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1. Describe the expected behavior and purpose of the new code.

To display group information relating to group own land and L$ related issues to group members who have the proper abilities. Also to allow group members to contribute land tier to the group thus allowing the group to purchase/own land.

2. List any dependencies the new code may have -- what other systems may be affected?

These changes effect group behavior, the group information floater and the finder.

3. Detailed plan(s) for testing new functionality, including success and failure cases, if possible.

Group Owned Land Viewing Test

1) Be a member of a group that has group owned land plots (check in the CSR tool?) and make sure you are in a role which has the ability to view group owned land.

2) Open up the group information floater through the avatar's group floater. Go to the "Land and L$" tab. Verify that the parcels shown in the group owned parcel scroll list are the group's actual parcels and are at the correct location and correct size, name, etc.

3) Verify that you can click on an individual item in the parcel list and that then clicking the "Show on Map" button shows the plot on the map. Verify that clicking on another parcel and showing it on the map will show the appropriate location.

4) Verify that this will work for 0, 1, 2...n parcels in the group.

Group Land Contribution Test

1) Be a member of a group and open it's information floater. Give yourself a large amount of land tier via the CSR tool.

2) Open up the group information floater/panel and go to the "Land and L$" tab. Look at the "Your Contribution" field and verify that the number in the field is the amount of land you have contributed to the group (more than likely 0) and that the number is positive.

3) Look at the "X max" field next to the "Your Contribution" field and verify tht the X in the "X max" is the maximum amount of land tier you have available. and that the number is positive.

4) If you do not have any land tier available, go to the CSR tool and give yourself some land. You will have to close this group's information floater and logg off/log back in for the tier to take effect. Verify that opening the floater again updates your "X max" value after you have some land tier.

5) Now in the "Your Contribution" field type in any integer number that is different than your current contribution but not less than 0 and not more than your maximum. Now click on another group tab (like Proposals or Notices, etc.) A dialog should now pop up mentioning that there are unsaved changes and giving you options to apply changes, ignore changes or cancel. Click Cancel. Verify that clicking cancel takes you back to the "Land and L$" tab and that the value you had entered in the "Your Contribution" field is still there.

6) Now attempt to go to another tab again (like Proposals or Notices) and verify that the same warnding dialog popped up. This time choose "Ignore Changes". Verify that you are now on the new tab. Now go back to the "Land and L$" tab and verify that the number on the "Your Contribution" field is the old value (not the one you entered in step 6).

7) Enter another integer in the "Your Contribution" field that is larger than 0 but less than your max. Attempt to go to another tab. The warning popup dialog should appear again. This time, click "Apply Changes". Verify that on doing that, you are at the new tab. Go back to the "Land and L$" tab and verify that the new integer you just entered is now in the "Your Contribution" field. Also verify that the "Land Available" and "Total Contribution" have gone up by your contribution * (1.10). i.e. if you just contributed 500 sq. meters then the total contribution and land available should go up by 500*1.10 = 550. (Groups get a 10% bonus). Also verify that the X in "X max" did not change at all.

8) Now enter in the same number in "Your Contribution" and verify that going to a different tab does not trigger the warning dialog.

Repeat steps 5-8 again, twice, but replace "going to a different tab" with "closing the group information floater" and then with "close the second life client"

9) Now in the "Your Contribution" field, type in a negative integer or an integer larger than your max contribution. Press the apply button to apply the changes and verify that the contribution is set back to what it previously was. The "X max" should also not change.

10) Enter any text in the "Your Contribution" field and hit the cancel button. Verify that the floater closes and upon reopening the floater and going to the "Land and L$" tab, that the value in "Your Contribution" is the 'old' value.

11) Repeat steps 6-9 twice but instead of entering an integer as your contribution, one time enter a decimal number, the next time enter random garbage text. The behavior should be as follows. Decimals should be treated as their truncated integers (4.anything = 4). Random characters should be treated as either their closest integer if the characters starting were numberic (12fdaskfasdi = 12 or 12.56fajsdi3254 = 12) or if the starting characters are non-numeric, the value will be treated as 0 (opcv12214 = 0).

Group Land Over Limit Test

1) Be a member of a group and make sure you are in a role which you can deed or buy land for the group. Give yourself a large amount of land tier via the CSR tool.

2) Now contribute to the group, a large chunk of your land such that your contrubtion is greater than all the other contributions combined.

3) Close the group information floater. Now deed to the group or purchase for the group a large chunk of land (that takes up most of the land tier available to the group or most of the land you contributed to the group).

4) Open the group's information again and go to the "Land and L$" tab. Now set your contribution to be 0. This should cause the land in use to be way more than the total land contributed which will cause the "total land available" to be negative. Verify that when the "Total Land Available" is negative, that a large warning appears which warns that the total land is use is more than the total land contributed and that the group members need to contribute more.

Now set your contribution higher so that the "Total Land Available" is again, greater than 0. Verify that the warning icon and text disappear.

Group Accounting Test

1) Be a member of a group which as the ability to see the group's accounting information and pull up the group's information floater and go to the "Land and L$" tab. Verify that you can view and are able to select all of the different accounting (Group L$) tabs (Planning, Details, Sales).

2) In the Planning tab, verify that you see text reading "Summary for this week, beginning on x/x/xxxx. The next stipdend day is y/y/yyyy. Verify that y/y/yyyy is today's date and that x/x/xxxx is a week ago. Also verify that the balance, credit, debits and total are correct (perhaps from comparing data in the CSR tool?)

3) Go to the details tab. Verify that the first (and maybe only) date is 6 days ago. Also verify that the "Earlier" button is enabled and that the "Later" button is disabled. Verify that clicking the Earlier button (and alternatively the later button) allows you to see an earlier or later week's worth of details. Verify that you can go at most 8 weeks back at which the earlier button becomes disabled and you can only go up to this past week's worth of details and then the later button is disabled.

Finally, verify that going to another Group Tab or accounting tab and returning to the details tab shows the same week you were viewing when you left the details tab.

4) Go to the sales tab. Verify the same early/later button functionality as the details tab. Verify that changing the week to view on the sales tab does not change the week being viewed in the details tab.

Non-Member Test

1) Open the Finder, choose the Groups tab and search for a group in which you are not a member of. Select one of those groups so that it's information is displayed in the finder.

2) Verify that as a non member, the "Land and L$" tab is disabled and you cannot select it.