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Group Name German Mentors Gruppe
This Document Is Current As Of Holger Gilruth 11:07, 15 June 2014 (PDT)
Founder's Second Life Name Holger Gilruth
Total Group Members 1065
Group Charter Tao_of_Volunteers/de
Mission Focus & Statement Main Focus: Specific Country Other Focus: General Help in German
Other Language (German), New Resident Basics, General Classes.
We are a group of people who want to help new residents to enjoy their life in secondlife and help people who don´t be able to speak english.
Best Practices:
* Locations: The whole Grid
* Resources: Hauptseite
Group Representatives 1. Holger Gilruth
Group Documentarians 1. Holger Gilruth
Requirements to Join Entrants must be German speaking.
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