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Becky Pippen: ah
Shenlei Flasheart: and we've worked with him in various ways on th eOS development
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Becky Pippen: cool
Shenlei Flasheart: Hi Jeremy
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Becky Pippen: Hiya Jeremy
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You: Hi Becky, Hi Shenlei.
You: Welcome to Documentation Office Hours :-)
Jeremy Linden puts his rocket feet back on.
You: There we go.
Shenlei Flasheart: Jeremy, let me ask you, are the original SL sims class 3s or have they been upgraded?
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You: I'm 98% certain there are no more class 3s.
Shenlei Flasheart: (Don't you love the gentle intro?)
You: 'sok! You came with questions, that's good.
Shenlei Flasheart: o, I am loaded with questions.
Shenlei Flasheart grins
Becky Pippen: seems that many of the old class 4 machines have been assigned to other grids, like aditi
Shenlei Flasheart: I usually drag one of my technlogists along and poke them to ask
You: Heh.
Shenlei Flasheart: Someone has to do it.
You: I don't have any information about how the rest of the simulators are divided...
Shenlei Flasheart: well, someone told me there was no upgrade path from old class four to class five sims.
Shenlei Flasheart: No comment as to who that would have been, to protect the guilty.
You: I don't know about four-to-five... there was a limited-time deal for class 3 owners to upgrade to class 5 while retaining their grandfathered monthly rates, though.
Becky Pippen: Upgrade path:
Shenlei Flasheart: I reme,ber that, Jeremy
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You: Hi Arawn, hi Sara. Welcome to Documentation Office Hours.
Arawn Spitteler: I thought you didn't start for 2 minutes
Shenlei Flasheart: We started talking to him as soon as he showed
You: Ok, fine. Welcome to almost-Documentation Office Hours.
Sara Long: Hello!
Shenlei Flasheart smiles
Sara Long: ehehehe
Sara Long: well arawn you are in good hands
Shenlei Flasheart: He could have compounded the rudeness and not answered
Sara Long: pay attention to everything
Sara Long: jeremy
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Sara Long: one question
You: Sure.
Arawn Spitteler has to grab a sandwich: I wonder how much is beinhg paid for Translations, unless that's volunteer work.
Sara Long: are there any SL servers in Portugal
Sara Long: and why tigger has more problems tha Leopard?
You: I am not particularly knowledgeable about our colocation facilities, but I don't think there are any in Portugal. That would be a question for someone like Prospero, I believe.
You: As for your second question, I think I need more input :-)
Sara Long: and the tigger issues? I had to upload to th eleopard
Sara Long: to not crash
Arawn Spitteler: I t might help open the grid, to set up branch locations, where you've enough traffic for an organized staff.
Arawn Spitteler: Tigger v Leopard being avatars?
Shenlei Flasheart: or sims?
Sara Long: no arawn MAC'S software
Sara Long: OSX
You: I must admit, I do not know a lot about Mac OSX... We did discontinue support for some older versions of Mac OS, some months ago. I'll look for the announcement.
Shenlei Flasheart: ah, operatins systems
Sara Long: sorry caps lock
Shenlei Flasheart: Linux works great
Shenlei Flasheart: Just saying, is all.
You: Oh, yes. Panther was the one. Is Tiger after Panther?
Sara Long: yes, I had the lastest version of tiger before leopard
Sara Long: came out
Jon Linden:
You: Yeah, that's the post, Jon.
Sara Long: yes Thats I know
Shenlei Flasheart: Sara, sometimes things just don't's not clear why but they just don't
Sara Long: it was just a curiosity because since I changed to leopard, no more crashes
Shenlei Flasheart: if you have a good work aorund, use it.
Sara Long: it is a big difference
Sara Long: I crashed for about 20 times a night
You: I was not aware that Second Life has problems on Tiger, but not Leopard. If you can show the difference in a repeatable procedue, you should file it as a bug in our public issue tracker,
Shenlei Flasheart: I had my development team over in our OpenSim this aft and things worked for some, not others. It's a nightmare to actually debug it.
Sara Long: well now I don't have that bug.... and leopard here in portugal is rather cheap, so I just uploaded it
Sara Long: well Arawn I will leave in good hands.... and thanks for your support, thanks for answering me
Sara Long: in goods God's hands
You: My pleasure! Come back anytime, we're here at the same time every week.
Arawn Spitteler is safe: Have you seen the Jira I last filed?
Sara Long: I don't know much about building just know about textures
You: Which JIRA number is it, Arawn?
Arawn Spitteler:
Shenlei Flasheart: So Jeremy, did you go the VW 08 con?
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Arawn Spitteler: There was never documentation of any link restrictions, for avatars, so it became a misfeature. It'ss all a documentation problem
Sara Long: oh nice arawn they fixed spirit city
Arawn Spitteler: Did they?
You: I wasn't there, Shenlei, no :-)
Arawn Spitteler: What was borked?
Sara Long: the lag, before all of this lag around SL
Sara Long: was horrible no one could mover there without crashing
Shenlei Flasheart blinks
You: It looks like the documentation for that restriction would fall in the LSL wiki, which our documentation team does not currently monitor.
Shenlei Flasheart: SL has always had its moments, Sara
You: Hi Gypsy. Welcome to Documentation Office Hours.
Sara Long: well take care all of you....
Gypsy Helendale: Hi Jeremy
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Arawn Spitteler: But, it's still a problem of Documentation
You: and Trinity!
Gypsy Helendale: I'm kinda stuck here so thought I'd look around
Trinity Coulter: hey hi :)
Sara Long: was nice to meet you
Shenlei Flasheart grins...hi Gypsy
Gypsy Helendale: Hi there
Arawn Spitteler: TPs wonky again? I thought they fixed that ten minutes ago
Gypsy Helendale: mine aren't working
Gypsy Helendale: or my clothing
Gypsy Helendale: i've logged out and back in too
Arawn Spitteler: I see a couple of Ruth Clouds, but TPed here recently
You: Well, Jon is intentionally a Ruth cloud.
Shenlei Flasheart: yeah, Jon's in Ghod mode, he doesn't show on my hud at all
Jon Linden: this is my new favorite avatar
Shenlei Flasheart: Can't say as I blame you
Gypsy Helendale: so does anyone know when these things are gonna be fixed?
You: Your best source of information on grid status is probably
Gypsy Helendale: mm yeah i looked there already thanks
Shenlei Flasheart grins at know, a last name of linden opens you up to lots of questions
You: I don't have any further insider information, sorry :-)
Gypsy Helendale: no problem
Shenlei Flasheart: Jeremy, you may not know this answer either..but when is LL planning to reopen the communtiy gateway program?
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Jon Linden: i haven't got any visibility into that
You: I'm afraid that's something I can't talk about, sorry.
Trinity Coulter: things are partly to mostly cloudy to Jon
Shenlei Flasheart sighs
Shenlei Flasheart: Seems like no one can, alas.
Arawn Spitteler: What's the Community Gateway?
Trinity Coulter: Private Orientation Islands
Arawn Spitteler: Well, if someone can't talk, that means there's actual work, but not published.
Shenlei Flasheart: You know, for those of us who actually love SL it's a real bitch to go out there and speak positively about it when there's no information coming back,.
Shenlei Flasheart: QWell, we were approved and then the program was yanked.
Shenlei Flasheart: Which, considering how often I speak to industry, was a bit embarassing for me personally.
Trinity Coulter: they are, in theory, working on a new API for Resident Registrations for the Community Gateways
Shenlei Flasheart: Yes, I know.
Trinity Coulter: that's why there's a delay, in theory
You: I wish there was more I could do for you, Shenlei... my area of expertise lies mostly in the Knowledge Base, and any ideas you may have regarding how to better teach Residents about Second Life.
Trinity Coulter: altho existing gateways are still running with the current API
Shenlei Flasheart: Well, that's kind of the whole point, Jeremy
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Shenlei Flasheart: educating new residents how to use virtual worlds in order to use them for enterprise.
Arawn Spitteler: Once approved, I'd expect Grandfather Status
Shenlei Flasheart: Arawn, you'd think, right?
Trinity Coulter: or at least 2nd Cousin status
Shenlei Flasheart: Our API was actually live....I sent an alt through the process.
Arawn Spitteler: Second Cousins can be kissed off, but allowance of new contracts is quite a commitment
You: Have you spoken with Concierge, or the appropriate Community Gateway support folks?
Shenlei Flasheart: Before all that crap about the trademark suddenly caused everything to grind to a halt.
Shenlei Flasheart: I spoke with the VP of business development
Shenlei Flasheart: I'd have to dig through my outlook to find his's not top of mind for me.
Shenlei Flasheart: I'm not slamming you, Jeremy, I just would like to know.
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Trinity Coulter: Josh Xu, Business Development Manager ?
Jon Linden: this is n't really something our team has a direct stake or say in
Arawn Spitteler: Would unilateral vreversal of contract be a meta isue, in Jira?
Shenlei Flasheart: Especially as someone who is very visible in the alternative OpenSim community.....
Shenlei Flasheart: Trinity, I'd seriously have to check.
Shenlei Flasheart: And I'm not in the mood to dig through hundreds of emails to find him
Arawn Spitteler: Might even be a legal issue, if your business reputation is at stake. That has some value
Shenlei Flasheart: The last communication I had was that it was due to go live in September
Shenlei Flasheart: Arawn, we have other options....our Lead Develoepr is Justin Clark-Casey
Shenlei Flasheart: I have a stable OpenSim region and the ability o register avaters into openSim, where they can be trained.
Jon Linden: i doubt there's anything we'd be able to tell you that'd be useful, Shenlei
Arawn Spitteler: I'm not in an area of business htat I'd recognie the name
Jon Linden: as i said before, it's not something we have any visibility into
Shenlei Flasheart: It's OK, Jon, just thought I'd ask.
You: Well, keep your eyes on the blog. As Jon said, what we (the Doc team) know, we are not allowed to reveal here, for various reasons.
Shenlei Flasheart smiles
Arawn Spitteler: I expect it's to avoid more of the same
Shenlei Flasheart: Well, LL is a business, of course not all the staff is allowed to speak.
Shenlei Flasheart: That would create quite an issue, I think.
Jon Linden: you ehn't kiddin'
Shenlei Flasheart: Oh, I know.
Shenlei Flasheart: Well, that was a conversation killer
Shenlei Flasheart: Sorry about that, guys
Jon Linden chuckles
Jon Linden: don't worry about it
Shenlei Flasheart: Well, I wasn't exactly :)
Shenlei Flasheart: Just being polite....we put a premium on that sort of thing on Shengri La
Arawn Spitteler's just here to share the experience: Open Sim is coming along? I wonder if that might be an avenue for Sara to get better service.
Shenlei Flasheart: 'play nice or play elsewhere' that sort of thing
You: Heh. Are you kidding? This is the most active conversation we've had in awhile. :-)
Shenlei Flasheart: Well, Arawn, OpenSim is very alpha right now
Shenlei Flasheart smiles
Arawn Spitteler: I've heard it's past Smoke, though.
Shenlei Flasheart: I test OpenSim and have my team over there lots and ltos
Shenlei Flasheart: o, it's not vapor ware
Shenlei Flasheart: not even close
Shenlei Flasheart: I had ha;f of my IBM dev team on our regions today
Jeremy Linden had an OpenSim of his own running, for a few days.
Shenlei Flasheart: Cooll Jeremy...if that was awhile ago, you should check it out again
Becky Pippen: are you a gridnaught now, Jeremy?
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You: Er... is that like a Superzero?
Shenlei Flasheart: It's gotten easy enough that even a fashion designer can manage the console aspect ;)
You: Nah, I'm not technically a gridnaut... I didn't travel between any grids, I was just curious.
Becky Pippen: :-) using pyogp to teleport between SL and the OpenSim grid?
Shenlei Flasheart: well, not me...I'm keeping our regions closed for top secret know the drill
Shenlei Flasheart grins wickedly
You: Hi joelmirasal, welcome to Documentation Office Hours.
Arawn Spitteler: "Top Secret Development," as in Hack In for a free intro and sales talk?
Shenlei Flasheart: No, actually.
Shenlei Flasheart: I'd have to have my black hat dude hunt you down if you tried that.
Jeremy Linden does not endorse or condone black hat dudes hunting down Residents.
Shenlei Flasheart: So Jeremy, does this mean that at some point, the server code is going to be documented>
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Shenlei Flasheart: Well, he'd be off the LL grid
Shenlei Flasheart: so you're covered, Jeremy.
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You: Doesn't make me endorse or condone it, though :-)
Shenlei Flasheart: I wouldn't Know a thing About It either
Shenlei Flasheart smiles...of course not
You: As for the server code, I don't know of any plans to document it, or make the documentation public. We do, however, have a position open on our employment website for an Engineering Technical Writer.
Shenlei Flasheart: Sounds horrid, actually,.
You: Jon, Kate, and I tend to lean toward customer documentation :-)
Shenlei Flasheart: Everything I hate most.....writing
Shenlei Flasheart: and writing abotu technology
Shenlei Flasheart: eeks.
Arawn Spitteler: Engineering Technical Writer, as in able to be unintelligible?
Jon Linden: it is not for the faint of heart
You: Heh! I went to school and created my own major for it!
Shenlei Flasheart: I went to school and created a major for botanical biotechnology....
Shenlei Flasheart: I'm not sure that was a wise move.
Jon Linden: it sure sounds awesome, though
Jeremy Linden envisions a cybernetically-enhanced venus flytrap.
Shenlei Flasheart: It has that 'technology' thing in there, and I ended up writing mil spec grants for the Univeristy of Chicago
Shenlei Flasheart: about haploid plantelts from anther culture>?
Shenlei Flasheart: As it happens, a REALLY bad idea.
Arawn Spitteler wonders where to find Mil Specs, on how to grow pot in a closet...
Shenlei Flasheart: At the time tho
Jon Linden: it basically makes me think of Poison Ivy, the Batman villain
Shenlei Flasheart: Arawn, buy one of those fricking awesome grow lamps
Shenlei Flasheart: they cost close to a mil spec grant ;)
You: Heh. I find that job satisfaction as a tech writer is mostly derived from the subject material. I loved SL before I got hired here, so I just get to write about something I already know and love :-)
Shenlei Flasheart: awwww
Shenlei Flasheart: That's cool. I actually love SL too
Shenlei Flasheart: Or I wouldn't come up with reasons for my board to pay for five islands
Shenlei Flasheart grins
Trinity Coulter: I have a documentation-related question/suggestion
Shenlei Flasheart: which are all more or less parks
You: Go for it, Trinity.
Jon Linden: trinity, what's your question/suggestion?
Jon Linden: quesgestion?
Trinity Coulter: well i was thinking about the relationship between information you can find on the Wiki, and information from the KB
Jon Linden is nodding
Trinity Coulter: and also how neither the Wiki nor the KB are really formatted or set up/customized for viewing in the inworld browser
You: Sadly true.
Trinity Coulter: and the KB isn't a part of the Google index and it doesn't show up in the Search/All
Jon Linden: not at present
Jon Linden: we're working on that
Trinity Coulter: so i guess my thought is... why not
Trinity Coulter: :)
Trinity Coulter: same with the Jira really
You: One of our goals has been to get the KB inworld, ever since we got an inworld browser that could access it :-)
Jon Linden: the KB is a hosted solution provided by an external company; the way they implemented their KB was to use frames
Trinity Coulter: you have all these bits of the support infrastructure all disconnected
Shenlei Flasheart: That was a cool move
Jon Linden: this messes with the ability of the googlebox to index it
Jon Linden: we're trying to get them to talk to each other, it's just complicated
Arawn Spitteler: Robert Heinlein recommends cookies
Trinity Coulter: well for the other stuff like profiles, they make a cached copy of the item on the Amazon S3 storage and then index that
Jon Linden: i'm just guessing here, but i think it might be less complicated to simply improve the inworld browser rather than to try to get the wiki and KB to play nice with it
Trinity Coulter: they could just do the same thing with KB articles
Jon Linden: they'd still have to strip the articles out of the frames
Trinity Coulter: there must be an export somewhere
paty Koskinen shouts: que lugar
Arawn Spitteler wonders if Frames could be placed on Prims
Trinity Coulter: yes, they can
Arawn Spitteler: Just like a TV Tuner, then
You: KB articles on prims is still rather difficult, until working scrollbars get implemented :-)
Jon Linden: hello paty, welcome to Documentation Office Hours
paty Koskinen: como me sento
You: Hi paty. Welcome to Documentation Office Hours.
paty Koskinen: como me sento?
You: I'm sorry, I only understand English.
paty Koskinen shouts: me ajudem sou nueva aki
Arawn Spitteler: un momento
Trinity Coulter: sounds like Polish maybe
Jon Linden: I'm sorry, I don't understand you, either
Trinity Coulter: or some Slavic language
Arawn Spitteler thinks it sounds more like Spanish: We just had a girl here from Portugal.
Gypsy Helendale: looks like i'm stuck here
Gypsy Helendale: lol
You: Welcome back!
Gypsy Helendale: ty
Shenlei Flasheart: thanks...that hurt
Gypsy Helendale: I still cant' tp anywhere
Gypsy Helendale: lol
Trinity Coulter: do you guys work with the Google people much?
Trinity Coulter: sorry... let me clarify
Trinity Coulter: do you (J&J) work with the people running the google appliance at LL much?
Jon Linden: not at present
Arawn Spitteler: What was patty saying
Arawn's translator: Lo que se dice Patty
Becky Pippen: Oi Paty, você fala Português? Bem-vindo, ter uma sede. Este é o SL Documentação Departamento reunião semanal.
You: Heh. Becky, do you know Portuguese, or is that Google talking?
Shenlei Flasheart: hm...
Shenlei Flasheart: she was asking for help, she's new here
Becky Pippen: That was google
Becky Pippen: the key was the personal pronoun "sou"
Shenlei Flasheart: lots of brasilianos
Arawn Spitteler: Welcome, Paty, to Second Laugh. You seem to be a month old, but there's no accounting for how long a person's been on.
Arawn's translator: Bienvenido, Paty, a Segunda risa. Usted parece ser un mes de antigüedad, pero no hay contabilidad por cuánto tiempo una persona ha estado en.
Jon Linden: arawn, you seem to be speaking Spanish
Shenlei Flasheart claps for babblefishies
Arawn Spitteler: I'm using the Simbolic Translator
Arawn's translator: Estoy utilizando el traductor Simbolic
Jon Linden: our current guess is that paty speaks Portugese
Shenlei Flasheart: I'm thinking, yes
Shenlei Flasheart: I could drag my husband over to confirm
Jon Linden: let's wait for a response; perhaps she is AFK
Shenlei Flasheart: ah, path of least possible resistence...I'm there
Shenlei Flasheart: resistance
Shenlei Flasheart: gah
Shenlei Flasheart: typo are me :)
Jon Linden: i won't tell anybody
Shenlei Flasheart: Thanks.
Arawn Spitteler suspects an away status: I hope she gets back to us. It's undoubtedly more important than she realizes
Arawn's translator: / me sospechosos fuera un estado: Espero que vuelva a nosotros. Es, sin duda, más importante que se da cuenta de
Shenlei Flasheart: Someday I liove for my very own personal typist
Jon Linden: my wpm is fearsome, but errors inevitably creep in
Shenlei Flasheart: I don't make any attempt to typing sucks
Shenlei Flasheart: ergo, coding are not me
Arawn Spitteler was just teaching a clas, in how to code teleporters, but the bouncing off a server, to see what we're typing, reaslly sucketh: Preactice makes Prefects.
Arawn's translator: / me acaba de enseñar un clasificación, en forma de código de teletransportadores, pero los que abandonan un servidor, para ver lo que estamos escribiendo, reaslly sucketh: Preactice hace prefectos.
Arawn Spitteler: Hi, Squirrel
Arawn's translator: Hola, Squirrel
Shenlei Flasheart: so I have heard, Arawn :)
Squirrel Wood: Holla!
Trinity Coulter: hi Senor Wood
Becky Pippen: Squirrel!
You: Hi Squirrel. Welcome to the end of Documentation Office Hours :-)
Squirrel Wood: Anyone have problems filing support tickets?
Trinity Coulter: i never file any :)
Trinity Coulter: so i never have problems
Shenlei Flasheart: so, Jeremy, or Jon, let me toss out another topic of convo...have you heard anything about the modification of the client to track the x/y coords where a prim is touched>?
WidgetHUD v1.1 (Mono): Shenlei Flasheart has pinged you.
Squirrel Wood: friend of mine who lives in the UK gets a 404: File Not Found - The requested URL /support/submit_ticket_frm was not found on this server.
Trinity Coulter: yes, that's coming soon, Shenlei
You: I've been playing with that, a little, in RC, Shenlei.
Shenlei Flasheart: So I saw
Trinity Coulter: its in the Beta and the RC
Becky Pippen: that's working now in the sims and in the RC client
Shenlei Flasheart: Do you have alink, Trinity?
Trinity Coulter: to the RC?
Jon Linden: i think we were having problems with the Support site earlier in the day
Shenlei Flasheart: I caught that in passing on some stray conversation
Jon Linden: perhaps they've returned
Shenlei Flasheart: Bithing, thank you, Jeremy
WidgetHUD v1.1 (Mono): Shenlei Flasheart has pinged you.
Trinity Coulter: llDetectedTouch functions in LSL
Squirrel Wood: hmm... so right now he cannot file sim down support tickets then :(
Trinity Coulter: relative place on a texture, or face, or absolution region position, etc
Arawn Spitteler: Oh, I was using a new function just this morning, before I was awake.
Arawn's translator: Oh, yo estaba usando una nueva función esta misma mañana, antes de que yo estaba despierto.
Trinity Coulter:
Shenlei Flasheart: Fabulous...I knew I heard some rumblings about that
Arawn Spitteler: llDetectedTouchFace(integer) I didn't try the all important llDetectedTouchUV
Arawn's translator: llDetectedTouchFace (integer) yo no tratar todos los importantes llDetectedTouchUV
Trinity Coulter: i wouldn't get super excited until more people actually have a Viewer that can use it
Shenlei Flasheart: a corporate world, one can sort of force one's vision
You: Indeed, Trinity. Once it becomes standard, though, I predict it may revolutionize user interfaces in SL.
Arawn Spitteler: I find that the viewer from the Beta Grid works better, despite being the same memory leaker as the RC0
Arawn's translator: Me parece que el espectador de la Beta Grid funciona mejor, a pesar de ser la misma memoria leaker como la RC0
Shenlei Flasheart: I suspect it will, Jeremy
WidgetHUD v1.1 (Mono): Shenlei Flasheart has pinged you.
Trinity Coulter: well it will help
Shenlei Flasheart: Personalyl, I live for the day when we can edge touch OS Shengri La with our SL shengri La
Trinity Coulter: thanks J and J for coming to day
Arawn Spitteler: Fashions? That's especially sensitive to IPLaw
Arawn's translator: Modas? Eso es especialmente sensible a IPLaw
Jon Linden: no problem, Trinity!
Jon Linden: we're here every week
Trinity Coulter: even in leap years?
Jon Linden: m...maybe
You have offered a calling card to Shenlei Flasheart
Trinity Coulter: :)
Your calling card was accepted.
Jon Linden: thanks for stopping by, folks -- i've got a meeting to run to
Arawn Spitteler: What's normally discussed, last I was at Zero's, was the protection of Creations, on Open Grid
Arawn's translator: ¿Qué pasa que normalmente se analizan, por último, yo estaba en cero, es la protección de las creaciones, en Open Grid
Jon Linden: have an excellent weekend!
Trinity Coulter: bye guys :)
Trinity Coulter: you too
Becky Pippen: Bye Guys!
Shenlei Flasheart: I have a lot of thoughts about fashion ,,,,,
Shenlei Flasheart: my last RL fashion colelction sold ~ $36MM USD
You: Well, this was certainly an action-packed hour.
Shenlei Flasheart: Give or take a few bucks
Squirrel Wood: umm...
Squirrel Wood: how would one report sims that stay down after rebooting them when the support portal tosses 404 pages at you?
You: Concierge hotline?
Jeremy Linden checks the number.
Shenlei Flasheart: Agreed
Squirrel Wood: from the uk? costs a fortune and a half
Arawn Spitteler: Have you tried Tickets? I heard something about Support calling out for Support, though
Arawn's translator: ¿Ha intentado boletos? He oído algo acerca de Apoyo al anunciar para el apoyo, aunque
Shenlei Flasheart: I've always had superb support from the concierge web site
Arawn Spitteler: Who's Motek Breda?
Arawn's translator: Que la Motek Breda?
Squirrel Wood: the problem is that the sim owner is not on. just an estate manager
Arawn Spitteler: Even a Basic can file a ticket when a sim's down
Arawn's translator: Incluso un básico puede presentar un billete cuando un simulador de abajo
You: Concierge customers also get access to live chat, via the Support Portal.
You: Oh, hm.
You: I think Premium accounts still get Live Chat?
Shenlei Flasheart: yes, they do
Shenlei Flasheart: well, hm, they did last time I checked,.
Squirrel Wood: no live chat option the support page for me
You: If it's there, it should be underneath the Ticket Submission link.
Shenlei Flasheart: Squirrel, can you send the sim owner a note?
You: Hi phili. This was Documentation Office Hours until a few minutes ago. Feel free to stay and chat.
Arawn Spitteler: If Jeremy were to just sort of wander into that sim, he might ask why it wasn't there. Is that sim an example of Documentatin,k some how?
WidgetHUD v1.1 (Mono): Arawn Spitteler has pinged you.
Arawn's translator: Si Jeremy fueron a sólo tipo de vagar en que sim, podría preguntar por qué no estaba allí. ¿Es que sim un ejemplo de Documentatin, k de alguna forma?
WidgetHUD v1.1 (Mono): Arawn's translator has pinged you.
Shenlei Flasheart: You know, that's an itneresting question....If it wasn't 'there'
You: Well, Arawn, it is my job to know (or know where to find) information about this kind of thing.
Squirrel Wood: hmm
Shenlei Flasheart: Could you maybe you know, do a quick attempt a TP< Jeremy?
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You: Did I miss some part of the conversation? I thought the region was down, and not coming up.
Shenlei Flasheart: I know it's not your job and all...but think of it as an experiential
Shenlei Flasheart: we're debugging on the fly :)
You: What's the name of the sim? I can ping Concierge for you.
Squirrel Wood: actually its two sims
You: ...but only this once, on account of you're at my office hours, and the ticketing system is being odd :-)
Squirrel Wood: Horse Valley and Equus Beach
Shenlei Flasheart smiles approvingly at Jeremy
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Squirrel Wood: problem with the sims was that anyone with attachments on could not enter.
Arawn Spitteler: Are they on the same server?
Squirrel Wood: they are next to each other
Shenlei Flasheart: full sims, Squirrel>?
Squirrel Wood: one full, one void
Shenlei Flasheart: Trouble on both or just one?
Arawn Spitteler: I think Voids have to be on different servers, than full
Shenlei Flasheart: And, how prim full are they?
You: Ok, the concierge team tells me that it's not an isolated issue, on both counts (website and regions), but both should be coming back up shortly.
Squirrel Wood: they are nowhere near the prim limits
Squirrel Wood: thanks ^^
Shenlei Flasheart: Good lcuk, Squirrel
Shenlei Flasheart: And, Jeremy, thank you for going over and bove your call of duty
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Shenlei Flasheart: Speaking as a resident, I thank you
Squirrel Wood: Glod Sarts for Jeremy! ^^
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Squirrel Wood: (ask Alexa or Bridie Linden if you don't know what Glod Sarts are ^^)
You: Heh! I'm a Resident, too! Just not during business hours :-)
Shenlei Flasheart smiles
Arawn Spitteler: Of course, we should ask, where the documentation of Sim and Support status belonged, and whether that line is functional
Shenlei Flasheart: btw, Squireel, that's a hell of a tail you have there
Squirrel Wood: hehe
Shenlei Flasheart: very fluffy
Squirrel Wood: Indeed it is
Shenlei Flasheart: I was admiring it earleir but didn't want to drag the conversation way off line
Shenlei Flasheart: Can you put a bow on it?
Squirrel Wood: I could
Squirrel Wood: but I like it as it is
Shenlei Flasheart: awww...for special occasions
Squirrel Wood: ^^
You: Ok, it's weekend time, now. Have a good one, everybody!
Squirrel Wood: have a good one!
Shenlei Flasheart: you too, Jeremy
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