledge goodness
[14:27]  Chav Paderborn: that'd be good
[14:27]  Jon Linden: it's still in the preliminary planning stages, but we're gettin' there
[14:28]  Kate Linden: What would you like to see inworld on a Documentation/Knowledge region?
[14:28]  Chav Paderborn: you could put the most popular articles in it
[14:29]  Becky Pippen: and a little sandbox area for trying out things
[14:29]  Chav Paderborn: yeah
[14:29]  Jon Linden: these are good ideas
[14:30]  Chav Paderborn: otherwiose i think you need to wait for html onna prim
[14:30]  Kate Linden: What would be your media type preference? Would you want large prim with article textures to read, or books to sit at a table and read, or a combo of vidtuts and text? Visual demo's?
[14:31]  Chav Paderborn: what if you gave out free books to take away?
[14:31]  Chav Paderborn: there's a scripting place inworld that sells tutorial books of the pictures
[14:31]  You: Good idea in theory, though it might be difficult to keep up-to-date.
[14:31]  Chav Paderborn: yah
[14:32]  Chav Paderborn: people wouild probably like videos
[14:32]  Jon Linden: i wonder if it would be possible to create a tree or something with leaves that bear the titles of the most popular articles, which would open your inworld browser and take you right there
[14:32]  You: Heh.
[14:33]  You: "Tree of Knowledge"
[14:33]  You: We promise not to kick you out for eating the fruit, though.
[14:33]  Jon Linden: we should almost certainly have videos
[14:33]  Chav Paderborn: do you want it to be for new people or old people?
[14:33]  Kate Linden: That's a refreshing idea Jon.
[14:33]  Jon Linden: both, why not
[14:33]  Chav Paderborn: you coiuld have a section for newbies so people can send them there
[14:33]  Chav Paderborn: with all the basic stuff
[14:33]  Chav Paderborn: "how do i level up in this game" and so on
[14:33]  Jon Linden: hahaha
[14:34]  Chav Paderborn has gained a level!
[14:34]  You: "Make the L$ number bigger."
[14:34]  Jon Linden chuckles
[14:34]  Chav Paderborn: erm to be honest though
[14:34]  Chav Paderborn: i find linden projects get abandoned r fast
[14:35]  Chav Paderborn: like the roads that never get built
[14:35]  Chav Paderborn: and pathfinders picks
[14:35]  Chav Paderborn: OK DONT BAN ME PLS
[14:35]  Jon Linden: i can't speak to path's projects, but i have a guess about the roads
[14:36]  You: Ah, but we do have a team of volunteers to maintain our roads and cities, now. The in the between-time, we decided to focus on providing Second Life as a platform, rather than the content inside it.
[14:36]  Chav Paderborn: oh yeah the moles
[14:36]  Chav Paderborn: maybe notecards would be nice as well
[14:36]  Chav Paderborn: for people who dont rez things fast
[14:37]  Jon Linden: all things are possible
[14:37]  Chav Paderborn: if you want traffic advertise it as a casino-brothel
[14:37]  You: Heh.
[14:37]  You: Potentially two of the only things that aren't possible.
[14:38]  You: Casino, at least. But I'm not going to be staffing a brothel.
[14:38]  Chav Paderborn: and remember to put it in serach
[14:38]  Jon Linden: heh
[14:38]  Chav Paderborn: i think it'll be a good place to have
[14:39]  You: Maybe we could advertise "Free Lindens"
[14:39]  Jeremy Linden is free.
[14:39]  Jon Linden chuckles again
[14:40]  Chav Paderborn: i mostly find out about things from other residents
[14:40]  Jon Linden: this makes sense
[14:40]  Chav Paderborn: if i dont know things i im people
[14:40]  Chav Paderborn: and then i go to like a wiki if i need to
[14:40]  Jon Linden: but you prefer to go to people you know first for information
[14:40]  Chav Paderborn: yah
[14:41]  Chav Paderborn: is easier
[14:41]  Jon Linden: makes total sense
[14:41]  Chav Paderborn: basically im lazy
[14:41]  You: That's pretty much how I learned most of what I know about Second Life, too.
[14:41]  Chav Paderborn: sl kind of teches you to look inworld for things somehow
[14:41]  You: It's easiest to ask someone who already understands something, so they can explain it to you in realtime.
[14:42]  Chav Paderborn: like its a world so stuff should be init
[14:42]  Chav Paderborn: "How do i fly?" "Well, first you go to the website..."
[14:42]  Chav Paderborn: i think im a bit of an immersionist in that
[14:42]  Kate Linden: There are now some very basics located in the viewer tutorial.
[14:43]  Kate Linden: Help>Tutorial
[14:43]  Chav Paderborn looks
[14:43]  Chav Paderborn: ooh thats nice
[14:44]  Chav Paderborn: ermonly there *is* no "chat button"
[14:44]  Chav Paderborn: oh wait there is
[14:44]  Chav Paderborn: sorry
[14:44]  Jon Linden: heheh
[14:44]  Chav Paderborn: i looked in the old place :S
[14:44]  Chav Paderborn: that tutorial was nifty
[14:44]  Chav Paderborn: do you tell people abotu it on help island?
[14:45]  Kate Linden: When a new Resident arrives in SL, it is automatically opened on their screen.
[14:45]  Jon Linden: yes, what kate said
[14:45]  Chav Paderborn: clever!
[14:45]  Jon Linden: we got rid of the old OI HUD
[14:45]  Jon Linden: and actually, OI altogether
[14:45]  Jon Linden: new Residents arrive on one of the Help Islands
[14:45]  You: (slightly modified)
[14:46]  Chav Paderborn: hows that working out for you?
[14:46]  Chav Paderborn: or is that a secret?
[14:46]  Chav Paderborn: (you can lie)
[14:46]  Jon Linden: i think we made the switch because we did some testing and it turned out to be a better idea
[14:46]  Jon Linden: but i haven't got the details
[14:47]  Chav Paderborn: i suppose people increasingly need outside info to make things
[14:47]  You: It's much, much easier for us to update the new HTML-based tutorial than it was for us to update the OI HUD :-)
[14:48]  Jon Linden: also true
[14:49]  Chav Paderborn: the tutiorial thing is concise
[14:49]  Jon Linden: extremely so
[14:50]  Jon Linden: i think there was also some testing done around "what are the things people most want to do when they first arrive"
[14:50]  Jon Linden: and it went from there
[14:50]  Chav Paderborn: took me a while to learn to alt the camera
[14:50]  Chav Paderborn: i was like "HOW DO I SEE MY FAAAACE?"
[14:50]  Jeremy Linden considers that an essential skil.
[14:50]  You: er, skill
[14:50]  Chav Paderborn: you really need it for building and stuff
[14:50]  Chav Paderborn: and seeing your pretty clothes and face
[14:51]  You: I actually feel blind without constantly moving my camera around.
[14:51]  Camera Tracking Arrow v1.2: Command list: "camera die", "camera freeze".
[14:51]  Chav Paderborn: eee camera
[14:51]  You: Hmm.
[14:51]  Chav Paderborn: i still cant work mouselook lols
[14:52]  You: Oh wonderful, lolcubes.
[14:52]  You: Poor Orientation Island Public.
[14:52]  Chav Paderborn: its like its called Target Practice
[14:52]  Kate Linden: Torley gives out a free Follow Me hud. You can search the KB for the article with the SLURL in it ! ; )
[14:53]  Chav Paderborn: i feel like i might have that
[14:53]  Chav Paderborn: i got some camera things from torley land
[14:53]  You: Heh. I've got my draw distance up high enough that I can see some kind of overflow from Orientation Island Public. GTeam notified!
[14:53]  Chav Paderborn: oooh can you put torleys video tuts inworld?
[14:54]  Kate Linden: Yes. Torley has many on his new region named Here, and there are also some on I-World Island.
[14:54]  You: I've long wanted to do something akin to a "Torley Channel" that Residents can just sit down and watch endlessly.
[14:54]  Can't move object 'Camera Tracking Arrow v1.2' to 
{ 47.6982, 127.576, 74.851 } in region Beaumont because your objects are not allowed on this parcel.
[14:54]  Chav Paderborn: a whoel island of torley?
[14:55]  Jon Linden: is basically the Torley Channel
[14:55]  Kate Linden: Yes. Search 'Here' on your map. You can't miss it (torley colors)
[14:55]  Chav Paderborn: im gonna look at that next
[14:56]  Jon Linden: if he's around, tell him we sent you!
[14:58]  Jon Linden: it looks like our hour's just about up, folks
[14:58]  Chav Paderborn: sorry i was not moar helpful
[14:58]  Jon Linden: you were plenty helpful!
[14:58]  Becky Pippen: Thanks, guys
[14:58]  Jon Linden: this is why we do this office hour
[14:58]  Chav Paderborn: ty for bears
[14:58]  Chav Paderborn: and the cloud of awesome
[14:58]  Jon Linden: of course
[14:58]  Kate Linden: Thank you for your feedback.
[14:58]  Jon Linden: have an excellent weekend!
[14:59]  Becky Pippen: Yay weekend!
[14:59]  Chav Paderborn: wheeee
[14:59]  Rodgers Beardmore: sorry to butt in, I have one short question.
[14:59]  Jon Linden: fire away
[14:59]  Rodgers Beardmore: who would be interested in hearing about a virus message being passed around?
[15:00]  Jon Linden: passed around inworld? or over email?
[15:00]  Becky Pippen: if it's the one I've seen multiple times already today, the message itself is the virus :-)
[15:00]  Rodgers Beardmore: inworld, in IM
[15:00]  You: Our Support knows about it, I think. Is this about the one where some script supposedly can take your L$ whether you agree or reject?
[15:00]  Rodgers Beardmore: yes
[15:01]  You: Our Support folks are on it, but thanks for bringing it to our attention :-)
[15:01]  Rodgers Beardmore: thanks, then.
[15:01]  Jon Linden: no problem!
[15:01]  Rodgers Beardmore: hope your have a good day
[15:01]  Jon Linden: everybody be well!
[15:01]  Kate Linden: If you ever want to report anything violating TOS or CS, just go to Help > Report Abuse : )
[15:01]  Rodgers Beardmore: ok, thanks
[15:02]  You: Have a good weekend, everyone!