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Köln 3D ist the name of the Community Gateway that will lead new residents to the community of Virtual Cologne.

The newbies start their life within a user-friendly tutorial that will guide them along their first steps. After having finished the training they mingle with the regular visitors as they i.e. visit the Virtual Cathedral of Cologne (Virtueller Kölner Dom), a 11.000 primitive replica of Germany's most visited architectual monument. As well as the real Cathedral is the heart of the real-world city, you will find the virtual cathedral in the midst of Köln 3D.

Places to See

  • Cologne Cathedral
  • Aachener Weiher
  • Newbie Tutorial
  • Soccer Stadium
  • Koeln Lounge


  • Guided tours through the cathedral
  • Soccer League and training
  • High quality live concerts in the Koeln Lounge
  • Weekly changing live concerts on the Koeln Debut Stage
  • Regular newbie meetings


The project is managed by Seminal 3D a Cologne-based company specialised in contend development for virtual worlds.

Sim Management: Annie Milestone, Piper Pitney

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