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Havok 7 was released in the summer of 2010. This page is here for legacy purposes. Havok 7 Beta testing is no longer needed.

What is Havok 7

The Havok 7 upgrade should be considerably different from the Havok 4 upgrade from Havok 1. For that upgrade we had to rewrite a lot of code and introduce an abstraction layer. This time around it was mostly about just updating the Havok libraries, although there has been some extra work done by Falcon to introduce a number of performance optimizations in our code on top of the optimizations that are included in the updated havok 7 libraries.

The end result is that we are hoping there will be no differences in behaviour between Havok 4 and 7 with exception of performance improvements. Although there are no new features in this release but we need your help to make sure that all content behaves as usual. This upgrade is very important because it paves the way for us to provide some awesome new features in the future that we could not have done without the improved performance of the new libraries.

Video demo

Havok 7 Physics testing on Second Life Preview grid - Video demonstration made on Oatmeal 6 test region, showing fast rezzing of physical objects and collisions - plus some eye-candy / shadow effect.


Havok 7 is now available as part of 1.40 on Aditi's Beta Regions

The oatmeal regions are still accesible to memebers of the group Second Life Beta on ADITI.

Regular Server Build

Oatmeal 6
Oatmeal 7
Oatmeal 10
Oatmeal 11

Debug Server Build

Oatmeal 9
Oatmeal 13
Oatmeal 14

The debug builds enable some extra logging in the havok code area, this will make them slightly to significantly slower than the regular build.

If you are able to find a crash or a bug on a regular build and can reproduce it, it is very important that you also reproduce it on one of the debug sims if at all possible and file a jira for it. Even if you can't come up with an exact set of repro conditions, if you can generate the crash on a debug sim we will be in a much better position to investigate it.

Note - We currently have a crash mode on all regions which will not affect simulators once we deploy them to the main grid. That said, it's still difficult for us to reproduce it, so please file a jira on /any/ crash mode you encounter.

If you have a script or item that causes the crash and you don't want to post it to the jira, please send it to Falcon Linden on Aditi along with the jira item it relates to.


Bug filing procedure:

  • Bugs can be entered here:
  • If you find a bug please attempt to repro the bug on Oatmeal 9, 13, or 14 and include that info in your bug report.
  • Always enter an 'environment'. This is best done as a cut and paste from "About Second Life" in the viewer.

Click Here for a list of current bugs

Thanks for all the help.

Remember to attend the weekly office hours and join the mailing list for all the latest info. Beta_Server_Office_Hours