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Second Life has weapons, and just like in First Life irresponsible use of weapons will get you in trouble. In SL it can get you suspended or banned.

This article shows a broad view of weaponry in general, in both legal and illegal genres. Visit the Combat article for more information on combat, which is legal in specified areas (usually combat sandboxes).

SL is not all weaponry

While SL has weapons and areas where you can take damage, most of SL is not about weapons. Use as weapon outside of those places where they are welcome risks getting suspended and banned. The simplest advice I have to offer is, "Don't fire a weapon in SL unless you know it's okay."

Consequences of SL weapons

Weapons in this game that can push people very, very far away. Some weapons can do damage to a resident, if they take enough damage, they "die" and are teleported to their home. Some weapons can even make people log out. Weapons that are fired can miss the intended target and hit someone unintended. Even if you didn't intend to hit someone, that will not stop you from getting suspended or banned.

If you push, damage, kill, or log out another player and they aren't in the combat area, then they can report you for abuse. If you are reported for abuse, you could also be suspended or banned.

Keep in mind, however, that anyone in the combat sandboxes can be killed. It is part of being there in the first place. You will not get in trouble for killing anyone in these areas.

Legal combat

To learn about where weapons are ok to use, visit the Combat article.

Weapon "fatalities"

Scripts set the damage a weapon does and how many times a weapon can hit someone before they die, which basically means that any weapon hit can be (and usually is) fatal. There have been attempts to make damage systems with percentages of health taken of per bullet hit, but were quickly done away with because people couldn't abide by a spoken rule. These were known as RLDMG bullets.

Know your weapon

Protect your rights to bear arms. Use weapons responsibly in Second Life. Scripts are the real power behind weapons. A malicious script will get you in trouble, so know what you have in your avatars hands, ask questions, get knowledge, and use good sense.

Additional points

  • Most combat that is allowed must be in a combat sim. There are a few areas, such as military bases, that do not occupy whole sims but allow combat.
  • Just because land has damage allowed doesn't mean that combat is allowed. Contact the landowner for rules.
  • Never set up weapons that fire on people if your are not in the sim or logged off. These can be turrets, robots, or modified guns. For personal land security, use a security bot or some other form of protection, as bullets from turrets and other automatic weapons tend to stray off your land and have the potential for hitting an innocent bystander.
  • Do not fire into a damage area from its borders. This is frowned upon and can cause irritated residents, and you can get reported for this.