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[14:00]  Xavier Irwin: wooo am i the only one here!
[14:00]  Jeremy Linden: Hello, Xavier! Welcome to Documentation Office Hours :-)
[14:01]  Jeremy Linden: Jon should be here shortly; I'm not sure where all our other regular visitors are this week.
[14:01]  Xavier Irwin: well i've never been to this one
[14:01]  Xavier Irwin: lol
[14:01]  Xavier Irwin: so i have no burning issues for documentatation atm
[14:02]  Jeremy Linden: They don't have to be burning issues... Any thoughts you've ever had about the Knowledge Base are welcome, here.
[14:02]  Xavier Irwin: mmmm... what do to if you think your account has been hacked? is that there?
[14:02]  VISTAZHAO CASUAL4 ANIM V1: Touched.
[14:03]  Jeremy Linden: It may be... I know I did a KB Article of the Week on the subject of protecting your account, at one point.
[14:03]  Xavier Irwin: i just had that questions and could not find... thats all
[14:03]  Jeremy Linden:
[14:03]  Jeremy Linden: That's probably a good start.
[14:04]  Xavier Irwin: yeah i got them to change password, so thats good
[14:04]  Xavier Irwin: were u at SLCC?
[14:04]  Jeremy Linden: I was not! I think I'll go next year, though :-)
[14:04]  Xavier Irwin: didn't think i saw u there
[14:04]  Xavier Irwin: met Kate tho and others
[14:05]  Jeremy Linden: That's cool. Kate was actually visiting the Boston office this week; she left just a few minutes ago to catch her flight home!
[14:05]  Xavier Irwin: hey again simon
[14:05]  Xavier Irwin: awwww
[14:05]  Xavier Irwin: oh u have colton and teagen too?
[14:05]  Xavier Irwin: i know they were heading somewhere
[14:06]  Jeremy Linden: Not us... Jon's here, though.
[14:06]  Xavier Irwin: ok
[14:06]  Xavier Irwin: hey again simon
[14:06]  Simon Kline: hiya Xavier! i'm following you it seems :D
[14:06]  Xavier Irwin: lol
[14:06]  Simon Kline: Hey! Jeremy!
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[14:06]  Jeremy Linden: Hey Simon. Welcome back to Documentation Office Hours.
[14:07]  Simon Kline: thanks :D it's been a while for me, been sleeping in ^^
[14:07]  Jeremy Linden: No worries! We won't hold it against you.
[14:07]  Simon Kline: heh
[14:08]  Xavier Irwin: well i'm out of thoughts lol
[14:08]  Jeremy Linden: How about you, Simon? Anything to share, this week?
[14:09]  Simon Kline: hehe nothing especially... what's happened to kbaotw
[14:10]  Jeremy Linden: The public blog is going through some changes at the moment. KBAotW will be back soon, along with a bunch of other new features:
[14:11]  Simon Kline: ahhh cool
[14:11]  Simon Kline: i wondered if it was related to that... i skimmed that article the first time heh
[14:12]  Jeremy Linden: Yeah, it's had an interesting effect on office hours attendance. The past few weeks, we got some new folks coming through, but it looks like we've got a pretty sparse crowd today :-)
[14:12]  Simon Kline: i knew you hadn't run out ofarticles already lol
[14:12]  Xavier Irwin: yeah, sl is pretty quiet today!
[14:13]  Simon Kline: ahh cool new folks are always good :D... i think today is a case of friday-itis.... tho it's 7.13am saturday here in australia :D
[14:13]  Xavier Irwin: lmao
[14:13]  Xavier Irwin: and 22:13 here in the uk
[14:13]  Jeremy Linden: Heh! 5:13pm in Boston. Nearly the weekend!
[14:13]  Xavier Irwin: KB on timezones perhaps?
[14:13]  Xavier Irwin: bet that is there already
[14:14]  Jeremy Linden: Technically speaking, there are no time zones in Second Life... we all use PDT :-)
[14:14]  Xavier Irwin: mmhmmm
[14:14]  Xavier Irwin: technically speaking
[14:15]  Xavier Irwin: oh simon went
[14:15]  Jeremy Linden: Hmm... my hotkey program isn't working so well today... I've got a link to our article on Second Life Time and timezone conversions.
[14:16]  Jeremy Linden:
[14:16]  Jeremy Linden: There we go!
[14:16]  Xavier Irwin: mmmm
[14:16]  Xavier Irwin: graphical presentation would be better
[14:17]  Xavier Irwin: i use that when trying to understand where people come from for example (not for timezones)
[14:17]  Jeremy Linden: Probably true, though Linden Lab doesn't have any control over time and :-)
[14:17]  Xavier Irwin: no, but a nice pic in the KB.....
[14:18]  Xavier Irwin: yeah... someone just sent their first abuse report
[14:18]  Jeremy Linden: Based on time zones?
[14:18]  Xavier Irwin: LOL
[14:18]  Xavier Irwin: no
[14:18]  Xavier Irwin: on having their account hacked
[14:19]  Jeremy Linden: Ahh.
[14:19]  Jeremy Linden: I think I tried to paste this earlier:
[14:20]  Jeremy Linden: More specific information on what to do if someone gets into your account.
[14:20]  Xavier Irwin: is it in french ?
[14:20]  Xavier Irwin: lol
[14:20]  Jeremy Linden: Not yet!
[14:20]  Xavier Irwin: ohhhh, so do it that way, NOT abuse report?
[14:20]  Jeremy Linden: Welcome back, Simon. Hi Jon!
[14:20]  Simon Kline: hah thanks, crashed ^^
[14:21]  Jeremy Linden: Well, if you know who hacked your account, an abuse report would help, too!
[14:21]  Xavier Irwin: no he doesnt :(
[14:21]  Jeremy Linden: But if someone gets into your account, you should follow those procedures.
[14:21]  Xavier Irwin: ok just sent that now to help
[14:21]  Xavier Irwin: thanks jeremy
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[14:22]  Jeremy Linden: Hi Jon. Welcome to Documentation Office Hours.
[14:23]  Xavier Irwin: ok i need to go translate stuff to french for this guy, nice meeting y'all
[14:23]  Jon Linden: hahaha
[14:23]  Jeremy Linden: Thanks for coming!
[14:23]  VISTAZHAO CASUAL4 ANIM V1: Touched.
[14:23]  Jon Linden: have a good one!
[14:23]  Jeremy Linden: Hmm...
[14:23]  Jeremy Linden: We now seem to have a Linden-to-Resident balance problem :-P
[14:23]  Simon Kline: HAHAHAH
[14:23]  Simon Kline: yeah i was just thinking tht
[14:23]  Simon Kline: if u guys have work to do i was just here to see what everyone had been up to
[14:24]  Jon Linden: my fault; caught up in some last-minute draft action!
[14:24]  Simon Kline: sounds intense jon heh
[14:24]  Jon Linden: feel free to stick around if you have any questions about Second Life documentation, though, Simon!
[14:25]  Jon Linden: if you don't, though ... early Friday?
[14:25]  Simon Kline: hahah no questions here :)
[14:26]  Jeremy Linden: Sometimes folks show up closer to the end... Someone should stand guard until the time's up :-)
[14:26]  Jon Linden: agreed
[14:26]  Simon Kline: the documentaion side of things is great tho guys, keep up the good work :D
[14:26]  Jeremy Linden: Woo!
[14:26]  Simon Kline flips a coin
[14:26]  Jon Linden: that is outstanding to hear, thank you, Simon!
[14:27]  Jon Linden: i'm visiting one of our other offices and i have all sorts of cleanup tasks to perform on this computer i've been using
[14:27]  Jeremy Linden: Heh!
[14:27]  Simon Kline: oh wow someone cluttered the desktop again? heh
[14:28]  Jon Linden: um ... m-maybe
[14:28]  Jeremy Linden: Make sure to uninstall all the spyware you downloaded...
[14:28]  Jon Linden: but i need it!
[14:28]  Jon Linden: to let me know when i've won FaBuLoUs PrIzEs!
[14:28]  Jeremy Linden: Oh, that's true.
[14:29]  Jeremy Linden: And you probably need all those browser toolbars to help you find product-specific stuff, while helpfully informing advertising companies of your browsing habits.
[14:29]  Simon Kline: inded very important... the massve speed decrease is *very* worth it :D
[14:30]  Jon Linden: the toolbar, brought to you by Verizon and Geico, featuring Jay-Z with Search Mode, is installed in my IE and it is the only way i can browse the web
[14:30]  Simon Kline: hahahahha
[14:30]  Jon Linden: that's normal, right?
[14:31]  Jeremy Linden: Probably only for about 85% of casual internet users.
[14:31]  Jon Linden: why does it keep making me buy concert tickets to Celine Dion, Presented By eSurance?
[14:31]  Jon Linden snaps out of it
[14:31]  Simon Kline: hahah
[14:31]  Simon Kline: you know you want to.. right?
[14:32]  Simon Kline: (buy tix to Celine)
[14:32]  Jon Linden: no offense to any fans of hers, but that is just not my idea of a great time
[14:32]  Simon Kline: heheh
[14:32]  Simon Kline: mine either lol
[14:33]  Simon Kline: i don't know if u guys might be intrested.. but i organise a weekend of learning once a month where mentors teach in class situations various classes... normally to help newer ppl in sl..
[14:34]  Jeremy Linden: Very cool!
[14:34]  Jeremy Linden: Do you hold it at a regular time?
[14:34]  Simon Kline: yes well it started out as a weekend once a month on the weekend closest to the 15th of each month
[14:35]  Simon Kline: but this one's going for a week because last time we squeesed so many classes into one weekend they nearly overlapped heh
[14:35]  Simon Kline: tho the participation has dropped off this month:
[14:35]  Jeremy Linden: Aha! I'll have to check that out.
[14:36]  Jon Linden: thanks for the tip, Simon
[14:36]  Jeremy Linden: Hi Marianne. Welcome to Documentation Office Hours.
[14:36]  Marianne McCann: Hi there
[14:36]  Simon Kline: do you think it would be appealing for linden groups like yourselves to come along and present at one of the weekends when you have a new feature you'd like to show the world
[14:36]  Simon Kline: Hey! Marianne :D
[14:37]  Marianne McCann: Hi Simon
[14:37]  Jeremy Linden: We'll definitely, keep it in mind, Simon :-)
[14:38]  Simon Kline: i think last month one of the mentors did one on the help / support systems in sl but next time they do it is there anything in particular u'd like them to draw attention to?
[14:39]  Jon Linden: not that i can think of at the moment; that's probably best left to you to determine
[14:39]  Simon Kline: cool
[14:39]  Jon Linden: Marianne, do you have any questions or issues about Second Life documentation you'd like to share?
[14:39]  Jon Linden: (if not, that's also cool)
[14:40]  Marianne McCann: Not right at the moment, no. I know I had some, but now that I'm here,they've slipped my mind
[14:40]  Jeremy Linden: We do that on purpose. Now, if you'll direct your attention to this shiny object....
[14:40]  Jon Linden: you can always stop by another time
[14:40]  Jon Linden: hehehe
[14:40]  Marianne McCann snickers
[14:40]  Jon Linden: speaking of which, we're going to be switching to an earlier time next week (and hopefully all weeks thereafter)
[14:41]  Marianne McCann: Neither of you are in black suits
[14:41]  Jon Linden: i'd have to go get one
[14:41]  Simon Kline: oh wow wht time guys :D
[14:41]  Jon Linden: just an hour earlier; 1pm SLT
[14:41]  Simon Kline: hahah oh now you're going to make me decide between you guys and george
[14:42]  Jeremy Linden: Oh no!
[14:42]  Jon Linden: it just occurred to me that's also torley's, isn't it
[14:42]  Marianne McCann: Alts, Simon
[14:42]  Simon Kline: maybe 30 mins at each lol
[14:42]  Simon Kline: hah Marianne!
[14:42]  Jon Linden: people will have to start splitting time
[14:42]  Jeremy Linden: I think Torley's is now, actually.
[14:42]  Jon Linden: oh, ok
[14:42]  Jeremy Linden: Unless it's moved in the past 6 months or so.
[14:42]  Marianne McCann: Can't be now. Here is deserted
[14:43]  Simon Kline: i haven't been to torleys in ages.. i think it changed..
[14:43]  Jeremy Linden: Very possible!
[14:43]  Simon Kline: *checks*
[14:43]  Jon Linden: according to the wiki, his is on thursdays at noon SLT on Here
[14:43]  Simon Kline: well if u guys see a blonde me turn up next week you'll know the other simon is at georges
[14:44]  Jon Linden: heh
[14:44]  Marianne McCann: Hey Chav
[14:44]  Chav Paderborn: hello
[14:44]  Jeremy Linden: Hi Chav. Welcome to Documentation Office Hours.
[14:44]  Simon Kline: ohhhh that's 5am here no wonder i havne't been to torleys in ages he
[14:44]  Simon Kline: hi chav :D
[14:46]  Marianne McCann: I'm sure this has been asked a billion times before, but have there been thoughts ever given to adding more SL history/culture/community stuff to the KB?
[14:46]  Jon Linden: huh! that's an interesting question
[14:46]  Jon Linden: the problem becomes one of perspective: who writes the history?
[14:46]  Chav Paderborn: would it cause drama?
[14:46]  Marianne McCann: Probably. Depends on "what history"
[14:47]  Jeremy Linden: We try to keep the KB limited to the hard facts of how to use Second Life. The Second Life Wiki, however, is a prime location for such information.
[14:47]  Jon Linden: i envision a nightmare universe in which every single Resident writes furiously to complain about being underrepresented in the historical accounts of Second Life
[14:47]  Marianne McCann: But I'm thinking about those cubes across the water from here and "who is Magellan Linden"
[14:47]  Marianne McCann: or "why is there an olr rig in ANWR
[14:47]  Marianne McCann: oil*
[14:47]  Simon Kline: haha Magellan! I googled him and there's some interesting stuff about him :D
[14:47]  Marianne McCann: Which ya, may well be wiki
[14:48]  Jon Linden: ah! these are interesting questions -- the wiki certainly seems like the better place for it, but those are interesting questions
[14:48]  Jeremy Linden: Ah. Well, Lindens and Linden-related content might be reasonable exceptions, since they're things that we're ultimately responsible for.
[14:48]  Jon Linden: i'm'a write that down
[14:48]  Chav Paderborn: maybe it could tell us hwhere to find linden builds and stuff
[14:49]  Chav Paderborn: cos the world is too big to explore randopmly
[14:49]  Marianne McCann: Right. I don't think it would be LLs place to tell the story of non-linden stuff, cu that's where drama llamas are
[14:49]  Jeremy Linden: Even so, the Second Life History Wiki, a Resident-maintained archive, contains almost all this information already.
[14:49]  Simon Kline: explorer's guide to linden builds in sl would be cool Chav
[14:49]  Jeremy Linden:
[14:50]  Jeremy Linden:
[14:50]  Jeremy Linden:
[14:50]  Marianne McCann: True. I am/was a contributor. But it has become a general wiki, mainly a bragging place for the various SL military groups
[14:51]  Jeremy Linden: I was unaware of that turn of events...
[14:51]  Marianne McCann: Yup. From when it went to wikia
[14:51]  Marianne McCann: Heh... I wonder if even all the LL-owned builds are known about, Chav.
[14:52]  Marianne McCann: (Ive put the ones I've found, not coincidentially, on the wikia wiki)
[14:52]  Simon Kline lol at the oil rig story!
[14:52]  Jeremy Linden: Heh!
[14:53]  Jeremy Linden: I know I personally don't know them all. I found a large dam on the mainland, not long ago, that I'd never seen before.
[14:53]  Marianne McCann: Sutherland Dam, most likely
[14:53]  Simon Kline: " The rig was supposed to ump out 'petrolium' which explained wy the region that connected to it had doublee-prim allovaiton"
[14:53]  Jeremy Linden: Yes, I believe that was the one.
[14:53]  Marianne McCann: I still find old ones from time to time, like Duckfjord
[14:54]  Jeremy Linden: Primoleum!
[14:54]  Marianne McCann: Or the Furu Pyramid
[14:54]  Simon Kline: sorry about the typoneese there hehe
[14:54]  Marianne McCann is obviosuly *that* kinda nerd
[14:54]  Chav Paderborn: theres a pyramid?
[14:54]  Marianne McCann: yup
[14:55]  Marianne McCann: near where the old Sami infohub used to be
[14:55]  Marianne McCann:
[14:55]  Marianne McCann: (There isn't much on that page)
[14:56]  Chav Paderborn: theres likethe erm
[14:56]  Chav Paderborn: moles
[14:56]  Chav Paderborn: ldpw?
[14:56]  Marianne McCann: Uh huh
[14:56]  Chav Paderborn: so it would be nice to know what they built
[14:56]  Chav Paderborn: our tax L$ at work!
[14:56]  Marianne McCann: Thet're making a lot of new stuff. The Furu Pyramid, though, is old old
[14:56]  Marianne McCann: Chav - they do have a great list on the wiki
[14:56]  Jeremy Linden: I do believe we made an announcement on the blog about Bay City?
[14:56]  Marianne McCann:
[14:57]  Jeremy Linden: Ah, even better.
[14:57]  Chav Paderborn: i should look at the wiki someday
[14:57]  Marianne McCann owns a small plot of land in Bay City, and somehow did not break the bank
[14:58]  Chav Paderborn: is bay city like a zoned mainland?
[14:58]  Marianne McCann: But it would be nice to see some of those old items, or something so people are aware of some of the Linden-content they can wander about in
[14:59]  Jon Linden: it makes sense
[14:59]  Marianne McCann: Chav - sorta liek Nov Albion, Brown, Shermerville... not so much zoned (no covenant), but with some restrictiosn and an overall "theme" in mind
[14:59]  Marianne McCann: Nova*
[14:59]  Chav Paderborn: nice
[15:00]  Jon Linden: folks, we seem to have come up on the end of our hour
[15:00]  Jeremy Linden: It would dilute the purpose of the KB somewhat, though... Descriptions of tourist spots don't really fit with tutorial topics like "How do I start dancing?"
[15:00]  Marianne McCann: Good point, Jeremy
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[15:00]  Simon Kline: thanks for the office hour guys!
[15:00]  Jon Linden: it might be worth it to point to a wiki link or somethin'
[15:00]  Marianne McCann: Have fun!
[15:00]  Marianne McCann nods
[15:00]  Simon Kline: great to see you again :D
[15:00]  Jon Linden: our next office hour will be at the same place, but an hour earlier
[15:00]  Jeremy Linden: Thanks for coming, all! Good conversation topics this week :-)
[15:01]  Simon Kline: nice meeting you marianne and Chav :D
[15:01]  Jon Linden: have a good weekend!
[15:01]  Marianne McCann: nice meetin' you too
[15:01]  Marianne McCann: Bye Bye!!