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International Art Education Association is a group online/Second Life for art educators to communicate. The aim of InAEA is to provide a online environment for art educators around the world to discuess different issues, and exchange information.

InAEA meetings

InAEA has monthly meetings. Meetings are hold in the first Monday of every month at 6:00pm PDT (SL time). Welcome to join us! No matter you are an art educator or not, if you are interested in art education, you are welcome to join us!

InAEA in world

InAEA now has a permanent meeting place in SL. All art educators can meet and chat in the meeting place. All the members can hold a meeting in the meeting place. Where is the meeting place? Search InAEA in world, you will find it! Also, there will have a gallery for all members to display their art. It is under construction for now, but will be present soon!!

InAEA meeting minutes

All the meeting minutes will be posted in the discussion section, if you are not able to attend the meeting, you are welcome to use the discussion section to give us your opinion.

You are welcome to join us~