Group Inviter with AdminBot

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Simple group inviter script to issue group invitation with AdminBot.

AdminBot LSL library allows to manipulate the group from LSL script: send group invites, listen to the group chat and do more amazing things.

// SmartBots AdminBot,
// Group Inviter Script example

// AdminBot commands, codes etc... (according to AdminBot docs]
// Setup and startup
integer SB_SETUP_SETGROUP=180101; integer SB_SETUP_SETGROUPUUID=180102; integer SB_SETUP_DEBUG=180103;
integer SB_STATUS_QUERY=180104; integer SB_INVITE_SEND=180105; integer SB_CHAT_SAY=180106;
integer SB_GROUP_EJECT=180107; integer SB_CHAT_LISTEN=180108; integer SB_NOTICE_SEND=180109;
integer SB_RESET_ADMINBOT=9996660; integer SB_SETUP_SETLINK=180110; integer SB_COMMAND_FAILED=180201;
integer SB_STATUS_REPLY=180202; integer SB_CHAT_MESSAGE=180203; integer SB_SETUP_SUCCESS=180204;
integer SB_SETUP_FAILED=180205; integer SB_CHAT_SUCCESS=180206;

  state_entry() {
    // Setup group inviter
    // We'll set our group on start up. Do not forget to place your own "Security Code" here
    llMessageLinked(LINK_SET,SB_SETUP_SETGROUP,"Your group name","SECURITY CODE");

    // AdminBot will issue the link message on success or error - see link_message
  // We will issue the direct group invitation on touch. Do that by sending group invite message.
  touch_start(integer detected) {
    // "FORCE" means to invite existing group members too

  // This event parses different replies from AdminBot (error messages)  
  link_message(integer sender,integer cmd, string data, key id) {
    /////////////////// Group setup failed
      llOwnerSay("AdminBot command failed, error code:\n"+data);
    /////////////////// Group setup failed
      llOwnerSay("AdminBot group setup failed:\n"+data);

See AdminBot Examples page for more examples.