Initial CAPS seed

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At login, the current proposal from the AW Groupies group is for the client to be fed back an LLSD map:

67153d5b-3659-afb4-8510-adda2c034649 is used here as a generic example UUID.


Discussion on this

  • User profile links to what you'd think of as "a profile" (under search > people on the current system)
  • Agents are the user's presence on the system, could perhaps be allowed to have multiple agents
  • Agents and sessions are not the same thing - an agent is a unique singular instance, a session is a connected client controlling that instance (client moving avatar, or a simple IM-only textmode client, or a mobile phone even)
  • Agents
  • Inventories: why restrict to just one inventory, extend to allow for more than just one (Dr Scofield 02:48, 17 October 2007 (PDT))
  • Please add more points....