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Fabrice Snook currently owns Pandore, Lipstick City, Gay Archipelago sim, and Sandbox Archipelago (a public sandbox).

Since 2007, he has launched :

2007 :

  • Pandore - full sim
  • Gay France - full sim
  • Oboulaba (actually Chilipepper) - full sim
  • Gay Europe - full sim

2008 :

  • Gay Japan (actually Gay Friendly) - full sim
  • Toozepolis - homestead
  • World Wonders (a Museum-Sim, closed) - homestead
  • Flag Factory (2008) - homestead

2009 :

  • Flag Factory (2009) - homestead
  • Crazy Garden - homestead

2010 :

  • Sandbox Archipelago - homestead
  • Gay Archipelago - openspace

Many of his sims has been given or transferred to friends for a low price with the purpose to build a friendly community. To save Gay France in 2008, he has repurchased it to its owner, then given it again to a new one.

Fabrice has founded the Gay Archipelago (GA) cluster of 140 LGBT sims today. He was the first Chairman of Gay Archipelago Council board (2010, January to June) - an organization established to help and support GA Estates owners - and currently part of the Council in a non executive role.