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Felix Meritis is the name given to a creation in Second Life nested between the Lill Burn Valley, Katipo and Arrowtown sims. It is the creation of its friar, Man Monnett, and is considered by many to be one of the most beautiful and peaceful places in Second Life.

As well as being a peaceful place for relaxation, Felix Meritis is also host to many art exhibitions and has the capacity to hold discussions and debates with venues holding between 5 and 40 people. The complex also hosts activities organised by the Holy Rosary Prayer Circle, Catholic Fellowship and other groups which in the past have included 'Hildegard's Quest' and an All Saints' celebration as well as worship gatherings. There are various Roles at Felix Meritis which the group members hold is helping Friar Man and the Monastery and Valley fulfil its tasks.

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Felix Meritis also has residential opportunities. The Monks' Court and Sisters' Court offer rooms for those wanting quiet and an uncluttered home. In the Valley of Felix Meritis there are larger houses for those wanting that little bit more.

YouTube video by Clementia Merlin www.gridreview.com video

A short introduction to the Monastery and Valley of Felix Meritis

The Monastery of Felix Meritis is for those who are looking for some peace and releaf in SL. The complex offers a variety of rooms where people can pray, sit in silence, or debate about life, faith, arts, architecture, and God if you like.

In January 2007 we started building the Monastery and Valley of Felix Meritis. Buying big plots of land to ensure the peace and quietness of the valley made it into this spectacular area.

It's a full monastry in Italian Renaissance Style. Parts of the monastery are inspired by famous edifices from all over Europe. The cathedral has evidently a link to the cathedral of Orvieto as the tower to Giotto's bell tower in Florence.

The name, Felix Meritis, alike the name of an art society in Amsterdam, means Fortunate by Merit. Nevertheless - the monastery is not related to this society. It stands for the true spirit in every religion, 'you will be prosperous if you work from your heart'.

Supporting the Monastery

If you enjoy the Monastery or feel like rewarding the effort of creating it, you are free to give support. There are several ways to show your gratitude:

  1. Join the Felix Meritis Group and bring your friends with every event.
  2. Light a candle daily for anybody who's in need.
  3. Donate whatever you want to leave to the monastery.
  4. Rent a cell at the cloister or ...
  5. Rent a villa up hill or a smaller cottage in the valley.
  6. Just give Man money. :-)

Spiritual Support

If you are looking for some one to talk to, the message board at the entrance to Felix Meritis shows who is available. You can call them by clicking their picture. You cannot leave a message; it's simply a knock on their door. We hope we can give you spiritual support when you need it.

Of course you can also join the message board. Contact Man Monnett for a chat.

Rules at the Monastery of Felix Meritis

As being a humble visitor or inhabitant of the monastery and valley you are expected to be friendly, open minded, and respectful to all opinions on life, sexuality, and religion other than your own. Violation of this rule will lead to an immidiate ban.

At Felix Meritis you don't need a lot of stuff. There's no room for TVs, cars, helicopters or any other huge constructions. You are not allowed to produce any sound or objects which produce sound like wind chimes.

As a tenant you are requiered to keep your stuff inside your house. If your house has a deck, you are allowed to use a deck chair and table outside.

The monastery and valley is not a market place. You are not allowed to advertise in any way your goods. If you'd like to sell anything, let me know.

The cathedral, churches, chapels and gardens of FM are not available to hold marriage services of any form, nor do we assist in organizing these events elsewhere.