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Agenda for

Title: German speaking Linguists Meeting
Hosted by: Zai Lynch
Date: 19-Aug-2009 (Wednesday)
SL Time: 12:15 PM SLT
Length: as long as it takes ^^
Location: Volunteer HQ in Tenera
Language: German
RSVP: (none required)
Description: A Meeting of the German speaking Linguists. Please add topics beneath.

Notes: 12:15 PM SLT is 21:15 in Germany.

  • Your opinion on ways to improve the Resident Help Network
    Explanation: The Resident Help Network (RHN) is supposed to raise awarenes to groups within Second Life, which have a valuable effect on new Residents. It is also a way for these groups to support (and connect to) each other. What do you think could/should the RHN do, in order to reach this goal.