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Thend Destiny: How does that work exactly?
Bronson Blackadder: hello Jeremy
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Thend Destiny: Hello Jeremy
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Jeremy Linden: Hello!
Leasha Clip: I've got a question about an interface feature.
Kate Linden: Server rollouts are handled by the Release Team :)
Marianne McCann: Hey jeremy
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Bronson Blackadder: no need to hide behind the paper
Yana Ember: hi Jeremy
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Leasha Clip: if that's appropriate
Kate Linden: What's your question Leasha?
Leasha Clip: well, does the "Save Object back to Object Contents" actually work?
Leasha Clip: I know the one to save back to inventory got deprecated and then removed for security reasons.
Mojito Sorbet: Wasnt that disabled?
Leasha Clip: no, it was the other disabled.
Mojito Sorbet: ok
Kate Linden: I remember there was a bug report on the Issue Tracker about it. checking status...
Leasha Clip: but I can't get the existing one to work to save my life.
Mojito Sorbet: I never used that. I just drag things back and forth
Leasha Clip: well, there are objects you can buy in SL where you modify the rezzed object, then return it to the rezzer's inventory
Kate Linden:
Leasha Clip: the rezzer would be no-mod, so you can't do what you suggested
Kate Linden: Looks like there is a fix pending:
Kate Linden: for that feature to be always enabled.
Connecting to in-world Voice Chat...
Voice not available at your current location
Thend Destiny: Wb Jeremy.. You have fast boots
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Jeremy Linden: I need them, sometimes!
Thend Destiny: Heh
Jeremy Linden: There was some unpleasantness going on nearby... I wandered off to report it and clean up a little.
Leasha Clip: oh, I had another question....
Leasha Clip: the help videos: about what percent of residents watch them?
Thend Destiny: Cool Jeremy.. Very astute and responsible of you :)
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Leasha Clip: they are all very kewl, but I know a lot of peopel don't know they are there
Bronson Blackadder: more would watch if they could easily find them
Thend Destiny: Good question Leasha
Kate Linden: It's saving the original object back to contents instead of the modified object.
Bronson Blackadder: maybe adding a tab in the help drop down menu directly leading to them woul dhelp
Marianne McCann: I s'pect there's a arge number of people who don't see 'em. Like everything, people don't often read the manual
Leasha Clip: oh, that would be a good idea!
Thend Destiny: Anything to connect in-world with Wiki, etc is useful
Bronson Blackadder: yep
Thend Destiny: Hello Arawn.. And pet
Marianne McCann: Hey Arawn
Arawn Spitteler: Hey, Marianne, would you like a Dolly?
Marianne McCann: I agree, Thend. I strongly believe information should come inworld whenever possible
Marianne McCann: Really build on the idea of the world itself
Thend Destiny: Same here.. Immersiveness and less reason to go elsewhere for stuff
Arawn Spitteler bravely sits on whoever is yet unrezzed
Bronson Blackadder: lol
Jeremy Linden: That is a very canine couch.
Arawn Spitteler: yip
Marianne McCann: I would presume that when we reach real media on a prim, perhaps we'll see more of that too
Marianne McCann: (As opposed to "RealMedia™" on a prim, which is a whole different thing) /me winks
Arawn Spitteler: Someone came up with this guide dog, as an accomodation for Blind People, but blind people don't come in world to be blind, so I'm using it in my Sumerian Bank, just so people don't go into banking blind
Jeremy Linden: For sure! The KB2wiki project has also opened some doors on how we can present help content inworld.
Kate Linden: Many of the video tutorials are also in KB articles. They can now be located through the ALL tab from inworld search.
Bronson Blackadder: going to have to try that
Jeremy Linden: Link what I said to what Kate said :-)
Thend Destiny: Nice Kate and Jeremy.. And cool Arawn
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Kate Linden: :)
Marianne McCann: Excellent, Jeremy. I would love to see a day where the "Information pavilion" in Ahern, amongst other places, become sites where new residents can quickly review the big basics
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Marianne McCann: There was a presentation on the guide dogs, I believe, at SLCC on the last day.
Jeremy Linden: I might have been there for part of that!
Marianne McCann: You might!
Arawn Spitteler: Are they mentioned on the Wiki, anywhere? Accomodation Technology maybe
Marianne McCann grins
Kate Linden: Arawn:
Bronson Blackadder: she has the answer for every thing
Bronson Blackadder: :)
Marianne McCann: mmmhm!
Kate Linden: lol
Thend Destiny waves to Takara, who snuck in
Arawn Spitteler: Hi, Zeus
Thend Destiny: Hi zeusdinne
Marianne McCann: hi zeusdinne
zeusdinne Baroque: helooooo everyone
Kate Linden: I'm excited that the KB is being integrated with other wiki pages. One location choc-full-o knowledge.
Thend Destiny: I like that too
Bronson Blackadder: not so spread out
Marianne McCann: I agree. Plus infinitely easier for the average user to get to.
Bronson Blackadder: exactly
Marianne McCann: No logging into the support system
Thend Destiny: Gotta remember the first SL experience folks from outside will have is through the web-based parts
Thend Destiny: And that includes to a good degree XStreet too
zeusdinne Baroque: pats Arawns doggie head
Marianne McCann: Thend - Ya. Via the website front page and it's "word pods"
Marianne McCann grins
Thend Destiny: It's what people are familiar with
Bronson Blackadder: xstreet is looking really good so far
Arawn Spitteler likes integrating general comprehension into obscure numerations incomprehensible to Man, Beast, God, Women or Supreme Court Justices.
Thend Destiny: Yeah Marianne lol
Thend Destiny: Lol Arawn
Arawn Spitteler: Some things are just fun to parse
zeusdinne Baroque: that is wicked
Marianne McCann: Hi Elite
Thend Destiny: I have a question about something I'd like to find.. I'd like to make a texture of the SL World Map (including islands) to use in my build, but there only seems to be Google, which doesn't allow copying
Elite Runner: Hello
Thend Destiny: Hi Elite
zeusdinne Baroque: hello
Elite Runner: Has Torley Linden been here?
Thend Destiny: Not yet Elite
Marianne McCann: I'm sure there have to be some of those about.
Arawn Spitteler: This place normally fills, when he tweets his arrival
Marianne McCann: Maps, not Torleys, though I'm sure there's one of them about too
Bronson Blackadder: lol
Thend Destiny: You'd think Marianne.. So far it seems like Google, and the in-world one which I can't scroll out far enough with
Thend Destiny: Lol
Bronson Blackadder: you might need to do a screen capture
Thend Destiny: Not sure if we're allowed to copy even the in-world map for uses
Elite Runner: Hi Kate Linden
Thend Destiny: Hello Youri
Youri Ashton: hello :)
Kate Linden: Hi Elite :)
Marianne McCann: I nwo I wish the maps has move information. That is, I wish if you scrolled out far enough, you might get area and continent names
Elite Runner: Hi Jeremy Linden
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Marianne McCann: Hey Youri
Jeremy Linden: Hello!
Arawn Spitteler: The design of some island might constitute intellectual property. Think of the creative value, of spelling out "FIX- SL" on yuor sim
Youri Ashton: hello all :)
Thend Destiny: It's very useful to have maps, and be able to see the larger picture, and larger world you're in, imo
Arawn Spitteler'd also like routes laid out
Marianne McCann: Arawn. there was one that did have that spelt out above it in Prims some time back
Bronson Blackadder: like an overlay?
Thend Destiny: That's an idea
Arawn Spitteler: It was Yongnam
Marianne McCann: me too, Arawn. Yes... an overlay of courts, so I could easily spot the roads and rail, the large mass names, etc
Thend Destiny: That'd be awesome, and to see more of map
Bronson Blackadder: use a radio button just like when you are trying to find land for sale
Bronson Blackadder: lol
Bronson Blackadder: a button to find routes
zeusdinne Baroque: hello yuri
Thend Destiny: Hi Raloc
Kate Linden: I saw some creative work in one of the sandboxes on the map. Famous artwork recreations - Mona Lisa etc. from prim laid around the region. It was there for about 24 hours from the time I first saw it.
Youri Ashton: hi zeus
Marianne McCann: Hey Raloc
Elite Runner: Hello everyone
Thend Destiny: Would help in folks actually using roads, etc
Bronson Blackadder: I use them
Youri Ashton: hmm... everything rezzing slower today?
Bronson Blackadder: soem roads are better then others
Raloc Dorado: Hello everyone
Raloc Dorado waves
Bronson Blackadder: some region crossing you get trapped under the roads
Kate Linden: Hello Raloc :)
Marianne McCann: Yes. I recall one of the old rezzable sims had recreated an image over their sim once, using prims as pixels
Leasha Clip likes to ride the trains
Arawn Spitteler: An overlay of routes and continents would be neat, but I'm not sure Michael knows where the routes really are. They're just builds on Linden Land, and Zintra has to be rerouted
Thend Destiny: Neat Kate.. It's interesting to see how folks lay out their regions
Youri Ashton: sorry for showing late btw, was actually playing a game for a change :p
Arawn Spitteler: Getting trapped under roads, and falling through the bridge to Bay City, is just shoddy Workmoleship
Bronson Blackadder: lol
zeusdinne Baroque: haha
Marianne McCann: I suspect one could trace a lot of the existing routes - and some of the ROW - pretty easily. I know I've travelled all the routes on two continent, and many on others
Thend Destiny: Can be lol
Elite Runner: lol
Elite Runner: !!!!!!!
Kate Linden: There is an incredible amount of creativity revealed in Second Life!
Elite Runner: Yes indeed
Thend Destiny: Well, the road and rail crews should have these overlays already made
Bronson Blackadder: yeah there is
Youri Ashton: arawn, think you need to see michael linden for the roads there
Marianne McCann: Arawn - oh yes. Barcola to North Channel, or the one bridge in Nova that deposits you under a prim. The fun of region crossings
Kate Linden: I'm still hoping there will be a "Kate Street" lol
Youri Ashton: he is in charge of building things
Bronson Blackadder: lol
Thend Destiny: So, any downloadable world maps or ones I can copy without getting into trouble?
Thend Destiny: And lol Kate
Marianne McCann: We just named all the ones in Bay City, Kate. Sadly, we had a "no vavatr name" policy
Marianne McCann: avatar*
Youri Ashton: no jon or torley today btw?
Arawn Spitteler: We should also have a Linden Street, complete with Bedding Shop, and research lab
Thend Destiny: No Jon, maybe Torley
Jeremy Linden: Torley's going to be a bit late, and Jon's really really busy, so he can't make it.
Youri Ashton: lol, oki
Marianne McCann: Likewise, Nova Albion is doing their streets, and I think only a couple will be named after specific folks. Magellan Linden, for one
Raloc Dorado: Torley twittered working so bit late
Youri Ashton: to bad jon cant make it agian
Jeremy Linden: Documentation is a busy job!
Jeremy Linden: :-)
Kate Linden: Torley is finishing up some work on the wiki he is heads down on. He should arrive soon :)
Bronson Blackadder: I bet
Elite Runner: I hope he comes
Youri Ashton: i know jeremy, still... this hour isnt just for Torley, kate or you, also for him :)
WidgetHUD v1.2 (Mono): Youri Ashton has pinged you.
Marianne McCann: the plate looks lonely without jello on it
Thend Destiny: Lol
Marianne McCann grins
Bronson Blackadder: Kate and Jeremy are the first Lindens Iseen
WidgetHUD v1.2 (Mono): Bronson Blackadder has pinged you.
Bronson Blackadder: so there is a lot of jello here
Marianne McCann: it's a faux-Jon
Thend Destiny: Hello Meowsters
Meowsters Teskat: Hello.
Marianne McCann: Hey Meowsters
Kate Linden: Faux Jon is missing fruit.
Bronson Blackadder: lol
zeusdinne Baroque: meaow...pursssssssss
Bronson Blackadder: jello mold in teh making?
Kate Linden: I'm not sure if there is a widget to download SL maps. You can check the wiki, or inworld search. Maybe there is something on xstreet.
Elite Runner: (cams up to the jello) yummy
Bronson Blackadder: I know there is some map thing out there that can grab the UUID
Bronson Blackadder: for any particular region
Thend Destiny: Hmm.. Thanks Kate.. Not sure how the widget might do that exactly
Youri Ashton: grrr
Marianne McCann: That might take quite a bit if you want a full map, though
Youri Ashton: damn connection again
Youri Ashton: keep getting kicked off lately
Marianne McCann: Welcome back, Youri
Youri Ashton: hey jon! did came i see! welcome!
Youri Ashton: ty mar :)
Marianne McCann: That's a Faux-Jon
Youri Ashton: hope my connection is good now tho
Marianne McCann: Now all we need are some random pink and green shapes roughly int he form of an avatar
Marianne McCann winks
Youri Ashton: lol, didnt see that part yet, wondered why it didnt move at all :p
Bronson Blackadder: lol
Kate Linden: +1 for flexi lol
Youri Ashton: ah well, at least he is in 'spirit' with us :p
Raloc Dorado: I have some in-world maps that someone made, I'll go look, back in a moment
Thend Destiny: So Linden permission to take screenies of Google Sl Maps is not enough in an official sense? Hypothetically speaking lol
Arawn Spitteler: Google Maps has SL?
zeusdinne Baroque: good question
Bronson Blackadder: yep
Kate Linden: Thend, I'm not sure.
Bronson Blackadder: well its powered by google I think
Youri Ashton: well he is posing as jello, so i guess we cant say it doesnt look like jello :p this one even moves like it :p
Thend Destiny: Cool, thanks Raloc.. I have the Map Kiosks you find around.. They are awesome
Kate Linden: Here is the Viewer world map wiki page: Maybe it has info that might help guide you, or at least point you to the person to ask:
Thend Destiny: Thanks Kate.. I kept catching the Wiki page and the link to the colorful place search thingy on the web
Kate Linden: The showcase page?
Jeremy Linden: Sigh.
Bronson Blackadder: oops
Thend Destiny: 'Search for anything in SL - Showcase Picks', with a half=page Google map
Elite Runner: WHAT THE?!
Marianne McCann: Ah. nostalgia
Youri Ashton: lol, getting griefed again i see
zeusdinne Baroque: what is all this
Bronson Blackadder: god I havent seen this in a long time
Youri Ashton: Hai Wassep
Youri Ashton: just mute him
Youri Ashton: no more problem
Marianne McCann: Cubes owned by Hai Wassep, currently online
Thend Destiny: Ty very much Raloc :) I happen to have these actually.. I really like 'em
Arawn Spitteler: We have lindens who could invite him here.
Bronson Blackadder: creativity in action
Meowsters Teskat: ooooo its raining mario
zeusdinne Baroque: they are gray boxes to me
Marianne McCann: Command option shift = on the mac.... problem solved
Arawn Spitteler: Mario, Assiendeme, du tze provieno, sfachime
Youri Ashton: just mute Hai Wassep, then the textures and sounds will be gone
Bronson Blackadder: just saw one that belongs in zindra
Youri Ashton: less laggy
Bronson Blackadder: lol
Meowsters Teskat: its a gud job their grey boxes sum ove them are horrible pictures
Elite Runner shouts: EVACUATE!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Youri Ashton: griefers are just too dumb :)
zeusdinne Baroque: do we really need to leave?
Marianne McCann: eh. boring old stuff.
zeusdinne Baroque: i see them finally
Thend Destiny: Sooo, what else is on the table/on everyone's minds this week?
Techwolf Lupindo: Why does report abuse does not have "grifting" ?
Arawn Spitteler doesn't see any mjore
Bronson Blackadder: I need to contact a linden about this greifing
Bronson Blackadder: who do I talk to?
Youri Ashton: the area the g-team is in is not accessable to normal residents to my knowlage
Arawn Spitteler: Check the documentation
Youri Ashton: ill send a im to torley that he better wait a min
Arawn Spitteler: They dissappear, when I try to find their owner
Jeremy Linden: This is beyond inworld tools. I've reported it to Support. Oy.
Youri Ashton: knowing of him crashing without those things already..
Techwolf Lupindo: I filed the AR under "other"
Youri Ashton: TORLEY!
Bronson Blackadder: hello Torley :)
Youri Ashton: was just about to warn you in IM
Youri Ashton: mute Hai Wassep
Youri Ashton: tehtats the griefer of these objects
Thend Destiny: Hello Torley :) Lol
Bronson Blackadder: hey the mute option works well
Raloc Dorado: Hi Torley
Torley Linden: Thanks for the warning...
Meowsters Teskat accepted your inventory offer.
Torley Linden: um where are the Lindens... XD
Bronson Blackadder: lol
Youri Ashton: is that sound me or not?
Techwolf Lupindo: Torley, what dropdown selection whould I pick for this in the "Report abuse" window?
zeusdinne Baroque smiles warmly seeing Torley
Thend Destiny: Arawn, amybe need to find the source
Torley Linden: Oh and I have a better idea, how about KICK THAT GRIEFER'S ASS!
Techwolf Lupindo: I have the avatar.
Arawn Spitteler: Pull up Hai Wassep and click the mute button
Bronson Blackadder: lol
Torley Linden: I see he's already been kicked offline.
Torley Linden: I just returned his objects.
Bronson Blackadder: woot
Youri Ashton: lot more objects in the sky
zeusdinne Baroque: yeay
Youri Ashton: brb
Techwolf Lupindo: Torley, what dropdown would I use for the AR report?
Thend Destiny: Jeepers.. Thanks all for addressing things
Torley Linden: So, I need to say I'm sorry for not coming earlier, I've been working on , lots of page cleanup.
Thend Destiny: You WORK Torley?
Torley Linden: Disturbing the peace > Object littering would be fine.
Bronson Blackadder: not a problem Torley :)
Thend Destiny: I thought you just had a good time in SL and elsewhere and just shared that with us lol
Arawn Spitteler didn't know Work was in Torley's job description
Torley Linden: Or "Repetitive spam", it's visual spam. :p
Arawn Spitteler: Flooding; Spam, is where you do it in several places
Youri Ashton: this sounds all much better now
Youri Ashton: lol
Youri Ashton: soundcard went nuts
Marianne McCann: Fooding? And me out of sandbags
Youri Ashton: hi btw torley :)
Marianne McCann: Youri - mine too. One of the "effects"
Marianne McCann: flooding*
Techwolf Lupindo: That one of the better grifter objects i've seen so far. :-)
Daryl Rubble accepted your inventory offer.
Youri Ashton: hmm... think it may be more then just regular griefing
Entering god mode, level 200
Torley Linden: I give points for originality but a lot of what I see is the same.
Youri Ashton: i got warned few days ago that griefers will increase attacks
Bronson Blackadder: I seen one atht when you click on it to see who teh owner is..... it says you are the owner
Marianne McCann: Ya. I didnt see anything in those that struck me as particularly revolutionary as a griefer toy
Youri Ashton: sound card is going nuts again
Torley Linden: :(
Thend Destiny: Thing is, it distracted, which is the main point anyways
Bronson Blackadder: yep
Raloc Dorado: They just need some attention, maybe they have no friends
Bronson Blackadder: lol
Torley Linden: Yup, it's a trick to get reactions.
Bronson Blackadder: probable
Marianne McCann: Maybe, but it also gave us a chance to talk about reporting stuff too
Torley Linden: Since it's hard to make friends the "normal" way. :O
Youri Ashton: not just reactions this time torley
Thend Destiny: Poor souls
Torley Linden: Knowing is half the battle... and all that good stuff... :)
Raloc Dorado: hehe
Thend Destiny: Lol Troley
Thend Destiny: Torley* lol
Youri Ashton: the known griefers have declared war on LL
Torley Linden: I just watched that GI Joe movie.
Thend Destiny: I missed that in the theaters! :(
Torley Linden: Youri, various griefer groups have been doing that for years, it's quite anticlimatic now.
Marianne McCann: Youri - what are they gonna do? send particle effects? Im tremblin'
Arawn Spitteler: Ping Time over 600?
Thend Destiny: Yeah, griefing is old hat.. Not offense, Torley
Raloc Dorado: oh MY EYES hurt :)
Kate Linden: typing seems to be in double -time
Techwolf Lupindo: bunch of objects in the air.
Youri Ashton: a former friend of that group, someone that doesnt do anything wrong in fact to my knowlage, told me this. she used to be friends with them and told me about the increase of attacks and it getting much worse then they used to be
Elite Runner: Hi Torley
Youri Ashton: even adding in a lot new griefing tools LL didnt know about yet
Elite Runner: I'm back
Torley Linden: That just sounds anecdotal unless they have stats. Sometimes there are waves.
Torley Linden: Hey Elite. :)
Youri Ashton: thanks torley
Youri Ashton: sounds great again
Elite Runner: sorry for leaving the area for a few minutes due to griefing
Youri Ashton: hi elite :)
Marianne McCann: 'sokay, Elite
Bronson Blackadder: it was lame
Raloc Dorado: well, it all makes the platform better in the end
Bronson Blackadder: not harmful though
Thend Destiny: Griefing has been replaced by Copybotting, in all its various forms, as the #1 aggressive actions against residents
Arawn Spitteler recalls a Zero Special at Pooley, where a noise cube got Ghosted, by one of the lindens in attendance.
Thend Destiny: In a good number of cases anyways
Marianne McCann: Arawn - there's an ld spinning griefer cubs that's been stuck in Nova Albion for a year or so
Torley Linden: Ghosting... hmmm... I remember long ago avatar ghosting used to be a frequent problem, you'd see someone who had logged off or teleported. I haven't seen an occurence of that in ages.
Marianne McCann: It's fully transparent, so no one ever sees it
Tweetceiver 1.0 // HUD whispers: Thank you for using Tweetceiver
Arawn Spitteler: It should dissappear at Sim Restart
Torley Linden: That's bizarre, Mari!
Marianne McCann: Torley - no? I had one last night
Youri Ashton: (uploading new pic to my flcker page, sending link soon)
zeusdinne Baroque: i found an avatar griefed badly once
Torley Linden: Does it just keep bouncing around?
Marianne McCann: Torley - it's along side the "space needle" build in Miramare
Torley Linden: Mari oh really? What happened when you tried to right-click this ghosted avatar?
Marianne McCann: Spinning at that frenetic pace they do
zeusdinne Baroque: he had boxes all over his body and couldnt tp anywhere and all nasty poof stuff coming out of him
Torley Linden: Is that Marcos' ol' needle? Haven't seen that in awhile. Wow, time sure flies.
Marianne McCann: Ya know, I did't. But they were not showing up in the mini or on radar/scanners. Could fly through them. Was definitely an avvie.
Techwolf Lupindo: to find out how they got the SL viewer to chew up 7.5G of RAM
Marianne McCann: Torley - no, the other side of the sim. Marco's place is still there, though. I have a small plot next-door
zeusdinne Baroque: I called for herl and was taken care by linden they really responded fast
Torley Linden: Ahh.