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[13:08]  Jon Linden: welcome back, Ricken!
[13:08]  Jeremy Linden: Hey Ricken! Welcome back.
[13:08]  Ricken Flow: Hello all :-)
[13:09]  Ricken Flow: how is everybody doing.
[13:10]  Jeremy Linden: Pretty good!
[13:10]  Jeremy Linden: Though, does anyone else see my pant legs extending beyond my feet?
[13:10]  Kate Linden: Hi, Ricken. Nice to see you.
[13:10]  Ricken Flow: Hi Kate
[13:10]  Jon Linden: negative, jeremy
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[13:10]  Jon Linden: your pant legs end where it seems like they oughta
[13:10]  Jeremy Linden: Huh. Must just be this viewer for me.
[13:10]  Ricken Flow: no just see what appears t o be shoes no super long pants legs
[13:11]  Jeremy Linden: Thanks!
[13:12]  Jon Linden: what's new with you these days?
[13:13]  Ricken Flow: working on a Webzine for Virtual worlds mainly as part of Web DEvelopment Class
[13:13]  Jeremy Linden: Cool!
[13:13]  Jon Linden: that sounds like the kind of thing guaranteed to keep a man extremely busy
[13:14]  Ricken Flow: HAd World Aids Day I was the chair for that . Thats why I have been missing in action. oh thats one thing i do well is stay busy
[13:14]  Jeremy Linden: Better to be busy than bored, eh?
[13:14]  Jeremy Linden: Hey Simon! Long time no see.
[13:15]  Jon Linden: welcome back!
[13:15]  Simon Kline: Hey! Jeremy! Hi Jon!!
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[13:15]  Simon Kline: hi Kate and Ricken!
[13:15]  Kate Linden: Hey Simon!
[13:15]  Ricken Flow:
[13:15]  Ricken Flow: Hi Simon
[13:15]  Simon Kline: haha yeah u guys are fighting with George Linden now for office hours time i gotta decide between yas lol
[13:15]  Ricken Flow: thats the beginnings of it
[13:15]  Ricken Flow: Georger Linden who is that lol
[13:16]  Simon Kline: he's a V-team linden... looks after mentors and is working on education stuff now too i beleive :)
[13:16]  Jon Linden: what Simon said
[13:16]  Simon Kline: *nods nods* heh
[13:16]  Simon Kline: hha Jon! Great av!
[13:17]  Ricken Flow: I tried to be a mentor
[13:17]  Jon Linden: this is my new favorite av after the jello mold
[13:18]  Simon Kline: hah great jon! so the superhero outfit got tossed to the inventory for now
[13:18]  Ricken Flow: teen hunger force
[13:18]  Simon Kline: so what's been happening in documentation lately?
[13:18]  Jeremy Linden will let Jon answer this one.
[13:18]  Jon Linden: heheh
[13:18]  Simon Kline: haha tag team
[13:19]  Kate Linden: lol
[13:19]  Jon Linden: where to begin
[13:19]  Simon Kline: just after the "the there was light"
[13:19]  Jon Linden: we've expanded, amoeba-style, to envelop another Linden
[13:19]  Ricken Flow: and before the next new viewer
[13:19]  Jon Linden: torley is now officially under our umbrella
[13:20]  Simon Kline: hah cool! :D
[13:20]  Ricken Flow: oh no just when i got all the watermelons out of my fridsge
[13:20]  Jon Linden: we're going to figure out the ways in which we can best put his sorceries to use
[13:21]  Simon Kline: oh wow
[13:21]  Jon Linden: we're at a point now where we can start to really dig into our backlog of article/edit requests, so there's that
[13:21]  Simon Kline: oh good :D
[13:22]  Jon Linden: we're chewing away at it from both sides, too, because we can!
[13:22]  Simon Kline: haha great! i was going to say, if it's a long list maybe there's a way to ask the community to write some and u guys just edit it... but i guess in some cases it's easier to write things from scratch
[13:23]  Jon Linden: also, some of these things involve policy elements or upcoming new features in test that you guys aren't privy to
[13:23]  Jon Linden: although that is an interesting idea, simon
[13:23]  Jon Linden: we kicked around the idea of a "knowledge development portal" for the public wiki that would essentially be what you describe
[13:24]  Simon Kline: oh great! see you guys know the ideas before we think them! hah
[13:24]  Jon Linden: but the fact that you come up with them as well means we're on the right track, which is reassuring!
[13:24]  Kate Linden: yes!
[13:25]  Simon Kline: oh good :D it helps when everyone is looking the same direction :)
[13:25]  Jon Linden: agreed
[13:25]  Simon Kline: even better when they're moving down it in at ctrl-r default run type fashion too heh
[13:25]  Ricken Flow: I tried to get the open source guys to let some Tech Writers at that their stuff they didnt go for it but if you have seen some of their documentation they sure do need it.
[13:26]  Jon Linden: which "open source guys," ricken?
[13:26]  Simon Kline: what open source guys was that ricken?
[13:26]  Simon Kline: hah
[13:27]  Ricken Flow: well I talked to Enus L. awhile back I started edited some of the wiki things and sent him suggestions havent had time lately
[13:28]  Jon Linden: understandable
[13:28]  Ricken Flow: to check up on it they move so fast if you fall behind hard to catch up
[13:28]  Simon Kline: for the browser or the server code ricken?
[13:29]  Ricken Flow: for the server code actually for how to bring it together in studio and now they have the open sim viewer which I am sure good use a technical writer
[13:30]  Simon Kline: yeah.. Zero and Whump linden might be worth talking too as well? i think they're dealing with those
[13:30]  Jon Linden: we have hired a tech writer into the engineering group; i'm not sure what task(s) he'll be tackling first, but i would guess that anything open-source-related will eventually land on his doorstep
[13:30]  Simon Kline: i think the problem is they're still hashing out alot of things :D
[13:31]  Simon Kline: ahh awesome ot hear Jon :D
[13:31]  Ricken Flow: yes that is great
[13:31]  Ricken Flow: I applied but didnt have the experience :-(
[13:31]  Simon Kline: wow u guys are on a real recruitment drive hey
[13:31]  Ricken Flow: I apply for everything lol
[13:31]  Jon Linden: it might not be outward-facing docs; he may be generating a lot of internally-facing material
[13:32]  Simon Kline: ahh ok :D
[13:32]  Kate Linden: oh hey, other Doc Team movement...
[13:32]  Kate Linden: we've entered Twitterville
[13:32]  Simon Kline: ha nice!!
[13:32]  Simon Kline: twitter is cool i'm on there!
[13:32]  Simon Kline: how do i find yas
[13:32]  Kate Linden: Kate_Linden
[13:32]  Simon Kline: ohh cool
[13:33]  Ricken Flow: I joined but have yet to get really into it
[13:33]  Kate Linden: Jeremy_Linden
[13:33]  Kate Linden: and Jon will be set up very soon.
[13:33]  Jon Linden: my team's ahead of me on this one!
[13:34]  Simon Kline: haha Jeremy's first entry: Hello World!
[13:34]  Simon Kline: haha
[13:34]  Kate Linden: lol
[13:34]  Simon Kline: ok i'm watching yas now :)
[13:34]  Simon Kline: thanks!
[13:34]  Simon Kline: i'm sorry but i've gotta go.. time to go to rl work... so nice to see you all again :D
[13:35]  Jon Linden: have an excellent workday
[13:35]  Jon Linden: and weekend!
[13:35]  Kate Linden: Really nice to see you Simon :)
[13:35]  Ricken Flow: see you Simon
[13:35]  Simon Kline: heeh thanks! and you's! bye for now :))
[13:36]  Jeremy Linden: Heh. Leave it to me to make a programming joke as my first post.
[13:36]  Jon Linden: it is a classic
[13:39]  Jon Linden: seems like a slow day for office hours, eh? ^__^
[13:40]  Ricken Flow: yes even pathfinder had a slow day i was the only one there as well
[13:40]  Jon Linden: we had a pretty long meeting this morning, so i will admit to my energy being at a bit of an ebb
[13:41]  Kate Linden: Hello Arawn :)
[13:41]  Ricken Flow: its Friday time to relax
[13:42]  Jon Linden: different look for you today, arawn!
[13:42]  Arawn Spitteler: Someone was asking about Assassins, so I changed to deny their existence.
[13:43]  Jon Linden: any news to report from the wider world?
[13:43]  Arawn Spitteler: Any further word from Stephanie? I never was able to use SLim
[13:43]  Jeremy Linden: To me, the word Assassin with a captial "A" bring this to mind:
[13:44]  Jon Linden: i haven't had a chance to catch up with stephany yet, she's a blur of activity
[13:45]  Jon Linden: jeremy, this game always struck me as something that would be great to do if only i had more time on my hands
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[13:45]  Jeremy Linden: I was a terror with it in college :-D
[13:45]  Ricken Flow: being paged good to see you all again TGIF
[13:46]  Jon Linden: be well, ricken!
[13:46]  Jeremy Linden: Have a good weekend!
[13:46]  Kate Linden: You too Ricken :)
[13:48]  Jon Linden: arawn, we don't have much in the way of an agenda today, so if you have something you'd like to bring up in the last nine minutes, you're more than welcome
[13:48]  Arawn Spitteler: Not especially pertinent but, I was trying to put a notecard into an announcement, earlier, and the environment was waiting to be edited.
[13:49]  Arawn Spitteler: Any word, on whether SLim witll be tested on a working viewer?
[13:50]  Kate Linden: I'm not sure of SLim progress or testing Arawn.
[13:50]  Arawn Spitteler: These Hours were pretty much the closest the SLim had to inworld connection.
[13:52]  Jon Linden: do you mean this office hour?
[13:52]  Arawn Spitteler: This one, yes. SLim was very light on inworld support.
[13:52]  Arawn Spitteler: I never got to see it work.
[13:53]  Jon Linden: it WAS a First Look; by definition it is not completely baked
[13:53]  Kate Linden: It's an interesting concept to add SLim communication to an Office Hour.
[13:53]  Arawn Spitteler: Not quite up yto Beta, but I don't think I was the only one, who never saw it work. Teh Viewer Chosen wasn't stable enough, for casual use.
[13:54]  Arawn Spitteler: I'd have expected another Alpha Version, by now.
[13:55]  Jon Linden: dev group schedules and priorities are a thing that tend to be mutable, is the thing, and some jobs are harder than others
[13:55]  Jon Linden: i'm sure you know this already
[13:56]  Arawn Spitteler: What iare office hours, but a chance for the lindens to document what people'd like to say in world. Of course, all computer procedures are just documented directions...
[13:56]  Arawn Spitteler: Some joobs are impossibble, but they don't know they're impossible.
[13:56]  Jon Linden: that's one way to look at it
[13:58]  Jon Linden: we're approaching the end of the hour and i've got another meeting to do some preparation for -- have a good weekend, everybody!
[13:58]  Jon Linden: stay out of trouble
[13:58]  Arawn Spitteler: I recall one comic, in which the Secretary of Transportation wanted command of the Air Force, because they transported bombs, but each of us really is the center of the universe.
[13:58]  Jeremy Linden: Likewise, Jon!
[13:58]  Kate Linden: Enjoy!
[13:59]  Arawn Spitteler: Trouble simply needs perspective; too many people don't take the time to get into it properly.
[13:59]  Jeremy Linden: Too many people don't take the time to properly get into trouble?
[14:01]  Jeremy Linden: Heh. Alright, looks like we're out of time for this week. Thanks for coming, Arawn... See you next week!