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Be sure to check

Be sure to check the status of SL before scheduling an event.

If you are conducting an event in Second Life that involves significant media coverage (potentially >10k readers/viewers), or an event in Second Life that involves hundreds of potential participants, send the information requested below about your upcoming event to events (at) lists.lindenlab.com. This information will be posted on an internal calendar visible to our development and community teams. Please note that notifying us is not a request for support; it is your responsibility to provide support and technical assistance as needed to attendees at your events.

Please include the following information in the email.

Event Name: 
Event Date: 
Event Time (PST): 
SL location(s): 
Expected attendance: 
Any special conditions (invited only, public, etc.): 
Event sponsor (developer): 
RL Name of event manager: 
SL Name of event manager: 
Email of event manager: 
Phone of event manager: