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1. Describe the expected behavior and purpose of the new code.

To display group information relating to group notices and related issues. Allowing members to create, send and view notices.

2. List any dependencies the new code may have -- what other systems may be affected?

These changes effect group behavior, the group information floater and the finder.

3. Detailed plan(s) for testing new functionality, including success and failure cases, if possible.

Non-member Test (3a)

3.a.1) Open the Search floater, choose the Groups tab and search for a group in which you are not a member of. Select one of those groups so that it's information is displayed in the finder.

3.a.2) Verify that as a non member, the "Notices" tab is disabled and you cannot select it.

Member Without Ability to Send or Receive Notices Test (3b)

3.b.1) Open the Groups floater and find a group in which you do not have the ability to send or receive notices for. Open up that group's information floater.

3.b.2) Verify that as a member without those abilities, the "Notices" tab is disabled and you cannot select it.

Send Notices Test (3c)

3.c.1) Open the Groups floater and find a group in which you have the ability to send notices to. Open up that group's information floater and go to the "Notices" tab.

3.c.2) Verify that the "Subject" and "Message" text editors are enabled and can be typed into. Also verify the "Send Notice" button is enabled.

3.c.3) Take a non-transferable item in your inventory and try to drag it into the attachment "area". Verify that you cannot attach a non-transferable object.Verify that you cannot attach a no-copy object and that you cannot attach a folder. Verify that you *can* attach any singular object that is copyable and transferable. Verify that, on attach, the remove button becomes enabled.

3.c.4) Verify that the icon for the attachment matches the attachment's type. i.e. object, clothing, notecard, etc.

3.c.5) If you do not have the ability to recieve notices in the group, log on a group member who has that ability. Type any subject and notice text and hit the send button. Verify that everyone who is able to receive group notices, received the notice.

Receive Notices Test (3d)

3.d.1) Open the Groups floater and find a group in which you have the ability to receive notices from. Open up that group's information floater and go to the "Notices" tab.

3.d.2) Verify that the "Get Past Notices" button is enabled. Click that button.


3.d.3) Verify that, if the group has past notices that they are listed in the notices list and that they are listed as "<Icon if there was an attachment> <Subject> <From> <Date>"

3.d.4) Verify that, if there were no notices (you might need a different group for this) that a message was displayed indicating there were no notices.

3.d.5) Find a notice and double click it. Verify that the notice is opened. Verify that the text "looks good" and the notice "looks right" and is the correct notice. Verify that there is an "OK", "Group Notices" and "Save Attachment" buttons (if notice had an attachment). Repeat with other notices making sure different notices can be opened. Also verify that you can open multiple group notices (one at a time though).

3.d.6) Open up a notice with an attachment. Verify that there is an attachment when you open up the notice.

3.c.7) Verify that clicking the "Open Attachment" button saves the attachment in your inventory and that the "Open Attachment" button is now disabled. Rez the object to verify it has the proper creator, owner, etc.

3.c.13) Verify that clicking "OK" closes the notice.

3.c.14) Verify that clicking the "Subject" or "Date" or "From" buttons sort the notices via the proper field and that clicking the same button multiple times in a row toggle the ascending/descending sorting.


As a different Resident in the same group which:

  • Has Preferences > Communication tab > "Send IM to Email" checked and then
  • Had a notice sent while you were offline

3.c.15) Check your email. Verify you've received a message with the following details:

  • "From:" contains the name of the group
  • "Subject:" contains "Group Notice:" and the name of the notice
  • The body contains "Group Notice From:", the name of the sender, and the message.

3.c.16) Log into Second Life.

3.c.17) Verify that you see the "Group Notice" dialog appear in the upper-right screen. Verify that it looks as expected, similar to the earlier steps, and containing the same text as the received email.

End Tests

4. Detailed plans for testing dependent code, including success and failure casses if possible.

See test plans for Group Abilities, and all of the new Group tabs as well as testing for server side group permissions, etc.

5. Requirements for gathering data on existing features being modified if applicable. Are user able to find the data they want about groups in the finder?


5a. Follow this with requirements for gathering data on new feature in new format, etc.


5b. Explain how to compare data to ensure new feature is not worse (i.e. lower framerate, higher bandwidth, more db queries, etc.)