How to avoid DOS line endings in Windows tools

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If you are going to work on the viewer code you need to conform to the Coding Standard. Standards your editor must support:

  • Lines must end with a LF (linefeed) character. In addition to the editor specific notes below, you should consider using the Mercurial extension EolExtension to make line-endings less of a problem.
  • A tab must be the same width as 4 spaces.


  • Third party tool for Visual Studio 2008/2010 to automatically convert files to specified line ending type when a file is saved.
  • Download and instructions:
  • You will need to set to save to Unix (LF) line ending and add |xml to the regular expression of files this tool watches.
    • This is done in its options floater accessed from inside Visual Studio, Tools -> Stripem.
  • You need to configure Visual Studio to automatically reload files that change externally.
    • Select Tools -> Options... -> Environment -> Documents from the VS menu.
    • Check Detect when file is changed outside the environment and Auto-load changes, if saved.


Configuring Notepad++ (download Notepad++)

  • Line ending
    • You should not need to specify the line ending for an existing file but for a new file you will want to set Edit > EOL Conversion > UNIX Format
  • Tab spacing
    • Go to Settings > Preferences > Language Menu/Tab Settings.
    • Click on Default
    • Change Tab Size to 4
    • Uncheck the box Replace by space
    • Note: if you are going to be using the program as a general editor, you can customize which file types this tab to space conversion applies to.

Programmer's Notepad

Configuring Programmer's Notepad (download Programmer's Notepad)

  • Per-file Line-ending Setting
    • You should not need to specify the line ending for an existing file but for a new file you will want to set File > Properties... > Line Endings to Unix (LF)
  • To set "Unix" line endings as default for new files
    • Go to Tools > Options > General > Defaults
    • Set Line Endings to Unix (LF)
  • Tab spacing
    • Go to Tools > Options > General > Defaults
    • Make sure the Use the tab character for indentation setting is checked.
    • Set Tab Width to 4
  • Visible whitespace
    • It is convenient to be able to tell at a glance if there are incorrect characters used for indentation or line endings
    • Go to Tools > Options > General > Defaults
    • Check the box Visible Line Endings
    • Check the box Visible Whitespace Characters
  • Correcting line endings on existing files
    • Go to Tools > Line Endings > Unix (LF) to convert the file