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[13:01] Jeremy Linden: Hello! Welcome to Documentation Office Hours.
[13:01] Adamburp Adamczyk: hey jeremy
[13:01] Adamburp Adamczyk has pinged you.
[13:02] Tirulix Upsilon: hello
[13:02] Jeremy Linden: Actually, I should probably just change the title to "Jeremy Linden's office hour"
[13:02] Jeremy Linden has pinged you.
[13:02] Adamburp Adamczyk: /me wasgonna sugeest a clean up of all the prim littering here
[13:02] Jeremy Linden: Hey Adam. That's a different look for you.
[13:02] Adamburp Adamczyk: but yeah "jeremy's office hour " is goodf
[13:02] Adamburp Adamczyk has pinged you.
[13:02] Jeremy Linden: Heh. Yes, I just took care of the litter.
[13:02] Adamburp Adamczyk: couldn;t resist this avatar
[13:03] Jeremy Linden: Hello Arawn. Welcome back.
[13:03] Adamburp Adamczyk: i did get if for my alt, but i wanted one for this avatar yoo
[13:03] Adamburp Adamczyk: hey arawn :)
[13:03] Arawn Graalrd (arawn.spitteler): Hey, Belch
[13:04] Adamburp Adamczyk: onigokko
[13:04] Adamburp Adamczyk: you removed it :)
[13:04] Adamburp Adamczyk: stop
[13:04] Arawn Graalrd (arawn.spitteler): I've discovered, SL2 doesn't allow for Local Lights.
[13:04] Jeremy Linden: Viewer 2?
[13:04] Jeremy Linden: Unless I'm mistaken, I see several local lights right now.
[13:04] Arawn Graalrd (arawn.spitteler): I was going potty, last night, and someone suggested I go behind the bushes, so became one.
[13:05] Arawn Graalrd (arawn.spitteler): I could not find the toiggle, for nearby local lights, and my horns weren't lighting the area, as they should
[13:06] Arawn Graalrd (arawn.spitteler): Some crazed Linden keeps thinking that a darker world is more aesthetic for Everyone
[13:06] Jeremy Linden: Strange. I see quite a bit of light around you, and I'm on the standard (Viewer 2) Viewer.
[13:06] Jeremy Linden: Do you have Basic Shaders enabled?
[13:06] Arawn Graalrd (arawn.spitteler): I'm on Snowglobe: Basic Shaders?
[13:07] Jeremy Linden: It should be on the Graphics tab of the Preferences window, but I'm not familiar with Snowglobe, specifically.
[13:07] Arawn Graalrd (arawn.spitteler): My system won't do Windlaugh, if that's needed.
[13:07] Jeremy Linden: Basic Shaders was a setting introduced with WindLight about 3 years ago.
[13:08] Jeremy Linden: Hello Qie, welcome back.
[13:09] Arawn Graalrd (arawn.spitteler): onigokko
[13:09] Arawn Graalrd (arawn.spitteler): stop
[13:09] Arawn Graalrd (arawn.spitteler): Just testing
[13:09] Arawn Graalrd (arawn.spitteler): I found myself unable to search, with SL2
[13:09] Jeremy Linden: In what way, Arawn?
[13:10] Arawn Graalrd (arawn.spitteler): I couldn't figure out, how to search events
[13:10] Jeremy Linden: There should be an Events tab in the search results.
[13:11] Arawn Graalrd (arawn.spitteler): I was showing a neighbor, how to use SL, and she chose to go to Snowglobe
[13:11] a bit of RL distraction there. :o
[13:11] Qie Niangao has pinged you.
[13:11] Jeremy Linden: No problem, Qie.
[13:11] Arawn Graalrd (arawn.spitteler): I'm not on SL2, atm, but couldn't find the search tab
[13:11] Arawn Graalrd (arawn.spitteler): Is that the paw?
[13:12] Jeremy Linden: There is a search field at the top right of the Viewer 2 window. If you enter a search term there and press Enter, it opens the FIND window, which shows the results of your search.
[13:12] it may just be because I keep using nightly builds, but for a while now I get "404 - Page not found" whenever I try any form of in-world Help. Thought I'd mention it, in case it's not just me.
[13:13] Jeremy Linden: Hm. It may be the nightly builds, Qie. The way the in-Viewer help works, it passes the Viewer channel to the help URL so we can deliver version-specific help.
[13:14] that could well be it. thanks.
[13:15] Jeremy Linden: No problem! I like the Viewer 2 help system, but it is harder and harder to justify as third-party Viewers become more prevalent.
[13:15] Jeremy Linden: Since anyone not using Viewer 2 can't see it :-)
[13:16] Arawn Graalrd (arawn.spitteler): In Snowglobe, Search is under your butt, so we can tell people so.
[13:16] Adamburp Adamczyk: /me will never use viewer 2
[13:16] It is actually quite nice, I remember, back when I was using a normal released version.
[13:16] Arawn Graalrd (arawn.spitteler): Nightly Build Questions are important
[13:17] Jeremy Linden: Yes, we designed it specifically to work with Viewer 2. It's a pretty cool system that gets all its source content from the wiki.
[13:17] Arawn Graalrd (arawn.spitteler): They could be channeled to special handling
[13:17] Jeremy Linden: /me suspects he might not be able to keep up with the documentation demands of nightly builds.
[13:18] Arawn Graalrd (arawn.spitteler): There should be an organization of data, to keep up, with version specific updates, and input boxes for behavioural variations.
[13:19] Arawn Graalrd (arawn.spitteler): It's an area where the programmers should do the updates
[13:19] Arawn Graalrd (arawn.spitteler): "What does this change effect?"
[13:20] Jeremy Linden: I've worked at companies where they had exactly what you're describing, Arawn. Of course, it wasn't perfect. Lots of times the engineers would just mark EVERYTHING as "affects documentation" :-)
[13:20] Arawn Graalrd (arawn.spitteler): When my mother was a programmer, the only documentation was the Hysterical Record
[13:20] Arawn Graalrd (arawn.spitteler): Perhaps those programmers would like to field all the questions?
[13:21] Arawn Graalrd (arawn.spitteler): Stick'em back on Help Desk
[13:22] Arawn Graalrd (arawn.spitteler): Is Linden Labs intending to install a help desk?
[13:22] Jeremy Linden: We do have a customer support team...
[13:22] Adamburp Adamczyk: who are the new 3rd party company jeremy please? can you tell us?
[13:22] Adamburp Adamczyk has pinged you.
[13:22] Litterbox Leopard (bronson.blackadder): really?
[13:23] Jeremy Linden: Adam, if we haven't made a public announcement, I don't think I can say yet.
[13:23] Arawn Graalrd (arawn.spitteler): /me heard something about Ontyne leaving a revealed vaccuum
[13:23] Litterbox Leopard (bronson.blackadder): ontyne sucked
[13:23] Jeremy Linden: Hey Bronson. Long time no see.
[13:23] Litterbox Leopard (bronson.blackadder): lol
[13:23] Adamburp Adamczyk: that's fair enough jeremy - i hadn't actually heard anything myself
[13:23] Adamburp Adamczyk has pinged you.
[13:23] Litterbox Leopard (bronson.blackadder): Yo Jeremy :)
[13:23] Bronson Blackadder has pinged you.
[13:24] Litterbox Leopard (bronson.blackadder): actually my one and only contact with Ontyne was good
[13:24] Adamburp Adamczyk: i've spoken to same guiy in live help 3 time slately "jonb noname"
[13:24] Litterbox Leopard (bronson.blackadder): oddly enough
[13:24] Adamburp Adamczyk: and i have been impressed
[13:24] Arawn Graalrd (arawn.spitteler): I still regard the loss of Mentors to be a mistake
[13:24] have you been working on that gambling page on the wiki recently? ;)
[13:24] Qie Niangao has pinged you.
[13:25] Adamburp Adamczyk: i hated the ontynes - a) rude b) lack of knowledge c) bear-faced lirars
[13:25] Jeremy Linden: I don't believe so, Qie. I may have touched it for some other maintenance reason, though. So far, my only knowledge of any Gambling policy changes has been through Resident blogs.
[13:25] Arawn Graalrd (arawn.spitteler): /me wonders who'd hire a bare faced bear as librarian
[13:26] Adamburp Adamczyk: it;s a saying: they lied
[13:26] Adamburp Adamczyk: on theri answers to my support ickets
[13:26] Adamburp Adamczyk: tickets*
[13:26] Adamburp Adamczyk: only time i've EVER had to complain abot sl
[13:26] Adamburp Adamczyk: via the ticket system
[13:26] Arawn Graalrd (arawn.spitteler): /me's just been reading Golden Compass: Bears are supposed to be quite honest
[13:27] I know the Doc team has nothing to do with the forums, but is pretty annoying; There's like 3 pages of irrelevant "Featured Discussions" above the current topic list, on for example. I wonder who one might beg to get some changes to the Jive CSS for those views.
[13:27] Adamburp Adamczyk: so, i won't miss the ontynes
[13:27] Litterbox Leopard (bronson.blackadder): speaking of support tickets
[13:27] Adamburp Adamczyk: /me stops ranting
[13:27] Litterbox Leopard (bronson.blackadder): I still have one listed as new
[13:27] Litterbox Leopard (bronson.blackadder): and its been like 3 months
[13:27] Litterbox Leopard (bronson.blackadder): almost 4 months
[13:28] Jeremy Linden: Yes, well, *ahem* "We try to respond to support requests in roughly the order in which they were received."
[13:28] Litterbox Leopard (bronson.blackadder): lol
[13:28] Litterbox Leopard (bronson.blackadder): its not really a major pressing issue
[13:28] Litterbox Leopard (bronson.blackadder): but teh day I rezzed there was a database problem
[13:28] Arawn Graalrd (arawn.spitteler): /me gruphly croaks: Who ordered this support ticket?
[13:28] Litterbox Leopard (bronson.blackadder): I couldnt get off of avatar island
[13:29] Litterbox Leopard (bronson.blackadder): it was fixed
[13:29] Jeremy Linden: Ouch.
[13:29] Litterbox Leopard (bronson.blackadder): but there was a residual effect
[13:29] Litterbox Leopard (bronson.blackadder): I age verified
[13:29] Litterbox Leopard (bronson.blackadder): but individual parcels marked as adult only I cant enter
[13:29] Litterbox Leopard (bronson.blackadder): buit
[13:29] Litterbox Leopard (bronson.blackadder): I can go to adult sims
[13:29] Arawn Graalrd (arawn.spitteler): Age Verification is normally taken as evidence, that you haven't the maturity to handle real sex
[13:30] Litterbox Leopard (bronson.blackadder): well no
[13:30] Litterbox Leopard (bronson.blackadder): I cant handle relationships
[13:30] Litterbox Leopard (bronson.blackadder): the sex part is easy
[13:30] Arawn Graalrd (arawn.spitteler): You're ahead of most devs
[13:30] Jeremy Linden: Hm... I don't know if that's a side effect of your getting stuck, Bronson. I don't have a great handle on how age verification works, but there was once a difference between "age verified" and "adult content verified".
[13:31] Jeremy Linden: One moment, I think someone explained this to me once.
[13:31] Litterbox Leopard (bronson.blackadder): yeah
[13:31] Litterbox Leopard (bronson.blackadder): its always been like that though
[13:31] Litterbox Leopard (bronson.blackadder): for this avatar
[13:31] m not sure anyone has the maturity to handle "real sex"... for some value of "real"
[13:31] Litterbox Leopard (bronson.blackadder): I made a test dummy and age verified that
[13:31] Litterbox Leopard (bronson.blackadder): and it works
[13:31] Litterbox Leopard (bronson.blackadder): using all teh same info and everything
[13:32] Jeremy Linden: Ah, here we go:
[13:32] you can get on Adult sims with either Aristotle age verification, or with Payment Info On File...
[13:32] Litterbox Leopard (bronson.blackadder): but its just some weird bug with this avatar
[13:32] Jeremy Linden: Might not be the answer to your problem, but it is a strange effect.
[13:32] Litterbox Leopard (bronson.blackadder): taking a look at this now
[13:34] Litterbox Leopard (bronson.blackadder): aristotle bugs
[13:34] Litterbox Leopard (bronson.blackadder): I need some sorta ointment for that
[13:34] Arawn Graalrd (arawn.spitteler): /me wonders if Bronson should file an Aristotle Report
[13:34] Litterbox Leopard (bronson.blackadder): lol
[13:35] Jeremy Linden: Oy. Well, if you have a Premium or Concierge account, I believe you have the option to manually age-verify. Of course, I think that involves yet another ticket :-/
[13:35] Adamburp Adamczyk: that doesn't work
[13:35] Adamburp Adamczyk: and my idea was told "go boil your head"
[13:35] Adamburp Adamczyk: i'm uk based
[13:35] it seems to me that you can get on Adult regions because you have Payment Info On File, but that the Aristotle bit didn't quite register completely for this account, so you can't get on parcels that explicitly require "age verification" for access.
[13:35] Adamburp Adamczyk: i have prem acc, payment info on file, for 2 accounts
[13:36] Adamburp Adamczyk: still can't get verified
[13:36] Litterbox Leopard (bronson.blackadder): Qie you are correct
[13:36] Litterbox Leopard (bronson.blackadder): adult regions I can get onto
[13:36] Litterbox Leopard (bronson.blackadder): adult parcels I cant
[13:36] Adamburp Adamczyk: i suggested, whilst it was still opne, that maybe ll brighton could've handled uk ones
[13:36] Jeremy Linden: Yes, that sounds like what was explaind to me, and what is described in that Jira bug.
[13:37] Arawn Graalrd (arawn.spitteler): Different standards for parcels and sims?
[13:37] Litterbox Leopard (bronson.blackadder): and whats funny is taht there is parcels on adult regions that are flagged as adult verification
[13:37] when the Aristotle stuff was new (it was called "ID verification" back then), it had *lots* of problems like this. But this is the first I've heard of it any time recently.
[13:37] Litterbox Leopard (bronson.blackadder): which is rather redundant
[13:37] Jeremy Linden: Two different verification systems, Arawn. In a perfect world, only the newest, "payment info on file" method should apply.
[13:38] Jeremy Linden: (At least, that is my understanding.)
[13:38] Litterbox Leopard (bronson.blackadder): yes it worked for my alt test dummy
[13:39] Jeremy Linden: At any rate, my current plan is to start renovating our KB content in Q1 of 2011, starting in about a month, hopefully.
[13:39] Jeremy Linden: Maturity and age verification articles will probably come first, since they are, statistically, the most-viewed in the whole KB.
[13:40] Litterbox Leopard (bronson.blackadder): awesome
[13:40] and early January sees the 16- and 17-year olds coming to the main grid, so that topic will be viewed a lot (even if it's not entirely relevant)
[13:41] Jeremy Linden: I'm gonna need to do a whole lot of interviewing and research around the company to get the whole story on how those features work. It's one of those things where you have to track down lots of people to get the whole picture.
[13:41] Litterbox Leopard (bronson.blackadder): exactly
[13:41] Jeremy Linden: Hopefully I'll get to be the one guy who knows everything :-D
[13:41] Adamburp Adamczyk: my group land's now changed due to the kids coming inot the main grid, it was open access, now it;s acess list only
[13:41] Litterbox Leopard (bronson.blackadder): lol
[13:42] Jeremy Linden: You all may have noticed that this region changed from M to G this week. I made the request so that teens can participate in this office hour if they would like.
[13:42] Arawn Graalrd (arawn.spitteler): PG, now
[13:43] Litterbox Leopard (bronson.blackadder): sounds logical
[13:43] Adamburp Adamczyk: "totally"
[13:43] Arawn Graalrd (arawn.spitteler): In PG, we're not to do things inconsistent with a ten year old kid? This could make B&D a lot more violent
[13:43] Jeremy Linden: There are some pretty smart kids over there. I hold separate office hours for them each week, and I think I might be the last Linden who does.
[13:43] Adamburp Adamczyk: ballons on a bike, it'll be like having my own ruddy kids here
[13:44] Jeremy Linden: Heh. Adam, you don't have the ability to kick your kids out of reality for an hour if they get unruly.
[13:44] Litterbox Leopard (bronson.blackadder): I think it will not be any major disaster getting them over here
[13:44] guess I missed my last chance to cuss at one of these office hours. :p
[13:44] Arawn Graalrd (arawn.spitteler): Just be creative
[13:44] Adamburp Adamczyk: i think it;s a shame - i had to close my land to "everyone" to keep the kids out of it
[13:45] Jeremy Linden: Yeah. You guys may have seen Daniel Voyager here. A few years ago, he used to attend my TSL office hour. He was real popular over there.
[13:45] Arawn Graalrd (arawn.spitteler): Does that mean he's over forty?
[13:45] Jeremy Linden: Nah, he turned 18.
[13:45] you have G-rated land?
[13:45] Adamburp Adamczyk: yeah - mainland
[13:46] Adamburp Adamczyk: might ask for the region to be changed to mature
[13:46] Jeremy Linden: My point is, many of the teens are just as civil and reasonable as the adults here. Sometimes moreso :-)
[13:46] Litterbox Leopard (bronson.blackadder): you will be surprised how many teens are actually here now
[13:47] Litterbox Leopard (bronson.blackadder): that act mature enough to not be noticed
[13:47] Jeremy Linden: (And sometimes less. That's what landowner powers are for.)
[13:47] Jeremy Linden: I'm actually not surprised at all, Bronson. I've been shocked a few times as my alt to find that people I knew had been "deported".
[13:48] Adamburp Adamczyk: all i;ve done is change my orb to "toodle-oo" to anyone not on the list
[13:48] Adamburp Adamczyk: eject only
[13:48] Litterbox Leopard (bronson.blackadder): and as a matter of fact my test dummy knows one that I suspect is a teen
[13:48] I was at some infohubs (trying to test voice), and I have to say that "acting like teenagers" would be a big improvement for many of the local denizens.
[13:48] Jeremy Linden: Heh.
[13:48] Litterbox Leopard (bronson.blackadder): but its so close to the merge Im not bothering with ARing her
[13:49] Litterbox Leopard (bronson.blackadder): I really think that info ubs should not be the first thing that new people see
[13:49] Jeremy Linden: Well, unless someone admits to it, there's not much to be done. Saying "This person acts like a teenager" isn't really enough for the support team to go after.
[13:50] t think infohubs are where newbs get sent anymore, are they?
[13:50] Arawn Graalrd (arawn.spitteler): Grounds for suspicion are non reportable?
[13:50] Litterbox Leopard (bronson.blackadder): text speaking like a 13 year old is a pretty big clue
[13:50] Litterbox Leopard (bronson.blackadder): even 18 year olds try to type whole sentences
[13:50] Litterbox Leopard (bronson.blackadder): for teh most part
[13:50] Arawn Graalrd (arawn.spitteler): You can distinguish a 13 from a laggy keyboard
[13:50] Jeremy Linden: I dunno, Bronson. I know some 40 year olds who type like that because it's "faster" and they're not great typists.
[13:51] Adamburp Adamczyk: /me coudl tell you a tale about that :)
[13:51] Litterbox Leopard (bronson.blackadder): you could be right
[13:51] Adamburp Adamczyk: 50] Arawn Spitteler: Grounds for suspicion are non reporta
[13:51] Litterbox Leopard (bronson.blackadder): but Im 41
[13:51] Litterbox Leopard (bronson.blackadder): and not a professional typist
[13:51] Litterbox Leopard (bronson.blackadder): at least not classicly trained
[13:51] Jeremy Linden: The "grounds for suspicion" would have to be pretty indisputable, like someone admitting to being underage.
[13:52] Litterbox Leopard (bronson.blackadder): but yes thats why Im not bothering with ARing the poor girl
[13:52] Arawn Graalrd (arawn.spitteler): We don't really get suspicious, until they ask the ages of others
[13:52] I guess you're more into improvisational, avant garde keyboard. :p
[13:52] Adamburp Adamczyk: i DID once report over a suspiscion - someethibng was donw
[13:52] Litterbox Leopard (bronson.blackadder): fastest two finger typing you ever did see :)
[13:52] Jeremy Linden: Adam, there might have been enough to prompt an investigation that uncovered that person admitting their age.
[13:53] Arawn Graalrd (arawn.spitteler): /me likes the Columbus Method, despite its Italian Orignis.
[13:53] Litterbox Leopard (bronson.blackadder): and I bash the space bar with my forehead just to keep things stirred up
[13:53] Jeremy Linden: I'm not actually on that team, though, so I don't know their processes as well as I might.
[13:53] Adamburp Adamczyk: there was
[13:53] Jeremy Linden: Aerobic keyboarding!
[13:54] Litterbox Leopard (bronson.blackadder): there you go
[13:54] Litterbox Leopard (bronson.blackadder): feel the burn
[13:54] Litterbox Leopard (bronson.blackadder): feel it!
[13:54] Adamburp Adamczyk: when you have children in yoru family, you just recognise certain thigns, ways of typing, acting etc
[13:54] Jeremy Linden: One day, if I ever get millions of dollars, I'm going to get one of those huge keyboards you can jump around on, just for the exercise. :-D
[13:54] Adamburp Adamczyk: set alarm bells rining
[13:54] Adamburp Adamczyk: ringing
[13:54] Arawn Graalrd (arawn.spitteler): /me imagines the CIA lagging someone's keyboard, so they feel they're drowning.
[13:54] Adamburp Adamczyk: that, and only that, prompted the ar
[13:55] Jeremy Linden: Adam, while that's certainly true, it's hard to communicate that kind of instinct in a facts-only record.
[13:55] Adamburp Adamczyk: let';s jsut say, it was highly detailed
[13:55] Litterbox Leopard (bronson.blackadder): she doesnt hang out in questionable areas yet
[13:56] Litterbox Leopard (bronson.blackadder): so this here cat is just turning a blind eye
[13:56] Adamburp Adamczyk: imho, i had to do it in case of it being what i suspected
[13:57] Jeremy Linden: No worries, Adam. I don't know the details, but it sounds like you did the right thing.
[13:57] Jeremy Linden: Anyway, new subject: Is anyone planning on attending the Resident/Linden snowball fight this year?
[13:57] Arawn Graalrd (arawn.spitteler): /me always gets the time wrong
[13:57] Litterbox Leopard (bronson.blackadder): oh whens this?
[13:57] Adamburp Adamczyk: when is it?
[13:57] Jeremy Linden: Hmm... Lemme check the blog.
[13:58] Litterbox Leopard (bronson.blackadder): Bika!!!!!!
[13:58] Litterbox Leopard (bronson.blackadder): welcome to SL :)
[13:58] Jeremy Linden: It was mentioned here:
[13:58] Litterbox Leopard (bronson.blackadder): glad you made it :)
[13:58] Arawn Graalrd (arawn.spitteler): The old style blog listing was more effective. I'm never sure if the new one is opening my browser
[13:58] Jeremy Linden: Oh, and the scheduling is here:
[13:58] hi everybody xD
[13:58] Time Minder: You have been online for 1 hours.
[13:58] Adamburp Adamczyk: hi bika
[13:58] Jeremy Linden: Hello bika16harbuz.
[13:59] Litterbox Leopard (bronson.blackadder): right on! something to do friday
[13:59] I think I made it to one of those snowball fights one year. Turns out I suck at mouselook.
[13:59] Knowledge Bear v1.2d: Thank you, bika16harbuz Resident! Let me show you the location of the Doc Dock.
Visit the Documentation Team Office Hour Wednesdays at 1 PM SLT
[13:59] Jeremy Linden: Welcome to my office hour! We're just about reay to wrap up here today, but I'm here every Wednesday from 1-2pm PST to chat about as much Linden stuff as I'm allowed.
[13:59] Litterbox Leopard (bronson.blackadder): oh hey Jeremy while you're here
[13:59] Bronson Blackadder has pinged you.
[14:00] Litterbox Leopard (bronson.blackadder): you have a bear?
[14:00] Jeremy Linden: Heh. And lag, Qie, don't forget the lag.
[14:00] Jeremy Linden: I do have a bear!
[14:00] Litterbox Leopard (bronson.blackadder): awesome :)
[14:00] Second Life: Items successfully shared.
[14:01] Litterbox Leopard (bronson.blackadder): thanks Jeremy :)
[14:01] Bronson Blackadder has pinged you.
[14:02] Jeremy Linden: So, one year, I accidentally sent a message to the whole grid, telling them where the snowball fight was. The region filled up in about 0.003 seconds, and so did all of the adjacent regions. People were bouncing off the avatar limit trying to get in!
[14:02] Arawn Graalrd (arawn.spitteler): Thank god you didn't use a Torley Tweet
[14:02] Litterbox Leopard (bronson.blackadder): I went a coule of years ago
[14:02] Litterbox Leopard (bronson.blackadder): it was so laggy the snowballs were hanging in the air
[14:03] Jeremy Linden: Yeah, that happens when so many people try to throw physical objects around at once while running and flying around.
[14:03] Jeremy Linden: That's why I made a scripted object to shoot snowballs at people. I didn't have to aim :-)
[14:04] Litterbox Leopard (bronson.blackadder): cheater
[14:04] Litterbox Leopard (bronson.blackadder): ll
[14:04] Litterbox Leopard (bronson.blackadder): o
[14:04] Arawn Graalrd (arawn.spitteler): Temp Rezzers would have to work, so we could script tanks that aim at lindens only
[14:04] Jeremy Linden: Nah. Superior firepower to match superior numbers, I say.
[14:04] Jeremy Linden: Lindens can hide from sensors :-D
[14:04] Litterbox Leopard (bronson.blackadder): ok ok I'll grant you that one
[14:04] Litterbox Leopard (bronson.blackadder): force equalizer
[14:05] Remote Snowball Artillery: Touch to select from available targets!
[14:05] but I bet llGetObjectDetails works on Lindens
[14:05] Remote Snowball Artillery: Launching snowball at Qie Niangao!
[14:05] Litterbox Leopard (bronson.blackadder): lol
[14:05] Jeremy Linden: Heh. Sorry :-)
[14:05] glad viewer 2 has this "Sit Here" thing, hehehe
[14:06] Jeremy Linden: This year I think I want to change my pyrokinesis thingy to do cryokinesis.
[14:06] Jeremy Linden: A sound and particle swap will probably do the trick.
[14:07] Arawn Graalrd (arawn.spitteler): Change of particles would do
[14:07] Jeremy Linden: Oh wow, we're past time! Cutting here for the transcript.

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