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[12:56] Nathan Adored: Hello Jeremy Linden
[12:56] Nathan Adored has pinged you.
[12:56] Jeremy Linden: Heya Nathan.
[12:57] Nathan Adored: Missed the last two OHs here, the first due to technical troubles.... the 2nd due to... other activities on another grid
[12:57] Jeremy Linden: Looking a little green today?
[12:57] Jeremy Linden: No worries!
[12:57] Nathan Adored: #Atreyu
[12:58] Nathan Adored: I'm dressed as that character for Halloween. :D
[12:58] Jeremy Linden: Ah, cool.
[12:59] Nathan Adored: Yeah, I went as him last Halloween, too.
[13:00] Jeremy Linden: /me digs around for his old costume.
[13:00] Nathan Adored: It was more appropriate last year, because I lived on a residential sim that was NeverEnding Story themed. It's gone now, tho. :(
[13:00] Dravyn Hatchling HUD: 25170 bytes free
[13:00] Jeremy Linden: :-(
[13:01] Nathan Adored: Neat av
[13:02] Jeremy Linden: Thanks. I got it as a gift for attending the creator's session at SLCC 2009
[13:02] Nathan Adored: ã‹¡
[13:02] Nathan Adored: is it something from Grendel's Children?
[13:02] Jeremy Linden: /me thinks.
[13:02] Jeremy Linden: I don't think so. It's a Kazuhiro Aridian thing.
[13:03] Nathan Adored: ah
[13:03] Nathan Adored: I guess ppl should have been straggling in by now... oO
[13:04] Jeremy Linden: Attendance has been a bit light lately.
[13:04] Jeremy Linden: Partially, I blame Oz for having a more interesting topic at the same hour.
[13:04] Nathan Adored: yeah
[13:04] Nathan Adored: I went to one of his OHs
[13:05] Jeremy Linden: I haven't been to any, for obvious reasons :-)
[13:05] Nathan Adored: I suppose you could run two viewrs at once and go there as an alt... ã‹¡
[13:05] Jeremy Linden: True!
[13:06] Jeremy Linden: I don't think we have a Troll Linden account, though.
[13:06] Nathan Adored: /me gives a goofy, lopsided smile. Chuckles.
[13:08] Nathan Adored: Ah, someone else finally straggled ind
[13:08] Laurent Bechir: hello
[13:08] Jeremy Linden: Hello Laurent!
[13:08] Nathan Adored: <----- is playing this character << >> (who was green in the novel)
[13:10] Jeremy Linden: /me has not seen the movie or read the novel :-X
[13:10] Nathan Adored: /me smiles.
[13:10] Laurent Bechir: great avatar Jeremy
[13:11] Nathan Adored: Yeah, we both decided to put on our Halloweeen gettups. :D
[13:11] Jeremy Linden: Thanks! I got it from Kazuhiro for attending her 2009 SLCC session.
[13:11] Laurent Bechir: everyone is on the mesh grid it seems
[13:11] Nathan Adored: prolly, or at the Oz OH
[13:13] Laurent Bechir: Oz OH OH is at the same time ?
[13:13] Nathan Adored: ah, another straggler.....
[13:13] Nathan Adored: seems to be nothing BUT stragglers today
[13:14] Jeremy Linden: Yeah, Oz has Open Source Issues office hours right now, I think.
[13:14] Jeremy Linden: I need to get more popular!
[13:15] Nathan Adored: /me gives a great big smile.
[13:16] Jeremy Linden: I've been shopping around the idea of having guest speaker Lindens at this office hour. Q sounded interested, and I bet I could get some others, too.
[13:16] Nathan Adored: hmmmm..... I don;t think I ever got one of youur bears, Jeremy. Or do you have one?
[13:17] Jeremy Linden: /me points his beak at the bear next to the chair.
[13:17] Nathan Adored: Yeah, some guest Lindens here would be kewl
[13:17] Nathan Adored: Hello Bronson
[13:17] Bronson Blackadder: yo!
[13:17] Jeremy Linden: /me waits for his inventory to load.
[13:17] Jeremy Linden: Hiya Bronson.
[13:17] Bronson Blackadder: the mesh sims are open on aditi if anyone wants to play around with it
[13:18] Nathan Adored: So, could I get a Jeremy Bear, please, pretty please?
[13:18] Bronson Blackadder: lol oh only three people here, they all must be on aditi
[13:18] Jeremy Linden: It's pretty awesome. Some of the stuff in Google's sketchup repository can be imported without modification :-)
[13:18] Bronson Blackadder: yeah
[13:18] Laurent Bechir: i've been there and even made my first mesh object
[13:18] Nathan Adored: kewl
[13:18] Nathan Adored: what sort of object?
[13:19] Bronson Blackadder: sketchup is a decent starting program for mesh modeling
[13:19] Bronson Blackadder: and also wings3D
[13:19] Laurent Bechir: amphora I've found on internet :)
[13:19] Nathan Adored: I've BEEn thinking a might replace parts of my current skybox zone with a mesh object....
[13:19] Bronson Blackadder: and if you like a steep learning curve you can try blender
[13:20] Nathan Adored: I built a large multi-story catwalks section.... but being lartger than 10m in length, it had to use a lot of prims. Course, with talk of perhaps upping the prim size to 64m, that might solve the issue, too
[13:20] Nathan Adored: <--- installed Google Sketchup, but hasn't really played with it much
[13:21] Bronson Blackadder: the good thing with sketchup is at least you have some easier controls over texturing
[13:21] Bronson Blackadder: blender for me has proved impossible
[13:22] Bronson Blackadder: but I have to say though that you will be impressed with meshes
[13:22] Bronson Blackadder: once all the remaining bugs are hammered out
[13:22] Bronson Blackadder: they rez hella fast
[13:23] Bronson Blackadder: and a greater potential for higher detail too
[13:24] Nathan Adored: I wonder how long the public beta will go. Some were cynically suggesting ti will go on forever.
[13:24] Bronson Blackadder: well during the closed beta everyone was pessemistic about it even making it to public beta
[13:25] Nathan Adored: yup
[13:25] Nathan Adored: so I gathered.
[13:25] Bronson Blackadder: so I dont bother listening to the negative thinking
[13:25] Nathan Adored: particularly after Qarl got dumped
[13:25] Bronson Blackadder: oh I heard it all
[13:25] Laurent Bechir: I can't wait for avatars in meshes. I will be great I think
[13:25] Nathan Adored: Yeah
[13:25] Bronson Blackadder: from the time of teh mass layoffs all the way through Qarl getting axed
[13:26] Bronson Blackadder: I can pass a link of an example of a rigged mesh on youtube
[13:26] Bronson Blackadder: I was in it :)
[13:27] Nathan Adored: thing of the matter is, I wonder how the clothing layer will be handled with Mesh av-shapes. I HAD seen it suggested the clothing layers would be a seperate object surrounding the av itself, which I'd presume would be more standardised such that the new type of clothes could then be more readily made to fit different humanoid avs
[13:27] Bronson Blackadder:
[13:28] Nathan Adored: LOL! This guy's a pottymouth!! :D
[13:28] Bronson Blackadder: I am playing the part of the dark side
[13:28] Bronson Blackadder: I am wearing a rigged mesh in that
[13:28] Nathan Adored: Oh boy, it's gone Darth Vader on us! LOLOLLOL
[13:28] Bronson Blackadder: lol
[13:29] Bronson Blackadder: but depending on how big the rigged mesh is you are wearing
[13:29] Bronson Blackadder: you might need to settle for wearing analpha layer
[13:29] Nathan Adored: you're theDarth Vader-voice character, right? :D
[13:29] Bronson Blackadder: an alpha
[13:29] Bronson Blackadder: Im the character
[13:29] Bronson Blackadder: but it was a voice over
[13:29] Bronson Blackadder: lol
[13:30] Jeremy Linden: Alpha makes the most sense to me. Hiding the avatar mesh under attachments is why alpha masks were introduced.
[13:30] Bronson Blackadder: exactly
[13:31] Nathan Adored: Anyway, I'd heard it said there was supposed to be actual clothes possible with the new avatar system.... that is, not painted-on clothes, but prim clothes that flex to the av
[13:31] Laurent Bechir: are you talking of mesh clothes ?
[13:31] Bronson Blackadder: witg rigged meshes you can do this
[13:31] Nathan Adored: yeah
[13:31] Bronson Blackadder: with
[13:32] Bronson Blackadder: another good thing upcoming with mesh is prims will be able to get edited out to 64 meters
[13:32] Nathan Adored: yeah, I'm looking forward to that.
[13:32] Bronson Blackadder: and not just for meshes
[13:32] Bronson Blackadder: but all prims
[13:33] Nathan Adored: I have a large skybox zone, which wound up a mite primmier than I'd intended.... largely because I made parts of it to flipping BIG.
[13:33] Nathan Adored: Some of it is megaprims, but I couldn't always find megaprims of the right size and shape, so had to use regular prims in some pars of it.... which pushed the prim count up
[13:34] Laurent Bechir: do we have to tie clothes to the skeletton of the avatar to have them follow his movements with meshes ?
[13:34] Bronson Blackadder: the only thing right now holding it up is prim encrouchment
[13:34] Bronson Blackadder: and Andrew is working on that solution now
[13:34] Bronson Blackadder: Laurent yes
[13:35] Bronson Blackadder: but you can also wear meshes like normal attachments too
[13:35] Bronson Blackadder: not just rigged
[13:35] Nathan Adored: Me, I want to get a more detailed version of my usual human self
[13:35] Laurent Bechir: yes but it looks better if the follow the movements :)
[13:35] Laurent Bechir: they
[13:36] Nathan Adored: and I figure nekos and kitsunes will want to have mostly-human avs with baked in tails and animal-ears
[13:36] Bronson Blackadder: but rigging will be a part of this
[13:36] Niky Zenovka: /me waves
[13:36] Bronson Blackadder: Yo!
[13:36] Aelfwine Crystal: Howdy, sorry, hate tp'ing in the middle of peoples
[13:36] Bronson Blackadder: Yo Aelf :)
[13:36] Aelfwine Crystal: waves at Bronson
[13:37] Laurent Bechir: it's not possible to do anther way here. tp is in the middle of the room
[13:37] Nathan Adored: But the thing I;m wondering is.... if someone makes a human av in mesh, and has his... er.... uh.... "bits" baked in, will those now stay.... under his mesh clothes?
[13:37] Bronson Blackadder: no idea
[13:37] Aelfwine Crystal: nods at laurent, "yeps"
[13:37] Bronson Blackadder: I dont think I seen anything like that during closed beta
[13:38] Nathan Adored: Hello Danial Voyeger. Is that a windup armadillo?
[13:38] Aelfwine Crystal: "Hey Bronson," she says, nudging the little creature, "like my new boots?"
[13:38] Daniel Voyager: Yes it is.
[13:38] Nathan Adored: /me smiles.
[13:38] Bronson Blackadder: good boots :)
[13:38] Jeremy Linden: I don't think our maturity policies are going to change significantly. Mature content is still mature content, whether it's baked into your avatar or not :-)
[13:38] Daniel Voyager: hey everyone
[13:39] Jeremy Linden: Hi Daniel.
[13:39] Bronson Blackadder: if you are selling those you can add an alternative alpha layer so people dont need to wear the invisiprims
[13:39] Aelfwine Crystal: "Oh goodness, yes, I still won't be able to go around with my bits hangin' out"
[13:39] Nathan Adored: Well, so long as the.... er.... bits are kept in the avs underpants.... I suppose they'd be safe in a PG sim... but I'm not a Linden and haven't looked at the ToS that closely.
[13:40] Bronson Blackadder: I know some TPVs like imprudence and Kirstens viewer has alpha layers avilable
[13:40] Bronson Blackadder: or enabled I mean
[13:40] Niky Zenovka: Oh, the alpha layer... together with the tattoo... that was sooo great to have...
[13:40] Bronson Blackadder: yes there was a ton of under the hodd goodness in 2.0
[13:40] Nathan Adored: Me, I'm looking forward to having on multiple items on the different clothing layers. Say, several necklaces.
[13:40] Bronson Blackadder: under the hood that is
[13:41] Nathan Adored: That way, I could keep on my usual beed necklace, AND wear a TARDIS key necklace, AND maybe an ID-card necklace, etc etc
[13:41] Aelfwine Crystal: Wait wait.....there is something GOOD about 2.0?
[13:41] Bronson Blackadder: multiple attachments yep
[13:42] Nathan Adored: Mind you, I'm waiting for that stuff to get supported in Phoenix and Imprudence and the like
[13:42] Jeremy Linden: If I'm not mistaken, alpha masks were visible on others (but not wearable yourself) in 1.23.
[13:42] Bronson Blackadder: really the only thing currently not all that hot in 2.XX is the UI and teh chat set up
[13:42] Aelfwine Crystal: Erm.....I thought Phoenix already has multiple attach points?
[13:42] Bronson Blackadder: but overall it is coming along real well
[13:42] Nathan Adored: yup, the UI is the dog's breakfast.
[13:43] Aelfwine Crystal: Well, I cant get past the UI, and that the new one crashes now, cant even try it
[13:43] Bronson Blackadder: especially with input from residents on teh snowstorm project
[13:43] Nathan Adored: Yeah, Phoenix does, but it's a different and incompatible system
[13:43] Aelfwine Crystal: Ooh *she says mostly to herself
[13:43] Nathan Adored: and you only get ONE extra attachment layer each.... the other system, I could have on, say, as many shirts as I wanted.
[13:43] Niky Zenovka: Wondering, if multiple attachments become in place (not only in some viewers), supposing many are scripted, won't that exponentially add to the sim load?
[13:44] Bronson Blackadder: how 2.XX works is you can shuffle around your attachments
[13:44] Aelfwine Crystal: Oh thank goodness! Twelve shirt layers, finally! *etasing!*
[13:44] Bronson Blackadder: so if you are wearing attachments already on say.. your head
[13:44] Aelfwine Crystal: teasing even
[13:44] Nathan Adored: Yeah, I'm more interested in having multiple necklaces.
[13:44] Bronson Blackadder: and you still have a couple spots with no attachments
[13:44] Aelfwine Crystal: Hmm, yeah, sometimes have to edit 'em around
[13:44] Bronson Blackadder: you can use those for another spot
[13:44] Bronson Blackadder: up to 30 attachments
[13:44] Bronson Blackadder: I think its 30
[13:45] Bronson Blackadder: you dont get more then you have attachment points for
[13:45] Bronson Blackadder: so it is concieveable you can wear 30 attachments on your head
[13:45] Bronson Blackadder: if the info I heard is correct
[13:46] Nathan Adored: So, show up with 30 hats stacked up? :D
[13:46] Bronson Blackadder: yep
[13:46] Bronson Blackadder: lol
[13:46] Nathan Adored: /me giggles
[13:46] Bronson Blackadder: Nathan in a Hat
[13:46] Bronson Blackadder: doctor suess
[13:46] Jeremy Linden: No... Nathan in 30 hats!
[13:46] Aelfwine Crystal: Well, you sort of can with the Phoenix and others...but you have to edit them, and if they are on say, your foot, they'd like, move WITH your foot, so kind of impracticle
[13:46] Nathan Adored: I'm not really a hat person, tho
[13:46] Jeremy Linden: Oh, heh. Just got the reference :-P
[13:47] Nathan Adored: hehehe
[13:47] Bronson Blackadder: the old problem with the emerald attacments was taht the owner would see the attachments correctly
[13:47] Bronson Blackadder: but everyone else not on emerald was seeing prims floating in teh air
[13:47] Aelfwine Crystal: True true
[13:47] Bronson Blackadder: or floating way off somewhere else in the sim even
[13:48] Nathan Adored: but those on another, Non-Emerald vewere would see them el--- yeah, waht Bronson said
[13:48] Bronson Blackadder: lol
[13:48] Bronson Blackadder: I havent heard any more complaints about 2.XX version
[13:48] Bronson Blackadder: so maybe most of teh more glaring bugs were fixed
[13:49] Nathan Adored: or they just got used to the dogs breakfast UI. :D
[13:49] Bronson Blackadder: regarding multiple attachments
[13:49] Bronson Blackadder: but the UI is something that snowstorm is also working on
[13:49] Aelfwine Crystal: touches her nose and points at Nathan
[13:50] Bronson Blackadder: and if you are able to comeup with an idea or a simple sketch even
[13:50] Bronson Blackadder: you can present it on thier jira
[13:50] Aelfwine Crystal: Dog's breakfast meaning cat's ....uhm...never mind
[13:50] Bronson Blackadder: cats butt yep
[13:51] Nathan Adored: /me gives Aelfwine a blank look.
[13:51] Bronson Blackadder: but if anyone has been following 2.XX since the beginning
[13:51] Aelfwine Crystal: I was agreeing *she whispers
[13:51] Nathan Adored: ah
[13:51] Bronson Blackadder: the current version is already alot better then the origianl 2.0 incarnation
[13:51] Jeremy Linden: /me agrees.
[13:52] Aelfwine Crystal: I wouldn't know, cant use it. Whatever the latest version that we had to get, wont work at all for me, it loads, then crashes immediately
[13:52] Bronson Blackadder: just the ability of adding or subtracting clickable buttons on the lower task bar was a major improvement
[13:52] Nathan Adored: ouch
[13:52] Bronson Blackadder: you can try the latest build of snowstorm Aelf :)
[13:52] Aelfwine Crystal: Too used to the old Emerald cheat comkmands anyway
[13:52] Bronson Blackadder: they have I think a daily build
[13:53] Aelfwine Crystal: Nah, unless they have the tp to cam, gth XXX to go to height whatever, etc
[13:53] Aelfwine Crystal: They've lovely cheat commands :P
[13:53] Bronson Blackadder: lol
[13:54] Bronson Blackadder: I use TPVs too
[13:54] Aelfwine Crystal: (flr) will tp you to the ground, things like that
[13:54] Bronson Blackadder: but I enjoy giving snowstorm a fighting chance too
[13:54] Aelfwine Crystal: can't think of a reason why..*she shrugs
[13:54] Bronson Blackadder: (it provide LL employees a job)
[13:55] Aelfwine Crystal: Ah
[13:55] Time Minder: You have been online for 1 hours.
[13:55] Bronson Blackadder: I have a theory that 2.0 was sabataged from teh start to keep people employed fixing it
[13:55] Aelfwine Crystal: How's about letting the best viewer win? *she adds, with a small grin
[13:56] Laurent Bechir: I have to leave, bye everyone :)
[13:56] Bronson Blackadder: but another good thing with snowstorm is TPVs can draw code from it
[13:56] Niky Zenovka: "oh my.... need to go...." = waves goodbye
[13:56] Nathan Adored: /me waves.
[13:56] Aelfwine Crystal: I do too, actually
[13:56] Laurent Bechir: and thank you for the meeting Jeremy
[13:57] Jeremy Linden: Thanks for coming, people!
[13:57] Jeremy Linden: (and tinies, furries, etc)
[13:57] Aelfwine Crystal: Thanks Jeremy!
[13:57] Bronson Blackadder: thanks for letting me blab away here Jeremy :)
[13:57] Nathan Adored: ã‹¡
[13:57] Nathan Adored: blabbing can be therepeutic. ã‹¡
[13:57] Jeremy Linden: These office hours tend to be more of an open chat session these days.
[13:58] Jeremy Linden: That's fine by me, though any doc issues people bring up will get priorty :-)
[13:58] Bronson Blackadder: taht is how information gets around
[13:58] Bronson Blackadder: sometimes some really good brainstorms happen with open chat
[13:58] Nathan Adored: <--- this looks interesting. MIrror test! :D
[13:59] Bronson Blackadder: oh and taht is another thing
[13:59] Nathan Adored: is that mirror-surface something that's due out soon, too? This is the first I've heard of it
[14:00] Bronson Blackadder: there is a tentative step in taht direction
[14:00] Nathan Adored: kewl
[14:00] Bronson Blackadder: raycast will be part of meshes
[14:00] Bronson Blackadder: and teh highest shiney setting in deferred rendering will allow a mirror like effect
[14:00] Jeremy Linden: /me almost confused that with raytracing, which would be awesome, but ridiculous.
[14:00] Nathan Adored: and that mirror thingy is part of raycast?
[14:00] Bronson Blackadder: lol
[14:01] Bronson Blackadder: ray tracing
[14:01] Bronson Blackadder: lol
[14:01] Bronson Blackadder: lol
[14:01] Bronson Blackadder: yeah
[14:01] Nathan Adored: NIce
[14:01] Bronson Blackadder: but yeah raycast will be part of mesh
[14:01] Nathan Adored: Another reason to look forward to Meshes rolling out rto the main grid
[14:01] Bronson Blackadder: and will allow some mirror like effects
[14:01] Bronson Blackadder: or whatever else raycast is involved with
[14:02] Bronson Blackadder: andrew and falcon cover it during andrews OH
[14:02] Nathan Adored: when is that OH again?
[14:02] Bronson Blackadder: hold on let me look
[14:02] Jeremy Linden: Ok, cutting here for the transcript.
[14:02] Bronson Blackadder: [14:02] GG Office Hours HUD v1.5: Friday, 4:00 PM: Andrew Linden: Technical issues, SL architecture, physics engine
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