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Gaeta is a small 'peanut' shaped continent to the east of Corsica and contains Route 7, a scenic road touring its coast, with two inland cross routes 7A and 7B completing the network.


Libestus Pier.jpg

Route 7 Libestus Pier, Libestus

Follow the road itself or put in a boat at the end of the pier and explore by sea!

Squall Beach.jpg

Route 7 Squall Public Beach, Squall

Relax by the waves or head up the beach to explore Magellan Linden's campsite


Route 7 Helfell Infohub, Helfell

Mediterranean vistas abound around this new InfoHub

Gaeta dock.jpg

Route 7 Gaeta docks, (various)

These mark the transitions between improved roads and open water canals. Pick up a free LDPW boat here for easy sailing along the canals or other Linden seas.

Technical data

Gaeta 5 road measurements

The numbers listed below are distances in km. Maximum error is 5%. Gaeta 5 road network has an outer road ring (highly fragmented) and an inner ring (with only one gap). Measurements are done along the inner ring, starting in anticlockwise direction, from the gap. Unconnected road pieces are listed separately.

Angkasawan (inner gap):     0.00
Road 7A North:              1.34
Road 7A South:              4.36
Road 7B South:              5.97
Road 7B North:              8.16
Feokistow (inner gap):      9.74
North-West:                 0.20
South-West:                 1.38
South-East:                 0.96
North-East:                 1.26

Unconnected road sectors (parts of road 7):

North West sector:          1.03
West Sector:                1.02
South West (beach road):    0.25
South East:                 1.63
North East (tunnel):        0.44

Total data:

  • Total road network: 17.91 km
  • Classic road (asphalt, concrete, pavement): 17.91
  • Unconnected roads: yes, 5 sectors
  • Sea access: yes, multiple docks.

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